Ascension Messages

Love is Compassion, Forgiveness & Acceptance

We are nonphysical 9th Density Beings, and we can tune in to whatever Consciousness we would like to and knowing exactly where you are Vibrationally in each and every moment. At one time, we also were Physical and did participate in the seeding of your planet with the Physical Beings that now dwell upon it. While we did contribute our fair share, not all that is there on planet Earth was our contribution.

We want you to know that you can expect more Galactic Energies to be coming in to prepare you for more E.T. Contact and they are coming in to remind you that you are from the Stars. You all have roots in our Star System, one way or another. As you look up at the night sky and see our System, by opening yourselves up to the Energies we are delivering to you, the Pleiadean within you is accessed.

You will be receiving activations and upgrades from other Beings throughout this beautiful Galaxy, who are also offering messages to Humanity that will bring more of your Extra-Terrestrial DNA into alignment and into Service. You are meant to know yourselves as Whole Beings, you are meant to know yourselves as Multi-Density Beings and as Collectives.

From your Perspective, all your lifetimes are your Soul, however, in each lifetime you have a unique Personality. You are there to live that life and benefit from all the other aspects of you living lives. Therefore, you are not there to pay off any debt of these other aspects of you, you are there to benefit from all the good and wonderful gifts and abilities, that these other aspects of you have attained.

Therefore, these Energies are to assist you putting many pieces of YOU back together again, so that you can know Your-Selves as your Whole Selves, and you can begin to operate more as such. The E.T. contact is important for all of you as this brings your Consciousness closer to home and to who and what you really are, as Source Energy Beings. It is a reminder of how much more you are, than your Human Physical Selves living 'lifetimes' there on Earth.

Some of you receiving this message may expect more of those contact experiences and many or most of you can expect those contact experiences by the end of 2024. We are all doing our part to contribute to this 'coming together' that is happening throughout our Galaxy and ensuring it happens in the easiest and most joyous ways possible.

Simultaneously, we are attending to several matters that exist on Earth and throughout the Galaxy, and they are reflections to what is happening on Earth and all throughout the Galaxy. We not only work to assist Humans on Earth with what they are going through, but also, what you consider to be E.T.'s in other Star Systems, on other Worlds, Moons, and Space Stations. The biggest issue for this Galaxy is its history of violence, war, and strife. We are looking to spread Compassion to the point where enough people can 'Feel it' moving through their bodies, so that Forgiveness IS possible.

Forgiveness is possible when the 'actions or spoken words' that need Forgiving has happened, 'in the moment before' it is possible to Forgive. You all have the ability to do this and with the person who you Feel has done you wrong, and when this Forgiveness occurs, the level of Consciousness is raised throughout the Galaxy to such an extent, that all Beings are affected in profound ways. You do not have to wait for someone to ask for your Forgiveness, in-order to give it. You do not have to wait for someone to correct their evil ways, to Forgive them, and nor do you have to wait until the 'next lifetime' when you are the one acting out the hurtful action or hurtful words.

Right now, you can have Compassion for those individuals who have hurt you by recognising that they would only hurt you from a place of hurt within themselves. You can give everyone the 'benefit of the doubt' and realise that some people are not even intentionally being hurtful. They are just repeating something to you that they have heard many times themselves, and perhaps they did not 'feel hurt' by those words because they are removed from their emotions. If you could see the lives lived by all those people who have hurt you, then you could also recognise, that they are doing 'the best that they can' under the circumstances of what they have lived.

Every single Being in this Galaxy and beyond, are being helped by you doing so. Can you see the magnitude of what you are achieving there at these times, your contribution has an immense impact, not only on your personal growth and the growth of Humanity but also includes all other Realities and Densities. There are many mirrors out there throughout the entire Universe. What you are experiencing there on Earth, and what we are ALL experiencing throughout this Galaxy is also 'mirrored' in other parts of this beautiful Universe of ours. FORGIVENESS is one of the most powerful Tools you have at present at your disposal. It is more powerful to Forgive than to have the power of time travel, teleportation or anything that you can conjure up with your mind.

Sometimes people speak and act from a place where they are so out of alignment with who and what they really are, that they do harm to you, to others and to themselves, however, by you holding a grudge and harbouring resentment, only leads to something that continues the hurt. Please find it in your Hearts to Forgive, for when you continue that trend of hurting, you only hurt yourself and eventually others. You make a huge impact on this Galaxy of ours by your Forgiveness.

We know that it can seem that Humanity as a Whole, is not doing so well, however, everything that you are in the process of 'releasing and deconstructing' is coming to the surface. When something comes to the surface for any of you, there is always a Choice. You can Choose to look at it or ignore it. You can choose to be embarrassed or ashamed by it or you can grow from it. You can choose to see it as your fault or someone else's fault.

There are so many ways of looking at what is happening there on Earth at this time, and this would be true of any time in Human History. However, because you are in a time when you know that you are experiencing Mass Awakenings and big changes, you must be able to look at the circumstances of your World differently than ever before. You must be able to 'tune in' to the 'bigger picture' in-order to benefit from ALL that is happening. The bigger picture here, is that you are Ascending, and in the process of Ascending, you are Letting Go of that which no longer Serves you.

By Letting Go of that which has been dark, heavy, and hidden for so long, everything will surface to be seen and at this point, you have to exercise your Free Will to see it in the way, that Serves You and Humanity best. If you do not, you will be resisting it, and it must continue to be exactly the way it is, until you stop doing that.

You may wonder why the Universe is set up that way. You are the Universe. You are Source. You are everything. Therefore, whatever it is that 'you are resisting', is YOU. You are meant to Be Love and to Experience unconditional Love. When you embrace it, Love it, and see it ALL as YOU, it is then that you move on to other experiences. It does not do anyone any good to 'resist' any aspect of life on Earth as it is today.

Understand that you would not be able to change anything just by 'resisting it', or by fighting back, even if you were not Ascending. Ultimately you would always have to 'go within' and find out which 'aspect of yourself' it is, that you are not Loving, followed by looking at your Thoughts, Beliefs, Judgments, and everything else that compound the issue of what you are not in ACCEPTANCE and LOVE of. You naturally raise to the next level when you 'release' all that does not Serve You and there will always be a next level.

There will always 'be more' for you to Love and 'to become' through that Love. Therefore, right now, ACCEPT everything as it is and look for the ways in which you can Grow from all the circumstances of your lives and of the world you are living in. We Know and can Feel more and more of you doing these things, and this is just a reminder that all you are required to do, is keep going. Things are getting better and will continue to get better because of the work that you do, and because during this time of Ascension, we are ALL being lifted within the entire Multiverse.

You are there to elevate yourselves, to elevate your status, so that you align with that which is Higher Vibrational and Higher Density. As you discover what is interesting and exciting about Humanity and life there on Earth, you then feel more worthy of contact and the attention of the E.T.s. We do not require praise, credit, or for you to see us as the only ones in the Galaxy with solutions.

You are becoming the beautiful Beings that you truly are, in every moment of every day, and if you can FEEL for that with 'every breath that you take', you can bring yourselves closer to the truth of Who You Are. You are Multi-Density Infinite Beings of Love and Light, and you deserve to 'experience yourselves' in that way. It is time for you all to know yourselves as you truly are, and you are ready to take those next steps Vibrationally, to Feeling it and understanding it in a very visceral way.

Those of you who understand the possibility that exists of you 'being ready' to become your Higher Selves, are doing so Consciously. You are ready to embark upon many journeys both 'inside and outside' of you, having demonstrated that truth to us and to yourselves.

As you begin to Live the Truth of Who You Really Are, you will see that 'all possibilities' do exist for you 'right now' and that you have already stripped away so many limitations from yourselves. You will see that you are whole and complete right now and that 'you are ready' to embark upon the next journey of Expansion that is unique to you. And you do not need know what that next journey is in this very moment, nor try to figure it out. All that is required, is for you to keep taking steps forward with Faith and Knowing that you are moving towards something that is bigger and better, and you will recognise that those steps are 'inside' of You.

By tapping into the Infinite and Eternal within you, you are embarking upon many journeys of Consciousness that will result in face-to-face contact with an Extra-Terrestrial Being, who will be another aspect of the YOU that you are as a Soul, as an aspect of Source.

We know that it is possible for everyone there on Earth to get exactly what they want, without exception. We know this to be true because it is true. Now you are coming to the point where different Realities are being allowed to coexist with one another. You are coming to the place where you are recognising that two people can look at the same thing and see two entirely different things. Two people can hear the same word and hear something that is very different.

That means that everyone gets to have their own Personal Experience of Reality, and when you recognise that, then you must also realise that you do not all have to agree on One Reality. By understanding this is true, then there is not just One Reality that you all have to Accept as One True Reality, this allows you to live and let live. Allow everyone else have their Version of Reality, you no longer need to convince them that the one you are experiencing, is the One True Reality. That takes a great deal of responsibility and pressure off you so that you can Relax and Allow, because what you are 'allowing' is an aspect of Source. Something that everyone must come to eventually, is to allow All aspects of Source to Be as they Are.

ACCEPTANCE is the Key to moving beyond any aspect of Source Reality that you do not like or prefer. RESISTANCE is futile; however, it does not mean that you are saying that you must experience that Reality that you were previously resisting. It just means, that you cannot deny the existence of ANY Reality. You cannot abolish anything. Everything must be allowed 'to be as it is' because it is all giving Source an opportunity to KNOW Itself, and what better purpose could there be for something to exist than that? ACCEPTING your fellow Humans 'as they are' is the first step to being able to Love ALL of Creation as well.

Everyone that exists right now in your Reality exists as a creation of Source, and they are meant to be exactly as they are. You are meant to decide 'who you want to be' in relationship to all of them. You can be the healer, the one who forgives, the who offers Compassion. You can be the one who IS unconditional Love. There is no need for you to change anything about the Reality you are experiencing right now, to be Inner Peace. Trying to change the Outside World is hard work, consuming and impossible, because you will only go to a different Reality than the one you were 'experiencing' before, when you go about your Reality-changing actions. Therefore, you might as well Accept everything and everyone as they are.

Also understand, that no matter what Reality you are in, you 'do change' the level of Consciousness for the Collective that is sharing that Reality with you. You can add more Light and more Love to the overall equation, which assists everyone in elevating their Consciousness, so that they can go to the Realities they want to experience, rather than the ones they have felt trapped in for so long. It is important for you to move forward with this knowledge, because it is important for you to BE the Creator Beings that You Really Are. You cannot be the Creator Being that you truly are, if you think that someone or something outside of you must change.

Be the one that realises that 'it is all Source, it is all Love' and you will have benefitted from everything just as it is right now. You will stay polarised, stuck in that Reality that you feel is unjust and should not exist, if you continue to resist and shake your fist. That is the way WE ALL agreed to set up this Universe, and we are only the messengers. To know that what we are saying is true, Feel the Truth within it and this is true no matter what Reality you are in.

We want you to know that what is coming is huge and that you are a part of the readiness for what is coming. It is that work that you do on yourselves, and it is the way you spread Higher Vibrational information around, that prepares Humankind for what is to come.

Therefore, because you are doing your part, you make yourselves ready for these upgrades, downloads, activations and attunements. You are being attuned to the 5th Density Energies. You are now ready because you have opened-up your Hearts and your Minds. Even your beliefs are opening up to 'allow in' more possibilities, and when you release Consciously those limitations of the 3rd Density, you make room for more of that which is 5th Density in nature, moving closer and closer to the 5th Density until you find yourself dwelling within that Frequency range, all the time.

We want you to know that it is inevitable that you will have full E.T. contact there on Earth, as it is inevitable that you will shift to the 5th Density, however, we also want you to have the 'best possible experience' of both of those things. Therefore, we offer what we can to prepare you, and all the teachings that we deliver are meant to prepare you for what is coming, to assist you to live better, more enjoyable, fun and interactive lives. Understand that you have the ability to connect your Consciousness to so many other points of Consciousness throughout this Universe, and we are assisting you with the energies that we send you.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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