Ascension Messages

Focus your Minds Together and Create Beautiful Things

We will begin by sharing with you an even bigger picture that will allow you to understand your present situation and as we are unable to telepathically 'download' it to you in an instant, we can only deliver it in a linear format, sentence by sentence.

Remember, the Human Race is perhaps not what you have been led to believe, or how you are still 'perceiving' it to be. For example, the beautiful Being, that you call 'YOU' in Human form, is made up from every Individuated cell in your Biological Body. Each Individuated cell from a subatomic level, IS a Spark of the Prime Creator.

Therefore, you are expressing yourself as 'YOU' from these billions of Individuated cells, Creating a Collective 'Integrated Consciousness' of all of these cells, into the Consciousness that you call 'YOU'. Similarly, there are approximately 7 billion Human Beings on Earth at these present times, plus all of the differing Timelines that each Human Being 'Creates' for itself in this Lifetime, plus the uncountable Timelines of All Human Beings, in this Lifetime and all their other incarnations.

You can see that Collectively, there are thousands of billions of 'Experiences' that Collectively Form a 'Collective' Consciousness of Humanity. In the same fashion, your Individuated cells of your Biological Body together make up what you 'perceive ' to be your Biological Body, that is the avatar, for your 'Experiences' that are intertwined and woven into the 'Experiences' of ALL of the Human Race's Collective Consciousness.

As you are Aware, in this Universe of Duality, ALL expressions of ALL things, have their equal and opposite, however, they are on the same 'continuum' and therefore, 'Experienced' as 'Contrast'. For example, Love verses Fear, Dark verses Light and up verses down etc... it is the etc we are now going to view.

For 'Real' to exist then there must also be 'Un-Real', also when there is 'Individuated Consciousness' there must be 'Collective Consciousness'. When there is a 'Lower Collective Consciousness' there must be a 'Higher Collective Consciousness'.

Expanding on this, the Consciousness both Individuated and Collective of the Human Race on Earth, is intertwined into the Consciousness of ALL the other Planets in a similar manner within this Solar System, creating a Solar System Collective Consciousness. Expanding this concept further, the Consciousness of this Solar System is intertwined in the same manner within other Solar Systems, creating a Collective Consciousness of Solar Systems, that in turn, are intertwined with the Consciousness of other Star Systems, that create a Collective Consciousness of multiple Star Systems, that composes a 'whole Galaxy'.

Expanding even further, this Galaxy is intertwined with all the other Galaxies forming a Collective Consciousness of Super Galaxies... which in turn, are intertwined to form Universes. Again, expanding on this, the Individuated Consciousness of 'this Universe' is intertwined with ALL the Consciousness of ALL the other Universes. And even at this level COLLECTIVELY, we have not yet INTEGRATED the 'Individuated' parts of the PRIME CREATOR.

There are no Souls, there are no Densities, for this would mean that there is Separation.... That is the ILLUSION.... EVERYTHING is intertwined, inseparable and EVERY Individuated Experience is only a FOCUSED CONSCIOUS ATTENTION AWARENESS of the Prime Creator.

While holding this expanded Awareness in your NOW FOCUSED Conscious Mind, also hold, the IDEA of "if there is Real, there must also be Un-Real". So, if there are Real Humans, there must also be Un-Real Humans. The Un-Real Humans have been created in the 'Minds' of the Human Collective Unconscious and are of the opposing polarity of LOVE, and that is Fear.

Remember, the Collective Unconscious Mind that is polarised with Fear has become the 'dominant Frequency' on Earth today, especially with all the challenges that Humanity is facing. All of the Human senses both physical and nonphysical are received by the Individuated Human Subconscious or Unconscious Mind and are then 'translated' by the Human Brain, decoded and transferred to the Conscious Awareness.

This entire process is a function of your Human Brain that most Humans have little Awareness of and therefore, have little or no control or influence upon. We will call this 'Living Unconsciously', through the Collective Lower Conscious Mind that some refer to as the 'herd mentality'. In other words, Unconscious Humans are a Living Antennae, in a Biological suit, playing out a 'program' of the Collective Lower Conscious Mind.

This may come as a shock to you, although you may not be surprised, that a very high percentage of Humans today have no 'direct Connection' to Source. They are the Creation of the Minds of those Humans who 'do' have a 'direct Connection' to Source. Both Real and Un-Real Humans are, therefore, a Manifestation and Creation as an IDEA in the Mind, Focus Conscious Attention Awareness of a Higher or more Expanded Conscious Awareness of the CREATOR, as laid out above.

These Un-Real Humans are playing out a program of Fear. The Real Humans that are 'asleep' are also playing out the illusionary Reality of Fear, UNTIL they choose to Awaken and CHOOSE to LIVE CONSCIOUSLY becoming Aware of their DIVINITY. This process of LIVING CONSCIOUSLY starts with TRANSCENDING, moving beyond Fear that which holds the 'Individuated Consciousness' into the 'illusion' of Separation.

When you Focus on 'how you are Feeling' in any given moment, your Feelings will indicate or show you if you have within your Biological Body Awareness a low Frequency Vibration. Remember, Love is a High Frequency Vibration and Fear is a Low Frequency Vibration.

Also remember, that the Subconscious/Unconscious Mind has been 'programmed' to receive through its Physical and Nonphysical senses, the Group Lower Conscious Frequencies. So, most of the Fear you are Feeling, is not yours directly. It is that of the Collective Group Lower Conscious Mind, which will be a 'reflection' of your own 'Experiences', from your own 'Programming' in this incarnation, together with those from your 'multiple' Timelines and incarnations, as laid out above.

So, you can see in actuality, that it is not important to Know what the 'fearful Experiences' are. Fear is the 'Illusion' and you may only need a 'story' to attempt to justify your 'attachment' to it. Any 'attachment' to the story, prolongs your attachment to the illusion.

The way forward is simple. Detach yourself from any 'story', it is only a story and only as 'real' as you want it to be. Simply go into your Body, your Inner World and FEEL any Vibration of Low Frequency (Fear), take a few long slow deep breaths, bringing those Feelings of Fear up into your Awareness, replacing them with your Focused Attention Awareness of LOVE, that you can 'Connect' with easily by FEELING your Heart centred LOVE, COMPASSION & EMPATHY.

After a little practice, this can be achieved after only one or two breaths. This simple procedure or exercise requires your COMMITMENT to SELF - to Think Love, Speak Love, Act Love, Touch Love and to BE LOVE, in every waking moment. It is not important to Focus on the 'story', what is important, is to FEEL whatever is going on in your Internal World and Transmute it into LOVE. It is your Fear that Creates the Illusion of Separation and holds you in the Lower Frequencies until it is brought to your Awareness and Transcended with LOVE. This process should be done multiple times a day and not just when you 'think' you are feeling low energetically or 'something' is going on for you. The Fear Vibration is constantly bombarding your Unconscious Mind from the Collective Lower Consciousness during these very challenging times. The breathing through the Fear exercise, IS that simple. That is what TRANSFORMATION IS as you Journey, That is what ASCENSION IS.

A very large number of Humans are Un-Real, they are a 'program' and may never understand, even if you spent hours, days, weeks, months or even years trying to explain to them 'what YOU have come to understand', they will not understand. If they are a program they are not programmed for Higher Awareness, they are merely there for Contrast and are created in your Mind, the Collective Mind for that purpose. This includes family, friends and those that you associate with.

LOVE, COMPASSION & EMPATHY IS THE WAY FORWARD and not trying to 'change' their program. Those who ARE receptive to your 'growing' Higher Frequency will be curious and drawn to you and they will ask you 'how and why'. That is how you Help to Wake people up, by Living your TRUTH and if you 'want' to make someone 'wake up' and try to 'make them' understand your Truth, you are in judgement of 'them' and their 'chosen' Life Journey, Real or Un-Real.

The boundary between Extra-Terrestrial and Human, between Non-Human and Human, is thin, it tapers out and is vague, in that that there are countless Beings in-between as 'links' and all the 'variants' in-between both extremes. Therefore, many People may see Humans, however, they are not Human inside and by contrast, the Starseeds are softer.

Some of these 'variants' lack Empathy today. They only take what they' want' and they are only half there in their Mind, in what you call Physical Reality and half in the Spirit World, even though they have a Human Physical Body. They are not really Human and have no real Connection to the Lyrian Races whose DNA is the basis of Human DNA. They only work in a Biological suit that looks Human. Many of them are Reptilian or Regressive, that some also call Tulpa's or Eggregor's. They come from the Unconscious Minds of Humans that are generated by Humanities Fear, they inhabit Human-like Bodies and are Created by the Manifestation of Humankinds worst nightmares, into a Soul that you can give shape, as long as that shape is extremely evil.

Therefore, these Souls are Manifested by the Humans as a Collective, from an Individual and Collective Level. Thus, forming the Regressive Tulpa or Eggregor into a Soul, that will take over a Body and Become in 'itself' a Group or Clan of Beings, a Soul Species, that will and has, taken over control of Earth.

Many of these Regressive's have had their own Reincarnation Cycles into Human like Bodies, Bodies that are compatible to them, because they have been breeding amongst themselves and with that in-breading, they accommodate those Human-like Bodies to their own Frequency needs. As they in-breed, they do have genetic problems, that is why they must take genes from others from time to time, to cleanse their gene pool, as they did with Princess Diana. These Regressive's were formed by 'direct Action' of Manifestation of the Human Collective's Unconscious Minds, which is a 'Mind' in itself.

We have explained above that a Human, a Mind and a Conscious Being of any sort, is made up of the addition of 'simpler' Minds that Act as 'cells' or 'neurons' and not just as Physical 'cells', but Mental 'cells', that add up to a larger Conscious Being, that in itself, will also add up itself with other Levels of Consciousness, to Form an even more Expanded Being, and so on, until you get to the Level of SOURCE, becoming the ALL AWARE – EVERY THING.

It is the same with us here in the Higher Physical Densities, exactly the same. The Collective Mind of Humanity, a Mind of its own, has 'caused' into Existence by the Collective Unconscious, a set of Beings or Being, that in order to Be in that Human Collective, they need to 'work through' a Human Body.

What brought them into Existence and keeps them Existing, is Human suffering, Fear and Lower Emotions, full of uncertainty, however, mainly of Fear. They must 'cause' more Fear, in order to Exist and thrive.

In other words, if Humans as a Collective and this starts with the Individual, Transcends their Fear which is not just your Attention or Awareness of this problem, from those that are hurting them so much these days, they will literally, weaken the Souls of the Regressives, the very Souls of those psychopaths in control of the Cabal or Regressive's and of whatever it is that they are doing.

It is not only 'Dark Entities' and 'Astral Demons' we are talking about, but we are also talking about 'Dark Souls' that cannot Self-sustain their Existence without Human Suffering and Human Attention and these Dark Souls you know as Tulpa's or Eggregor's. We have spoken of this before in the 'Mechanics of Manifestation'. Everything that is Evil cannot Self-sustain, because it has the tendency to Self-destruct. In other words, they need to be 'fed' into Existence constantly by People with a, so called, Connection to Source. However, this is only partially true, as People with Souls 'do not' Connect to Source, they ARE SOURCE and they have only 'forgotten' that they ARE. Therefore, they have fallen into the 'Illusion' of having 'lost' Connection to Source.

People are Source and they DO Manifest 'beautiful things', therefore, that means that these Tulpa's or Eggregors in the Form of negative Beings, need to be 'constantly' causing mayhem and trouble, in order to 'regain' the Human Manifestation 'Attention' that sustains their existence. The Creation of Wars, false illnesses, Natural disasters and some that are not Natural and whatever else goes, continues as long as it hurts Humans and is their 'modes operandi'.

As Humans continue being 'caught up' in their troubles and Fear, their Manifestation Power towards the Positive will become dispersed and 'not' Focused. Each Human is basically 'wanting' something different, so their Manifestation Power as a 'Collective' is not strong towards the 'Positive', not that the Positive is not there, however, it is simply NOT Focused. And the Evil sides agenda is more successful because of Focused Fear generated by Humans 'in Fear'.

Positive Tulpa's or Eggregor's can help, however, being Positive as a Tulpa or Eggregor means Love and Integration, this means it is also a Part of You and the Collective Human Consciousness. Whatever you Love, YOU make it Become a Part of YOU. This means, that mainly those Tulpa's and Eggregor's that are Positive, are the Starseeds themselves. It is the 'good' side of People.

There are other Tulpa's and Eggregor's from other 'Collectives' that are also into Love and Integration, those have to include what you call Humankind as Part of them, so they will go out of their way, traverse what you would call Light Years in distance, in order to Help. And there are other Positive Tulpa's and Eggregor's that are there in Spirit Form only, working in You All, BEING You All. YOU. Each Human. Formed by means of an 'Intention and Focused Attention', caused by Memory and Attachment to an' IDEA of SELF', coming from former Lives, Memory, adding up Awareness as we All go, Manifesting that Memory as D.N.A. that will then Form-Manifest a Body, according to the 'IDEA' we hold about Ourselves, with a heavy 'Collective' influence.

Eggregor's fighting Eggregor's, Tulpa's fighting Tulpa's. Duality at work. IDEA's fighting IDEA's. What does this all add up to? It means that the Human Collective is NOT Focused. It means that the Spirit War between Good and Evil is the direct result of the chaos inside the Human Collective, that in turn, is Formed by the Individual Thought and Mind.

The final solution is to get your Minds together, as you ALL ARE CREATING ALL of what is happening on Earth today, by means of 'confused' Minds. If you stop Fearing what the Cabal is throwing at you and ignore what they ask for, they would have NO Power over you, and literally, will weaken the Souls of those who are controlling you all, both those in Human-like Bodies and those who are Spirit only. Get Your Minds TOGETHER and the 'problem' will go away. You do not need to Awaken All Humans to their DIVINITY, only a few Super Powerful Beings will affect hundreds of thousands and it will then ALL CHANGE.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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