Ascension Messages

Receive and Anchor in the Energies

We know that many of you have requested assistance of the Universe, Source, your Guides and even Us, and the best way that we have of assisting you is by reminding you of how this all works. You come into this life knowing certain traits that you will have in this lifetime, the family you will be born into, the home, neighbourhood, community and of where you will have certain life experiences, of yourself and others.

Often you will realise that there is something more once you have experienced your incarnation for a while, playing the game and following the societal rules. Scripted in this lifetime are some major events and your planned Awakening. This you know because you are Awake, and this did not happen by accident. Once you Awaken, you realise that there are other ways of living your life and realising your dreams, ways where you could go to learn about how to navigate life joyously and freely that was not taught to you in your childhood.

For as long as Humans have been there on Earth, you have looked to the stars, skies and heavens for help, assistance that we have always been offering energetically. We have always been listening and taking into consideration all your requests to live a better life there on Earth. By sharing with you 'how to do it' yourselves, we are giving you the keys to the Kingdom. We are revealing to you everything that had not previously been taught to you.

From our point of view, you now only need to receive what you 'want to receive' and live the life you 'want to live' and to do that, you must 'let go' of anything you may be resisting in nature, that includes your Thoughts, Beliefs and Emotions, and especially includes your Judgments. You cannot want what someone else has and at the same time be in judgement of how they achieved it and still be truly in alignment with living that life. Therefore, in-order to Manifest your life's dreams, you must release and not to consider that there is less for you to do.

By paying attention to what you are Thinking and Feeling, even though they may seem justifiable to you, by willing to 'let go' of what feels heavy for you, you can 'allow in' some of those answered prayers. There will be some that you are not yet ready to receive, however, you must have Trust and Faith that all your prayers are being answered and that everything is coming to you in the 'perfect timing'. If you can do all the things that we have share with you, then you can live a happy life and Manifest the life of your dreams.

While waiting for one of these Manifestations to emerge for you in the Physical Reality, have fun, relax, look at the clouds while listening to bird songs. You do not need to be in the 'Manifester mode' all the time in-order to receive. By now you have experienced enough in this lifetime to have asked for enough, to have created enough, therefore, you now only need to be more Focused on the 'receiving mode' that few people find themselves in on a regular basis. However, it is important to remember to receive.

You have been facing the challenges of Earth and know that you have survived these challenges getting stronger and finding that your strength truly lies within you. You are accessing more of your Power when you 'connect within yourselves' and look for that which is Infinite, Eternal and all Powerful. There are enough of you now doing that to affect the rest of the Human Collective, and we share with you that you are growing, expanding, and evolving on schedule.

You are going above and beyond the call in many cases with your Service, and as a result are becoming better Manifesters. This means you can expect your continued journey to be smooth. Because of your Positivity and your ability to have tapped into the Energy of Source, others will want to listen to you. You who are Awake and are a part of the Awakened Collective provide others with comfort, healing and with solace. Your 'peace of mind' is contagious and when you spread it around, regardless of how you think it will be received, you bring more of it to yourself.

You are there to access so much more than most Humans who came before you ever did, and when you are following your excitement, when you are relaxing and engaging in self-care, you are 'opening up' to allow more in, and the changes that you want to see in yourself, in others and in the World outside of you, will all come easily. You need to listen to what you are being guided towards from within, and you must override the beliefs that are telling you that you should not do that for whatever reason or that you cannot do it. Those beliefs do not Serve you and it is time to 'let them go'.

We also see that you are recognising the significance of your Thoughts and Beliefs that do not Serve you, and you are 'letting them go' more easily without having to create a mess in your life that you are then required to clean up. We are happy to share with you that Humanity is doing much better than you were a year ago by continuing to Evolve and to Evolve Consciously is the most delicious experience you can have.

When you want to grow Spiritually, even if you only want that for yourself, it is still a desire that helps everyone in existence. Therefore, the Universe orchestrates it with very little effort, and sometimes no effort, on your part. We want to share this with you to assure those of you who think you are 'off track', that you are 'on track'. For those of you who would like to attain certain Spiritual gifts, we assure you that you will have these gifts because you will use them to assist all of Humanity.

And so, you are all being taken care of Spiritually, even those who have no interest in Spirituality will have their experiences that help them to Awaken. Therefore, do not worry or have concern about your loved ones who are not Awake, nor worry about when your own Spiritual breakthrough type experience will happen.

Everything happens because it needs to happen, because it Serves Humankind for these things to occur. Understand that when you say a prayer for everyone, or meditate for Peace on Earth, when you desire the oppressed to be free, that you have the support of the entire Universe and many Beings and Collectives who operate within this Universe.

The number of you who are Awake increases every day, and soon you will see a huge rise in the number of Awakened Souls there on Earth and you will Feel the difference in the people you come across and more importantly, a difference in the air. There is Power in numbers and the time is now where you will notice that all the Energies are shifting for the better. You have come this far, and you are on the verge of shifting your Consciousness as a Collective. No one and no-thing can stop that from happening. Those of you who are already Awake chose to be Awake because you wanted this particular experience of helping others to Awaken and to thrive as they continue on with their journeys to the 5th Density.

We have so much Love for Humanity and so much Love for your Planet, and we know that at times you also have love for Mother Earth. We know how easy it is to become consumed with what is going on inside your heads, your computer screens and certainly inside your homes, your businesses, your offices. However, for Mother Earth to be acknowledged as the beautiful, lifegiving entity that she is, all that is required of you is to go outside and connect with some aspect of her.

Notice how immediately your Vibration shifts when you connect with her. Shower her with praise and gratitude every day and look for opportunities to appreciate something about her as often as you can. Leading busy lives with so much on your minds, are good reasons for you to do exactly as we suggest. Nature tends to move very slowly, you know that grass, plants, flowers and fruits grow, however, you do not witness the growing. Mother Earth and Mother Nature are training you to be patient, to see your life in that way, and especially not to be too eager in picking the fruit before it is ready, as everything comes in their own timing.

When you try to 'force' something into place in your life, or try to rush something along, you know what happens. It does not go well, because you are micromanaging that something, needing to control that something, you are not willing to accept things as they are and to simply enjoy the life that you do have as it is. Mother Earth is not only the one who gives you everything, she is also teaching you and sending you Energies from her core. Her aura is the electromagnetic field that surrounds her that also gives you many different Gifts all the time.

She gives you an opportunity to simplify things with the invitations that she sends to you, however, you must receive and accept those invitations, respond in the affirmative, and go and sit with her, be with her. Know that she is your soulmate as well as any Human is. You must remember to take the time to connect with her and understand she is precious to you as any animal friend could be. Every day she is there for you, giving you everything you need and more, while asking for nothing in return.

People there on Earth are 'opening up' more to your Intuition, your Guides and your Higher Selves by simply receiving Energies and healing Energies. We notice more of you are 'opening up' without fear, without attachment and you always get more whenever you do 'receive' what is freely gifted to you consistently from all the Beings and all the Collectives who wish to assist each and every one of you.

We have many ways of delivering Energies to you, and when you open yourselves up to Us, you are opening yourselves up to a multitude of Galactic Energies that are pouring in at this time from all the major Star Systems. All the Galactic Energies help you have more memories flood in of your lifetimes in other Star Systems, that assist you in being prepared for full Extra-Terrestrial contact.

The Galactic Energies assist you in remembering your friends out there in the stars who elected not to incarnate on Earth like you did. Those of you who understand that you are there to 'anchor in' the Highest-Frequency Energies that you can, are doing so and you are transforming. Your transformation may not always be pretty and may not always be easy, however, by purging out the Lower Frequency Energies 'allows in' and 'makes room' for the Higher Frequency ones, that can look messy in your lives and in your bodies. By 'surrendering' to what is happening and 'letting go' is the best way to avoid having Ascension Symptoms and any other types of symptoms. Do not resist it, rather, give yourselves the hydration, rest, and the time that you need to 'allow in' the new and 'release' the old.

We recommend you continue to do this in-order to prepare yourselves Physically, Emotionally, and Energetically for all that is to come on Earth. All the Positive changes requested by you are coming and they are coming because 'you are shifting'. You are there to participate in it, experience the shift in Consciousness and not just to observe. Those of you who are Awake and Aware are doing so Consciously and deliberately and are assisting in bringing so many others along with you, because 'now is their time' as well, whether they know it or not.

The Galactic Energies flooding in are affecting people more and more, people are having stranger experiences, and you can help them in the same way that you helped yourselves or have been helped. That is a wonderful way to ensure that the shift in Consciousness is for everyone and not just for a few. We have a connection to every single Being there on Planet Earth and when you travel through the Astral Plane is when things get interesting.

It is in the Astral that we can connect with all who want to share their experiences with us and gain more of our wisdom through conversations. We know that whether you remember those interactions or not, more Arcturian Energy is carried with you throughout your day, and you are able to live according to the wisdom that we share with you in those moments that we share together while you are asleep.

We are not the only ones you visit in the Astral Plane, there are many Beings and Collectives for you to visit in the Higher Realms and all those Collective Perspectives that you receive while speaking to Us are a part of your Thoughts in the waking hours of your lives. We offer you downloads, activations, upgrades, and attunements, some of you even remember dreams of your Arcturian lifetimes that you download as you awaken. Soon when making contact with E.T.s you will be much more Conscious and deliberate, including while you are awake. However, the meetings in the Astral Plane prepare you for what is to come.

We also help other Beings from other Star Systems, and we are learning more through your experiences about ourselves than we ever could if we isolated ourselves. Therefore, we encourage you to never diminish what you are doing there on Earth or what you are experiencing. Do not see it as 'less than' what anyone else is doing or experiencing throughout the entire Galaxy. You are the ones who agreed to experience that level of density and polarity, with everyone benefiting from what you are living throughout all of Source Energy. Therefore, it does not burden Us to help you, to send you Energies, and to continue to Love you Unconditionally.

We want to help you without interfering with your natural process of Evolution, as previously other Extra-Terrestrial Groups have inadvertently stunted your growth by intervening and interfering. Those of Us who have observed all this recognise that the best way to help you is by giving you Information and Energies, by 'offering support' and 'holding space' for you all.

We know that the mass landing of ships will come because you are ready and not because you need rescuing, nor because only 'good people' will be taken to the New Earth. We know this because we know that everything that ever happens in your experience happens for your benefit, for the benefit of your Spiritual growth and Evolution. Remember, you are not incarnating there because you are trapped or because some Being outside of you, sent you there.

You incarnated there because as a Soul, you recognise where all the good growth experiences are, and you want them. You want to experience the movement of feeling less evolved - to feeling more evolved. You want to know yourselves more fully as you truly are, as Unconditional Love. Therefore, now is the time to take a look at your life as it is and take a look at everything that is in your life and everything that is not in your life. Then, instead of asking yourself where you went wrong or how you could have done things differently, ask yourself how these current conditions are helping you to become more of Who You Really Are as a Source Energy Being, as Unconditional Love. You may want an immediate answer in your mind, or a vison to appear to guide you to tell you exactly how you are meant to grow from this set of circumstances. However, it Serves you Spiritually more to look at it by yourself and find your own conclusions.

A question to ask yourself is, "how can I Be the Love in this situation?" Look at your World and your entire Planet and see the different struggles that exist there on Earth and ask yourself the same question. How can you present yourself more as Love in the face of that which appears to be something other than Love? Remember, that those circumstances and conditions are also there for your Spiritual Evolution, and not because someone in a government, or corporation, or someone more powerful than you are creating it that way. You are still the Creator of your experience and the sooner you Accept it, the sooner you can Do something about it.

You need to remind yourselves that you do like the Feeling of Growing and Evolving, and once you help yourselves by 'opening up' and 'allowing in' more of your own creation, you get to experience a helping hand from a Being or a Collective in the Higher Density Planes. However, you still had to align with that experience of receiving assistance. The sooner you recognise that it is all about what is going on inside of you, the sooner you can take all the Growth experiences that are available to you and thrive on Earth right now.

And we know that at the heart of all your requests to Us, is that desire to thrive. We know that you can do it, and as always, we are here to help and will continue to do so.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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