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Awareness is the Key in choosing Higher Awareness Thought

We are quite capable of 'letting go' of what we can Feel no longer serves us. We have had Perspectives, Ideas and Thoughts that we had to 'let go' of at certain points in our Evolution, because we could Feel how much they were holding us back and weighing us down. We understand that the environment you are in there on Earth requires you to do this quite a bit, we just want you all to Know that it is not your fault when you think a Thought that is heavy, unsettling, or even disturbing to you. You were born into that system where those Thoughts and Thought Forms, those trains of Thought and streams of Thought existed prior to your arrival.

If a baby was born into a room where people were smoking, you would not blame the baby for inhaling the second-hand smoke, and yet you often feel bad about yourselves because of your Thoughts, however, your Thoughts do not originate from inside your head. Your brain picks up on and interprets the Energy that is that Thought and you 'become aware' of it in your Consciousness, then you have to decide whether that Thought is one you want to keep thinking, whether you want to continue going down that train of Thought, or whether it does not Feel quite right to you, and you want to 'let it go'. These are Choices you have to make over and over there on Earth because of the Energies that were present when you were born and that continue to be present now, and we just want to say to you all that it has never been easier than 'right now' to Change your Minds.

It has never been easier than right now there on Earth to 'tune in' to Thoughts that are going to Serve you and Humanity to a much greater extent than the ones that have been present, the ones you have been thinking and continuing to think. Awareness is the Key, because if you can be Aware of your Thoughts, you can 'let them go' and once you 'let go' of a Lower Vibrational Thought, you can access the Vibration that exists within you that attracted that Thought to you in the first place. Of course, they do not just come to you randomly, you were born around certain people and those people were thinking Thoughts, and those Thoughts became easier for you to 'receive and translate' and think of as your own.

However, at a certain point you do hopefully realise that you do have a Choice and that you do not have to Choose to think like those who raised you. You can think differently, and you can seek out that which is Progress from the standpoint of your Perspective and the standpoint of the entire Human Collective of which you are a part of. NOW is a good time to be paying Attention to what you are Thinking, whether you want to keep thinking those Thoughts and then 'being Conscious' and Aware enough as you most certainly are, to 'let go' of those Thoughts, that certainly is what we recommend.

'Let them go' and FEEL what is behind them. Feel the Vibration; Breathe into it. If it is not a good-feeling Vibration, 'let that go' through Conscious Awareness of it and how it Feels and you will put yourself in a better position to be accessing Thoughts that feel better to you, Thoughts that are intrinsically better, because they are Vibrating at a Higher Frequency and that is a simple way to Change your Life and your World.

We are attempting to be very succinct in what we give to all of you through these Messages. We Know that we could get a lot more elaborate and verbose in the delivery of these Messages, however, we also Know what actually Serves you, we Know that getting in your head about everything that is going on only leads to more confusion, more second-guessing and more paranoia than may already exist in your Physical Minds. Therefore, we invite you to the simple strategy for dealing with life there on Earth on a day-to-day basis.

You do not have to have it all figured out; you do not have to Know every detail of what has occurred or what is occurring. In fact, Focusing on the past and the future and the things that are outside of your control, will not Serve you, not nearly as much as 'Focusing within Yourself' will. You need to understand where you are coming from. You need to understand what your reactions are to what is going on. You need to Feel into your Feelings and you need to 'let go' of almost everything else.

When you look 'within' more frequently, you are more likely then to have more Compassion for others, which is the way you Evolve and Ascend. Compassion, Forgiveness and Unconditional Love are the big three when it comes to Spiritual Evolution, that is why we keep directing you back to what is Simple, True and Universal. One thing you have to consider when you start to get caught up in what has happened, what will happen and what is happening behind the scenes and in the shadows, is that you are constantly jumping Timelines. You are Shifting Realities all the time and when you Shift Realities, you have different Pasts and different Futures in those different Realties.

Therefore, what difference does it make if you have it all figured out in the Reality you are in, when you are just going to Shift to another Reality in the next moment? What matters more is that you are paying Attention to your Vibration, which determines which Reality you Shift to. That is why we will always bring you back to what is simple, what is true and what is Universal to your Experience there on Earth. Many of you also get caught up in the idea of a Mission, a Purpose, something you are supposed to be Doing but somehow do not Know about yet. What we say is that if you Relax, Breathe and pay Attention when you do not know what to do, then what you need to do and what it Serves you to do, WILL come to you.

It comes to you naturally, easily, without struggle, without second-guessing, without needing to back the right conspiracy theory of the moment. You do not need to be right; you just need to be AWARE and you need to be more Aware of what is going on 'inside of you' than what is going on 'out there'. Now, that being said, we will still tell you when there are Energies, Upgrades and Activations coming your way because it actually Serves you to Know about those things and it Serves you even more to 'open up' to them Consciously and to Feel for them.

If you are Feeling for what is Good, what is Higher Density, what is Higher Vibrational, then you are Ascending Consciously and with Joy and Ease. If on the other hand you are Focusing upon what is bringing you down, causing you to Focus upon what needs to be defeated, or who is doing the worst things, then you are making it harder on yourself to Grow, to Evolve and to Ascend. However, we are not here to tell you that you are preventing yourselves from Ascending, because we do not see that in any of you who are receiving these Messages. You are on your Path; you can Relax. You can 'let go' and you can 'tune in' more to what is Higher Vibrational inside of you and all around you, to give yourself the best possible Experience of Ascension.

We are continuing to look for 'new allies' in Consciousness. We search the Universe, not just the Galaxy, but the whole Universe, for those who want to help to raise the Consciousness in all of the Physical Densities, all of the Lower-Density Planes of Existence. We have found many 'new allies' that are helping us to Create a new web of Energies to surround those like you there on Earth with more Love, more Light and more Support. We Know how challenging it is for all of you there and we also Know that you struggle with living in such a Dualistic World.

However, you are meant to enjoy the World. You are meant to enjoy a flower, a sunset, a hug, abundance and all the other things that you enjoy there. Therefore, it is necessary to both be able to enjoy life as it is and all that the Physical Realm has to offer and to also 'not be attached' to any of those conditions, or materialised items, that you do tend to enjoy. You must move back and forth between the 'inner and outer Realms' with dexterity and with an 'inner Knowing' that you are Infinite, all of that out there is Infinite and you are really meant to Create more of what you want to enjoy without pushing against that which destroys what you enjoy, that is a tall order indeed.

Part of what we are working on with our new friends, our new allies, is a way to help ease the suffering that you all experience from loss, from the mere fact that you exist in this Universe of Duality and Polarity, so that you can enjoy the good things while they last and also Trust in the Infinite nature of yourselves and of this Universe, especially of Source, of which you are a Part of. You must recognise your Infinite and Eternal Nature in order to enjoy All That Is, without getting attached to any of it and without lamenting the fact that everything you Love has an opposite, and the opposite must be allowed to coexist.

If you want to continue to enjoy your Experience of Reality, just keep moving towards the Light, keep accessing the Love that is 'within' you and keep Trusting in the Infinite and Eternal Nature of the Self, the Universe, and Source, and you will not be disappointed. You will not go down the road that leads to despair. Realise that every Negative Experience Creates a Positive one and that YOU are maintaining the Balance but also Choosing to Create more of what YOU 'want' to Experience, YOU are helping others Awaken to the Truth that 'they too' have that ability, the ability to not only Create, but also the ability to Focus something into their Experience. That is a Power that never goes away, no matter how much you dampen it or deny it. Relax and Know that more help is always on the way as well and Know that you are always Evolving and Ascending there on Earth and take great solace in the KNOWING of that TRUTH.

We know that you are in the best possible Mindset right now to be receiving, as you have expected more Energies to flow to you and because as a Collective have been asking more than ever before in your history, because there are so many of you on the planet right now. You are not in a state of overpopulation. You need this many people to bring about the type of Change in the Collective Consciousness that you are partaking in by 'shifting' your Consciousness from a 3rd Density Frequency range to a 5th Density one.

You need many, many Individuals Grounding in the Higher Frequency Energies and now you have that. You need many Individual's waking up all the time and you have that as well. You also need Patience, because some of you have been awake for decades and you have been waiting for massive changes for that long. Even those of you who are newly Awake are now encountering prediction after prediction about The Event, The Shift, the days of darkness, the mass arrests, full disclosure, and all of the other predictions that get into people's blogs and websites and on their videos.

Even though People want things to change quickly there on Earth it will be a slow process and one that requires people to be more 'introspective' than to have the Knowledge of what is going to happen next and when and who will be orchestrating it. We have seen so much of that in the Spiritual Community that we would assume by now people would be 'letting go' of the idea of something happening outside of themselves to Change everything. We will always be taking you back to the basics, and in those basics, which include Meditation, Grounding, Connecting with Nature, Hydrating, and so on, you do receive help. You do receive help at the appropriate timing and the appropriate Levels.

You do not want all of these Changes to happen all at once for a variety of reasons, most of which is the fact that most people are not ready. And YOU as the Awakened Collective have to be patient with your Fellow Humans and do the best you can to enjoy the ride and carve out your little pocket of 5th Density Living and it can be done. There are many of you who receive these Messages who are doing just that. You are living your 5th Density Lives right now. You are accessing more of your Gifts and Abilities. You are Manifesting and you are Connecting to Higher Density Groups and Beings.

We Know that everything is going to be all right there on Earth and we Know that to be the case, not only because we can see down timelines, but also because of all of you who are willing to wait and who are willing to Trust the Path that you are on is the right one.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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