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Your Freedoms are your Choice

We are always looking out for Humanity and always seeing the opportunities that you have to Grow and Expand as Individuals and as a Collective. You are in one of those moments, right now, as you look at your Lives and you look at the World around you. You most certainly Do have a Choice. If you get triggered at this time because of a Perceived lack of Freedom, then Do your Work, Feel your Emotions, Let Go of the Thoughts and Beliefs that put you in that Feeling of being painted into a corner, instead, Focus on what you Can Do.

There is so much you 'can do' and there are so many 'freedoms' that can never be taken away from you. You have the freedom to Choose what to Focus upon and you have the freedom to Choose how you Vibrate. You have the freedom to Think a Thought, to use your Imagination, to Fantasize. You have the freedom to Create your Reality; you have the freedom to Go Within. You have the freedom to Choose Love and Compassion over 'paranoia and fear'. These are just a few of the 'freedoms' that can never be taken away from you.

Therefore, when you are protesting in the streets, shaking your fists and screaming about freedom, we recommend that you ask yourself 'where you Feel disempowered in your life' and whether that Feeling just started recently, or whether it has been there for a while. A person who has always wanted to visit Paris and enjoy the fine food and wine of Paris but has never been able to take that trip and stay in a 5-star luxury hotel, could see themselves as 'lacking' in freedom, or they could recognise that they have the freedom to Create that Experience at any time. That is where you are right now.

You are living in a World right now, where you can look around and say to yourself that you would like things to be different, however, how are you going to Change the World? How are you going to Change 'your' World? The easiest way is to 'go within' and Change what is happening 'inside of you' and that includes what you are Thinking, what you are Feeling and what you are Vibrating. The hard way is the way most people are going about it. Protests, marches, signing petitions and trying to vote certain people into office and certain people out of office, these are the hard ways to go about Changing your World.

Again, you are Free to Choose in 'any moment' the World you are Aligning with, the Timeline you are placing yourself on and the amount of Freedom you Feel inside your own Body. Those are the freedoms to Focus upon if you really want to Feel Free. We know that some of you are angry, and that anger is a powerful Emotion, and one that should be allowed, however, ultimately you want to Feel it and Let it Go. You do not want to stay angry and keep looking for more things to feel angry about there on Earth. You will never run out of things to feel angry about if you keep looking, however, Inner Peace is always available to you. It is always there, inside of you. Activate it and Activate your Freedom, realise that you do have Choices and you will Change your World for the better.

We are often pleasantly surprised by Humanity and the way that you can have these sudden bursts of High-Frequency Vibrational states of Being. We see many of you jumping Timelines and going to much better Realities in the blink of an eye, because you are 'willing' to do the work that is necessary on yourselves and that enables you to keep up with the Energies of Ascension, which are Energies of Transformation. Ascension is not about just taking you to a better place because you have been a good person. Ascension is about helping you to Transform yourselves from 'within', which then Creates the better place around you. That is what you are doing all the time.

Therefore, when you see improvements in your life, Know that it is because You have made improvements within the Self. When you Feel that the Energies are strong and powerful in 'any moment', you want to Surrender to them. You want to Trust that the Energies are going to help you, that they were meant for you and that they are taking you to a Higher Vibrational Plane of existence, which is also a better Timeline. A Timeline is just a series of Now Moments strung together, that then make logical sense to the Mind. However, you do not have to stay on a Timeline. Your Minds are quite capable of taking over and explaining to your childlike, Imaginative Self that you cannot expect things to be much different than they were yesterday. Your Minds actually enjoy 'limitation' because limitation helps the Mind make sense of your World and how it works.

However, you are there to 'go beyond' the Mind, to go into Realms that the Mind cannot possibly fathom or understand. Your Minds cannot even picture Realities that you have coming up ahead of you. Therefore, when you Surrender to what you are Feeling happening all around you, the Energies that are supportive of your Transformation and of Ascension, you can Let Go of control, you can 'Go with the Flow', you can let yourself be taken to the better Feeling Timeline. It is easy when you stop trying to figure it out. It is easy when you Let Go of the 'mental gymnastics' and all the 'mental processing', and instead, you let yourself Feel into what is happening and do the Emotional Processing and the Vibrational Activation that you want to Experience.

This is how the Universe works; it is quite simple, really. And once you get the hang of it, you can live however you want to live and go wherever you want to go, and even be whoever you want to be. It just takes a little bit of Focus. You have to Focus in an appropriate way, because you are always Focusing on something, however, you are not always paying Attention to 'how you Feel' about what you are Focusing on. When we see people caring more about 'how they Feel', that is when we see the giant leaps, the sharp left turns, and the huge spikes in the Vibration of the overall Human Collective Consciousness. That is what we like to see and that is why we keep giving you the 'instruction manual' and then 'supporting you' in all of those endeavours.

We are very familiar with the ways in which you all have been processing your Emotions and we want to 'encourage' you to do more of that processing that involves you Letting Go what has 'triggered' the Emotional response. We know that the injustice, or the unwanted circumstances that you Created all by yourself, are very tempting to focus upon. It is very easy to look around at your life and the lives of others who are less fortunate than you and get fixated on the problem, as defined by you. It is very easy to then slip into the Idea that you are there to do something about those circumstances that have your stomach tied up in knots.

However, we want you to understand that 'what triggers you' is far less significant than the 'Feelings that surface' from that event or circumstance, that got you to access that Emotion. When people talk about Letting Go, oftentimes that can be a bit ambiguous. What are you supposed to be Letting Go of? Well, from our Perspective, it Serves you tremendously to Let Go of the 'reason' for what you are Feeling and to Focus in on the Vibration of that Feeling.

If you Allow Yourself to Feel fully what is happening in one or more of your Chakras as a result of an Experience, or even a 'triggered Memory, you can get through the Processing of that Emotion much faster. Now, it is still recommended that you talk about what you have been going through. It is perfectly fine to tell others about the circumstances, events, or memories that have you accessing your negative Emotions, however, that is where too many Humans stop the process.

You call it venting; however, you really do need to go 'deeper' than just describing the details of the injustice that you have Experienced. The Feeling is the significant aspect of being Human. It is what makes you such a unique Race of Beings. The fact that you Feel so much and so deeply is your Strength, however, you have to 'be willing' to go there. You have to 'be willing' to Feel those Emotions, in order to access the Power of your Emotionality. We recommend that you pay closer Attention to these powerful Emotions that you Feel so that you can get through the heavy and darker ones and get to the lighter and more joyous ones, as quickly as possible.

We have begun to understand Humanity's fascination with being seen and heard. You all want the best Parts of Yourselves to be presented to the World. You want to be seen for the Person that you Know you 'can be' when you are at your best and you want to express the things that you Know will get you the most approval. This cycle of Conditional Love and Approval gets started at a very young age.

Your parents were most likely stressed out, short on time and money and if they could just get you to do what they thought they needed you to do, then they get to where they needed to go or get to sleep. They would then 'reward' you for what they deemed to be good behaviour and 'punish' you for what they deemed to be bad behaviour.

Many of you were sold the same story about getting Christmas presents or going to Heaven and certainly you were punished as well at school for doing what came very natural to you at school. If you laughed, or spoke up, or if you ran around when you were not supposed to, you would get detention or even worse.

You were set up to be people pleasers, now you have the opportunity and share with others a snapshot of your lives, however, most are really only sharing the good stuff, the best moments. We understand it now and yet we want to convince you that it is so much more important to get that Approval from 'within'. It is so much more 'important' to Feel how you want to Feel than to get those likes and positive comments.

You Know what it feels like to be True to Yourself and to not care what anyone thinks. You have those moments from time to time, when you are not trying to be your best or look your best, when you can just relax and let it all hang out. When you can let yourself be Honest about how you Feel, even if it is not a popular opinion that leads you to that Feeling, you can Let Go of so much of what you have been 'holding' onto and what you have been 'ashamed' of.

We are not telling you this so that you can start 'sharing' All of your worst Feeling Moments with the rest of the World. You do not need to do that in order to Evolve and Expand your Consciousness, however, we do want you to seek that Approval and that Love from 'within' You. We want you to Feel Unconditional Love for Yourselves and we want you to 'not care' what anyone else thinks of You. We also encourage you to 'share those Moments of darkness that you Experience with the people who are closest to you.

We want you to give those in your life, the opportunity to Love you Unconditionally and to set that example, so that they Feel comfortable sharing their darkest Secrets, Thoughts and Feelings with You. That is what builds true intimacy between people, and you are rarely going to find that by only sharing what you think is Conditionally Lovable on the Internet.

Therefore, we invite you to care less about what anyone else thinks about your posts and your videos and instead, to care 'so very much' about what is going on inside of you. Be your own biggest fan. Be your own support team and Be the ONE who Loves YOU Unconditionally first, so that you can give 'everyone' else the opportunity to do the same.

We are very excited to announce that we have been working with E.T.s from other Densities on a Project, and that Project has been about opening up more Portals, more Delivery Systems for Energies to reach Planet Earth and your Atmosphere. These portals are not just about delivering to you the February Energies, they are not just about delivering the March Energies, these Portals will 'remain open' in order to assist those of Us who are helping All of You and they will be more precise and able to handle more Energies than other Portals that you have had open there, for quite some time.

This is wonderful news for Humanity, as you need all the support you can get. You need all the Love and Compassion you can get and you need all the Upgrades, Downloads and Activations that these Portals also deliver, in order to ready you, for full Extra-Terrestrial Contact. There is always a lot going on behind the scenes in the Positive, that is what we will always be sharing with you. All the Positive Beings and all the Assistance that you are receiving, far outweigh any negative agendas, so you might as well stop paying Attention to the reports of what is happening that is in support of any sort of negative agenda. It is like lighting a match during a hurricane.

You are enveloped by Positive Energy all the time. You are surrounded by Guides, Angels, Galactic Team Members and other Helpers that are just happening by, there is so much for you to Feel excited about. There is so much for you to FEEL, period. If you allow yourselves to open up to the Positive Energies coming in, you will have a Positive Experience for the rest of 2022 and the rest of your time in the 4th Density, as you begin the Feel the urgency of the Shift and the 'necessity' for it.

However, the Shift is happening 'within' each and every One of You, it happens with so much more Ease and Joy when you 'open yourselves up' to these wonderful Energies that are being delivered to you through the Portals you already had and the New Portals that are 'opening up' right now. Relax and Be at Peace. Know that help is on the way, Know that as you receive that help, you will have 'more' to give to your fellow Humans. We Know that you have so much Compassion 'within you' and that you want to be of Service to so many, and that the Energies of 2022 will be very Supportive to those who are looking to be of Service in some way, shape or form.

Even if you have not figured out yet what you can do Personally, keep in mind that opportunities will present themselves that you cannot fathom with your physical Minds. Just Know that for now, opening yourselves up to these Energies and Allowing them to 'flow through you' is enough, and that 'you are enough' and your Contributions are enough to tip the scales and to help bring about the very Positive, Loving and Joyous Shift in Consciousness that You All 'want and deserve'.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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