Ascension Messages

We are Ascending Together

We are beyond the point where we need to have language to communicate, and we no longer need to use words and sentences to convey an Idea, a Thought, or a Feeling. The way that we always communicate with others is by sending Energy, by Vibrating at a frequency where we know the 'other or collective' will be able to understand us. We know that you have words in your language that attempt to convey a particular meaning, and sometimes you even need to look words up in a dictionary to understand what someone else meant.

Because communication issues run rampant there on planet Earth, you know that at times there is a need for you to speak up, to communicate, and yet often you are left with the very inadequate words that you must convey meaning to an experience, a thought, a feeling, to someone else or to a group of people. Therefore, it is to your benefit to consider how you can communicate with other people when using your Energy, using Vibration. It is time for you to start considering yourselves as being Telepathic and having the potential of experiencing Telepathy all the time.

Now is the time for you to do that because that is how it is going to happen in the future, and it is the way you are going to communicate with one another as well as Extra-Terrestrials. Therefore, acknowledge the limitations that you have in communicating right now with words, and in every way that you can, seek to go beyond that experience. Start to use body language, your eyes, touch, and movement to communicate what you want to communicate and you will find that there are others who will want to do the same with you.

And as you start to engage in this way with one another, you will get better at receiving from the Higher Realms and Higher Frequency Beings and Collectives such as ourselves. Those of you who are sensitive and open to us, always get more out of these messages and we are only ever nudging you in the direction of having better relationships with each other through exploring other ways of communicating what it is that you want to express to another or to a group, something that we know you can do.

We have been experiencing the ripple effects of your evolution of Consciousness there on planet Earth and what you have expanded into feels so very good. Every time we offer you something that can assist in elevating your Consciousness and you receive it and use it, we also benefit from that. We are ALL Co-Existing within the same Universal Consciousness. Therefore, by helping you, we are helping ourselves and the same is true for you there on Earth. When you help another, you are truly just helping yourself. You are going to get more of what you give, and that means that if you are harming someone else, even by thinking harmful thoughts about them, you are only harming yourself.

This is why it is so important to 'pay attention' to what you are thinking about, what you are saying, how you are Feeling, and how you are Vibrating. With what you are thinking, you have the ability to assist others in the World by how you are sending Energies to them. As you send out the Love, Light, Healing and Compassion, that is what you will receive in return from your fellow Humans.

It is time for you All to tap into all that power within you, to allow that power to be what you experience moment by moment. You must cast aside any thought or belief that you may have convinced yourselves of how small and insignificant you are if you are to enjoy this journey of Ascension, this journey of really knowing yourselves as 'more than' what you have previously thought yourselves to be.

You are Powerful, you are All That Is in the flesh and not small and insignificant. When you recognise this within yourselves and in others, you are Awakened. Be aware when you are operating from this 'knowing', and when you are not you have the opportunity to be able to release that which is limiting to you, that which is telling you that you are small and insignificant. When you step into your power, when you align with Source, we and others in the non-physical Densities FEEL it as your power extends beyond your Density and your Earth. Remember, you are in the process of becoming the Master's that you truly are, and it is time to 'let go' so that you can enjoy the ride and experience the inevitable growth that is part of the Ascension process in this lifetime.

This is a Universal Ascension. We are all Ascending and we are all affecting each other when we 'go with the flow', and we accept these changes that are occurring. Therefore, by resisting nothing and no one, you will be in that flow. You will be recognising that you are the Creator of all this and that it is all to benefit you. It is all for your Spiritual Evolution and Growth and when you experience it, you naturally want others to experience it as well. You want to share everything, the wealth, the knowledge, the wisdom that you attain through your growth experiences and your successful navigation of them.

When you have success in one of these and put it out into the Universe, everyone benefits. We can All learn from your experiences, even if you never write or speak about them. We truly are All in this together, and the Power is when we are supporting each other in this Ascension journey. With the 'knowing' that you are not doing it all by yourselves, allows you to 'let go' a bit more of the struggle and to 'allow in' more assistance and more of the positive experiences that others are having on your Planet and throughout this beautiful Universe of ours. We are also Ascending and becoming more of Who We Are, and we are sending to all of you there on Earth all that Light and Love and positivity. Therefore, be 'open and receptive' and make some time available throughout your day to receive what is coming to you from above.

We Ascended within our Star System, which is why we still identify as Arcturian and we are much more Universal than that now having a substantial reach across this Universe of ours. We understand why more and more people are wanting to leave Earth and understand how hard it is to be there at this time. We wish to encourage you to reach out to the non-physical and to assist you by giving you a reason to stay there on Earth, and that reason is because we need you as our ground crew. Understand that you will never experience anything quite as satisfying as assisting an entire race of Beings on a planet to Ascend.

Your souls have journeyed so much and so far, throughout so many Densities to get there, and now that you are there, you long to be somewhere else, and that somewhere else is usually another Star System. This is why we are extending ourselves out to you at this time. We always have been there for you, however, right now we really want you to 'hear it', and more importantly, 'feel it'.

At this time, we also want you to FEEL our Energy, as well as the Pleiadean, Sirian and Andromedin energy, as we are all working together to assist Starseeds to FEEL more at home there on Earth. As we reach out to you, we deposit what is needed in your Energy Fields to give you more of a 'sense of home' and a 'sense of belonging'. And those of you who can 'open up' and 'receive' with ease will be able to FEEL what it is that All of Us are sending, while others will just notice that they Feel a little less angry, less homesick and a little more comfortable in their environment.

One of the ways in which people awaken is when we seek out to reach everyone, regardless of whether they are awake or not. People awaken because of bizarre experiences that they cannot explain all the time and we seek to be one of those bizarre experiences for some of the un-awakened Humans there. Those of you who know about Us and other E.T.s will be able to assist the newly Awakened to make sense of these experiences. We suggest you 'open up' to the Energies that We and the Sirians, Andromedins and Pleiadeans are sending you while you are waiting for people to reach out to you because sometimes you need that validation that everything is going according to plan.

You do need to be reminded at times that you are on the right track and that everything that is happening on your World today is very calculated, as it is meant to get more people to 'release' what no longer Serves them. Those that 'let go' and 'release' will in turn, assist every single person receive what they need. The Energies are strong and will continue to get stronger and we just want you to Feel more comfortable on Earth to assist with the Ascension for Humans.

We have many portals that we have access to, and we are excited for you to receive these Energies because they are infused with more of the Light and Love of Source that we channel ourselves. As Source is much higher than we currently are, we have to channel that Source Energy Vibration in-order to work with those specific Source Energies that we have been recently accessing.

Our interest in how to play with Energies, in how to channel Higher Frequency Vibrations assists us in understanding how then to offer that energy to all of you to better assist you and to enhance your experience of life there on Earth. This not only helps you, but also helps us, and everyone throughout this beautiful Universe of ours.

One of the more significant aspects of your journeys is 'merging' the Individual Human with that of Source, although there are many things simultaneously. There are those who have merged their Individual Self with Source and have done so effectively, and we are here to help with that process. Understand that when you merge more fully with the Truth of Who You Are as Source, All That Is, the Oneness, you then radiate that around you, and you transform others into their Higher Selves. Those of you who are Awake and wondering what you are supposed to do, must be aware on some level that by 'just being there' you are 'contributing' enormously to the Human Collective and the Collective Consciousness of Humanity's Ascension.

These Energies will assist with the Goal that you All had before incarnating into those beautiful Physical Bodies that you all have. We are fortunate to have the Perspective that we do on life there on Earth and can see how easy it would be to go down a path of despair when looking at yourselves and your society. However, we do not fall into that trap because we see the 'best' in All of you as you truly are, as Source Energy Beings, merely pretending to be something 'less than' the wholeness of Source. You have become very good at pretending; however, your Awakening is really a remembering, a lifting of the veil of forgetfulness and is a 'letting go' of the illusion of separation.

Your Awakening has been at a faster pace because of the great fear and suffering on Earth as it has been of late. Should you find yourself in a pit of despair, just realise that you will climb out of it and that the Feeling of despair and the experience will be temporary because it is all part of the game that you are all playing with yourselves and that nothing is permanent. There are some strategies for dealing with despair that we wish to give you, and even if you are just feeling down from time to time. As recommended before, you can always take a few deep breaths, listen to soothing music, take yourself outside to enjoy Mother Nature, focus on someone you Love, and from the centre of your Heart you can always Feel for the truth of Who You Are.

These things that you are doing does not take effort, it is very natural, however, it takes effort to lower your Vibration to the extent that you have in this and previous lifetimes that you have had. In fact, it takes effort to forget the truth of who you are. You can strip away these layers of forgetfulness at whatever pace is comfortable to you, however, understand that is what you are doing. You are there to remember Who You Really Are and Who Everyone Else Really Is, and the rest of it is just you all playing around with each other.

We do not mean to make light of any pain or suffering there on Earth or diminish it in some way, however, if you are in a place at present where you are not feeling much pain, suffering or despair, remember those individuals who would benefit from you sending Love, Light, Compassion, Healing, and Forgiveness to them. You can All be of Service at any time you desire, and you can all continue the Awakening process at any time, it is entirely up to you how you move forward, however, from our perspective we know that you will, which is why we always greet you with such optimism and enthusiasm.

You will complete this journey of shifting your Consciousness, and on a much better Feeling Timeline than what most of them Feel like and remember that this Perspective that we hold is available to all of you. Just know that you are all doing well.

We acknowledge that we are indeed fortunate to be existing where we exist right now. We acknowledge both the beauty of our existence and the privilege of our positioning in this Universe. As mentioned above, we get tremendous joy in receiving help and then giving help to others. We know that many of you have been 'opening up' to receive more of the help that has always been coming to you, and we also know that many more of you are coming forward to become the Helpers that you truly are.

The way that we Ascend as a Universe is by coming together. Therefore, anything that is a movement towards coming together with 'any other' is going to Feel Good and anything that is a movement towards separation, segregation, or moving apart, is going to Feel Bad. By you choosing a path of separation, especially at this time, you would be going against the grain, but by choosing a path of integration, of coming together, you will Feel very good. By setting aside differences means that you are coming together, and it means that you are 'seeing yourself in another'. It also means that you have accessed more of your Compassion for another Human being. These are all very good things.

If we were Physical Human beings living on Earth at this time, we would make a list of all the ways in which we can come together with our fellow Humans. We would also be looking for ways in which we can Forgive, Let Go of resistance, and put aside differences, in-order to make it possible to come together with another Being or Group that we had previously seen as the enemy. We truly are All in this together. It helps you immensely to see yourselves more as members of a Collective than as Individuals, as this is a Group event, it is a Collective experience that we are having.

We have looked down the Timelines where you do 'go with the flow' and you go the easier path, where you will search for and even create those opportunities to help others, to come together with others, to unite, to see beyond differences. You can all do this. None of you who are receiving this message has to convince anyone else to do the same. You will be aligning with the World and the Human Collective when you do it and the Human Collective will also be doing it. There is no converting or preaching that is necessary, you just do it, and 'you will' see the results in your World and in your life.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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