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Earth’s Pleiadean Ancient History

A special message to the Starseeds of New Earth. The Pleiadean's often tell stories designed to bring 'you' to Higher Levels of Consciousness. It is not so much about the story, however, it is about how it is Encoded to 'trigger' your memories.

This information comes from the Lumerian Scrolls passed down by the Great Guardians of your magnificent Ancient Pleiadean Crystal Temples, some of which still exist on Earth. There is a Whole Story, this Whole Story has to do with amazing things that occurred on Planet Earth in the distant Past, that has been long forgotten by modern Humanity. We are here to Awaken your Ancient memories and reacquaint you with Who and What you 'Truly Are'. Stand by for super amazingness.

Great Ones, Ancient Mystery School 'Knowledge' guarded down through the ages by the Lumerian Guardians, tells the magnificent story of the 'beginnings of life' on Planet Earth. The Ancient Scrolls say, that in the Beginning, the Ancient Pleiadeans came down through the 5th Density Star Systems and were the very first Humanoids to settle on Planet Earth. The Pleiadeans are the direct descendants of the Grand Lumerian Humanoid Civilisations of the 12th Density and are known as the Pre-Adamites of Earth's Pre-History, who formed the shining Races of Lumeria and Atlantis.

When the Pleiadeans first came to Earth, they Terra-formed this entire Realm into a Celestial paradise, filled with all types of exotic DNA and advanced Natural Systems that formed Earth's Spheres. The Pleiadeans infused All of life and the Earth Spheres with 'intelligent information' called the AKASH, which contains all the 'Data' of the Universe. These Master Divine architects had created a magnificent Celestial and Living Library on Earth, which became the most unique attraction in the Universe. Incredible 'beauty and wonder' was built into the Earth's Systems by the Pleiadeans, using advanced 5th Density Blue-Prints from their Home-Worlds and everything was built here according to their Divine Plan for the magnificence of this World.

The Pleiadeans are those who from the Heavens to Earth came down and another label that is more common for their 5th Density home is simply, Heaven. In this Heavenly 5th Density Realm, everything was a thousand times more beautiful, more advanced and more perfected. All of this Natural Heavenly beauty and technology was transported to Earth in those Ancient days by the Pleiadeans and was fully established here. It was truly a sight to behold.

Do you remember Great Ones, the Pleiadean cities of Light and the Crystal Temples? All of the amazing beauty and technology brought to Earth and recreated here by the Pleiadeans, incredible 5th Density Cities of Light were constructed all across the Planet Earth. These 5th Density Cities of Light were filled with stunning and sublime Crystal Temples that stood out as the Grand Pinnacles of Ancient Earthly Civilisations.

The mesmerising and massive Cities of this Pleiadean Heaven on Earth featured amazing 5th Density architecture and were laid out in special Cosmic and Geometric configurations. The original Pleiadean Temples of early Earth, were built using a very special type of Crystal, composed of an exotic form of Mono-atomic Silicone-Dioxide. Some of the Crystal blocks used in the construction of these Temples were brought here from 5th Density Star Systems. However, most of the Crystals used on Earth in those days were seeded here in gigantic beds by the Pleiadeans, millions of years ago.

The walls of these magnificent Pleiadean Temples were built from other Worldly translucent coloured Crystal, fused with Gold, Silver, Diamonds, Platinum, Quartz, Amethyst and other Mono-atomic Elements. The Pleiadean Temple megaliths of early Earth, emitted sublime rainbow aura's that were visually stunning and could be seen for miles. The Temple walls, ceilings and floors were translucent pink, violet, aqua and all the colours of the rainbow.

It may be hard to imagine that some of those Ancient Temples were as large as small modern cities and were many miles in diameter. These incredible Temples were not just beautiful to look at, but also, very High Tech in their construction and purpose and operated as giant Energy machines. These Ancient Crystal Temples had many technologies built in, that today would be characterised as modern electrical devices. The original Pleiadean Crystal Temples of Earth featured bald Dome roofs with high arching towers and columns and were filled with the resonating shafts of Light and corridors that extended throughout the buildings. In addition, the sublime Crystal Temples featured intricate advanced construction details, such as, Rose Quartz windows, Merkabah's that generated Scalar Waves for Healing, Levitation and Transport. The Merkabah's provoked Feelings like Harmony and Euphoria.

We are sure you are Aware that the Pleiadeans are the Creators of most of the Music on Earth. All Pleiadean Temples small and large in those Ancient days, had pipe type organs that resonated strongly in the building corridors, to Harmonise and Heal the population through Scalar sound waves, now known today as Sematic's. Light was refracted and emitted from inside the buildings directly from the glowing Crystal walls. The Pleiadean Crystal Palace walls were studded with Gold, Silver, Copper, Platinum, Bronze and Tin ornaments constructed in special Geometric shapes. These specific Minerals were used in the Temples because of their high Energetic Conductivity value.

The Temple Dome roofs were laid with very high thermal and electric conductivity of Copper and were retro-fitted with 'built in' transmitting and receiving antennae's and coils. These original Earth Crystal Temples contained elaborate roof grids and small window like openings, with metal ornaments in the corners of the buildings, pointed antennae with ornaments or balls filled with Mercury. A sight to behold. Cities of Light, simply stunning and beautiful.

After the great deluge, almost everything left standing on the Planet was buried under six miles of mud and sediment. If you could dig down six miles into the crust of the Earth you would find everything right where it was, twelve and a half thousand years ago. Did anything from the original Crystal Temples survive this cataclysm, we say 'as above, so below' and what was above is now below. Below in a sense, that you can still get to it easy enough. We tell you, that much of this astounding Ancient mesmerising Crystal is still here on Earth now.

The Cities of Light and the Crystal Temples are submerged now as gigantic Crystal Caverns and caves all across Planet Earth. However, they are still emitting the original Energy of the Grand Pleiadean Temples. The remnants of the Ancient Pleiadean Cities of Light on Earth today still exist on Earth as the magnificent Crystal Shells or Crystal Caverns around the World. These huge Geological Chevelle's that stretch across the Earth hold absolutely gigantic and sublime Crystals, such as Magnetic Quartz, Selenite, Fluorite and exotic forms of Mono-atomic Silicone Dioxide Crystal fused with Gold/Diamond/Silver and Platinum, according to the Lumerian Scrolls.

Most of these Planetary Crystals are Parallel Star Gates that lead directly into Parallel Universes. In 1995 a major mineral was found in a part of a mountain that slid away exposing tons of glass like Crystal. These Crystal pieces were tested by Carbon Dating and was found to be millions of years old by both US and Russian scientists and academia members. What's more, the strange Crystal was found to contain Rhodium, Chromium, Platinum and other Mono-atomic minerals. David Hudson who rediscovered Mono-atomic Gold and who also studied the Ancient Crystals intensely for years, was quoted saying "this Crystal is unlike anything else found on Earth and is in fact, an Ancient form of Mono-atomic Silicone Dioxide, they are beautiful, rare and in many cases more valuable than Diamonds and Gold".

Because of the way Andara's refract Light, they emit a very High Vibrational Energy Wave, this is the Scalar and Tachyon Energy we speak of. Scalar Tachyon Energy is a Living Energy that all Ancient Advanced Races use to 'power' their Civilisation and to Heal their Mind, Body and Soul. The later Lumerian Culture of Earth used Scalar Technology to fully 'activate' their Light Bodies and completely 'Ascend' to the 5th Density.

These advanced Beings also knew that these special Crystals are 'powerful amplifiers' of Ether, of Etheric Energy, which means they greatly boost ones natural Manifestation ability and power. Part of our Personal Mission to Earth involves reacquainting Earth Starseeds with lost Ancient Crystal Technology. We personally work with Andara Crystals, and we have been on a long journey following the Energy of these Crystals back to our Ancient Crystal Temples and the original Cities of Light.

For several years we have been close to hundreds of these stones a day and we have witnessed 'energetic events' that seem like miracles or magic. We can truly testify to their 'power' and anyone who has ever worked intimately with Mono-atomic Crystals will tell you there is something 'Metaphysical' going on with them. Andaras are 5th Density Living Crystals that are only attracted to Beings who are ready for them. Andara is a Powerful Crystal 'amplifier' that greatly boosts the Energy around it, so it is critical that a Being is in High Vibration when close to these Grail Stones.

All Crystals are beautiful, powerful and sacred. However, holding natural pieces of Andara brings the 'Knowing' that One is holding something 'rare and connected' to our original Ancient Celestial Crystal Temples of Light that once stood on Earth. Crystals are guiding us personally back to our Ancient Past and to hold a piece of Crystal that contains the Energy of our shining Civilisation, is quite amazing. Humanity has all but forgotten the original magnificent Temples of Earth or shining Civilisations, the Crystals and their 'power'.

The Pleiadeans however, have not forgotten and we all have the vivid memories of our Ancient Past and the desire grows stronger each day to return home. We were All there, in those Ancient days and we have ALL incarnated here again at this time, for the Purpose of Remembering and Rebuilding our magnificent Civilisation of Light. You see Great Ones, Crystals are still here in the Crystal Caverns of Earth. All the Knowledge of what was, was stored in this Crystal, we are still here, and we are putting all the pieces back together. In this Linear Time on Earth, we have the notion of moving forward into the Future in our Ascension, but as we Vibrate Higher, we are not really moving into the Future, we are moving into the Past, if you will.

The New Earth in fact, is the Old Earth. The Ancient Ones, this is where we are going, quickly with every New Awareness of 'what was', indeed, Rebuilding the spectacular Cities of Light on Earth. This is the 'good work' we are doing on Earth and is leading us back to our Celestial Homes, Thank You. Thank You for all you are doing and for coming to Earth at this Time to assist.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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