Ascension Messages

Light Workers as Above so Below

Greetings, we are Light Workers from beneath the surface of the Earth and we are pleased to connect with you.

The 'Foundation of Youth' is located, in your own Minds. We have lived on the surface of Earth many thousands of your years ago, many of us are centuries of your Earth years of age and keep physically fit regardless of Physical Age. In fact, the older we get, the more 'physically fit' we become. We have an athletic build and exercise every day and we all take pride in our 'physical fitness' and are healthy and strong and workout just as you do on the surface. We have long tunnels connecting our cities and we use these tunnels to run through when exercising just as you use long paths or tracks on the surface.

You will find in the accumulating years 'aging' only makes you wiser and stronger and not the opposite. Therefore, we grow older in Age with grace and dignity, maintaining our Physical agility and prowess. You will soon be the same. You will find that the more you do, the more you will be able to do. Do not let Age limit you or be limited by what other people say, as you are 'unlimited'. In Telos, we are still discovering how 'unlimited' we are. We are still finding ourselves delving into the 'unknown' when it comes to our 'bodies'. We keep experimenting with our bodies and find that we can use our bodies to do so many different things, we are still discovering our 'inner strength & stamina' and we are still pushing ourselves to the 'outer limits' of what we 'thought' we could do, and so with you.

You can always explore the 'outer limits' of your Physical Form, by not experiencing any 'limitations' when it comes to strength, for our bodies were meant to perform Herculean feats and maintain Health and Stability 'permanently'. Therefore, look to your bodies as a 'magical form' that can do All you want with them, to do without pain or limitation. We all KNOW this, and now it is up to YOU to 'learn' how to utilise the full 'Physical Potential' that you are endowered with. We send you our Strength and our Love and we will show you how to 'Youth' when we join with you on the surface, for the Fountain of Youth is 'real' and it is located in your very own MIND.

For myself, I look like a Youth, although I am Ancient by your standards. You will be surprised and joyous when you discover how easy it is to maintain your 'youthful' appearance. I am Adama, Youth and Sage combined. You are a Light Worker on the surface of the Earth, and we are Light Workers beneath the Earth. Know that in Telos, we see your Light, we see All Lights on the surface of the Planet through our computer monitors and are able to track All Light Workers there on the surface of the Earth.

It is indeed very beautiful in Telos, a very inspiring place to live. Many of us have been here a very long time, thousands of your years in fact. Because our lives have been rich and full, we have continued in the same physical bodies for thousands, upon thousands, upon thousands of years. Our Souls are Immortal and can live in the 'same body' for as long as we Choose. You also on the surface, will someday be able to do this, that time is rapidly approaching, when you will be able to 'determine' the length of your 'lifespan'. This is what Ascension on Earth at these times is all about, it is about 'determining' how long to remain in a 'body' before moving on. Therefore, KNOW that there are glorious times ahead for All of Humanity as you adjust your Immortality, Knowing that you 'can Live Forever'. We have Known this, therefore we have adapted to a glorious life as 'Immortal Beings' experimenting in a Human Body.

This is what YOU on the surface have been doing, although most of you are not Awake to this. Life in Telos is rich and diverse and a joy to live. Soon we will be expecting our surface brothers and sisters to be visiting us in our homes beneath the Earth. Until that time arrives, call on us in your Meditations and we will be there with you. You are All Light, as we are All Light. What this means, is that our 'bodies' are 'electrical' in nature, in Frequency and react as a battery would in a torch. When our Vibration raises reaching a certain Frequency, it triggers the Light Particles or Photons in our 'body' to ignite, so to speak, and it turns on the Light in our bodies.

This is a simple chemical principle, and it works in 'All Things'. Once you reach a certain velocity or wavelength, you blaze forth as the Light of the Sun. It is this Light that we Connect with or rather, Connects with us. Our shields are always 'open' and on the 'alert' to receive your Light Frequency and when the Connection is made, YOU become Aware of our Consciousness, as We 'meld' with Yours.

Greetings, we are Arcturians and are pleased to connect with you.

We are extending ourselves out to 'all of you' who are looking for Help and for Contact with Extra-Terrestrials. We do not have Physical Bodies, and so, most people might not think of us as Extra-Terrestrial, however, we do exist, and we were not born on your Planet. We Ascended within our Star System, which is why we still identify as Arcturian. We are much more Universal than that now, however, we have quite the reach across this Universe of ours. This is a time when there are more and more people 'wanting off' planet Earth, and we understand why.

We understand how hard it is to be there at this Time, however, we want to 'encourage you' to 'reach out' to the Non-Physical, to Collectives like ourselves, to Help give you a reason to stay there on Earth, because we need you there as our Ground Crew, and also because you will never experience anything quite as satisfying as helping an entire Race of Beings on a Planet, Ascend. That is as good as it gets in terms of fulfilling a Mission, a Life's Purpose. Your Souls have journeyed so much and so far, throughout so many Densities to get there, and now that you are there, you long to be somewhere else, and that somewhere is usually another Star System.

Therefore, we say we are extending 'ourselves' out to 'you' at this time. We always have, but we really want you to 'hear' it right now, and more importantly, to FEEL it. We want you to Feel our Energy, as well as the Pleiadian, Sirian and Andromedan Energy at this Time, as we are 'all working together' to Help the Starseeds and Light Workers, Feel more at home there on Earth. We reach out to you, and we deposit what is needed in your Energy Fields to give you more of a sense of 'home', a sense of 'belonging'. Those of you who can 'open up' and 'receive' with ease, will be able to Feel what it is that all of us are 'serving up' at this time. Others will just notice that they Feel a little less stressed, a little less homesick, and a little more comfortable in their environment.

We are seeking to reach 'everyone', regardless of whether they are Awake, because that is one of the ways in which People Awaken. People Awaken all the time because of bizarre Experiences that they cannot explain. We seek to be one of those bizarre Experiences for some of your Un-Awakened Human counterparts there. Those of you who Know about us and other E.T.s will be able to help the newly Awakened to make sense of these Experiences, and while you are waiting for people to reach out to you, we suggest you 'open up' to the Energies that we are sending, the Energies that the Sirians, Andromedans, Pleiadians and many others are also sending, because you 'do' need that 'validation' sometimes, that everything is going 'according to plan'.

You do need to be 'reminded' at times that you are on the 'right track' and that this is not all just a mistake. Everything that is happening on your World today is very calculated, and it is meant to get more People to 'release what no longer Serves them', which will help every Single Person who does that 'releasing' get what they 'need'. The Energies are strong and will continue to get stronger, because we hear your prayers, your cries, the way that you feel homesick and we just want 'all of you' to be able to call Earth home, so that you can Help the Humanity to Ascend.

We are 'taking ourselves' to Aspects of our Consciousness that we have not yet Experienced, and still, we 'do not forget ourselves' as we do this. We have never forgotten 'who we are' in all our travels throughout the Universe and into ourselves. Therefore, we realise that there is nothing to Fear in doing so. We can encourage 'all of you' to do 'your exploring', because we also Know that you will never lose yourselves.

You will never lose your sense of Self, even when you become a part of a Collective. You will Know yourselves as that Collective, and you will still maintain your Awareness of SELF, and that will be exciting and fun for you to explore, because it will be just as we described earlier. It will be YOU exploring more of YOU, more of your Consciousness. When you realise that everything IS Consciousness exploring ITSELF, it puts everything into Perspective, and you can 'let go' of 'identity'.

Getting attached to an identity, or an aspect of identity, only keeps you small, whereas 'Feeling' into the Oneness of All-That-Is, gives you an 'expansive Feeling' that is quite large and it is also quite beautiful. Therefore, we 'encourage you' to 'explore' what it Feels like to KNOW yourself as EVERYTHING and EVERYONE. It is inevitable that you will, however, if you do it 'now' and you do it on 'purpose', you will start to 'enjoy your lives' more.

You will enjoy your lives more, because you will recognise that YOU ARE EVERYTHING, therefore, there is NO 'real separation'. There is 'no real separation' between you and anything you 'desire', and that can certainly take the weight of the World off your shoulders, if you have been working very hard at trying to get somewhere or be with someone. If you are striving and trying very hard, it is because you do not 'BELEIVE' that what you are seeking is 'already YOU'. This is another reason why we encourage you to 'go within' so often. It is because everything you 'seek' truly is 'within you' and we want you to KNOW this and FEEL it. We want you to Experience it, and this practice not only helps you to Manifest what you seek, it also helps you to FEEL more COMPASSION for your Fellow Humans.

If you see 'everyone' as a 'part of you', and 'you' a 'part of everyone', then it is hard to just dismiss someone else's pain and suffering. When you have Compassion, while at the same time, understand how to Manifest the Experience you want to have, 'you are in Balance' between 'Love of Self' and 'Service to others'. This is something you will seek someday, therefore, you may as well 'seek it now'. Being in that proper Balance allows you to enjoy the Experience of Evolving and Expanding, while simultaneously giving you a 'sense of Purpose', Fulfilment and Satisfaction that you can only get through helping your Fellow Humans out.

We Know that what we are giving you right now, may not be new to most of you, however, it bears repeating and it bears repeating often. You need to be reminded of these Truths, because there has never been a Time in Human History where more people are Guiding you into 'separation'. All of that will be behind you soon enough, but you are getting one last look, and it certainly has been a revealing time for Humanity.

If everyone could just FEEL Compassion for their Fellow Humans, no matter what that person 'believes or looks like', the World would be 'transformed' in a moment. Therefore, we encourage you to be the Leaders that we are always encouraging you to be, to spread the Beauty of Oneness to others, in every opportunity that you get.

We are celebrating 'each and every' little victory that you have there as a Human Collective. Every time you make progress in your Spiritual Evolution as a Group, we can FEEL it and we notice the 'positive impact' your progress has on the entire Universe. Just in case you 'thought' you were not making enough of an impact, or that you were not 'contributing' enough to your Society or to the Universe, you should Know this. You should Know that every time that you 'Meditate' you are making a difference. Every time you engage in an 'act of Kindness', you are making a difference. Every time you Consciously 'raise your Vibration', you are making a difference and all of those times that you have made a difference, add up.

Together, you are Creating quite a bit of 'movement' in the Collective Consciousness of Humanity. The movement is of the Frequency of your overall Vibration as a Collective, and it only ever goes up. Remember that when you look around you and think the sky is falling, it is not in fact falling, and when you give in to that idea, you only 'lower your Vibration' temporarily, but you are still on an 'upward spiral' and you will always be on an 'upward spiral' because there is nowhere else to go. It is Time to 'let go' of Guilt and Shame and 'Embrace yourselves' right at this moment, with the abundance and magnificence of Self-Love.

Love yourselves just for 'being there' and existing in the Density that you do. Love yourselves for 'being willing' to enter a chaotic environment while Choosing to be One of the 'difference-makers', one of the 'Light-Workers'. You have come so far as a Collective and you will continue to do so, regardless of whether you have a slip-up here and there in your personal lives. You are not meant to be perfect, and every time that you do have one of those slip-ups, you have an even bigger desire to do better, to be better, to help more.

We want to tell you that even your 'intentions' to 'Be of Service' and to 'Evolve', make a difference. You are adding to the Giant Collective of Thought Forms with something that is powerful and well meaning, something that 'can and will' influence others to also want 'to do more' and 'be more'. You are the Change-Makers, the Way-Showers, the Light-Workers, and so much more for Humanity at this Time, and we want to assure you that 'everything' you Do, Think and Say has an 'impact' and that you continue to move in the 'right direction'.

You continue to blossom into your Higher Selves with very little effort. It is not about 'what you do' or 'how much effort' you put forth. It is about 'maintaining' your sanity and taking time to 'go within', to 'process' your Emotions. It is about staying there on Earth, even when you feel that desire to go home so very much and so often. By staying there, you are Creating a 'web of Energy' that runs across the entire Planet and helps so many. Do not ever underestimate yourselves because we do not, and we do not because we can Feel the 'progress' you are making in 'every moment of every day' there on Earth.

We are completely in Love with each and every one of you there on Earth and we Love every aspect of each and every one of you, because we understand that you 'took on' a certain amount of 'darkness' in order to be able to incarnate into that Density, in that Earth plane of Existence. Everyone who has ever lived has had a certain amount of 'darkness' in them and very few have been able to make Peace with it. Most people Fear it, are Ashamed of it, or they are in Denial of its very existence. It is Okay to BE who you are; it is perfectly normal and natural to have very 'dark thoughts' and even 'dark desires', because you are Human, and you are there to have the Human Experience.

Remember, that none of it is representative of 'who you really are', but instead, it is the real illusion, however an illusion that you decided to play in and mess around with, because you wanted to explore 'All aspects of Source', and the Earth Experience, as a Human Being, is a part of that. Yes, there are even more reasons than that for why you came to Earth to have an incarnation or ten, or a hundred, or a thousand, but it will always be about KNOWING 'yourself' as SOURCE, at the end of the day.

You must be able to 'accept' this dream of Source as it is, in order to become 'lucid in it'. If you are 'resisting' the dream, then you are 'still in the dream' and unaware of the fact that you are 'dreaming'. That means, making Peace with the 'darkness in others', as well as the 'darkness in yourselves'. Remember that on some level, you are just like us, Loving every Single Being, 'just as they are' and Knowing that you are 'all playing a Game' and it is a Game that you all agreed to play with each other. Darkness is the Illusion; it is not the Truth. When you remember that, you can navigate around it, gleefully and maintain the Love in your Hearts that is necessary for you to Ascend.

Any time you are not in the state of 'Being of Love', you are pretending to 'Be something' you are not. You want Love to be the 'Foundation' of everything you Do, Think, and Say, and you can make that Agreement with yourselves, right now. We recommend that you do, because it is Time for you to be 'who you really are' and invite others to join you to that party. And when you 'demonstrate' that you can 'hold' that Love Vibration within yourself, others will be curious about how you did it.

That is when you will truly step into the role of Leader, Teacher and Mentor there on Earth, because that is when the 'students' will be ready. And if you are receiving this Message in any way, you All will have students someday, who will be looking up to you as the Master, and Unconditional Love is what you are there to Master, it is a lot harder to do where you are, therefore, we not only Love you, but we also Respect you.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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