Ascension Messages

Be Your Assignment, by being your Higher Self

We are in the process of discovering how best to deliver the latest Energies to Humanity there on Planet Earth. We often do take the direct approach and send the Energies directly to your Fields, where your Guides can then grant you greater access to them when they Feel it is appropriate to do so. We also target Individuals that we Know will receive the Energies we are sending and do something with them. We Know who the Teachers, Channels, Leaders and Mentors are at the current moment there on Earth and which ones are ready to do something Creative with the Energies as well. We are aware of the Artists and Writers, the Poets and Musicians and Storytellers who can Create something for many people to enjoy that will also result in the raising of their Consciousness.

One of the purposes of this Message to all of you, is to let you Know that if you want to receive Energy 'directly from us' and others like us, then do look for ways you can share what you get. Look for ways you can express what you are getting. Look for ways to utilise the Energies that you receive to help others, to Serve Humanity and you will receive more. It is not that we are rewarding those who take the Energies we deliver and do something with them. It is that when you do something with the Energies, then there is more room for more Energy to 'flow to you' and 'through you'. You are more in the flow, more open and therefore, it just makes more sense to target those Individuals for whom the Energies are a useful tool in the advancement of their Teachings or their other Creations.

That being said, the current Energies that we are intending to send to all of you and especially to those of you who will use them, are about 'accessing' more of the Energies that Mother Earth has to give you. The Energies that we deliver will inspire People to Connect with Mother Earth. They will inspire people to 'remember' their relationship to Mother Nature, to the trees, the oceans, the mountains and to the wind. The Energies we are about to deliver will help people to 'open up' their Root Chakras to receive 'directly' from Mother Earth, as you have that 'ability' to receive from that which is 'below' just as well as you have the 'ability' to receive from that which is 'above'.

The Energies will help you to Feel more Aligned, more Anchored, more Grounded, more Rooted and more capable of 'doing' what you came to Earth to do in the first place, because you will be more Aligned with the Earth Energies that are guiding you and supporting you just as much as the Galactic ones are. Sometimes you need these little reminders, you can also consider this Message to be one of those. We are excited to see how many of you 'open up' to receive this next batch of Energies that we have prepared for you right now.

We are very big fans of all of you there on Earth because you Chose the more difficult Path. You Chose to take on more Challenges, more baggage from your Past Life Selves and your Genetic Line and we know that you did so because you felt at the time that you were up to the Challenge. We also know that once most of you began living your lives there in this current era on Earth, you discovered that the challenges were excruciating at times, unbearable to say the least. And yet, you kept going, you kept coming to Earth, a place where no one is trapped.

No one is forced to incarnate anywhere because of Karma. You incarnate where you want to incarnate, when you want to incarnate in that particular place and time, because you are Sovereign Beings, because you are Source and you do get to Choose whether to continue a series of Lifetimes in a particular location. Those of you who have Chosen a series of Lifetimes there on Planet Earth have done so with a great degree of 'courage' and an enormous 'belief in yourselves' and also in your Guides and other Helpers.

The plan never was to do it all on your own, and in many ways, you are not by yourselves there on Earth, even if it feels like you are at times. Everyone who is consistently receiving these Messages from us is linked in a very real way. You are 'anchoring' in Arcturian Energies, and you are Grounding them into Mother Earth. They are Creating an Arcturian Grid, and you are in Psychic, Telepathic communication with one another through these Gridlines that you are Creating.

You are our Ground Crew there on Planet Earth and we need you in order to deliver the Help, the Guidance and Wisdom that we want to impart on All of Humanity. However, not everyone as you know, is ready for what we have to give and that is where you all come in, as the Arcturian Ground Crew. You are the Grid-Workers who make these Energies available to others, who would otherwise be closed off to them, who would laugh at you if you were to send them one of these Messages because you think it might resonate or help them in some way. We know that many of you have done this and received those replies from the ones you have been seeking to help in your lives.

However, we Know this much; you get to everyone with what you are holding in your Consciousness, your Awareness, your Beliefs and with the Open Hearts that you have. We consistently tell you that Love is the answer that Compassion IS the way and that Inner Peace leads to getting everything that you want, and you walk around emanating all of those Truths, even if you do not speak them aloud to the Person who is ringing up your groceries at the grocery store. They are all benefitting from what you are Grounding in from us and we are so appreciative of each and every one of you there on Earth, especially those of you who are helping to further the Arcturian Agenda, which is of course to Help Humanity Awaken and Ascend.

We are fascinated by your ability to 'sense' when something is not quite right, and we are also impressed by your ability to 'Feel' into when something is perfectly suited for you. We are talking of course about your intuition or sixth sense. People often ask us how to get themselves to the point where they are more in tune with their intuition. They want to know how to get themselves to actually follow that Inner Guidance, that sixth sense. The answer is easy. You just have to do it.

The first step is of course to 'acknowledge' that you have a sixth sense. The second is to 'reach within' for it. The third is to 'interpret' what you have received. The fourth, and this is the tricky one for a lot of you, is to 'follow through' with whatever your intuition is guiding you towards or away from. And then, the fifth would have to be that you 'acknowledge' that what you were getting from 'within you' was the best advice, the best guidance.

People often wonder where that sixth sense comes from. It comes from a lot of places. It comes from your Guides, who have been with you since the day you were born. It comes from your Higher Self. It comes from the Universe. It comes from your Higher Mind. All of these elements working together bring you that 'intuitive knowing'. You just have to close your eyes, get quiet, and FEEL around for it. If you try really hard to hear something, and your team has decided it would be better for you to Feel it, then you might hear nothing and think that they have abandoned you, because that is what your fellow Humans have done from time to time.

But you can count on your team to deliver you that message, and you can count on your sixth sense to pick it up, even if it is in the lyrics of a song, or on a billboard, or a magazine. You are still the one Creating your Reality, so you put that message there with the help of your team, and one of your Guides may nudge you to look at the cover of the magazine, while you are standing in the checkout line at the grocery store. You might hear a lyric in a song, and it might seem like that line in that song was not there before. And who knows? Maybe it was or was not?.

You have to pay 'attention' to the signs. Be Present. Be Aware, because your sixth sense is always trying to get your attention. And if you get nothing, if you get no sign whatsoever, then just trust your gut. Just ask yourself if you really feel like this is appropriate for you, not whether it is right or wrong. Do not ask yourself whether it is going to be the best possible outcome. You are on a journey, and on that journey, you will take steps that are appropriate or not so appropriate, given the final destination that you are headed towards, which is of course the 5th Density.

Listen to that guidance you are getting from 'within you' and all around you, and you will have the most joyous and easy journey possible.

We are Awakening within each and every one of you pathways to new Realities, new Timelines, new Experiences, new Energies, new Versions of Yourselves. We help to make it possible for you all, to believe in the validity of these new aspects of life on Earth, these new potentials for all of you. And we do that in a variety of ways. We hold the Knowing so strongly within ourselves, as we Connect with you, and as we sprinkle the Energies that we do into your Fields, that you cannot help but pick up on that Knowing. We are to you what another Human Being is who knows exactly what they are doing and how to handle a situation that you would find anxiety-provoking to say the least, and when you are in the presence of that person, your anxiety is automatically diminished by their certainty, by how positive they are that they can handle the situation at hand.

We know that you are going to make it as Individuals, and as a Collective, and we know that you have the Potential to enjoy the Experience more. You do not have to see it as something you just survive, but rather, it can be a ride like none other, a joyous journey, where you are prancing through fields of tulips. You have the ability to Choose, and you have the ability to Vibrate in Harmony with the better Experiences, the better Timelines, the better Versions of Yourselves. You do get there with help; there is always help.

When you are born, you have people there with you, adults, usually your parents, who know what to do within their Awareness. They know a little bit more about this World that you have forgotten so much about, and that gives them the capacity to help you in a variety of ways, and most often they do, grounding you with the practicalities of Life. You benefit from the stability of their Energy, the fact that they know how to get food and get it to you, how to get clothing and put it on you, and so on. Everyone has help all the time, and then when you receive help, when you become the 'stabilizing force' for Humanity, or for those close to you, then you get to transform someone with your Presence, with your Knowing, with that 'certainty' that you now have that 'everything' is going to be 'all right', that Humanity is going to make it, and that this Shift in Consciousness is inevitable.

It is the ride you signed up for and it is the only game in town, so you may as well play it Consciously, and you may as well have fun while you are doing it. We are sprinkling those Energies into your Fields right now, because we want you to see your own Potential. We want you to see how good life there on Earth can be and will be, if you Allow it to be and if you Choose it to be, and we are here for you eternally to hold that space, just as we Know you are there to do the same for your fellow Humans, and you have our infinite appreciation for spreading the Energies around.

We are awaiting our next big assignment from our Oversoul, as our Oversoul is in direct communication with us at all times, and our Oversoul exists in the 11th Density. Therefore, it has a bigger and better view of what is going on all throughout the Universe. We enjoy getting our assignments because we like to be of Service, we like to have a mission and a purpose, just like all of you. We suggest that you sit quietly with your eyes closed, and enjoy the silence, enjoy the not-doing for a while, and instead of seeing it as a chore to 'let go' of your thoughts, see it as 'liberating'. You get to free yourself from your very active thinking Mind for a while, as you await some sort of impulse, some kind of instructions that you know are coming from your Higher Self because of their nature, because of the Vibration they hold.

You can do this every day. You can do it twice a day, or more. You can begin Open Contact now with a Higher-Density Being known as your Higher Self. And when you practice being in Open Contact with a Higher-Density Being or Collective, you usher in more Open Contact with physical E.T. Beings of your Density and of Higher Densities. You do not have to wait till everyone is ready; you do not have to wait until some government official discloses the truth about E.T.s and Humans.

You can begin your Contact Experiences by starting with your very own Higher Self Consciousness. Now, we say 'Higher Self Consciousness' because you are not separate from your Higher Self. You are one and the same, but it is an 'aspect' of you that is operating from a Higher-Density Plane, a Higher Level of Consciousness. And the personal E.T. encounters that you will have, or that you have been having, are with Beings that are other 'aspects of you'. That is the best place to start with E.T. contact.

You are meeting YOU, no matter whom you are meeting. It is always YOU; it is always another 'aspect of YOU'. And yes, there are closer relationships, there are those with whom you share an Oversoul, and there are twin souls, and there are Beings that you have connected with over and over again, and they seem like they are more 'you' than some Being you have never met before, but truly it is ALL YOU. And so, if you want more contact with other aspects of you, that come to you in the form of E.T.s, start by having more contact with You, right here and right now.

Be in contact with your Self, your Thoughts, your Feelings, your Vibration, the things you Believe, and the things you Know. Get in touch with your own Heart, with your own Love, with your Vibrational Signature. That is a good place to start if you want contact with more of you. Start with you, and you will always get more in this Universe. Looking outside of yourself without that Knowing will always have you looking outside of yourself, because ultimately everything is meant to get you to look within, and when you do, you are certain to find what you are looking for, every time.

We are fulfilling our purpose with each Message that we give you. Each time that we send you Energy, we have a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction. We know that many of you seek that Feeling throughout the course of your day, and we often recommend to you that you take a page out of our book and send Energy, Love, Light, Support and whatever else you have available to your fellow Humans. Many of your fellow Humans are suffering. Many are carrying trauma and many are currently being abused, and while it is easy to look at their outward speech and behaviour and judge it, it is a lot harder to understand that they are coming from that place of carrying so much heaviness and so much darkness within them.

Therefore, if you want to feel like you are fulfilling your purpose, send Light and Love everywhere. Radiate it when you go out into the World so that others can feel it coming off of you and Know that whenever you hear about someone who has done something terrible, the person who has committed the heinous act needs Love and Light just as much as the victims do. You have so much to give to your World and to your fellow Humans, and we will always encourage you to shine your Light, because we know that your Light is needed, but we also know that it is the most satisfying thing you can do. It is so much more important than publishing a book or a series of books, building a home for someone, digging a well for a community, because everyone needs a boost Energetically.

Everyone needs to be Loved, to Feel Loved, to Know that others out there care about them. Everyone needs the Light shone upon them, and you are the perfect ones to do it because you are receiving from us, you are receiving from others, you are open, you are Loving and caring people, you are Awake. You have so much to give of yourselves, as well as what you get from the Higher Realms, so it is important to value yourself and what you have to give, in order to Feel like sharing your Light and Love is going to be of great value to someone else.

That is something else we would encourage you all to do. Spend some time Focusing on 'what you have to give'. Focus some of your time every day 'opening up' to what is available to you, Energetically, from the Higher Realms and then send everything that you are getting and everything that you already had, to your fellow Humans and 'Change the World'. Change the World for the better from where you are right now, which is a good place. You are in a better place than most just because you are Awake. That makes a huge difference. And while you cannot talk someone else into waking up, you can shine your Light so brightly to all on your World, including those who are still asleep, that they become Enlightened, Awakened. And they will ask you questions about your Awakening, and then you can really Feel like you are making a difference there on Planet Earth.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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