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Viruses and Exogenous-Type Cellular Secretions, Vaccines

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    What is a virus?

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    What we are about to share with you will be highly controversial especially in the minds of conventional medical science. Viruses are NOT what you have been told they are. Viruses are part of the natural mechanism of a biological cell. Conventional medical science has its understanding of Viruses the 'wrong way round'. Their science states that when a Virus is found then that is the reason that you are sick, they do not see that the Virus is there because you are sick. They believe the Virus is what made that person sick in the first place.

    Viruses are part of the communication mechanism between cells they contain genetic material in a protein capsule having receptors that bind to other cells. It is living biological cells in the body that produce a Virus particularly dying cells, this to alarm other cells that there is high toxicity in the environment of that body. These dying cells enter a state of conservation and in this condition the body enters a mode that removes this discordant energy from the body that is creating discomfort. In other words, a cell that receives a toxic signal for whatever reason triggers the alarm by excreting that conventional medical science calls a 'virus'.

    When a certain Frequency of toxicity is reached, many cells will secrete what the establishment calls Virus, in actuality, this is a cellular mechanism for excreting internal toxicity. For example, let us say, a person with flu gets like this because of an energy collapse caused mostly by prolonged stress. Prolonged periods of stress puts the body in shock and other opportunistic organisms can take advantage of a weakened immune system, for example, bacteria, staphylococci, Candida and so on. These other opportunistic organisms were previously held in a state of balance within the body. This extra toxicity causes the excretion of a cellular exo-substance conventional medical science calls 'Viruses'.

    To recap, the virus has two functions, the first is to excrete the accumulated toxicity inside the body for survival and secondly, to send an alarm to other cells passing on genetic information on the nature of the alarm. So, if a cell enters a state of toxicity, for example a throat cell, this because they have been breathing in cold air for extended periods of time and they are in a state of prolonged stress, then the bacteria in the throat are thrown out of balance by the stimulus of cold air and the suppressed or weak immune system as a result of a long period of the body being under stress. Therefore, the cells in the throat will start to secrete what conventional medical science calls 'Flu Virus'. Again, it is the affect of the problem and not the cause, they have it back to front, the wrong way round.

    When the body has a 'lot of flu' all their mucus membranes secrete this toxicity, that is what mucus is there for, to excrete what the body does not need, mainly toxins of all kinds. These secretions come out of the body with coughs and sneezes which conventional medical science calls Virus. However, we call exogenous-type cellular secretions. In other words, these incorrect called Viruses are in the air and enter the mucus membranes of another person. Remember, these are also alarm signals that something is wrong, so these exo-genes enters another persons biology and their cellular receptors interpret it for what it is - an alarm. And if that person is also under a lot of stress this will trigger a 'chain signal' making that person mimic the same sickness also.

    However, if this other person is not under stress and has a healthy immune system, another persons exo-gene signal will come through and perhaps alarm a group of cells but their body will quickly convey in its own way, that nothing is wrong and this person does not get sick. This is why some people get 'the flu' and others do not.

    Often, when one person is under a lot of stress, it is most likely that that person is not alone. Other people in their family or community may be under the same stress. It is the weaker person's immunity that will begin to excrete toxicity and start a chain reaction with their entire family, or community by the exo-gene warning signals given off.

    Each type of exo-gene (Virus) has precise information and precise receptors that can only be coupled to one class of cells and not to others. In other words, it is specific only to a species or to even a specific area or group of cells within the body, this is why a Virus is said to be specific to one species or another. However, within those species in general, they share the same cell receptors. For example, it is why cats can get sick from the flu in a Human sneeze because even though it is a cat, exo-gene receptors are compatible and if the cat is under stress it will also trigger the symptoms.

    THE GREAT MISUNDERSTANDING WITH CURRENT TESTING - If you have a healthy cell in a laboratory culture and you introduce a Virus (incorrectly called Virus) it will couple (attach) to the first cell it finds and this cell will give off the 'alarm', secreting more exo-gene (badly named Virus) and it will start a chain reaction that conventional medical science misinterprets as a Viral infection. This invasion in a laboratory test tube will be dramatic because those cells are not supported by an immune system because they are outside of the body.

    Conventional medical science is in its early infancy concerning their understanding of Virus. Bruce Lipton - Epigenetics, Joe Dispenza and Greg Bradden plus a growing number of forward thinking Souls have grasped this concept and are actively sharing this knowledge with Humanity. Again, conventional medical science has it the wrong way round.

    In Wuhan, China and various other locations around the world, these people were seeing great toxicity in the bodies of the sick, this from other things including 5G electromagnetic radiation. So, conventional medical science did their studies and found what they call Viruses, these were only 'alarm signals' triggered between cells because of the high toxicity in their environment and the doctors raised the alarm. The conventional medical science developed a very basic test to detect certain proteins that are those of cellular exo-gene secretions and if someone has more than a certain number of them, they then say, they already have Covid-19. The alarm is made and they lock down the population.

    The Chinese react with a ramge of both Fear and resentment for being placed under 'home detention' and its population moves into Survival mode under great Stress and not surprisingly secrete even more exo-gene verifying to the conventional medical science world that they have Covid-19. And there they have it - a pandemic. That is why we say INTEGRATE YOUR FEAR and then HOLD NO FEAR IN YOUR MIND AND BODY.

    A Virus is nothing more than an alarm signal with information about what is happening or why the alarm is occurring. It is a natural process of the body and a critical part of the immune system. Conventional medical science cannot make anti-Viral drugs or vaccines, this is the deception that you are fed. The exo-gene alarm will not affect an individual who is not a Frequency match of the genetic material that the exo-gene carries.

    For example, let us look at Ebola the pandemic that most Humans are so called afraid of. The exo-gene alarm signals that critical vitamins and nutrients are lacking especially Vitamin C. This triggers the alarm among people who are in the same social group and economic circumstances. For example in Africa, that is why Ebola is cured with large doses of Vitamin C. The Ebola becomes incompatible with a person who lives in a different place in the world and is healthy. This seems like a simplistic explanation, however, IT IS THAT SIMPLE AND OBVIOUS. It is conventional medical science that has it the wrong way round and does not understand the simplicity of what we are sharing.

    Let us look at the Virus that is said to mutate. Any Virus especially SARS or Influenza where mutation occurs this is only because different Human individuals are secreting it and their circumstances of toxicity naturally varies from person to person, thus creating the illusion that the Virus has been mutated.

    There are many Viral processes and their behaviour will need more clarification. However, what we have shared will make an impact on conventional medical science Consciousness and the above information will allow the mutation of infancy thinking into a maturity of how the body actually works.

    It is impossible to describe everything because there are as many mutated 'Viruses' as there are 'infected' people. And each person is always secreting countless Viruses this is because it is one of the ways that cells communicate with each other.

    As Bruce Lipton said "you are not a person, you are a community of people and each person in your community is one of your cells". Humans, animals and plants are cells of the Earth together they pass information onto one another and create a Collective Consciousness and this in short is the Planetary Oneness. Your cells create what and who you are.

    Similarly, we are not from your community, however, it could be said that we are exo-gene secretions of another planet and we are giving information so to speak, to affect the cells from another system - Earth. Remember, an exo-gene (Virus) is nothing more than a cellular signal for the 'good' to give off the alarm of something 'bad' for example, to say that not enough oxygen is reaching that group of cells. We did not say for the 'bad' because Viruses are not for the 'bad' they are only a message like an email between the cells of people, they are the messengers and now conventional medical science are blaming the messengers as the problem. Here this scientific way of thinking is dangerously ignorant.

    You cannot catch anything, you must first be compatible with that thing and that compatibility is Fear and Stress. Everything is Consciousness we have shared this over and over again. The test to find Covid-19 is silly. They only detect the proteins in the cell of an exo-gene and EVERYONE SECRETES THAT. So, if you are going to be tested and you are in Stress overwhelmingly the test will be positive and to the quarantine you will go!!!

    Vaccines and inoculations, all of these overload the immune system. They are giving a highly destructive chemical soup with 'alarm' information that will only collapse the body. They are only signalling the body with multiple 'alarms'. Viruses are messengers also trigger 'alarms' they cause reactions in other pathogenetic organisms, in other words, the exo-gene alarm is intercepted by this alert so that groups of say staphylococci will say "look at this, this body is weak" and it will attack.

    This is why some backward looking doctors say that Virus causes disease that is not in that persons system. 99.99% OF ALL DISEASES THAT ARE ON THE PLANET EARTH ARE ALREADY INSIDE EACH PERSON, LATENT AND IN BALANCE AND YOU JUST NEED THE RIGHT SIGNAL AND CIRCUMSTANCES IN ORDER FOR THEM TO BE ACTIVATED. This is how the body works.

    Similarly as previously shared, all of the infinite variations of the different versions of 'yourself' on their individual TIMELINES, each with a specific Frequency already exist - this is how the Universe Works. Your internal world is a reflection of your outer world.

    The Viruses as described in Human terms DO NOT EXIST, everything that is happening now is Mind Control either form the Media or from the circumstances you find yourself in. We will never tire of sharing this one Truth with you - YOUR THOUGHTS CREATE YOUR REALITY. Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world - change your inner world and your outer world will reflect this. You are being Mind Controlled and manipulated by the ones who have their agenda and this is not for the upliftment of Humanity.

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