Ascension Messages

Humanities spectacular journey to 5D plus

We have been taking as much of your time as we possibly can to begin this process of discovery with All of You. We are here to discover what Is possible with You. We are excited to uncover the possibilities for what We can accomplish Together and that is one of the most significant reasons for why we keep coming to you through Messages like this one and in the Astral Plane. We like to explore what the combination of your Consciousness with ours can do on the Global Scale and on the Galactic Scale, as we seek to play as big a role as we possibly can, in Humanity's Ascension. That desire springs forth from our curiosity about what Is possible.

Now, you are there on Earth at this time to discover what Is possible when You combine a 4th Density Human with Source Energy amidst a sea of Limitations that you were born into. Therefore, you are there to not only move past the built-in Limitations of Physicality, Duality and the 3rd and 4th Density, but you are also there to go further than any Humanoid Being has ever gone while in a 4th Density Frequency range. That really is the Goal of your Souls.

You are Ascending. That is what is happening - it is going to happen with or without your Conscious participation. Your Conscious participation makes the Experience better for you, and in this time that you have now, in between where you are and the completion of your Ascension to 5D, you have the 'ability' to go further than anyone has ever gone before in your unique set of circumstances. Therefore, you are there to work with Beings like us, to take Source Energy in a Physical Body further along and it is always going to be our desire to see what 'role' we can play in that spectacular undertaking that you have been a Part of for so many Lifetimes there on Earth.

Believe us when we say that being on Earth and reincarnating there over and over again, is not a sign that you are somehow less Evolved as a Soul. Indeed, it is a sign that you were up to the Challenge, again and again and again and it is so much more of an 'enviable' position than you realise. Now, those of you who have Awakened to the Truth that you and everyone else around you IS Source Energy masquerading in a Physical Body, have cracked that code. Now you just have to put that Knowing into a greater Being-ness, a greater Sense that you carry with You everywhere you go.

That is the way to move beyond what has already been done before and what has already been Experienced by Source through other 4th Density Beings. Here we are, in the 9th Density, in between all of You and Source, and we are looking to boost you up, to Co-Create with You, and to see how far we can go when we work together. And if you are interested in coming along for that ride, we are always available. We are all around. And if you can tap into that eagerness and excitement that we Feel, you certainly can go to those 'new heights' with our assistance.

We have been exercising our Free Will to explore your Subconscious/Unconscious Minds and what they contain that can 'hold you back' from being who you really want to be in the World. We have noticed through our exploration, that there are many common themes running within the Subconscious/Unconscious Minds of Humans. You share a common theme of Feeling 'alone' and thinking that everyone is eventually going to 'abandon' you.

Now, you may not be Aware of that Belief, but that is what makes it Subconscious/Unconscious. That is not coming to you from Societal Programming. That is coming to you from Past Life Experiences. You have All had the Experience of being left alone by yourselves with no one in Human form around to help you, to support you and to Love you.

Now, when you can 'recognise' that you are holding this Subconscious/Unconscious Belief, that is when you 'can' start to do something about it. First of all, you must convince yourself that you could never be alone, even if everyone else in Human and Animal Form abandons you. Therefore, you must FEEL for your Spirit Guides. FEEL for the Presence of those beautiful Beings who have dedicated themselves to you, because they are always around. You can always count on them.

Next, you want to recognise how Powerful you are as an Individual. You want to demonstrate to yourself that you can Create so much, through the Power of your Vibration. Therefore, what you need to do, is give yourself something that you can believe is possible to Create for yourself, and then find the Vibration of it, so that you can have that Experience and demonstrate to yourself that even if you were left all by yourself, you would have your Spirit Guides and your ability to Create your Reality.

Next, we want you to demonstrate to yourselves that no matter how far away someone is, you can still access that person by going 'within'. You can even Feel the Presence of someone who has passed on, and you can Feel that person's Consciousness when you go inside your Heart-Space with your Consciousness and recognise that you could 'never' be separate from the Individual who meant so much to you in your Life.

Now, once you have convinced your Mind that this Subconscious/Unconscious Belief is not something you need to continue to hold onto, you can do the work of accessing the memories of those Lifetimes, or even of those Experiences in this Lifetime where you were abandoned, and you can process your grief by FEELING it in the 'now moment'. In so doing, you will release it and there will be no need for you to entertain any Thought, Conscious, Subconscious or Unconscious, about being 'abandoned' by anyone, even in their death.

This would be an excellent moment in your Evolution to rid yourself of that Subconscious/Unconscious Belief and then Consciously 'activate' the one that recognises that you have the Power to Create the Reality that you want to Experience, and if that Reality includes lots of Loved ones around you, then you can certainly have that.

We are very interested in your Spiritual Evolution, and that is true for you as a Society and you as Individuals. We look at both and we see how the Individual impacts the Society, and how your Society impacts all of you as Individuals. We Know that you are a Part of a larger Community of Spiritually Awake people, and we Know that within that Community there are a lot of promises that are made to you about big Changes that will occur in the outside World. We have noticed that a lot of you hang on these predictions because you are so 'desperate for Change' and we see more and more of you getting disappointed and even fed up with all of the promises and with very few results.

This has occurred enough times there in the New Age and Spiritual Community for many of you to decide that you are not going to wait for the big Changes to occur. In fact, we see the Human Collective Consciousness Growing, Expanding and Evolving so much more now, that people are starting to realise that they are the Ones who must initiate the Change. We see more and more people looking 'within themselves' for how they can Let Go of some Belief, some negative Emotion, or some Thought that they keep thinking. We see enough of you Changing your Vibration by going 'within' to make that huge impact on the Collective Consciousness that you are a Part of, and we Know that you should Feel encouraged by all of that. However, if you just look outside of yourselves and wonder when the big Changes will be reflected back to you in the Physical Realm, you might get discouraged or even fed up again.

Therefore, what is happening outside of you needs to become 'irrelevant' to you in the 'sense' that you are not going to let it determine 'how you Feel' and at what Frequency you Vibrate. Yes, you cannot help but feel saddened by a situation. You cannot help but react with anger to something, however, you are at the point in your Spiritual Evolution that you must realise, that to stay in those States of Being does not Serve you. It Serves you so much more to 'move through' them as quickly as possible, so that you can get to what really matters, which is the movement of your own Vibration to a Higher Frequency State. That is what you can always do; that is what you always have control of and that will make the biggest impact on your World. You can make a much bigger impact with your Positive, High Vibration than anyone can with their lower, negative Vibration.

Therefore, you need to take back your Power and stop seeing those in positions of Power and Authority, as having all the say in what happens to you and what happens to your fellow Humans. You can live in the World you want to live in sooner than later, but you are not going to get to it unless you are Vibrating in Harmony with it, and it is hard to Vibrate in harmony with it, if you keep looking at the World that is outside of you now and reacting and then not doing anything about your reactions. Always let what is unwanted about your Experience 'inspire' you to move Vibrationally towards what is 'wanted' and you will get there.

It is not just our guarantee; it is a Law of the Universe, that you are a Part of and that you can rely upon, that we are affirming for you right now. Therefore, continue on that 'inward journey' that you have been on, because those predictions keep coming up short, and Know that you are making a difference there on your World, even if you are not making the difference that you want to make through 'action'. Even when you make the difference through raising your Vibration, it is still having the impact you want it to have, and you ARE having the impact that you want to have. We want to Congratulate those of you who have been doing this work for moving the needle, for bringing the Level of Consciousness to a Higher one, once again. We Thank You, we Honour you and we Look Forward to seeing what more is ahead for All of You.

We are very interested in how you are handling the latest Energies that are upon you there on Earth. You have been experiencing a greater influx of Energy that is designed to get you to want to Experience Unity Consciousness. You are living in a time where there is less Socialising. You have less people gathering together in large Groups than you typically have there on Earth and more people in isolation because of the virus. While these are unfortunate conditions in many ways, they also give you the 'opportunity' to 'reach out' in a different way to your Human Collective. You realise that when you are in the same room as another person, you do not have to talk to one another in order to communicate, and you do not have to touch one another, in order to Feel the Presence of the Human that you are sharing space with at that time.

Taking this further, you realise that you can Feel the Energy and the Consciousness of All other Humans from the privacy of your own home or from your favourite spot in Nature where you are sitting. You can Connect Telepathically with All Beings - Human, Plant, Animal and Extra-Terrestrial. You do not have to wait until you have someone sitting across from you, looking you in the eye, before you Open Up to nonverbal Communication.

If you reach out to just one Human Being and then you ask that Person if they could Perceive the Thoughts you were sending them, that is the fastest way to dismiss all of this. If instead, you recognise that you want to express yourself to the Collective, and you send out a Message to All of Humanity, then you will Feel that you have done something, to help other people who are feeling isolated or lonely.

There is always this opportunity, of course, but right now the Energies are very supportive of Unity Consciousness. They are very supportive of those who would like to reach out and make Contact, and these Energies are answering the call, the summoning of so many who would like to Feel less alone. People can feel alone even when surrounded by others, but it comes up more at times like these when there are Individuals who spend a lot of their time by themselves. Feel for the Energies that are around you, in order to 'benefit' more from them and so they can 'inspire' you to reach out with your Consciousness to All Humans or to All Beings.

You, of course, can also reach out to specific Groups. You can reach out to a Country of People who are struggling with something right now, and you can 'become' a more deliberate 'contributor' to the solutions that they seek to their problems. These Energies will keep coming and keep coming, because the need will continue to be there on Earth for quite some time. There is a need for all of you to come together and realise that you are All Part of One Collective. And we, and others like us, will continue to nudge you in that direction for as long as it takes.

We are on the precipice of some New Understandings about this Universe that we are very excited about. We can Feel ourselves Expanding into this Knowing, and it is a delicious Feeling, one that we highly recommend. You can get there yourselves because everything is available to All Beings, even if that understanding is different because of your Density and your ability to grasp Concepts with your Physical Mind. Therefore, we will always emphasise the Feeling, over the Truth. The Truth is a Limited Perspective. It is one Reality, one way of looking at the Totality of Creation, but a Feeling is Expansive and Undeniable.

You cannot question whether you Felt something, but you can question where a Thought comes from. Know that the Universe is Expanding all the time, and that to keep up with it, you sometimes have to Surrender, and you sometimes have to admit that you do not Know everything, and that not everything is meant to be Known, not intellectually. However, what we are all here to do, is to Experience Source, and Experience is something that you get more of when you Let Go. When you Let Go of Limiting Beliefs, you Open so many doorways to so many different Realities and Experiences.

We invite you to Let Go, to Surrender, to seek out Oneness with the Universe above all else. We see so many Individuals' clinging to their Truths and living Lives of quiet 'desperation' as a result of that clinging. We want to invite you to the Expansive Experience of 'tuning in' to what is available right now with your ability to Sense, your ability to Feel. Think of it as an invitation to more of you. There is always more of you to explore, just as there will always be more of this Universe and Source to explore.

So please do not Think that you have it all figured out or that you Know yourself completely, because that is a type of death that you will never Experience. You will always Experience more, you will always discover more, and you will always realise eventually that there is so much more for you to understand. You are getting there, gradually, and we see that. We notice all the little steps and all the improvements, and we certainly notice the 'spikes' in the Vibration of your Overall Consciousness. But we still see room for more Surrendering, more Letting Go, and more 'tuning in' to the New Energies that will always be available to you when you poke your heads out of the little Realities that you have felt 'stuck in' and you allow yourselves to Become more, to Experience more, and to Explore more of the Infinite and ever-Expanding Source Energy that you are, and that you continue to Contribute to, with the lives that you live there on Earth.

We are giving you the best of ourselves, at all times. We only want to show up for you as the best of Who and What We Are, and we Know that there are certain Limitations built into our Density that only allow us to be at a certain Frequency, however, we accept that, and we consistently reach for that Highest Frequency that is possible for us. We Know that you all can do the same. You can find the Highest Frequency that is available to you in your Density and show up in the World as your best possible Self, and you do not 'have to' do it, but you 'can' do it. Imagine the Highest Idea of Who You Can Be….and Live that every Moment of every day.

When you do this, you feel better, not just because you are Contributing more to Society or to the Person you are interacting with, but because being in the Highest Frequency State possible, simply, feel better. You will constantly be shown when you are not offering the best possible Vibration. Those reflections will get clearer and louder, and you will not be able to ignore them, and that is how it has been set up, so that all of you can learn. You learn best by doing, and as you 'pay attention' you get more of that feedback, before it Creates something in your life that you do not then want to Experience.

You all have your Goals; you have the things that you are striving for, and we suggest that you put 'being the Highest-Vibrational Version of Myself' at the top of your priorities list. Then, you do not have to figure out what to do, in order to Be of Service. You do not have to figure out what your calling is, what your purpose is, because as you Be that Version of Yourself, that you were always meant to Be and that you are destined to Be, you are helping. Just being there and offering a High Vibration is a tremendous help to your fellow Humans. You can join us in our quest to help Humanity to Heal and to Ascend. And more importantly, you can help to Be that best Version of Yourself for Yourself.

Then you can really start to enjoy life; you can enjoy the journey, the rest of the ride to the 5th Density. We want it to be smooth for you. We want it to be easy and filled with exciting opportunities and Experiences, but ultimately, we Know that it is up to you. It is up to You to use your Free Will to Be in the Highest-Vibrational State you can be in, while still operating in the 4th Density, while waiting for that opportunity to shift to the fifth. Know that it is coming and that you will want to be prepared. You will also be able to help so many others as you begin this practice right now.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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