Ascension Messages

We Are Collectively Opening Portals – Part 1

Greetings, We the Arcturians are synchronizing our Vibration with so many other Collectives here in the 9th Density, because we Love that feeling of 'Connection' that we get when we are on the same wavelength as our colleagues in the Pleiadean, Andromedean, Sirian, Lyran, and other Star Systems throughout the Galaxy. We get such a thrill from experiencing that synergy that comes from 'working together', from collaborating with other Collectives that we have so much in common with.

We also get to discover some new Perspectives, some new ideas, some new approaches to helping all of you there on Earth, and we send that Vibration, a signal to all of you, so that you can feel the value of harmonizing, of coming together, of looking for the commonalities between you, so that you too can work together towards that common goal 'of raising the Consciousness of Humanity'. We Love you so much, and we seek to assist in whatever ways that we can, but there is a limit to what we can do, and at some point, you have to take over and follow our example. That is why we are telling you about the effectiveness of 'coming together' with that 'common goal' of helping those who are in need.

From our Perspective, all of Humankind is in need of assistance, but from where you sit, you can see that there are others who are more in need than you are, and you can see that you have more than enough and can help others who are suffering at this time, and hopefully, someday soon, all of Humanity can recognize that if even 'one human' is going without food or shelter, 'you all' suffer. We know that enough of you have developed your Love and Compassion to be of Service to so many, and we know that you inspire others.

We implore you to continue to look for ways that you can collaborate with your fellow Humans, even the ones you disagree with, to be of Service to those who are in need. Think of the ripple effect that occurs every time one Human reaches out to help another, and now Imagine, the wave of Energy that is created when thousands of people 'come together' for a cause, to make change on your World, to give others opportunities that you have always had.

We are not asking you to solve all of the problems there on Earth, and we do not want you to feel burdened by this message. We just want you to consider that there are people with whom you disagree on a number of issues there on your World, who you could see eye to eye with, for example; helping hurricane victims, flood victims, or victims of other natural disasters, for that is what Unites you. That is what Unites All of Us. As everyone cares about something, or someone, or a group of people, it is this, that is so important to acknowledge in times like these. Do what you can; take baby steps, and know that every little bit that you 'care' has a ripple effect and will continue to build into an Energetic Tidal Wave.

We are giving you what we can, when we can, because we have a sense of 'what you are ready for'. We are never certain which Timeline you are going to choose for yourselves, because you have that option. You can choose what you are going to Experience, and many people do not realize that, your Thoughts Create. There are some very simple Truths that you all must accept if you have any chance of navigating your life's journey with Joy, Freedom, and Creativity. One of these very simple Truths is that you are going to see your Vibration reflected back to you in some way, shape, or form.

Now, this Truth has sometimes caused confusion in the New Age and Spiritual Communities, because some people have then assumed that they dare not 'feel' their sadness, their anger, their fear, or any so-called negative emotion. They are worried that if they do, they will create some very negative life circumstances. If you are feeling 'something', whether it was something 'positive or negative' when it came to the surface of your awareness, it was already there. You feeling that negative emotion is YOU 'letting it go' and giving yourself the 'freedom' then to Choose what you want to feel, how you want to Vibrate, and what you want to Create. These are the tools for Transformation shared many times throughout these Ascension Messages.

You are Choosing your Timeline, whether you are looking at it from a Personal Perspective or from a Global one. Now, you also have the purpose and the responsibility to take as many people with you as you possibly can when you jump to that 'better feeling' Timeline with 'better circumstances' for all of Humankind. You invite your fellow Humans to join you on that Timeline when you are openly Optimistic, Positive, and when the things you say to them are Empowering.

You can Empower your fellow Humans by seeing the Divinity and the potential within them as well, and that is why it is so interesting to us when we see so many predictions happening on your World and so much finger pointing. You are NOT there to just call out or judge other people for their bad behaviour or pray for the day when they get their comeuppance.

You are there to see your Vibration reflected back to you, and when it is something you do not like, make the course correction, Choose Again, remember to be the Highest Idea of Who You Choose to BE. Forgive yourselves, and forgive others. Have Compassion for yourselves, and have Compassion for others. Love yourselves Unconditionally, and offer that Unconditional Love to others, and then you will find yourself living in a World where other people are doing that as well. Does that World sound like paradise, like Heaven on Earth? That ia what you are there to do.

We are in the process of Creating many more partnerships with those of you in Human form, because we know that you are willing to partner up with us, and because you are such a necessary part of the process of raising the Consciousness of the entire Human Collective. We need all of you, just as much as you need all of us, in order for this 'help' that we provide to have any kind of effect on the Human Collective. We meet up with so many willing Humans who come to us while asleep and offer their assistance, and we discuss how the 'waking version' of that person can better be of Service to Humankind by 'receiving more' of what we have to offer all of you.

You are going to feel a lot of internal Guidance in the coming weeks and months that will be 'nudging' you towards getting out into Mother Nature, quieting your minds, and surrendering to the 'present' moment. We absolutely need more Humans to make themselves available to us by becoming the 'open vessels' that you were always meant to become in this lifetime. We need more grounded, heart-cantered, emotional, sensitive Human Beings to 'tune in' to what it is that we are offering and to spread it around, as the Loving, Caring, Compassionate Beings that you are.

You are our 'ground crew'/'boots on the ground'; you are the Love and Support that we offer in 'action' and in 'physical' form. Just 'grounding' the Energies that we send is enough; it is an enormous Contribution to your fellow Humans. Many of you are working with Energy Grids without even realising that you are, but if you do it more Consciously, you get to FEEL more joy, more of a sense of fulfillment, and more satisfaction in a job well done. We want you to FEEL confident in yourselves as the Leaders of the Consciousness Evolution there on your World, and if you can feel how much Energy we are supplying you on a daily basis, then you can become the confident leaders of Humankind that you were always meant to be.

Believe us when we say that you are Contributing so much without doing anything, but when you do act, when you do put what we give you into words or actions, you spread so much Love and Compassion around, and all of Humanity can FEEL it, even those who are resistant to it. If this message resonates with you, then spend a little bit of time every day just 'Focusing' on opening yourselves up to us with the Energies that we provide. The rest you will not have to figure out, because you will be so Divinely Guided to do with those Energies what you will.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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