Ascension Messages

Choose Consciously a Positive Timeline

We are very enthusiastic about Humanity's Ascension because we know that it is guaranteed. We have only certainty that you are Ascending and have no doubt or worry that you will complete the Ascension. There is so much that you have yet to experience as 4th Density Beings, which is why you are still there and by 'embracing every experience' that comes your way, you will make it easier for yourselves to Ascend and anything that you 'resist' will continue to be experienced until you make Peace with it.

It may not sound like much to make Peace with everything, however, compared to the Ascension of your Consciousness into an entirely new Density, it is. Ask yourself whether you can make Peace with everything in your life, right now, and can you make Peace with the people in your life and with the World with everything that is happening in it. Your work is to make Peace with the fact that other people 'think and believe' differently than you.

Your clues to what you need to work on next is to 'notice' when you are 'not at Peace' because of your Thoughts, Feelings and Judgments. For some of you, those clues have been popping up for decades, however, you were unaware that your work was to make Peace with those things and perhaps you thought it was your work to change those things. And as soon as you find yourself asking someone else 'to change for you', that is when you know that you have not made Peace with this person, with what they are saying, thinking, and feeling or how they are.

To begin with, it is very good for you to 'acknowledge' that 'everything serves a purpose', just as it is, to 'acknowledge' that everything is serving Source, just as it is. If your Ascension is about going home to Source and becoming one with Source, and Source approves of everything and everyone as they are, then all that is required is for you to seek to understand 'how' it ALL IS PERFECT, just as it is.

By understanding everyone and everything as being perfect, it allows you to then 'let go' of your resistance, and letting go of your resistance leads you to no longer being triggered. Which then leads you to being at Peace, and to live with the 'knowing' that everything is alright and that it is getting better. You can Trust, have Faith, Believe and Know that it is true, because it is true. How could anything be wrong if everything is Source, and everything is happening within Source.

Remember that everything is in 'perfect order' and that your only job, is to Be Yourself, because you complete the puzzle of Source, by being You. No one else can be You, except You, and 'all parts' are needed. We are ALL pieces of the puzzle that are required, in-order to complete the puzzle, no matter where we are, no matter which Density we inhabit. Ascension will become so much easier, and life will become so much simpler and potentially more enjoyable once you realise that all you have to do is to 'be at Peace' with everything and 'be yourself'.

When we look at the 'positives' within your Humanity and your Spiritual evolution, it allows us to be a 'positive force' in your lives. And by Focusing on what is negative and what is happening there on Earth, we would only be pulling you down Vibrationally and Energetically. We would be causing you to Focus on the negative in your own lives, and you would begin to see things that were not negative, as negative. In other words, Spiritually Awake people have very open Minds, and when your Minds are open, you can allow so much in. Some of what you 'allow in' will be very good, very empowering, very life-affirming, while some of what you 'allow in' will lead you down a Path that you do not want to go down.

This is why we remain Positively Focused, and we suggest that you also remain Positively Focused. Search for the things in your life right now and in the World outside of you, that are 'going right' for you and 'let go' of fear-based Thoughts, worries or concerns about things that may never happen, because they do not Serve you.

Remember, your Minds like having problems to solve, and your Egos like having enemies to fight, however, if you continue to operate as Mind-oriented Egos, you will not raise the level of your Consciousness, nor become your Higher Selves easily and effortlessly. It will be a painful process because you are just adding more along your Path of that which shrouds you from the truth of Who You Really Are as Source Energy Beings, as Creators, as Love.

A reminder again, that what you are Focusing upon, is what you Become. And so, what you push against, you Vibrate in harmony with. And every time, you are a Vibrational match to that which you are Focusing upon. You are not there to defeat anything, so there is nothing to defeat. We understand that it is difficult for people to hear this because once you become Aware of something terrible happening there on Earth, you find it difficult to turn away from it and feel that you cannot pretend that it does not exist. However, all that is required, is for you to send Love by offering healing and having Compassion for All who are involved. You can choose to 'Be the Light' that you are and that you are meant to shine on Earth and everyone there.

By aligning with Higher Density Beings who are offering a Higher Vibration, you get to experience what it is like to align with those Energies, and then you have to choose. You are making choices all day, every day. Not only are you choosing what you eat or wear but also how you Think and Vibrate. And when you Awaken, those become more 'Conscious choices' and those of you who are Awake must realise that you do have the ability to 'choose' and to 'choose Consciously'. You do have the ability to Focus on the Positive, and not by denying the existence of the negative, but by you choosing for yourself and for others the Positive.

Remember, those that are experiencing something negative, are All being given an 'opportunity to grow Spiritually' from that, and hopefully that assists you to make Peace with all that is inherently negative on your World today. We want you to Feel your Feelings, regardless of whether they are 'positive emotions' or 'negative emotions'. However, you do not need to allow the 'negative emotions' to consume you, instead, see them as an experience you are having in the moment, and it will pass quickly, if you allow it.

Once the Mind is involved, you perpetuate the 'negative emotion' by adding a story to it, by adding an enemy, someone that you must defeat or push against. Stop pushing, stop adding an enemy and stop adding a story, and just FEEL the EMOTION, and you will get past it. Once you are past it, by releasing the emotions, the 'positive emotions' are more available to you than ever before, because you have now released the blockage. And when you are in the flow and unblocked, you are 'in the flow' with All the Positive Forces that are pushing All of Us up into Higher Vibrational Realms.

There are many different ways in which you experience the darkness, the heaviness, the weight of existence there on Earth, however, most of you 'hold onto and endure' so much without having the proper tools to alleviate the pain of carrying that darkness. You should All be very impressed with yourselves, and you can all congratulate yourselves, and you can look at others as well differently, knowing that they too took on so much in this lifetime. Everyone has some sort of burden or something difficult to deal with.

All of you that are Awake and who are members of what we call the Awakened Collective, are the Light-bringers and the Light-workers. You are the ones who have the Tools and the Knowledge, that can lead by example and show others how it is achieved. Many of you initially tried the other methods such as drowning the pain, the darkness with alcohol, or numbing yourself to it with drugs. Many of you have tried avoiding it, pushing it down, denying its very existence, and found that none of that works.

As the Awakened Souls, you now know that and you can move forward with the truth and knowledge that you hold within you that it all needs to be Accepted, Embraced, Processed, and ultimately Released to 'allow in' more of the Light. The High Frequency Energies that are upon you right now are assisting you to purge all of it, however, it helps to have an Awareness of what is happening when you are in the middle one of these purges.

The process of 'letting go' of darkness can be a harrowing, unpleasant experience, however, it does Feel Good after it is completed. Therefore, you must be gentle with yourselves and others, because of how much you all knowingly took on. Remember the weight that people carry and know that they are having a particularly hard time, particularly if someone is being unpleasant to you.

Not everyone knows 'what to do' when they are Feeling fear, sadness, anger, anxiety, frustration, and all the other negative emotions stirring around inside of them. However, you do know what to do as the Awakened Collective, and every time you face the darkness, 'allow it to be, what it is' and 'embrace it' and you then show others how it is done, and you will be adding something to the Collective Consciousness that is for the betterment of All.

We witness you doing this all the time and we see the affects you are having on the Collective of Humanity and the Collective of this Universe. And we know that you will continue to do so, because it is the only way. We are giving you a small reminder here so that you can Focus in a particular way, to know what to do when something does surface. You, along with the rest of Humanity are required to 'release' that forgetting mode that you are sometimes caught in or unable to move from. And we see you All making the choice for the Light over and over again, and that is something else to be very proud of as a Human Being living on Earth at this time.

You are presently amidst massive waves of Energies there on Earth, where you can do as you wish with those Energies, because you can exercise a level of Free Will and because you are Creator Beings. You create with Energy, whether that Energy is a stone or a thought, whether it is a pain or a sound. You are creating with Energy, and when there are new Energies upon you as there are now, you can create that which is 'new' and has been 'unknown' to Humanity prior to this moment. And that is what is exciting about being there on Earth at this time.

You have an opportunity to go from where you were, to where you are going and you get to experience the movement, the motion, the evolution, and the Expansion. And those of you who are Consciously doing it are joyously riding the wave of these Energies. It was because you decided to have a lifetime on Earth that you have the opportunity to experience a lifetime in a dense Physical place, in Duality with so much polarity. What should excite you is the knowledge that 'what you can do' is perhaps beyond the level of Consciousness of your Physical Mind.

The 'unknown' to you can place you in a position of fear, or in a position of excitement. The choice is yours and it is your Free Will what you choose. If you are more Positively predisposed, you will gravitate towards excitement. However, if you are more negatively oriented, you will gravitate towards fear. Use your Free Will to go down the Positive Path, to open yourself up to higher and higher Frequency Energies and Experiences, to know yourselves in ways that you have never known yourselves before.

In other words, listen to your Hearts. Be Aware of your desires and have Faith that your desires 'can and will' come to fruition. They will not just come to fruition because of a very kind and loving God that grants you your wishes. They will come to fruition because of You and because You have the power within you to access any dream, any desire, any manifestation. Even though you have always had that Power, you are now stepping into that Power, and you are using the assistance that you are getting from above. It is through teamwork, through a joining of forces and through the 'merging' of the Non-Physical with the Physical that you get the desired results. That is how this really works.

It is time for more Humans to acknowledge that, so you can benefit from that knowledge. The exciting part is that you are there to go beyond where you have been before, and you can do so Consciously and deliberately without knowing exactly what it is you are moving towards in each and every moment. Never limit yourselves with what is possible. You are meant to go beyond what has been before and by staying in your bodies, by being present, and by noticing that this overwhelming amount of Energy is available to you right now, to utilise it in whatever ways you see fit.

As 9th Density Beings we are capable of seeing down many different Timelines simultaneously and we can see the various Timelines in front of each of you who are receiving these messages. We know that 'new Timeline's' are created when you 'get imaginative' and go 'beyond the beliefs' of those around you and those who have come before you. We know that you are very creative and are capable of reaching for the stars, quite literally. Many of you right now, are wondering when ships will land across the planet, and you wonder with the 'idea' that 'it is set in stone'.

You may think that these decisions are being made outside of you by some other Being or Group of Beings, however, you get to decide when that happens. You get to decide and are deciding when Humanity has access to free energy, and you are deciding when you take everything that is coming to you, that is, all your gifts and all that you have ever wanted to manifest.

It is all there for you, waiting for you to receive it. You are the ones deciding, the ones Focusing and the ones Vibrating. You are the ones thinking, feeling, acting, speaking, and as long as you remain 'in alignment' with 'what you do want', and 'let go' of what you do not want, then you are placing yourself on that 'best Feeling Timeline' for you.

If you align with a version of the Human Collective that is ready for full and open E.T. contact in the next year, then you will have that experience. However, if you look around you and think that other Humans on Earth are not ready for contact, then that is the Timeline you will experience. It is up to you what you think and believe. Rather than focusing on your flaws and foibles, think better of your yourself and of your fellow Humans, and instead, Focus on how far you have come. Focus on how much potential there is within every one of you and on the Love that you are and that exists in every other Human Being. Focus also on the truth that All Beings throughout the Galaxy are Love, as they are Source Energy.

While many of them may have acted in ways that are 'less than' what you may expect from a Source Energy Being, it provides you through the experience an opportunity for you to Forgive them. You have the opportunity to see the best in every Being and it is always 'your choice' of how to view them and it will be the choice that will Feel best to you when you make it. In-order to be Who You Really Are you must make that choice, so there really is no other choice. You are all there to remember Who You Really Are, and you are all going home to Source.

Never forget that or fall into the trap of seeing yourselves as small, insignificant, and destined to only have certain experiences. The World is what You make of it. And if you allow it, your lives can be better, even by the highest of standards. And no matter what anyone else is doing or how it may sometimes appear, you are becoming your Higher Selves, your 5th Density Selves. Therefore, choose the 'best Feeling Timeline' for yourself right now, because it does exist, and you do it by 'being Conscious' that 'you are choosing'.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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