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Get to Know Yourselves

We know that we are in alignment when we are being of Service, and we are aligning ourselves more with the Source Energy perspective and agenda when we are assisting Humanity, Feeling more of Source Energy flowing through Us and feeling more alive. When you help anyone there on Earth, whether it be human, plant, animal or mineral, when you seek to Be of Service, you are aligning with Source and accessing more of Source Energy.

The way to stay in the 'flow of Source' is by continuing to Focus on the fact that you want to help, and know that you can align with us, with Mother Earth, the Sun, with Source or with any number of Collectives, Councils and even with Higher Density individual Beings who want to help. It is not necessary for you to 'work it all out' as many people try to do. Some people give up on the pursuit of Service before they even get started because of the limitations of the Human Mind, limitations that lead you to think that you on your own could not make any impact. However, you are never alone and when you maintain your desire and intention to help, you are always more aligned with the forces of Light.

We know that you will seize every opportunity to take whatever actions you can, so we do not worry about your effectiveness or the range with which you can spread the Light. We understand how the Earth plane works better than most Humans do because we see what you cannot see with your Physical eyes. We can Sense and Feel the impact you have on the Human Collective Consciousness, at all times, even when you are asleep. You are making so much progress and doing beautiful work with all the Energies running across, through and around Mother Earth.

You must just 'let go' of the idea that your 'actions' are more powerful and effective, because it is your Consciousness that is more powerful. It is now and always has been, and always will be 'your Consciousness' that makes the difference with what you want to make there on Earth.

We have been stretching ourselves to reach out more in this Universe of ours with our Sensitivity that we have. We want you to know that your Sensitivity is something that has been a challenge for you, however, you are becoming better at using it, rather than allowing it to be something that just happens to you throughout your day. You can train yourself to be Sensitive to things you want to be Sensitive to, and you do not have to be Sensitive for those things that bring you pain and suffering because of the Sensitivity that you have.

We know it can be difficult and that you have had a difficult time in this life being Sensitive and yet here you are. You can use it more effectively to help yourself and others now that you can see it more as a Tool that you are meant to use in your life. If you are aware and Sensitive to other people struggling with their emotions, that is the time to approach that person and ask them what is going on for them. If, however, you do not know that person or you are not comfortable with them, then you know that more Love and Healing with Holding Space for them is what you can do.

We do understand that many of you are tired of doing this, that you have become exhausted from doing it, however, it simply means that you have not yet honed the ability yet, which is the next step for those of you who are Sensitive. The next step is to hone your abilities, to use it as a Gift and as a Tool, and also to use it to help yourselves. Use your Sensitivity next time you walk into a room, to tell you who to approach, and who to leave alone, it then becomes a Tool that you are using for yourself as well. You can also use it regarding information that you are seeing or hearing, to guide you with whether that information is relevant or true in your Reality.

Discernment is needed more than ever at this time, because there is so much information out there, with many agendas behind spreading certain information. Use your Sensitivity as something that helps you to create your Reality, because when you are Sensitive to what is going on in your 'emotional centre' and what is going on with other people, then you can also be Sensitive to your Vibration. You can shift more easily with the Awareness of 'what' you are feeling, 'where' you are feeling it, and where you 'can feel' what you do want to Feel, because you can be Sensitive to where your joy lies in your chakras.

It is time for those who are more Sensitive to be the Leaders of this World that you are living in, and now is the best time for you to start seeing this as a Gift and as a Tool. We are here to help you by pointing you in the right direction and giving you the Tools, and to better use the tools that you have.

What is inside of you is Multidimensional and spans thousands of Lifetimes. What is inside of you has so much more influence because of all the experiences you have had during this cycle of incarnations you are currently in. Our overall far-reaching Goal for our contact with all of you, is to have you tap into the Infinite and the Eternal that is inside of you.

We know that you are far more powerful than you could ever realise with your Physical Minds, so we attempt to convince you of the importance of going within, we also give you activations through the Energies in these messages, that go past your Minds, unlocking your inner wisdom because of your willingness to sit in this Energy.

It is so important for you all to realise that you are your own best teachers and guides, and we and others like us, are merely here to remind you of that ultimate truth. We then move out of your way, because we want to see what is inside of you as well. We want to see it playing out in your lives and in the evolution of Consciousness there on Earth. Our interest is in 'empowering all of you' because we understand the greatness of the Human potential and the wisdom that lies within each and every one of you.

Everything is shifting and evolving, including the way that you access and utilise Power there on Earth. We are as excited for Humanity as those of you who are Aware of your Power and who are optimistic about Humanity's use of that Power moving forward. You do not need to concern yourself about how anyone else is using Power in the traditional way, because if you do, you will only distract yourselves from the Power that lies within you, that no one can touch.

All that is required is for you to be willing to ignore those that are trying to tighten their grip on the external Power, so that you can 'go within' and access the power and wisdom of 'how to use it' that lies within your Heart centre. Tune in, Feel for it, and then get out of your own way, because you are there to change yourselves, then with the ripple effect change the entire World, Galaxy and Universe.

We have an unusually high tolerance for negative Energies, seeing them as having so much potential within them, while accepting them as they are. Because we do not feel afraid of anything or anyone, we can utilise any Energy to Serve the greatest and highest good of all. It is your fear that gives the negative its power over you. When you fear the negative Energy, the negative Energy can feed off that fear, growing larger and more powerful.

Therefore, see it as it really is, an undeveloped Consciousness. It is Consciousness that has not yet remembered who and what it really is. We are not suggesting that you go out and interact with all negative Energies, certainly there are those of you who do. Some of you realise you are doing it, and some of you do not, while most do not remember signing up for that task, some do remember. Therefore, we assure you that if you are experiencing any negativity in your lives right now, you are Serving Humanity.

By being there amidst all the negativity you are fulfilling your purpose. You do not have to fix it and by now you must know that you do not have to defeat it. However, the one thing that you must always be, is in the process of releasing your fear of it. This is how 'experience' comes in and demonstrates to you how important it is. You release some of your 'innate fear' when you have an experience with a negative Energy, or a negatively oriented Human, that you not only survive the encounter, but you grow from it, by overcoming the fear of that negative Energy.

You are there to Serve the Light and offer that which is Positive in the face of all that is negative, and that may seem like a job too big for any one person, and so we want to assure you that you are not alone. You are scattered all about the planet, each of you doing your own work, each of you releasing more and more fear every single day and making room for the positive Energies that are coming in to support you and to transform you from within.

This is your time, the time when you get to see the fruits of your labours and experience them not only in your personal lives, but on the world stage. You are making a difference and the difference may not be easy for you to quantify or measure, however, it is real and the cumulative impact of what you are all doing is enormous and you will start to see the effects all around you manifesting there on planet Earth.

We will never give up on you and will continue to be with you even after you have shifted your Consciousness because there will be that which we can give you from that Higher Density plane that you will be in. We also will be in a Higher Density plane, and therefore, we will be discovering more of Who We Really Are, becoming better teachers and guides to you than we are currently in this moment.

Do not feel like you are regressing, especially when you feel that you have done or said something that you thought you had outgrown. Do not feel low or give up on yourselves, because it is important to your mission that you stay in a High Vibrational frequency. It is important that you Love yourselves. It is important that you receive the Love and assistance that is coming from the Higher Realms, both Physical and Non-Physical, and you are more likely to receive that help when you are Loving yourselves Unconditionally.

We want you to forgive yourselves just as much as we want you to forgive others. You are not there to become perfect and to show your worthiness of living a perfect life in the 5th Density. You are there to always be a 'work in progress' and one that has more of an ability to help others to get through something because you have already experienced it yourself. Remember that when you ask yourself, 'why this challenge, why again, and why now?', remembering that you are not just there to Ascend into a state of perfection.

You are there to help others Love themselves despite their imperfections. You are there to be the teachers and guides on the Physical Level, just as we are here in the Non-Physical helping, teaching, and guiding. You must first be able to experience it all, in-order to be able to give more. You must experience 'all that you are' and 'all that everyone else is', and that is a tall order. In your moments of doubt or when you feel weak, remember Us.

We are here constantly offering our assistance, we will never give up on you, and neither will your Guides, your Higher Selves, your Oversouls, or Source. Therefore, do not give up on yourselves or your fellow Humans, and do not seek to become better than anyone else either. You are All in it together, and we are in it with you for the duration, and we will be there in the Future that is yet to be determined, because you are All Creating it, right now. It is exciting and is what keeps us interested in this journey of yours, a journey through the unknown and into the unknown, with the outcome guaranteed. You are Shifting, Evolving, and Ascending, and always with our assistance.

Your journey is all about becoming more of Who You Are and while having E.T. experiences gives you something fun to share with other people and those experiences transform you, the best way to know the E.T.s that are all around you, is to first know yourselves. The key to becoming a Higher Vibrational Being is a 'willingness' to examine yourself, to examine your life, your thoughts, your beliefs and when you raise your Vibration, you align with E.T. Consciousness and the help we are always giving you.

We love witnessing one or more of you taking an interest in the other Beings that are out there somewhere, but we also want you to recognise that everything you are searching for is also 'within you', and that by taking the 'inner journey' is the best way to become aligned with 'more experiences' that will occur outside of you and with Beings in other bodies, or Non-Physical Collectives like ourselves.

There will always be something remarkable to be gained from taking that journey, once you 'turn off' your devices and 'tune in' to what is going on inside of you. If you do not like or think you are good at meditation, tell yourself instead, that you are going inside your body and your Consciousness to look for intelligent life, to look for E.T. Consciousness. Your fellow Humans will be better served by having teachers and guides who have done the work on themselves.

It is not enough to just access information that you can then share with other people. It is not enough to just tell others what you believe. You must 'become' the living embodiment of a fully integrated and aligned Being. That is what lights you up for the E.T.s and Humans alike, and as you look outside of yourselves and observe the state of the World, it is clear and necessary to have more of you 'who are ready' to lead and take Humanity into the 5th Density.

It is your time to become the Self-actualised Human Being that you have always been, and you will be getting much more attention from E.T.s in ships in your skies right now, for having made the effort and having turned your attention inward to see what you can find.

We want to help you and in-order to do so, we must understand Who You Are, how you think, what motivates you and what lights you up. You would All do well to take this approach to other Humans, especially those that you can see need your help. While it is impossible to know exactly what someone else is going through or what they are experiencing, you can do your best by Empathising.

By doing 'your best' you will offer your 'best' to your fellow Humans, in the same way that we attempt to offer 'our best' to all of you. We want you to experience the same Joy that we gain when you give us the opportunity to assist and transform each and every one of you. Use all your skills and abilities to relate to your fellow Humans so that you can better Be of Service to all of them. That is how you will shift your Consciousness, not through exclusion, it is through inclusion, that you reach a higher plane of Consciousness.

Everyone outside of you needs to be seen as 'a piece of you', a piece of the puzzle that is YOU and one that needs to be brought back into the Whole, the Centre, the totality of Who You Are. Throughout history attempts have been made to divide you and to get you to dehumanise each other, are continuing and are being stepped up at this time. However, do not fall for that trap if you are wanting to go where you are destined to go in a joyous and timely manner.

We know that you are eager to complete the shift and we are assisting you with guidelines. You must be able to 'go within' and find 'inner peace', then look outside of you and maintain it when dealing with another Human Being who is unaware that they even have trauma that they need to process. That is where you come in as members of the Awakened Collective. You need to Help, Heal, and offer whatever assistance you can to whomever shows up in your life on a daily basis. All that is required to assist is Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, and a desire to connect.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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