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Solar Plexus Energy Upgrade and Mastery into 5D

We are very excited and happy to report that you All have been assimilating the Energies quite nicely and you are ready for more Upgrades to your seven main Chakras. You are, of course, getting assistance all the time from your Guides in regard to the Upgrades and Activations that you need in order to keep up with the Energies we and others like us are sending you. However, we also look in at your Energetic Bodies and the Energy Centres contained within, we then determine what you could use in order to assist in your Journey of Ascension and we have determined, that your Solar Plexus Chakras are where the most good can be done at this time.

You are very powerful Beings who are undergoing a huge Transformation, that can be unsettling to the Psyche and the 'sense' of Self. We seek to 'ease' the Transition of Knowing yourselves as Singular, Egoic Beings to Knowing yourselves as your Higher Selves, which operate more as Collectives. Many Humans 'fear' the loss of their 'sense of Self' when we talk about Oneness and we talk about Unity Consciousness, but these are not concerns that you need to be thinking about, because you will always Know yourselves as you have always Known yourselves. In other words, you will have that 'sense of YOU'.

However, you will also Feel more Inclusive, more Expansive, a situation where you have access to so much more from 'within', however, we can tell you that all day every day, we Know that you still need these Solar Plexus Chakra Upgrades, because you do still want to see yourselves as Growing and Expanding and not 'losing yourselves' in a sea of Consciousness and we Know exactly how to 'tweak' those Solar Plexus Chakras to enable that smooth and easy Transition that you 'want' and that Serves everyone for you to have.

Those of you who are among the Awakened Collective are leading the way for the rest of Humankind and even though we are giving these Upgrades to All Humans at this time, you will still be the ones who utilise the new and improved Solar Plexus Chakra Upgrade first, because you are the ones who are moving into the 5th Density Frequency range the most often and you will complete the Transition as the First Wave of Ascension. Then you will 'demonstrate to others' that they have nothing to be afraid of, because they will 'recognise you' as still being 'yourselves'.

Of course, you will be Happier, you will be more Creative, more Magical and you will Feel like you have had a huge weight lifted off of your shoulders. You will give off a glow like Yeshua did and people will want to Experience what you are Experiencing. All you have to do is 'Accept' the Upgrade, Know that it might come with some Ascension symptoms and drink lots of water, get lots of rest, and get ready to 'amplify the Experience' of 'yourself' as a 5th Density Being.

We are not just imagining a better Future for Humanity; we are also able to see a better 'now moment' than most of you are. That ability that we have, to see the better 'now moment' there on planet Earth, is also a Choice that 'we' are making. We are Choosing to Focus at 'all times' on the Positives, the baby steps forward that you have taken in a given moment, and we are never deluding ourselves when we do so. It is always up to You, which aspect of the 'now moment' you Choose to Focus upon, and that Choice makes an enormous difference in the course of your life.

Now, most people are not taking their Emotions very seriously and because they do not take their emotions seriously enough, they are suppressing them. Those suppressed Emotions become Energy Blockages. Those Energy Blockages put out a Vibration to the Universe, and those pessimistic Thoughts come to you as Thought Forms. They come into your Conscious Awareness, and 'in that moment', you do have a Choice. You can Agree with the pessimistic Thought, or you can 'dismiss' it. This is the beauty of Meditation, because in Meditation you learn how to dismiss all Thoughts.

A lot of people attempt to Meditate and assume that they are very bad at it, therefore it is just not for them, because those Thoughts just keep coming. However, as long as you keep 'Letting Go' of the Thoughts that you do not like and 'tune in' to something that is 'Positive', you can Change, and you will eventually be able to Let Go of that old 'stuck Energy', that 'Energy blockage', because it will Feel so much worse as you become more Conscious, and you will do everything in your power to release it.

You can all benefit from the assistance that is present at this time and the help that is coming, and you are much more likely to do so when you start living a more Conscious Life. That means being Consciously Aware of the Choices you are making, including what you Choose to Focus upon, but also whether you are Choosing to Meditate and 'pay Attention' to your Thoughts and Emotions. You are able to receive so much more assistance when you are operating at a Higher Frequency, and your Vibration will naturally rise up through the simple act of Meditating or Choosing to Focus on something in your life that 'is' working, that is Positive, that is Life-Affirming.

We know that all Beings, both Physical and Non-Physical, are increasing expodentially the Energetic support at this Time, and we Know that many of you are being forced to face what you have been suppressing and those 'Energy blockages'. We want you to Know how to 'clear' them more efficiently, that is why we give you this Message. We want you to become the Conduits of High Frequency Energy you were born to Be, you will be what people look to when they need to Feel Hopeful about the state of the World at this Time and the state of the Human Collective Consciousness.

We are opening ourselves up to the Higher Density Energies that are coming into our Realm, to 'support us' in our 'support of you' All. We Know that you require more assistance from above and we are happy to extent all the assistance that we can to you. It is like this throughout the Universe. Those who have risen to a Higher Density Plane or have never left that Higher Density Plane, help those who are yet to Ascend to that Level. We are ALL helping each other on the Journey back to Source, and when those of you who are Awake look around at your Fellow Humans, you can see that certain ones have not yet reached your Level of Spiritual Evolution, therefore, you will want to help them.

You help them out so much more by the Energies that you channel, than the words that you speak to them. You help them out so much more by setting the example, than by telling them what they should do to better themselves or better their lives. You have so much to gain from helping others and helping others in the way that we have described. By opening yourselves up to the 'solutions' to the World's problems, you get to Experience them first. You get to Feel the 'ecstasy and bliss' of the Energies that are the answers to the questions that everyone around you is asking. When you try to fix the World's problems through mental gymnastics, that is usually where you 'trip up' and where you also find yourselves 'butting heads' with others who think there is a better way to solve those same problems.

Again, this is why these Messages Channel Energy and are so much more effective, and it is also more enjoyable because there is no one to oppose you. There is no Perspective that is the polar opposite. There is just you 'Channelling' Higher Frequency Energies and spreading them around to the rest of Humanity, which is something that Feels very good while you are doing it. And you do not have to worry about whether you are allocating it to the right people at the right time, because all of that is taken care of for you. You do have to take care of yourselves, however, replenish your bodies. You do have to engage in self-care, as much as you engage in your acts of Altruism and Kindness towards your Fellow Humans.

However, we Know that the Energies that are being 'Channelled' through this Message right now, are going to be 'received' by those of you who are looking to be of Service to others, because you are more 'open' and more 'sensitive'. You are more likely to 'receive' what you are Transmitting, because you are closer in Vibration to those Energies, that also matters. When you are looking at what is wrong with Society or a certain segment of Society, and you are arguing with someone else about how to fix it, you have Lowered your Vibration, and you are not as 'open', therefore, you are less likely to 'receive'; these beautiful Energies that we have to distribute to you now. Remember that the next time you 'Think' you should engage with that person, whom you 'Know' you disagree with.

Let it Go and you will 'Let more In'. Rise above the arguing and the pettiness and you will be able to help so many, now and right up until the time of your Ascension.

We have been Focusing quite a bit of 'our Attention' on your 'ability' to hold your Vibration in a particular Frequency and we are very pleased to report that Humans have been showing a 'greater ability' to stay in the Vibration of your Choosing for longer stretches of your time. This is a skill that you need while you are still transiting through 4th Density, because you need to 'hold' that Vibration for a longer period, in order to MANIFEST something and KNOW that it was YOU that was 'responsible' for the Manifestation. It is very Empowering. It also keeps you Feeling the way that you want to Feel, which is even more important than the Manifestation part.

In a fast-paced Society where people are often rushing around and giving their Attention to whatever is grabbing it, it is very important for you to be able to hold a Vibration, it is a skill that indicates to us that those of you who are doing it, have been able to 'tune out' the Physical Realm long enough to relax into your Internal Realm. You can only really be Aware of your Vibration by going within and when you are willing to 'go within', you are capable of accessing the Vibration of your Choice and 'holding' it. However, like anything on your world, it takes practice. It takes your Time, your Attention, your Focus, and your Effort and we want you to Know that the Effort you have been putting forth, has been paying off.

Those of you who have determined for yourselves that it IS an 'important skill' to have, are noticing that your lives are getting easier. You are noticing that your powers of Manifestation are increasing, and you are noticing that you are in the mood you want to be in, more often than not. Now, the tricky part will be 'sharing' this 'ability' with others, in such a way that they will be able to notice the difference in their own lives. Therefore, those of you who are holding Meditation Classes, Sound Healings and Gathering together in Groups, holding various Intentions, you are the ones who are Mastering this 'ability' and figuring out HOW to help others in their 'quest to Feel that they have a sort of Mastery over the Physical Realm'.

Remember that you have All been Masters in at least one previous lifetime on Earth, or perhaps elsewhere in the Galaxy. Therefore, you are remembering abilities like this one, and it is through your 'practice and your continued interest' in All Things Spiritual, that you have come to this point. You can expect to start seeing Manifestations coming faster and faster, as the Energies keep increasing in their speed and their Vibration. This is one of the many ways that you will Serve your Fellow Humans that you have there in the 4th Density. You will demonstrate your ability, the results that you get from practicing, and you will 'figure out ways' of Teaching them how to Master Vibration. By Mastering their Vibration, they will Master the Creation of their Reality and that is what so many are looking for at this time.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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