Ascension Messages

Everything and Everyone is Interconnected

We are a Collective within a Collective within another Collective and so on. We came together to become this particular Collective because of the Vibration that we as Individuated Consciousness were all offering, and we were drawn to each other. Our Collective formed naturally. You are at a point in your Spiritual Evolution where you will find that you are harmonising with and attracted to other Humans who are offering a similar Vibration to the one that you are offering. You will come together with those Individuals who will likely have a similar Perspective on life as well.

Then you can act out and talk to each other, with similar goals that you have in mind. Together you can co-create a better version of Reality for all of you and for the larger Collective of which you are a part. Once you realise that you have this power, this ability, you then also recognise how you become Source Energy again. You do not ever stop being Source Energy, however, you do not always operate with that 'full knowing' of Who You Are. When you start to think of yourself more as a Collective, you then become closer to Source and the Source Energy Vibration, Perspective, Agenda and so on.

You want to 'see and feel and demonstrate' how you are all connected there on Earth. That is why when you care about someone that you have never met, that you have nothing in common with, whose struggle is much different from yours, you Feel yourself becoming more whole. You become a more 'complete version' of yourself because you are, a Collective already. While some people know this to be true, others do not.

When you collaborate with someone based on Vibration, rather than on any other superficial aspect of Who You Are, you access more of the Power that you all hold within you as Individuals. When you come together naturally and organically, you can really Feel the synergy that is created through the coming together of All the various parts.

All your fellow Humans play their role in this powerful, co-creative, collaborative group that you form. However, if you only choose to come together with people of similar backgrounds, with those who look like you, or are of your family of origin, you are then less likely to Grow and Expand into more of your true Selves. You do not need to come together with others out of habit or a sense of obligation, instead, you can allow the Universe to bring you those who will 'resonate with you' and give you more of that Feeling of becoming your whole Selves.

Eventually, everyone will resonate with you, and you will Feel more empowered by coming together with every single Human there on Earth, however, you are not there yet and that is alright. It is alright to realise that you are not in Vibrational Harmony with someone, you simply offer that person Love and Compassion, perhaps even forgiveness, from afar.

Allow yourselves to be with your Social Group, with your Soul Family and Feel how much more of Source you become, seeing yourselves as a Collective rather than as Individuals who are each trying to get what you all need to survive. You are approaching a time there on Earth where these types of Collaborative Collectives are going to be needed to advance the Consciousness even further and to help spark that initiative, to bring all of you together as One, one Human Collective, one Family, one Group of Ascending Beings, because that is truly Who You Are.

We understand that not everyone there on Earth is ready at the same time for the Energies that we send you, therefore we have developed a system to deliver Energies that you all have requested via the partnership with Mother Earth and Mother Nature and the delivery systems of these Energies employed are flowers, trees, plants, bodies of water and rocks.

You will receive from Nature the Energies that you need and desire when you are 'appreciating' one of these Energy-infused aspects of Nature. The Energies can and will be delivered to you while sitting with your back up against a tree or a large rock, or when you are immersed in a body of water. You must be ready; you must be open, relaxed and offering a high enough Vibration to receive the Energies that we are offering. We know that Mother Nature has that effect on you.

Even those who do not know it and are distracted cannot help but be uplifted by the Energy of Mother Nature. Mother Nature wraps herself around you with Love, Joy, with an excitement to connect to a Human Being, which is why everyone benefits from even touching a planted tree on a sidewalk in a city. Even that is helpful and delivers you those Energies that you desire.

You can always find a patch of grass and stand barefoot on it or just sit down on it, if you cannot get yourself out to a forest or coast. Give yourselves the opportunity to receive what you have been asking for, that we have delivered and Feel all the 'positive effects' of being out in Mother Nature, because the Energies that we are delivering are but a small portion of what Mother Nature can deliver to you.

We are not the only ones employing this new tactic, all our colleagues in the 9th Density and Higher Density planes are in agreement of the effectiveness of this delivery system and its effectiveness even for those who do not appreciate Nature. Everyone benefits from even the slightest interaction with the beauty that surrounds you all and that is beneath your feet.

You are ready to receive so much more because of the wonderful work you have been doing there on yourselves, and you who are awake know exactly what we mean by 'work.' You did not sign up for the easy path because you wanted to experience 'exponential growth'. Therefore, all of you who are Spiritual Masters decided that you would shroud that truth from yourselves, especially early on in your lives. You knew the things that would 'catapult you' into being Awake, therefore, you chose heartache, heartbreak, and trauma.

You wanted to take this part of your journey Consciously, knowing that you needed something to awaken you, for you to want to choose a different path from others who would be more interested in the 'physical' trappings on Earth. There are many distractions there preventing you from focusing on your Spirituality and some may have taken the path initially, then found that YOU create your Reality with your Thoughts, Words, Emotions and more importantly, your Vibration. However, everything eventually leads you to facing all the challenges 'head on' because you know that those challenges assist you to Grow.

The Energies that are presented to Mother Earth will be giving those who 'connect to her' everything that you need. Mother Earth, just as your sun, can give you activations, upgrades, attunements and downloads. They are all available to you all the time, however, right now Earth herself is receiving more balancing and aligning of her Energy Systems, Grids, Poles and her Electromagnetic Field. There is so much for you to connect to, to tap into, right beneath your feet at this time that will assist you, empower you and give you everything that you need to move forward into this next phase of your Ascension and Evolution.

You are ready to take life on planet Earth further than it is has ever been before, because this is the time of Ascension there on Earth, and you are ready as the ground crew, to receive more not only from above, but also from below. When you mix those Energies together within You, that is when you understand why you incarnated on Earth at this time. You are there to be those who can access Energies from both the above and below, the physical and the nonphysical, the masculine and the feminine. And you are there to Integrate and Harmonise those Energies within 'yourselves' to know yourselves more completely and fully as you truly are.

Now is the time for these Energies, and now is the time for those of you who are Awake and Aware to truly benefit from all that is being given to you and to Mother Earth from those of us who care, from those of us who are watching and waiting and calibrating Energies that will catapult you into the 5th Density.

There are many other Beings who have been watching, observing, measuring, and waiting to see if Humanity is ready for more Contact Experiences and for what you have to share with us and the rest of the Galaxy. Because we can Feel your overall Vibration, we know you are always making progress, however, some E.T.s in Physical Bodies require the use of their technology to keep track of how you are. There are many Humans who do not like the idea of being watched, however, like most things on Earth, there are Positive aspects to something that can be perceived as negative.

These Physical E.T.s do need to know how you are doing, what you are focusing on, and whether the assistance you have been receiving from them is working, therefore, they monitor you and your progress with their tools and technology. Some of the older forms of monitoring you were called implants, some of you are aware that you have had implants, however, that is outdated technology now and the majority of those implants have now been removed. Those implants that were left in place in the body was due to the harm the removal of the implants would have caused, based on the sensitive location in the body.

This is one of the things that you need to make Peace with there on Earth and we know there will be resistance to this message. You are becoming a part of the Galactic Community and that is a large part of your Ascension. These E.T.s do require knowing what you are Vibrating, how you are doing and some of them even need to know your emotions, as even a lower Vibration, called negative, has a Positive aspect to it.

All those emotions have helped E.T.s to understand Humans to better relate to you and be more prepared for their contact with you. We are not talking about ourselves here, as we are a Non-Physical Collective, and will not be coming down Vibrationally taking on Physical Bodies to visit you there. However, there are many E.T.s who have and will continue to visit, who will eventually live amongst you, and you will live amongst them, because the 'integrating' of this Galaxy and All of its members is a key component to the Ascension.

It is not just Humanity who is Ascending; it is not just planet Earth that is Ascending. It is the entire Galaxy, the entire Universe, the entire Multiverse, and Humanity plays a pivotal role in that Ascension. All of you agreed to go as far down as you could go into Density to explore so many Emotions, and you did so, because you wanted to assist and because you knew that Earth was the place to be for Ascension. You agreed before you incarnated to not have any privacy because you wanted so much to be a 'Force for Change' in the Galaxy and in the Universe and we Feel you are doing a phenomenal job.

There is much disclosure taking place currently on the topic of UFO's. This disclosure has been happening for quite some time, and every time that something is disclosed, you get more confirmation of what you already knew. What does this mean for Humanity? What does it mean when a country's military announces publicly that they have seen objects in the sky that they could not account for?

We want you to open yourselves up to the possibility that this disclosure means that more Humans are ready to understand that you are not alone in the Universe. There will be those of you who will be excited about sharing this with members of your family and friends who have thought your beliefs as strange and certainly some of you can take some satisfaction in knowing that you are validated.

However, the bigger picture here is 'how these disclosure events' are getting bigger and bigger, which indicates that something big is going to happen there on Earth. What will happen will be much bigger than people 'feeling validated' about their beliefs. There are many people that have wondered when contact with E.T.s would be openly discussed by high-ranking government officials from powerful countries. You are coming into that time now, and this all means that more is coming, and more and more.

E.T's will be walking amongst you openly someday and they will be sharing their technology with you, and you will be able to ride on their ships to many places. This is happening and it is a part of the Shift in Consciousness. You need to know that you are much more than just your Physical Bodies with brains who are living out a lifespan in a single lifetime, on a single planet, that there is a bigger story to Who You Are, where you came from and how you were created to be the way you are right now, as a Human Race. That is your relationship between UFO's, E.T.'s and your Ascension.

The answers to those questions will Expand the Consciousness there on your World. People will start to think differently, and it is alright to have 'things happen' that will then cause people to think differently. It is perfectly fine that it is not only coming from a person having meditated for twelve hours a day for twelve days straight. It is reasonable that it is happening through E.T. Contact, rather than through some other Spiritual practice that led to someone's enlightenment. That is one way, one experience, but the expansion of 'your Consciousness' does not need to be earned. It is natural for it to occur; it is occurring, and this is a 'reflection to you' of that.

And you can all breathe a sigh of relief because this is hard evidence that more is coming and that the more that is coming, is what you have wanted for a very long time. Relax, smile, and take a deep breath, because you have made a tremendous stride forward yet again there on planet Earth.

What we are seeing right now is that many of the Groups, Collectives and Councils that we work with are opening up Portals to deliver more Energies to Mother Earth. You are right now, at a time where you are 'Collectively opening up' to receive, and that makes this the perfect time for Beings and Collectives from all across this Galaxy to deliver the healing Energies you have requested.

We have been delivering these Energies for quite some time now and are more intimately connected with you as a Collective and as Individuals. To get this assistance from this many places all at once is enormous, and you know that when large events occur such as earthquakes and wars that get the attention of almost everyone in the World, your 'Collective asking' is enormous. Therefore, we can get to work and deliver to you what you are a Vibrational match to, when enough of you relax into the receiving of what you have asked for.

In other words, you ask and what you are asking for is automatically created, however, until you 'align' with what you have asked for, it remains as a 'potential' experience. Enough of you have aligned to make this an actual Physical Experience that has already begun. The Portals are popping up all around the Planet, not just in those areas where they are needed the most. However, as every Individual requires some amount of Healing, each region of the World requires some amount of Healing. And when you see trauma and tragedy on your Planet, it reminds you of your own, it reminds you of what you are still waiting for and what you have yet to receive.

All of you are getting these Healing Energies and they will heal you Physically, Emotionally, Psychologically, and Energetically, so that you can move beyond the wounds, the hurt and move towards the Future where you can create that beautiful, Peaceful, Harmonious World that you all desire. The Healings are just the beginning for these Portals. You are doing extremely well as a Collective right now and deserve all the praise we are giving you and so much more, and there will be more to come.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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