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Critical Opportunity for Change

The agencies that back Trump have already tracked down exactly who and how the Election Fraud happened and who is behind it. This information is already out on some of the media platforms.

Everything was organised, financed and controlled from the Vatican. This is known because agencies have the keys to 'hack and track' a Satellite System that is encrypted and backed-up on Telecommunications Network called LEONARDO. It is through this Network that the Vatican organised everything and it is with this Satellite Network that the Vatican communicates to its members and groups throughout the world.

It is the Vatican and not a net of Spy Satellites exactly, but a Network of encryption Satellites for secure communications used by the Spies. Officially the System is the property of the Italian Government, however, the Vatican uses it as the Italian Government gave the Vatican access to this System.

The World Domination control mechanism today works as follows; the Vatican Finances and Organises everything. The Vatican uses China as an evasive instrument so that the attention is not on the Vatican and Italy, making China only a puppet of their control. The Vatican has infiltrated the Democratic Party in the U.S. and using Obama and Sorras directly as their agents.

It is believed that in the following days of Trumps re-election, Obama would be arrested and charged with 'high-treason'. From the Whitehouse it is known that the whole election process is a Worldwide problem and many are asking why there is so much focus on the U.S. elections rather than it being just another Presidential Election. However, this time it is different as this is not just an Election, it is a World problem and not just confined to the U.S. This means that Trump's side is working against the entire World that is controlled by the Illuminati.

Agents on Trumps side some of his key people, are being killed or assassinated at every Level, this does not appear in the Mainstream Media, however, there are already more than a hundred of them killed in the last few days and many more will be after this election. The Vatican is behind everything and has become known to many and soon this information will be available on Social Networks.

The most important thing is that there is already evidence of Funds that are traced from the Vatican to all of the organisations and people that are working against Trump, from the takeover of the World and the Corona-flu, to the Chinese Communist Party. Another important point is that it is known today that not only does the Vatican Finance this but that the Vatican also finances the Italian Government through the Chinese Communist Party. Another important point, is that it is also known today, that not only does the Vatican Finance this, but also that the Government of Italy is deeply involved and what they want is what they have always wanted from the time of Rome, the 'Total Take-Over' of the Planet with Geo-Engineering of the World Population. The Vatican is full of Illuminati, it is what they always wanted; the Whole World, the Pope as Caesar and the Roman Empire continues...

The Congress in the U.S. is almost completely bought off by the Illluminati, except for a few people there who are not enough in number to make a difference and Trump's Team know this. However, Trump still tried the Legal way first in order to expose the Election Fraud. But, this may not workout, as they know that Congress was bought off.

Those who entered the Capital recently demonstrating, were a group of more than two hundred members of ANTIFA dressed as Pro Trump Patriots. There had already been an agreement with the D.C. Police to let them in and that is why they ran off at a certain moment, as it had already been planned. The official Media cameras were in the perfect place as always.

What is happening now is that Trump and his Team knew that this would happen. This now gives them the necessary information about everything they need to know about 'what and who' exactly was involved and with the whole take-over mechanism. They know now that the Legal way will not work. They already have used all the Legal means to resolve the problem. It is already known that those who had planned everything were the Vatican and the Government of Italy, using China only as a puppet. China is under full control of the Illuminati and that is the VATICAN.

The problem here is that Italy is a N.A.T.O Country and supposedly an Allie of the U.S., so it is not like they would be declaring War on a non-Allied Country, just the Legal part of this process would be a nightmare, but the fact that this is already known is already very important, as it means that Trump's positive intelligence knows this very well; that they are up against the Illuminati.

Various sources are now saying that it is not just about Electoral Fraud, as it is known that there are some rigged Ballots in some places, but that the whole System is corrupted and designed to be manipulated at the convenience of the Deep State. So, it is systemic Fraud of the total Electoral System.

Now that all of the possible tools have been used to solve the problem Legally, there is a complete excuse to proceed in other ways, this means Militarily. While all of the attention was focused on what was happening in Washington D.C. there were Special Operations from the positive side of Trump at various points, not only in the U.S. but also around the rest of the World, using what was happening in Washington as a distraction. Trump's group is also quite large around the World. Within the next few days from now to the 20th January 2021, there may be more developments of very interesting things from the positive side. The War is not over, the fighting continues...

Another very important point is that Congress did not want to see the evidence of Trumps side; they did not look at it, but denied it and only imposed their favoured Candidate. They only went to the Forum with the idea of ratifying Biden and removing Trump. Even thought they knew there was evidence of Fraud none of that mattered to them, they 'do what they do' and with that, it is verified that Congress is bought and corrupted. Democracy has died on Planet Earth.

They will try to remove Trump before the 20th January 2021. They will use all means to remove him and prosecute him Legally, Congress has already spoken of this as a plan that they will begin immediately; to remove Trump.

Trump is already obliged to activate the 'Insurrection Act' and move the Military because when Biden enters the Presidential position on the 20th January, 2021 he will invoke the 'Insurrection Act' against Trump and all those that follow him, including all of the people who supported him, they will go against the people, the public to eliminate the Insurrection. This is if Biden enters the Whitehouse as the New President. People will still be fighting against Biden's restrictions and because they know that their Republic is dead.

They will activate so called death squads that will eliminate the rebellious people. They are already activated on the Democratic side, because they are killing many pro Trump people. This is not in the Media, they have killed Lawyers, Military Personnel and Politicians and ethical Doctors among many others and these in the last five days. They want to destroy all members of the opposition Worldwide because they cannot afford to have another Trump in power, as that would give them a huge problem.

From a positive Perspective, we have just had some very good news concerning the UMAR (the Cat or Feline Race) and the Taygeteans who are in Earth's orbit now working together as a Team. The Umar have now situated their Starship close in orbit to the Taygetean ship. The Umar's Starship is 2,500 meters in length and has over 400 crewmembers onboard. Their ship is the Drednaught type, a battle cruiser. It is a dedicated Battle Ship, heavily armoured with a single purpose of military superiority. Also, now in high orbit recently arrived are the Highdeans who are also more Umars from the Pleiadean System of Meropa. This means that this is the second Ship of the Council of Alcyone now present in Earth's orbit. This is good news meaning that the Taygeteans have more support, however, we must continue on this side and do as much as possible with the means and resources available to us and not 'wait and see' what unfolds.

It is up to us 'Boots on the Ground'; it is our last chance for a free Future for ourselves, our children and all the future children yet to be born.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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