Ascension Messages

Recognise the Divinity in ALL

We are awaiting our next big assignment from our Oversoul, as our Oversoul is always in direct communication with Us, and our Oversoul exists in the 11th Density. From this position, it has a bigger and better view of what is happening throughout the Universe. We enjoy receiving our assignments because we like to Be of Service, and just like all of you we like to have a mission and a purpose. We suggest that you sit quietly with your eyes closed, and enjoy the silence, enjoy the not-doing for a while, and instead of seeing it as a chore to 'let go' of your Thoughts, see it instead as liberating. You get to free yourself from your very active 'thinking mind' for a while as you await some sort of impulse, some kind of instruction that you know are coming from your Higher Self because of their nature, because of the Vibration they hold.

You can do this every day, twice a day or more. You can begin 'open contact' right now with a Higher Density Being, known as your Higher Self. You usher in more 'open contact' with Physical E.T Beings of your density and of higher densities when you practice being in 'open contact' with a higher density Being or Collective. There is no need for you to wait until everyone is ready or until a government official discloses the truth about E.T.s and Humans.

You can begin your 'contact experiences' by starting with your very own Higher Self Consciousness. You are not separate from your Higher Self, as your Higher Self Consciousness is YOU, you are one and the same, however, it is an aspect of you operating from a Higher Density plane and a Higher level of Consciousness. The personal E.T. contact that you will have or have been having are with Beings that are other aspects of you, therefore, it is the best place to start with E.T. contact.

It is always another aspect of YOU that you are meeting, no matter who you are meeting. There are those who share an Oversoul, there are Beings that you have connected with over and over again, and they seem like they are more You than a Being that you have never met before, however, it is ALL YOU. Therefore, if you want more contact with other aspects of You that come to you in the form of E.T's, then start having more contact with other aspects of You.

Be in contact with your Self, your Thoughts, your Feelings, your Vibration, and the things you Believe and Know. By being in touch with your own Heart, your own Love and Vibrational Signature, it is a good place to start contact with more of YOU. Starting with YOU ensures you will always receive more in this Universe. By looking outside of yourself without that Knowing will always have you looking outside of your Self, because ultimately everything is meant to have you 'look within you' and when you do, you are certain every time to find what you are looking for.

It does not Serve you or us, to look through a narrow lens. We are giving ourselves many opportunities to see Humanity from various angles and perspectives. We also Know that in-order to assist all of you, we need to be efficient, and to understand exactly what it is that you need, which is why many of you meet with us at night in the Astral where we are able to speak with you about the issues that you face as an Individual and the issues that you know are in front of Humanity as a whole.

We observe how different people experience the same thing through our connecting with each and every one of you. Right now, 'everyone' is having a different experience on Earth, because that is necessary in-order for Source to benefit and to expand from. Remember, that Source is You, and You are Source, so do not think that you are suffering on behalf of an entity that exists outside of you, that is not you, because that is not the case. You are there as Source, pretending to be Human, to have Human Experiences, to Feel Human Emotions, and you are adding to that which is YOU.

What makes the Earth experience so wonderful are the differences and variety provided there. Even though you enjoy meeting with people who share your interests and beliefs, sameness is not wonderful, and it is when you have some sort of difference in opinion that you have an 'opportunity' to do what we do. The differences provide an opportunity for you to look at something through someone else's eyes because you love that person, and you want to understand what they are experiencing. And sometimes you cannot relate to someone else's life experience and circumstances because it is so different from your own life experience, however, you can still have Compassion.

You can relate to a person who is suffering, feeling something that they do not want to Feel. This is what you have in common with all your fellow Humans, and this is what will bring Humanity together, understanding once and for all, that you are all connected through your Hearts, Feelings and your Emotions. Even though you may never agree on the level of the Mind, you can however, always relate to the truth that just like you, someone else Feels at times what you Feel, and they are also having a Human experience. Recognise that you are all linked in so many ways, that you are One, and despite the differences, that you can Love each other.

Therefore, instead of defining yourselves by the differences, you can learn to make Peace with those differences and not separate yourselves into little groups and it is unnatural for one group to demonise an entire group that may be different in some way from them. It is the Mind that does this, which is why we will always attempt to convince you to go into your Hearts and Feel your Feelings, the Feelings that connect and bind you all together as One Human Family. This is who you are, what you are, and it is what you are there to recognise within each other. This will take you to the next step, and the next step is recognising the Divinity in All of your fellow Humans and All Beings throughout the Universe.

We Feel that more of the pieces of ourselves come together when we connect with any Being in this Universe and so, we are willing to spread ourselves as far as we can to reach as many Beings as possible in this Galaxy and in this Universe. As we connect with new Beings and Collectives, we grow exponentially. And just like you, we do enjoy some experiences more than others and we do choose where we would like to Focus our Energy.

We see that some of you are choosing Consciously, while others are choosing from habit, obligation, or a sense that you will get something from focusing on a person's teachings or information that they are sharing with you. Sometimes you work at a job that you dislike for decades because you see it as 'a means to an end' by receiving a wage. Your Free Will is important. Once you have enough experiences of your world, people, places, and activities on it, it would be wise to choose Consciously what you are giving your 'attention to' and what you are placing 'your energy' on. It makes sense to connect with those that give you the Feeling of a 'part of you' coming into place.

Many of you ask Us about your mission and purpose there on Earth, understand that unless you are your true, authentic Self, you are never going to do what will give you that Feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment of something important. If you want to Be of Service, you must start with yourself. The concept of Service to Self and Service to others are together blended. If you start by seeing where you fit in, then you will have a much easier time assisting others, because you will be bringing your Whole Self to that interaction.

We encourage you to look at your lives right now and ask yourselves whether you are being true to yourself, or whether there is some other reason that you are doing what you are doing, why you are placing your attention on it, and spending time with the people that you associate with. There is so much variety for you to choose from and so, when you use your Free Will appropriately, and choose Consciously, you will have better results. We want you to be happy and fulfilled, to Feel whole and to have a sense of purpose, and that always starts with you asking yourselves 'what you truly want to do' and 'how you want to be' in any given moment and every situation.

By being your authentic Self, what you gravitate towards will be more fruitful than if you are pretending to be someone or something that you are not, and then you can act from that 'state of being' and that 'Vibration'. If you are still uncertain about who you are, who you want to be, what you want to do, and so on, close your eyes, quiet your Mind, even if it takes a long time to do so, and wait. Something will come to you, and then you must Trust it and follow it through. You will be that much closer to Us and our Vibration when you can experience that 'expansiveness of You' becoming more of Who You Are through all your day-to-day activities and associations.

We suggest that each and every one of you give up the struggle, stop seeing the World or elements within the World as acting against you. See that it is all there for the purpose of your Spiritual Growth and Evolution and that it was all placed there by YOU. With our assistance, you will finally let go, surrender, and embrace the World outside of you as it is, and you will eventually see it as 'perfect' because of all the 'opportunities' it gives you to become more of Who You Are.

You should see all the institutions, all the people, groups, and everyone that you have been taught is bad and should be arrested and punished or wiped from the face of the Earth, as aspects of Yourself that are there for you to Forgive, Love, Heal and have Compassion for. The experience of 'letting go of the resistance within you' will open you up to a sensation of Unconditional Love, the like of which you never felt before and you can practice being 'unconditionally loving' with those you hold dearest to you, especially the little ones and the animals. Very few have made accomplishments there on Earth to be able to Be it and Hold it as a 'state of being' within yourself.

All this does not have to be accomplished at once, we want you to continue to take baby steps to Ascend, to become your Higher Selves as that will make for a rewarding and enjoyable journey. Make a promise to yourself right now, that you will take one baby step today towards the Goal of Surrendering and Letting Go of your 'resistance' to all that is outside and inside of you, that you have been able to Accept just as it is, that you have been pushing against.

This is the most powerful practice available to you at all times, and eventually, you will get tired of the practice of holding resentment, anger, fear, and hatred. You will want to 'let go' of these experiences, even though you were always supposed to have them in the first place. Therefore, Let Go of guilt for ever believing that there is something outside of you to fight against or that you are the victim, and they are the oppressor. Remember, YOU are The Creator, and you are there to experience yourself as such and nothing will be as satisfying as you 'becoming' more of Who You Really Are.

We understand that on some level it is both challenging and enticing to have an enemy to defeat, to externalise all that is dark within the Self in one person or one Group. This game is of Integration and not a game of Separation and that you can Ascend as soon as you realise that. As we have also said before, you can start living a 5th Density life as a 5th Density Being right now, however, this is the work that you must do in-order to become that, to be in that 'state of being' that is 5th Density. We have made agreements with you at night while you are asleep, and we continue to nudge you in that direction with every message.

We are very clear with what we are always putting out Vibrationally and Energetically because we have practiced doing it Consciously for so long and it has become second nature to us, as well as having nothing else to do. We do not have to work to get money to pay the bills, rent, the mortgage or to buy food and cleanse our bodies and our homes, nor do we have to drive anywhere, therefore, it is understandable that you are not always 'paying attention' to what Vibration you are offering in any given moment, when you have all these things to consider.

The opposite of Mindfulness is when 'your moments' are filled with activity, and because you have so much to do, you often think about the things you must do while you are doing something else. Now, we are not here to convince you that you should be like Us, or for you to pretend that you are not living in a World where things must get done, however, we wish to convince you that what you are putting out Vibrationally, what you are Feeling and Thinking are 'more important' than the chores that need doing for the day.

When you do Feel overwhelmed, all that is required is it to take a deep breath and talk to yourself, letting yourself know that you can put the chores off until later, and that right now, your Vibration requires some attention. Take that approach to life and 'let go' of the 'programming' that tells you that you are only as good as what you can accomplish in a given timeframe. Realize that while you are sleeping you accomplish a lot while you offer a higher Vibration, because you are shifting yourself to a different Reality, where there is less for you to do.

However, let us assume that you have become very efficient, taking pride in your work and accomplishments because of all that you have achieved, wanting people to recognise and validate all your efforts, all the things that you did, however, there is another approach and that is, that 'you are Good, just because you Exist'.

You have nothing to prove to anyone, not even to yourself, that with your actions and accomplishments that you are 'good'. You can just Be, and you can exude a 'good Vibration, even though many people may not notice that accomplishment and you will Feel better all the time. Understand that a person must continue their accomplishments in-order to Feel good about themselves, therefore, consider how they may Feel when they retire from work after having put all that pride in, all those years.

Your Vibration matters. Your Vibration will materialise in the Physical to that which it is a match to. Therefore, prioritise your Vibration in your life today, and when you wake up tomorrow 'check in' to see where your Vibration is before your Vibration starts to drop. By catching it early, you can shift your Vibration before you get into your conversation and actions of the day. Take care of what matters and everything else in your World will reflect it to you. You have the Power to put yourself into that type of World that you want to be living in.

Woven into this message is higher frequency guidance from us at this time, for you to step out of all external drama and attachments that have temporally trapped a version of your Soul into the Human 3D reality. The importance here is to see the Divinity in everything and everyone, including yourselves. This is INTEGRATION and the reason why we are ALL here at these times.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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