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Freedom and the Evolving Collective Unconscious

  • Q

    How can I be free of the other aspects of self that are not the version that represents who I want to be? If I am everybody and everybody is me, but the other bodies are not representing my higher self?

  • A

    It is a choice to be 'Free' in spirit of the 'Not Free' parts of yourself by focusing on your Higher versions of yourself and by ignoring the other Lower versions. However, the Higher you go, you are Integrated with those Lower versions of yourself, so you can never ignore those versions, but you can Integrate those versions by using those 'Not Free' aspects of Self, other people as valid experienced examples of why you want Freedom in the first place, as in; you want Freedom, because you know what it is like 'Not being Free'.

  • Q

    But how do I stop being 'not free', how do I get my Freedom?

  • A

    The idea here is to STOP judging being Free or Not being Free, that is what it is, it is simple, DUALITY. One concept cannot exist without the other. When you Integrate into ONENESS, then you are truly Free. Do not see the coin as one side 'Heads' and the other 'Tails', just see the coin.

  • Q

    How do I know what my Soul plan is, what are the markers for me to look out for?

  • A

    Inner pain means that there is 'something' that is not aligned with what you 'really want' and at the Soul Level, it means that you are moving away from your 'life plan'. Illness and being at dis-at-ease (disease) with yourself are clear markers that you have moved away from your 'life plan'.

  • Q

    So, if I create an illness or dis-at-ease in my body, it is telling me that I am off my soul's life plan? So to get back on track of my 'life plan' I need to look at whatever un-wellness or un-happiness I have manifested in my life and act on it? I have spent most of my life trying to be happy but still have been caught up with the programming, however, if people cannot see the trickery of the Cabal how will they know they are being mind controlled?

  • A

    People must live and they must see the consequences of their 'not acting'. They must see the consequences of blindly giving away their power to other people that they see as Authority, with devastating consequences as we can see today. People will see the trickery of the Cabal sooner or later and will eventually react. The problem is, how many deaths will that take?

  • Q

    But I do not want what is happening globally and I know many people do not want it also, so why is it happening?

  • A

    In the end, it is the people on Earth that create the 'Collective Unconscious', that is, the sum of all their Agreements in Perceptions that are shared at this Level of Consciousness (Collective Unconscious), these Agreements manifest as 'reaction and action', by the ones who are manifesting everything for themselves. So, Humans are their own Creator Gods, even if they do not understand or even see the Reality, the Collective. Humans 'create' their own problems and they are also the 'solution' of all of these problems. YOU ARE THE GODS.

    Every one person has an Unconscious (95 to 97% of Human Consciousness) from which it Creates it entire Life, they also contribute to the Creation of their Collective Unconscious that will manifest from that space the entire dynamic of their Social Structure on Earth, however, that Collective Unconscious does not stop there, this in turn, adds up to Create an even bigger, larger Collective Consciousness of which other Star Races also help form and of which 'we are all a part of'.

    As we have shared before, Humans also Create the Extraterrestrials that are in the Federation and the Federation that controls them all, because we are ALL Creators of a Greater Collective Unconscious. We are ALL Interconnected much more than perhaps that which can be seen at first. We are CO-CREATORS of that Larger COLLECTIVE UNCONSCIOUS.

  • Q

    I am still not clear why the 5D Federation are not helping, how can we convince them?

  • A

    The 5D Federation cannot be convinced to 'act' to 'change' what is happening on Earth because it does not know how to 'act' in the first place. The ones who Create everything from the 'base up' are the ones who control the Federation, 'you / they' control each other.

    The problem is coming from Earth and of Earth, and therefore must be solved from Earth. It can be stopped Collectively, what is happening in your World now is a reaction to the Mass Awakening that caused the ones in power to go into serious FEAR as they have been discovered and it would only be a question of time before the people/the masses would go and kick down their doors and lynch them all...

    It is from here that you can see that the problem on Earth needs to be viewed from several Perspectives and not only from a Higher or Superior one, like the Superior understanding of the Awakened ones. We must all understand and accept that from the 'point of view' of the 'Human Collective' and what is really Real for them, is that on Earth right now there is a terrible bug Globally that is out there killing many people and their solution is a logical one; "a shot in the arm or up the nose is the solution in the fight against this harmful pathogen". This is real for them and the rest of you are only nutter's or wacko's with some sort of mental problem and that these people have very dangerous Conspiracy Theories. This is their (the Human Collective) Reality and they see you and us alike, who are the ones trying to impose another Conspiracy Theory onto them.

    From the 'point of view' of another Density observing what is happening upon Earth, we can only Guide or Mentor them through this process, because it is something that they must also go through as part of their Natural Evolution as a Species; or else, they will never learn. Many will suffer, however, it will be of their choosing, as horrible as it sounds; it is of their own planning.

    The Federation using any excuse or logic or illogical explanation will do nothing and because of this, they are complicit in this Genocide that makes them Permissive and Regressive, a reflection of what is happening on Earth today. However, the fact is, that they will do nothing again, as they did nothing during the World Wars in the last Century or the Napoleonic Wars the Century before, and the Dark Ages before that, or at the time of the Inquisitions by the Church's or the oppression under the Romans. The Federation never intervenes; however, they do intervene whenever they think it is right for their reasons and not necessarily yours.

    You could argue that it is not the Federation intervening but another member Race taking it upon them selves to intervene, as we are doing. From our 'point of view' what we see is 'not fair', so we are doing what we can. In any situation or event, there will always be other Perspectives, including the 'not fair' one.

  • Q

    So, if I am a Physical Being in 3D having a Spiritual experience of Self, how do my past lives fit into this scenario?

  • A

    You are not just a Physical Being having a Spiritual experience, you are not just a Spiritual Being having a Physical experience either; you are Source, the Absolute, All Knowing, Oneness, imagining things by entering and attaching itself to its own ideas. You are the Absolute outside of Time and Space, so 'everyone' you have been in a previous lifetime still exists, it is ALL simultaneous, even if you are experiencing things in a Perceptual and Linear way, everything is at the same Time.

    You are not just 'one person', you are a result of ALL of the countless other people and Beings you were before and still are, because you are all also still there. You are a conglomerate of peoples in this principle, you are a Community, everyone is.

    3D is a 'base' Density (there are really no Densities just a range of Frequencies) and they are only Ideas or Agreements. 3D is the Lowest Density that holds the concept of 'I' of SELF. If you go lower you loose this concept of SELF.

    A person is a conglomerate of past lives that are still in progress somewhere, all intermeshing and intercommunicating through the Ether to form YOU. This is where the YOU resides, not in your Human brain. The brain is only the Translator into what you call Perceptual Physicality. All of these lives share information, these are your Thoughts that are filtered through the lens of the brain in small usable bits that are relevant to 'who you are' today.

    This is why some can tap into other Realities or the Quantum Field that some call the Akashic Records, that are not necessarily your past variants. Each person is formed by others who may be in a lesser-expanded state, yet still the same person. So, the more you Expand and the more Experience you accumulate, the more 'people' you have assimilated as YOU. Ultimately, every single person that exists, of every conceivable Race, animal, plant and mineral is a variant of YOU. Expanding this even more, they are nothing other than IDEAS in your Imagination.

    So, a person is the result of many according to each ones Level of understanding and each person will also be a part of a larger one that is more expanded. Perhaps no longer in Human form, but as a Planet, a Sun, a Constellation, a Galaxy, All Sentient, All Conscious and containing EVERYTHING each Individual Being has.

    Each Being is a little Fragment of something Bigger and that in turn, is another fragment of something even bigger and BIGGER. EVERYTHING THAT IS, EVERYTHING that EXISTS, is nothing but THOUGHTS and IDEAS. The primordial component of this entire Universe is THOUGHT; is CONSCIOUSNESS and the difference between 'one thing' and 'another thing'; is nothing more than an IDEA.

    The Collective Unconsciousness is a non-disclosed paradigm of Reality as a set of Agreements of a Community of People. The Law of Physics for example, are part of that Collective Agreement, however, only Valid within that Paradigm. This creates a Conceptual Reality bubble, the Collective Unconscious where things work in a certain way there, by these Agreements. So, from that 'point of view', whatever needs to be done must be defined by that set of Agreements.

    Therefore, whoever is outside of that Reality bubble Framework may only be able to help, but cannot impose a change upon the inhabitants of another Realm, because they simply cannot come to understand the more expanded 'point of view' Thought Form and Concepts of another Reality bubble.

  • Q

    I have tried helping people by giving them another point of view but most react in a negative way and do not even listen to an alternative view point?

  • A

    It is true you cannot change people, instead you can offer another view point. Imposing a solution will only bring about temporary results. The people who are the Creators of their own Perceptual bubble will always gravitate to 'who and what' they were before, because you cannot remove a person from the Matrix, as they are the Matrix and they take it wherever they go. And if you try to impose a New Reality bubble, a more expanded one, it may not fit and this is the case with a 5D one, it will not fit into the minds of a 3D one, and if this is the case, the 3D mind is not ready.

    So, they must grow their minds, make their own mistakes and people in a more Expanded Reality can only act as Guides and Mentors. It is this that is now occurring on Earth, but even with such Levels of atrocities and Genocide going on, it may still be seen as a learning process Humanity must go through.

    Humans are manifesting a horrible situation for themselves and even though they do not want it at an Individual Level, at a Collective Unconscious Level, they do 'manifest' the nightmare. Not because they want to, because they do not. However, they are still manifesting the Genocide for themselves because of the nature of The Law of Mirrors, spoken of before. 'Bad' Thoughts manifest into a 'Bad' Reality.

    So, as long as the People create that Collective Unconscious, that in turn, is creating the mess, the mess cannot be stopped. So, by The Law of Mirrors, if they the people, only see regressive things, then they will only get more of the same, creating the vicious cycle that they are in.

    The Federation Level of the controllers is the direct Creation or result of the Collective Unconscious of the people on Earth. They are the 'Mirror' of one another. That is why the ones in Saturn are so regressive. It is the people again with all of their vices, bureaucracy, corruption and greed.

    The Lowest point of Creation is also the Highest from another Perspective due to the cyclical nature of existence. You are ALL the Real Gods in 3D. The problem is that you 'there' on Earth function in a Creative mode that only operates from the Collective Unconscious and not from an Individual Power 'point of view'. This is because it is the nature of the existence there; to be an apparent 'victim' of the experience, in the Matrix itself. The key expression here is Collective Unconscious.

    So, people on Earth must be made aware of this Collective Unconscious, because so many will have not even heard of the Collective Unconscious and it is this Collective Unconscious that is the reason and the point from where everything is manifesting into their lives. It is not the Cabal or even the Federation that is controlling the events on Earth today, rather it is the people themselves on Earth that are manifesting their nightmares from the HUMAN COLLECTIVE UNCONSCIOUS.

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