Ascension Messages

Embrace your Physical Body

These Energies that are upon you are about aligning You and your Physical Body more perfectly with the Consciousness of your Soul. As many of you know, your Physical Body has its own Consciousness. Each cell in fact, has its own unique Consciousness and remember, You are 'not' your Bodies. You are your Soul. As your Soul, you connect with the Physical Body, and you are either in alignment or not in alignment as a Mind, Body and Soul.

When you are out of alignment, many Mental and Physical issues are created that are held Emotionally. It is important to align with your Soul's desire into the Reality you Experience. Alignment can mean many different things to different people and for some they are referring to alignment with Source, however, we are referring to alignment of Chakras and the way your Body harmonises with your Soul's Consciousness.

When you are asleep you are not focused on this Reality, and so, there are many times in which that alignment with your Body and Mind is misaligned. This is the time in your Spiritual Evolution and your Ascension journey where everything really matters so much more. The alignment of your Mind, Body, and Soul matters immensely at this time, and the current Energies are ensuring that you have that alignment, and you maintain it no matter what. There are many things that can cause misalignment of Body and Soul, such as things that you see, hear, experience and even Physical trauma.

In-order for this alignment to take place, you simply need to relax into the Energies. FEEL for them and trust that they know what they are doing. These Energies also encourage you to make healthier choices for your Body and Mind, because these factors also assist in the alignment with your Soul's Consciousness. Remember, you are your Soul, and you are only aligned with that Body for only a brief period in the span of eternity. Therefore, it is important for you to recognise the truth that you are more Non-Physical than Physical and always have been.

Once your Mind recognises and accepts this, it becomes easier for you to have a Body and Experience the Body, while in its temporary form. You are Awake Spiritually because you know that you are a Source Energy Being, and as a Source Energy Being, you are operating as an individualised Soul. Recognise your Body as a temporary Experience and that you can get so much from the Experience. You are meant to enjoy your Mind and Body and enjoy your time in this Physical life and now you have so much more support in doing so.

Our 9th Density is not very different to your density, it is just that we operate as a different Frequency. Our vibration is higher, which means that we do not have Physical bodies. We could lower our vibration enough to take form and appear to you, and at some point, in the future we will. For now, however, it Serves you and us more for us to stay in the 9th Density frequency and in a Non-Physical state and continue to Mentor you from where we are. Although all Densities are available to you, your Physical Body will not go higher than the 5th Density, right now.

You are evolving and becoming your New Selves, and as your New Selves you will have New Bodies. These New Bodies will be your Light Bodies and different from the ones you currently occupy. It is important for you to recognise that the higher Densities are not in a distant location and unreachable. The higher Density planes are everywhere, and are easily accessed through Meditation, Focus, Conscious Breathing and through the use of substances.

It is important for you to know that you can access the higher Densities without the use of substances. It is also important for you to know that we are not in a distant place, and that is true of Archangels, Ascended Masters, your Spirit Guides, and anyone else you would ever want to connect with, including deceased loved ones. Raising your Vibration can be raised easily, however, once you have attachment to the outcome, waiting for something to happen, you may give up if it does not happen.

Therefore, we suggest you raise your Vibration for the purpose of 'feeling better', to see how good you can Feel, without expectation and without attachment. You do not raise your Vibration as 'a means to an end', it is something to 'Experience' so that you experience Inner Peace, to resonate Love and Joy and to live with passion and excitement. This is the best way to live rather than looking for happiness outside of you.

Therefore, we invite you to raise your Vibration and expect nothing, and know that as you raise your Vibration, you are getting closer to Us and all other Beings and Collectives. Raising your Vibration is different for all of you, and yet, it is the same for all of you. Universal ways of raising your Vibration are by Meditating, focusing on your Breathing, quieting your Mind, and tuning into your Heart. Being in Nature will automatically raise your Vibration, for others, it will be dancing, singing, or just listening to music, while being in some sort of 'body of water' or 'bathtub' also benefits others.

You always choose through your 'intention' to live in a higher Vibrational state, YOU 'determine' what things you can do to raise your Vibration, and you can ask for the Universe to assist you and know that we are always there for you.

When you seek contact with the unseen, it is not very different from seeking to connect with Source Energy, Prime Creator. More and more of you are Awakening to the Truth that you are not alone in the Universe. Physical E.T. contact will occur, and it will occur in the not-too-distant future for all Humans 'who desire it'. There have always been sceptics and those who have wanted the proof of it all. You cannot convince anyone of something that they do not want to be convinced of, or who are not open to see another perspective and unwilling to change their view.

However, there are those of you who FEEL Energy, that resonate with Us in the Higher Realms who want to help, and we Feel that 'desire to connect' with more Humans all the time. We feel more of Humanity is 'open' to the unseen, the unknown, and all that may seem strange to others.

To rise above the predominant level of Consciousness that exists there on Earth at this time, you must be 'willing' to seem to be the 'odd one' and a 'bit out there' to the average person. You are planting seeds and showing them that 'there is a way' to go beyond the mundane, the typical, the average life Experience there on Earth.

Those of you who continually absorb your Awareness with 'thinking and talking' about Ascension, are Aware that it is possible to 'go beyond' where most Humans are living right now, and you are willing to 'reach out and up' to Us, even before we appear to you in some form that you may recognise with your Physical eyes. And when you do connect to the Non-Physical, your Mind can come in and question whether it is real or not. Therefore, it is necessary to turn off your Mind and reach 'within' for a Feeling, for a Vibration instead of asking yourself whether it is real or not. Ask yourself, how do you Feel, whether what you received is beneficial to you and whether it Serves you or not.

Start learning to trust your Feelings with your sensitivity and sensibility. You can use your critical Mind to deconstruct any doubt about whether something is real or not. More contact will be made with the Non-Physical throughout this year to prepare you for Physical contact, and those steps can be taken right now for those that are excited about E.T. contact. We can Feel more of you doing it every day and are excited to be journeying with you as well.

You have arrived on planet Earth because you wanted to sample all parts of the Galaxy in one place, and Earth is the obvious choice as you have an affinity for all the various parts of the Galaxy. There are many reasons why you chose to incarnate there, this being one, however, all the places you have adventured and travelled as explorer's Serve you right now.

You are drawing from all those Experiences, of all those Selves, of all those places, and co-creating an Experience of Harmony and Peace on Earth, and you are doing it by Experiencing the opposite of those things first. Everything that has ever been there on Earth has been there for the 'purpose' of Experience, even though not all experiences have been positive. All those possibilities needed to exist for every single Soul to 'sample' what they wanted of the Earth Experience. You are meant to gradually come to Peace with everything that is happening there on Earth and to 'accept' everything 'as it is' and to Change You.

You are meant to transform, and once transformed you will Experience a New Earth, a different Earth, an Earth with less polarity, trauma and tragedy, more Unity, Harmony, Peace, Love, Joy, and excitement. Therefore, your current experience of hate, violence, war, discrimination and so on, is the Path to getting there.

By Changing 'yourself' is the way you make a difference there on Earth, it really is that simple. You are the Change-Makers, but you ARE the CHANGE you are making. You are the Way-Showers, and you will show others that the way to the New Earth is through Accepting, Loving, and making Peace with the current Earth you inhabit.

You can spread this level of Consciousness around. You can assist others to come to their Spiritual Mastery by sharing the understanding that 'everything' is to be Accepted and 'nothing' is to be Resisted, that everything was 'created on purpose' and Serves a 'greater purpose'. Experiencing the 'process' and the 'experience' of the Earth as they are, you are Co-Creating the New Earth at the same time.

YOU are deciding at this moment, to choose something better, without 'resisting' what is occurring now. Your mission is to Become your Higher Self, the Self that sees all, knows all, accepts all, and LOVES ALL and you achieve this, moment by moment with surrender, with each and every experience. When you LOVE IT ALL, you will know you have completed this experience on the Earth and you will see EVERYONE as SOURCE, and that will be a glorious moment indeed.

You are Consciousness. Your Consciousness is just focused in a particular place or location, a place that includes a Physical Body that you see as YOU. However, it is temporary, and you do have an opportunity to Change anything and everything about your Consciousness, about yourselves. The Physical Realm will continue to look the same to you, unless you make a gigantic Change in your Vibration.

It can be challenging for Humans to understand that 'you totally Create the Reality that you experience' because of the 'time lag' from when you change something fundamental about yourself and the reflection in the outside world. If you place 'how you Feel' first and prioritise FEELING over everything else, you will notice an immediate Change. A Change in 'how you Feel' is significant and something that we highly recommend.

We want you to pay attention to your Manifestation times, as you will see them coming to you faster and faster, this is important, as receiving Validation keeps you going. Ultimately, we wish to share with ALL of you that 'how you FEEL is EVERYTHING'. Our encouragement to you all is to bypass the 'doing' and go straight to the 'feeling', as this will Create you living happier lives.

We have witnessed you accomplishing many things and acquiring many things that only give you 'feelings' for a temporary period and then you set a new Goal or set your sights onto something else to acquire. However, when you demonstrate to yourself that you 'can Feel bliss' for no reason at all, other than you 'chose' to Feel bliss, then you are truly achieving something. Therefore, while in your Bodies, use your Minds to reach for higher and higher states of Being beyond your imagination, while observing nothing is seemingly changing in your outer World. These Changes will come, there is a delay between your thoughts and the manifestation of your thoughts, this is 3rd Density.

First you must choose to care enough about 'how you Feel' and start using these skills that are inside of you. We invite you to remember periods in your life when you have 'felt better' than you have ever felt before, and to realise that those Feelings are inside of you always, waiting for you to give yourself a reason to Feel them. However, if you do this because you want it to show up in the Physical, to affirm it for you, then you will be taking yourself out of the 'feeling'. What is important to remember, is the 'intention' behind what you Choose.

Do it because you can; reach 'within' yourselves for the best possible Feeling you can have, because you have Bodies. When you start to Feel good in your Bodies, you start to appreciate them a bit more and you start to appreciate where you are in the Physical and there on your Planet. Start enjoying your lives now, rather than continuously waiting for 'something to happen' so that you can have a good enough reason to enjoy them.

You must decide to see who you are 'now' and 'feel good' about having come so far, Let Go of feeling ashamed of who you once were or what you may have done in your past, this includes what you have done in your past lives, as these Experiences are necessary in-order for your Soul to grow. We remind you, that you must be able to 'Forgive yourselves' for what you have done and who you have been, this allows you to more easily be able to 'Forgive others' for who they are now and what they are doing.

You could not possibly Experience all the diverse set of past life Experiences in one lifetime, and this diversity of 'past lives' gives you so much more access to Compassion, to Experiences and to Emotions for you to build from. You are drawing from all those previous Experiences, all those past life aspects of you, making it possible for you to Become your Higher Selves in a single lifetime. All of them contribute to Who You Are right now, even if you have not always been a 'good person' in each and every one of your past lives, or in each and every moment of this lifetime.

Let Go of ALL your 'attachments' to 'who you once were' and what you have done and savour the growth from those Experiences. Take it ALL because it is all meant to assist you, have pride in having come so far in your evolution. Everything you Experience is by CHOICE, even those lifetimes where you have done unmentionable things. When you can Let Go of Self-Judgment, you will Let Go of your Judgments of others, liberating you and taking you to higher and higher levels of Consciousness.

Share with others something that comes from inside of you that is special, that is unique to you, that gives people a window to your Soul. Choose to go beyond your Ego and into the multi-density YOU, that you really are. We are not taking about sharing your beliefs, political views, or your accomplishments. Whenever you send a 'wave of Love' from your Heart to another Human, you are sharing a part of yourself that is Infinite and Eternal, a part of yourself that is meant to come to the surface, to be seen, felt and be heard.

You are becoming Unconditional Love in the flesh, however, if you are holding back Who You Really Are for any reason, you are denying yourselves and the rest of Humanity something wonderful. A unique aspect of Source exists inside of each and every one of you that is yours and yours alone. It is up to you to share that aspect of Who You Are, and it is important to do so because of how close you are to the completion of the Shift in Consciousness in these times you are living in, and because you all want to see massive Changes in your World.

Those Changes do begin with YOU; they begin with you being you, being the fullest Version of yourself that you can possibly Be and sharing that 'aspect of you' with a World that needs more Love, more Creativity and more of Source Energy. What you have to share, accumulates within you and you reach a point where something opens you up within you, it maybe something you see or hear, that allows the Infinite and Eternal part of you out, for everyone to Experience.

There has never been a greater need than now for you to Be You, to express yourself in the fullest way that you can, the Love that you are. Allow your fellow Humans to Experience YOU, because you are unique, beautiful, and needed in the World at this time.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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