Ascension Messages

Seek to Balance and Harmonise

We are aware of every single person there on Earth who is doing what they need to do to reach a higher state of Consciousness. We applaud all of you that have taken on this initiative and call you the Awakened Collective that are growing in numbers every single day. We invite you to Feel for the enormity of what you are doing there on Earth and ask you to recognise that even if you feel alone in this quest, you are not alone.

The Astral Plane is where you connect with one another, sharing thoughts, ideas, and experiences you are having there, in the same way that you communicate there with one another through text, messaging, talking or the internet, including telepathically. As an Awakened Collective, you are coming together because you know how powerful you are when you are United. Those of you who are Awake also need to set aside your differences in terms of your beliefs. As the Awakened Ones, you do not need to let your beliefs separate you there on Earth.

In the Astral Plane you are also connecting with those you disagree with on a number of topics and while in the Astral you do not argue, debate, or try to prove that you are right, and they are wrong. If any group there on Earth is going to Unite, it is all of you. Therefore, when you find yourself in judgment of someone else because they do not believe in something that you do, recognise when you are 'in judgment' in that moment and 'let it go'. By doing this it will relax you and 'allow in' more of your Soul Family Group. In this way, you are saying to the Universe and Galaxy and all the Beings within both, that you 'are ready to come together' with more E.T.s and Non-Physical friends.

We can see and feel that you are Uniting, and we know that a big part of how to raise your level of Consciousness and how to raise your Vibration is by 'letting go', that allows you to become that which you were always meant to become in this lifetime. You are the Unifiers. You are the Way-Showers and the Light-Workers, and when you show others the way, you will see the results of that, even with those religious groups that typically disagree with each other. Look for evidence of what we are saying to you, it is out there. The best use of your Free Will is for you to Focus on the Reality of your choosing.

Planet Earth is all about variety, with many Beings there, both Human and otherwise, with so many Energies and Emotions, all seeking to Balance and Harmonise. Energies are like nutrients to your Physical Bodies that occasionally get out of Balance, where you may have too much of one and not enough of another, that is reflected in your body with a symptom, and your symptoms are in your Minds. Remember, that you chose to incarnate on planet Earth at this time because you also wanted the variety of 'thoughts' and 'thought forms' that would be available to you, so that you could explore them.

You are living in the 'Information age' at present, verging on the 'Galactic age', and you tend to become too Mind orientated, that does not Serve you as much as you think it does, because technology is not the answer. It is the Consciousness of Humanity that matters the most and not new E.T. technologies and are not the answer to all Earth's problems.

Therefore, certain Energies are there to assist you in being more Centred and Balanced within your Bodies and Minds and are being delivered to you through your food and water. We want these Energies to reach everyone and not only to those open to receiving these Energies. Everyone on Earth will receive these Balancing Energies through what people eat, through drinking water, showering, or bathing, that are coming from the 9th Density, the Arcturian Star System and non-locality.

Now is the perfect time for achieving more Balance in yourselves and in your lives. We want you to know how significant the Harmony of the Human Mind and the Human Collective Mind is to your Ascension. The easiest steps to take throughout your day is by Choosing what you Think about and what you Focus on. With this Balanced Energy it will be easier to Think and Focus in the upcoming weeks and months achieving greater Mental and Emotional alignment. Of course, all your continued work on yourselves in maintaining a Higher Vibration also will assist in this.

Many of you are tuning into the Galactic Energies, realising that you have a history that goes beyond your lifetimes there on Earth. We understand that Earth is a challenging place to incarnate, and that many of you have incarnated for the sole purpose of assisting Humans on Earth. Because it can be challenging for you to stay there in your Physical Bodies, we often say to you that there is nothing you are supposed to do, however, there is a reason why you Feel that way. You Feel that way because you know you are on a Mission and having lived as a Human for quite some time, your programming there is the belief that Missions involve taking actions.

Your mission is unique, in that you are there to hold a certain Vibration to 'anchor in', be a 'conduit' for certain Energies, such as the Galactic Energies and much of what you will do will take place and become clear after your first official Contact with E.T. Beings. You are there to learn about life on Earth trying to fit in and in many ways to be there to observe. While it may not have been easy, it has been beneficial. You are assisting by altering the Timelines to bring about Positive outcomes throughout the Galaxy, the Universe and all the Universes, because we are All Connected.

You are assisting by just being there to counter the fear that is so prevalent, replacing it with Love, Joy, Freedom and with excitement. Therefore, you must take care of yourselves to fulfil your Mission and sometimes that means being more introspective than outgoing, living a more isolated way from the masses and it means rising above arguing with other people who are promoting and spreading fear that lowers your Frequency.

It is by using your superpower of Sensitivity and Compassion for your fellow Humans that will ultimately assist them. Do your best to stay Positive and do not lower your Frequency by being drawn into arguments and point scoring. Remember, that you are there to assist them by being gentle with them and eventually they will come around by you maintaining your High Vibration.

We have noticed how many of you are using the Energies to release blockages that are inside your Energy Bodies and Physical Bodies and how many people are more 'in flow' with the Energies at this moment. That is due to the changes that you have made in terms to your Thoughts and Beliefs where you are capable of 'letting go' of the 'idea' that you must do it all and do it through action.

More and more everyday are waking up to the Truth that what they need to do is Let Go, Surrender and Trust. This allows the Energies that are there to help you to do what they do best, and by you doing what you are there to do, you can have the best possible experience of life on Earth at this time. Remember, you are there to 'experience' this Reality and this 'shift' in Consciousness, and to 'choose' how you 'experience' it. Much of what is required to be created through actions is already there in your Reality.

You have stepped into this time of Human Evolution to give yourselves 'an opportunity' to 'do less' so that you can 'activate' what you need to activate, 'release' what you need to release, and ultimately 'transform' into who and what you are becoming. That is a monumental task, and you are doing more than those who came before you who have been unable to handle the issues that you are now facing from your genetic line.

These issues are about loss, abandonment, and fear of the unknown. You are there to handle these experiences with more Grace, Trust, more Faith in yourselves and in who and what you really are as Source Energy Beings. And the Energies are there to assist. The Energies require your willingness to allow them to run through you, you are acting as a conduit of these Energies and this we see more of you doing, realising the futility of 'words and actions' in certain areas of your life. You cannot convince someone else in your life to change, you must do it, and that Change involves YOU being willing to look at something in a different way, to Accept something you have not been able to accept before, to release a fear or a judgment.

That is the 'heavy lifting' we refer to, that is the 'hard work' of Consciousness. However, it can be taxing on you Physically and so you require rest, hydrate, and meditate. Someone observing you may assume your life is easy with not much to do, meanwhile hundreds of thousands of years of ancestral karma and trauma are being cleared by you.

We are proud of you and that you have chosen to Awaken ahead of the rest of Humanity to show them the way. You are building energetic roads and highways, pathways that will assist others in getting there, however with less trauma and drama. It is possible to navigate this experience with Joy and Love, and it helps to know why and what you are doing. Those that are Awake have that knowledge and are putting it to good use, which is why we are happy with what we are seeing and feeling.

We also know that you all recognise the potential that exists within each child to make Earth a better place. We are aware that you all know that the children coming in now are quite different from all the children of previous generations. They represent more of their Extra-Terrestrial lineage, and we have referred to them as star children. Their Light is harder to shroud and hold that lineage more firmly.

Those of you who understand who they are and what their presence means to the Evolution of Consciousness on your World want to assist. We suggest that the best way to assist is to get out of their way and allow them to be Who They Are. Allow them to teach you as they are now very capable of leading Humanity with that wonderful Light that shines from within each one.

Those who can and will make the biggest difference there on Earth have chosen their parents wisely, for they knew that the parents would need to hold a certain belief about them, in-order for them to thrive, in-order for them to fulfil their purpose. You can rest assured that nothing is ever going to get in the way of your Ascension, because nothing is ever going to be able to extinguish all the Light that is coming in.

You are also a part of the Helpers who have come to shine more Light and you have recognised this trait in yourselves. It is time to join forces with the children, just as we would invite you to join forces with Us, your Guides, your Galactic Family, and everyone else who is coming from the Light to Serve the mission of Ascension there on Earth. Be guided by the children of your World to bring you to heightened states of Joy and Love. They will shed all your beliefs about what 'is possible' and what 'is impossible' by teaching you how to play again and how to expect things to come to you with ease.

We know that many of you seek fulfilment and satisfaction throughout the course of your day, and we often recommend that you send Energy, Love, Light, Support and whatever you have available to your fellow Humans, as many are suffering. While it is easy to look at the outward speech and behaviour from those carrying trauma and currently being abused and judge it, try to understand the place they are coming from, as they are carrying heaviness and darkness within them.

Therefore, should you wish to fulfil your purpose, send Light and Love everywhere. Radiate it out into the World so that others can Feel it radiating off you and know that whenever you hear about someone who has done something terrible, that they need Love and Light as much as the Victims do. We always encourage you to shine your Light because we know your Light is required there on Earth, knowing also that it is the most satisfying thing you can do. Shining your Light is more important than publishing a book, building a home or digging a well for a community, because everyone need an 'energetic boost'.

Everyone needs to Be Loved, to Feel Loved and to know that others care about them. Everyone needs the Light shone upon them, and because you are receiving from us and others, you are open, loving, caring people and Awake, making you perfect to do it. It is important to Value yourself and with what you have to give, in-order to Feel that sharing your Light and Love will be of Value to others. You have much to give of yourselves as well as what you receive from the Higher Realms.

We encourage you to spend some time Focusing on what you have to give. Everyday Focus some of your time on 'opening up' to what is available to you energetically from the Higher Realms, and then send everything that you are receiving and everything that you already received to your fellow Humans and 'change the World'. Because you are Awake, you are in a better place than most to Change the World for the better from where you are right now and that makes an enormous difference.

And while you cannot talk someone into waking up, you can shine your Light so brightly to all on your World, including those who are still asleep, that they become Enlightened, Awakened. And they will ask you questions about your Awakening, then you can really feel like you are making a difference there on planet Earth.

While you visit us in the Astral Plane, we speak with you in our Non-Physical form for hours, helping you to remember Who You Really Are while also planting seeds within your Consciousness that will later sprout and flower in your waking Consciousness. We know that you benefit from our experiences as Physical Beings in our Star System, and often share our stories with you of how we grew Spiritually without trauma, without ever needing to take a dark path or become polarised within the group of us living in Physical Bodies at the time.

We understand you all seek to Ascend with as little trauma as possible on your paths, therefore, we will continue to Light the way for you and remind you that you are Awake and do not need to be shaken Awake. You can continue to Choose the rest of your journey to the 5th Density and be creative about what it is you want to experience while as a 4th Density Beings. E.T. contact is something that you are having and will continue to have as you move along that path, and by you releasing anything and everything that does not Serve you at this time, you are readying yourselves for it.

You can Choose to be clearer about what types of E.T. contact experiences you want and put those desires out into the Ethers, then you can just 'let them go' knowing that those creations are yours to experience. Also, Trust that you will have your 'personal contact' experiences when the timing is right, and that you will be able to Consciously be on a ship with your Physical Body and remember it. Meantime, you have a beautiful planet you live on with much to create, much to explore and much to share with others. You are the teachers, leaders, the ones who agreed to Awaken first, finding that you have a variety of different ways in which you can share your experiences and your knowledge with your fellow Humans.

Go out into nature, sit, meditate, and get inspired. Allow the downloads to come in, and then take action. Be in a state of Gratitude and Appreciation for all that is flowing to you, and you will be ready for more. Let go of anything that does not Serve you, and you will expand and become ready for your 'personal E.T. contact' experiences.

More importantly, in the meantime, you will be able to enjoy life there on planet Earth in the 4th Density, and you will have more to share with others who eventually will Awaken and will also want those E.T. contact experiences. You are leading the way and at times it can be extra challenging to be a trailblazer, however, remember in those times of doubt, that this is what you wanted and that you are on track.

The trend there on Earth is that more and more people are receiving information that none of this is real, that everything you experience is an illusion, a Simulation. While that can bring great comfort to a person who was once believing that they were responsible for fixing a broken planet, there are others for whom this information is not so wanted and not so helpful.

Allow us to assist you to help yourselves, as we continue to deliberate on what Energies to send you next to assist you with some of the despair that has been felt around the Simulation Theory. You have series of science fiction movies that have villain or villains in-order to give the protagonists something to fight against, leaving many people believing those movies to be true and then believing that something 'outside' of them is then the villain in their story.

You are not there on Earth to feed Artificial Intelligence, or any other life form. You are the Ones creating the Simulations, because there is not just one, it is you that are the ones benefitting from every little bit of your creations. Therefore, please release the idea right now, that says that someone else is determining what you experience next.

There is only you and there is only Source, and everything else is 'your creation' to give you an 'opportunity' to have the experiences that will help you to grow, and this is true of everyone else within your illusory Reality. Does that mean that nothing matters and that nothing is real? It does not, as your Feelings matter, and your 'experience' of your Feelings is real. Your Thoughts matter. Your Thoughts Create, and you have an opportunity to decide what you are creating next for yourself and for others. You are meant to use your powers effectively.

All this knowledge should lead you to conclude that 'you can create' whatever Simulation that you 'want to create' and if it does not, then it is not serving you and that you need not place your attention on it. Everything IS, and you get to experience whichever aspects of All-That-Is you truly desire to experience. You must realise also that you are your Soul and that your Soul is not the puppet Master. It is you deciding that you wanted to be born into a Reality providing you with certain shortcomings and definite challenges with things that you knew would be traumatic for you to experience, because you like a challenge.

Therefore, when you, in this Physical Body are pretending it is the real you, that decides that you no longer like a challenge, then yes, you are out of alignment with your True Self. While it may be challenging to create the experience you want to have, it can also be fun, however, it also brings more of you up into your Soul, your Body that is created by your Soul.

You are summoning more of Source Energy, and you are getting to live as that creation which is a 'merger' of the Physical and the Non-Physical. That creative Power of yours is fun when it is utilised. However, when it is feared, suppressed, or ignored, that is when you stop enjoying this creation of yours and that is when you get frustrated and want out of the illusion.

Play the game and have fun with it, because at some point, it was YOU that decided that this was the game you wanted to play and you can continue with that decision and align with the Truth of Who You Really Are, and you can live blissful lives of Co-Creation.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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