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Objective Reality Individual & Group Level

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    I would like to understand more about Objective Reality on both an Individual and Group Level?

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    Reality itself can only be a series of Agreements between two or more Consciousnesses; only they determine what Reality will be for them. Then there are those who impose these Realities, those that control these Agreements, such as the Cabal. So, Reality can only be OBJECTIVE. When a Consciousness is not the WHOLE, the SOURCE, it only has a Limited Perception and 'everything' outside their Limited Perception becomes a fantasy or an Un-Reality.

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    Do things really exist that cannot be seen or even verified in the Awareness Perception of a particular Person's Consciousness?

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    This Person for example may know about U.F.O's but does not accept that they exist. They know this because they have never seen one and they know that the authorities also do not accept that they exist. Even their Science authorities do not accept that they exist. For this Person, their Science authority possesses technical knowledge, therefore, dictates to the public that it is very improbable that anything could travel the vast Interstellar distances. This Person may also be aware that some People use trickery and manipulate photos etc., when attempting to convince others to accept or believe in U.F.O's. All of these People cannot allow themselves to believe it unless confirmed by these authorities. So, for them, there are NO U.F.O's, this is their Reality.

    In other words, Reality can only be relative to One Point of View. You cannot tell them that they are wrong because that is imposing 'your' Reality or Point of View onto them. In this case, it makes you just as nefarious as anyone else who imposes 'their' Reality onto others, as did Hitler, Stalin, Goring as did many others. NOTHING SHOULD BE IMPOSED, ONLY OFFERED and without criticising those who do not want what you have to offer.

    There is a Reality for each and every Consciousness and it is as VALID as that of any other Reality. It is 'their' Experience and from a Higher Density or Higher Awareness, this does not mean that you are superior in anyway. It only means that you have designed your 'life' for the Experiences that you will have. There is NO Objective Absolute Reality, as EVERYTHING is RELATIVE.

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    Then how are we holding ourselves in a Lower Density here in 3D Earth?

  • A

    By remaining in a state of Limited Consciousness where 'What Is' or 'What is Not' REAL is being delegated to another Person or Authority. Remember, there are NO Densities, which is again made by Agreements and Perception. As shared before, there is an existential Density for every Consciousness that Exists and this is only determined by the range of things you can Perceive.

    From your Personal position, your Density exists and what is outside of your Density Perception and understanding, simply does not exist. And whatever is outside your Perception and understanding really cannot and therefore, does not exist for that Individual Persons Consciousness.

    Increasing your knowledge and understanding of 'alternative' Points of View to your own and absorbing and understanding without judging the Points of View and Agreements with what you would consider all other people and understanding those who think differently from you, helps you magnify YOU. This makes you understand everything more, expands YOU. By not having Fixed IDEAS and by allowing yourself to always evolve, allow you to discard previously held IDEAS in favour of 'new ones', only keeping them as 'alternative' Points of View.

    All this to be done without 'attachment', apart from the 'attachment' to CHANGE and EVOLVE; leave everything behind that does not serve you and more. This is the process, by living this way, always expanding and always by asking your-self things, without attachment, by changing and growing as your only CONSTANT.

  • Q

    I don't see this understanding or anything close to it in any of our Governments of today on Earth, especially at these times and certainly if looking into the Past, I just see more of the same.

  • A

    It is here where Governments impose a Reality of the 'few' onto the 'mass' of people 'who have delegated' their power to others, who then 'decide for them' the course of their lives, and this is the definition of a Government. These Governments in turn, come out of themselves as a reflection of their own Values. However, by definition, the Values that will be transferred to their Government, will be those consistent with the needs for 'control or dominance', 'frustrations' and the lack of power of the people themselves. This creates a reflection of the worst qualities of the population via the Government that rules over them. In order to obtain a position of power in these Governments, it is necessary to have certain qualities that are the worst in the people and in a 'scalar way' needing an increased Level of psychopathy. This is what you have today Globally, you have installed psychopaths that reflect the worst qualities within the population itself.

  • Q

    Most of Humanity seem to be asleep or not overly concerned with what is going on right in front of them and they seem not to want to change things for a more uplifted Future, I don't see people searching to understand their own shadows, to look at their own fears, what I do see, is that they are on an intellectual journey of understanding and they seem to think that once they have this new information, that somehow this will raise their Frequency without them having to do anything?

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    The problem here is that people live in a Society that has a strong tendency towards a 'Hive Mind' mentality whereby; they delegate the responsibility of their Personal lives and Community life to others. This creates a series of Collective Agreements that are monitored and imposed by a Government that comes out of 'them'; rather, they delegate their power to a system that is 'ill' by definition and therefore will and only do, look after it's own interests. This causes a Civilisation to progressively fail, due to the progressively increasing Level of Psychopathy in the said Governments and its Rulers. Eventually, it will reach its inevitable point of collapse.

  • Q

    Can People's Reality Consciousness change without imposing an alternative for change or can we morph our existing Governments into something better than we have now?

  • A

    Reality is relative to each Person, to each Soul and its Evolutionary Level and capacity to understand. There will only be a Collective Reality by applying Agreements or Observing Agreements between People with their own Reality. However, this Collective Reality will only be a series of Agreements and will never be seen in the same way or interpreted in the same way by the Individuals that compose it. The Reality itself is particular to each Person, because each Person is a Timeline by right. What each Person decides what their Reality is, is what the Reality will be for that Person.

    The moment in which the Individual's Right to decide their own Reality is imposed by another and the Individuals Rights to their own Reality is not respected, is when the problems begin. The lack of Respect and inability to work together to form a Collective Reality that nurtures all elements of the Group, is when the problem grows.

  • Q

    Can we develop a new form of Governance from what we have now?

  • A

    This depends upon the Level of development of Consciousness, Ethical, Moral and Mental development of each Person as this will be reflected in the Government and in this case, with this Agreement, everything is Real. Everything you can imagine and think of is Real, because it is the starting place to materialise 'something'. Remember, everything was once IMAGINATION.

    There is another way that influences this change and that comes from another Timeline, where that change already exists. Another Timeline can be passed to another as a 'concept' that a Person who receives it, one with the compatibility in Mental or Consciousness Frequencies to understand it, interprets 'something' just from Imagination. Concepts can be transferred from one Timeline to another, everything already exists; there is no Time. So, if the Density can support the concepts, then Imagination can create the Harmonics that animate that Consciousness in a progressive way that manifests that Reality in a sequence of Events that you call Linear Time.

  • Q

    It seems quite a task to show others that there is a better way forward and that without change we will keep getting the same Reality.

  • A

    Everyone has the Right and the Obligation to create their own Reality, however, it does not have the Right to impose their Reality onto another. It depends however, on the Ethical Level and the development of the Soul. From the Low Densities, you do not have the ability to understand everything; from this position, you always need to have the ability to change one concept or understanding for another when new ones make more sense than that of the old ones. Again, without attachment of any kind, understanding that everything must be 'Let Go' in favour of something more expanded.

    This is what Souls do; they expand eternally and do not keep attachments of any kind, especially not sticking to 'ideas and concepts' that will always be Limited. Souls also know and understand that each Person has their own Level of understanding and that they may or may not, understand yours. You may offer them your understanding, however, you can never force them to change anything or accept your understanding.

    All Souls want expansion and by holding attachments to 'Ideas' inhibits their growth. This is especially obvious when Authorities impose a fact of their Reality onto the Individual or Society. Their behaviour is not from the Point of View or position of offering knowledge, but rather, by imposing something in order to gain Personal power, advantage or control. This is due to their inherently Low Ethical, Spiritual and Moral development.

    Develop your own Realities and take Responsibility for yourself and for what you decide the Reality is for 'each of you', always be in Harmony with the Realities of those around you, by nurturing information with one another, remembering that everything is always limited in understanding and subject to Personal Perspectives. Choose to live in Peace.

  • Q

    When I look around and talk to the average person, I sometimes wonder if we are having any impact with all the sharing that we do with the intent of raising people's Awareness. There are times I feel a weight of Responsibility.

  • A

    In a very Real way what is going on today with the attacks on the Civilian population, for example: Covid is the dissolution of this Society, causing what many call a Planetary Reset. It is the Responsibility of the non Humans, the Starseeds as they are destabilising the system of the 3D Matrix.

    The Human component of the Cabal, Low Level operatives such as the Bilderberg's, Rothschild's, Illuminatti and others are terrified that the Masses will 'wake up'. They are terrified that the Masses will Awaken to the simple fact that they are living inside a 'great lie' and that they are being manipulated and exploited to horrific Levels. They fear that if the population does find out who has been doing all of this to them, then the Masses would hunt them down to the ends of the Earth and they would have nowhere to hide and their greatest fear would be being lynched with no mercy. The ones in power at those Human Levels are doing all this, all what we see, for their own survival as they have noticed an accelerated Awakening of Humanity. That is why they hide in their caves and underground-fortified caverns.

    The Illuminatti and others at whatever Level, see the Awakened ones, the Starseeds and others as the primary enemy and therefore their target. It is easy to see why in a very real way all that you see, including Covid and the restrictions, is because the ones who control Earth, whoever they are and at whatever Level, do know that they are being invaded now, and we the Starseeds, are the invaders. This means that all of the Starseeds are incredibly powerful, so know that and 'own it'.

  • Q

    If we are changing the game to favour ourselves, how is that any different than the Cabal favouring themselves?

  • A

    Then you must ask yourself – are you doing the Right thing? After all, if it is their world technically, we the Starseeds are the invaders, waking up the sleeping ones as troops and pawns in this game. But you all do it on your own, not because you are forced to but because it is 'who you are'. You know that you are on the correct side. We are well aware that the Humans, asleep or Awake, are being manipulated and are all a part of the same struggle.

  • Q

    How do I know if I am doing it for the right reasons? Is it futile to keep trying to share information, trying to help people, if everyone has Free Will to think and see their Reality in their own unique way?

  • A

    The answer is not whether you are helping People by doing it for them, you must do it for yourself, YOU must decide. not doing it for yourself, then it is not worth doing and in this way, the result does not depend on others and you are then Free from expectations. This makes you stronger. You do this because it is WHO YOU ARE in this lifetime and in others. We are only offering another Perspective to those who are prepared to listen. We are being ourselves.

    Keep doing whatever you can do and as much as possible and then, do some more. You are literally in a different World with all the People on Earth. You are living on a 3D Earth with so many fractured Timelines, your own Timeline is different, so you exist literally in a different World. This is what is meant by split Timelines; when you are in the same room with other People who do not think the same way you do, however, it does not mean that they are on the same Timeline as you are.

    You are trying to pull them into your Timeline because you can see more than them, However, they may not be interested because they lack Conscious Context to even start to 'comprehend' how you think and why. You can see and Integrate what they Perceive, however, they may not be able to Perceive what you can and therefore, they are 'unable' to Integrate your Awareness into theirs.

    If their Minds are locked into the Earth's Matrix, they cannot see what you see, as what they Perceive is a different Timeline. Essentially, they cannot see you, you will become invisible to them from a Higher Density Reality, you are on another Timeline, you are there, but for them 'you are not'.

    We are fighting against the current, the current is what the People want. Humans want to be controlled, chipped, mind controlled and experience Trans-Humanism, AI and all that which goes with this experiment. They want to experience what is coming from the above Agreements made in different Densities; however, it is not what the Starseeds want.

    The Starseeds come from different Worlds and remember different things. To the Starseed this is all theatre, a circus of Deception and Control. Viewed from above, Humans have chosen this experience. The Soul has chosen to grow and learn through these Limiting experiences, in order to have a better definition of them-selves. The Starseeds are trying to break them away from this IDEA. However, the decision is up to them, you can only offer an 'alternative' and only if they are 'receptive'.

    Remember, the problem is Scalar and not on one Level. The problems of 3D Earth today are mirrored on a Cosmic Level, so the circus of Events are playing out its rhythm and the asleep Starseeds are being dragged into the Theatre of more Deception.

    People are waking up, however, they are living in a Parallel Reality and they are incompatible and do not fit, even if they eat at the same table you are living in two different Timelines.

  • Q

    So what is our Future and what controls its outcome?

  • A

    Remember, the Dominant Frequency Principal is what Manifest's the Group Lower Conscious requirements as the Dominate Timeline. Also remember that Starseeds from Higher Density chose to come here for this experience and you call yourself a 'System Buster'.

    To be a System Buster, you Frequency match yourself to that Frequency and enter that Density as a prerequisite to be able to break it apart, to wake up to the lies and Deception. Some Starseeds are late Awakening, some come in at birth, however, the 3D Matrix brings forgetfulness and Lower Frequency Consciousness Awareness that first requires to be Transcended.

    Mass Disobedience is the KEY, say NO to the Cabal. The mess on Earth today has its origins above in 5D and Earth is a mirror of that 5D mess, particularly, within the 5D Federation. The 5D Federation is inside many Starseeds and this is another complication on Earth today.

    You fight because you know it is the correct action to take. You are right in the middle of the battle and you cannot see the true damage that you are causing to the Cabal. All of the resistance Groups are damaging the plans for a New One World Order because the Cabal control this information. You will not clearly know the effect you are having, and the last thing that the Cabal will do is reveal their vulnerabilities to you.

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