Ascension Messages

Focus on what you Love, instead of trying to 'defeat' what you Fear


We are relating to all of you from the Higher Level of Consciousness that we hold, we do so from a place of Love, as we seek to give you more Love and Light from this Higher Plane of Existence. We seek to 'understand better' the ways that you are capable of 'opening up' to receive the Love that is all around you and of course, inside of you. We know that Love is the answer and we know that many of you understand this to be true as well.

You can look at the 'purpose' of your lives as being 'how to apply' that Truth into Thought, Word and Action. In other words, how can you be Love in Physical Form? That is the question. That is the question you all wanted to answer through 'experiences', so you Create all of these Experiences, some Consciously, some Unconsciously, to give you these 'opportunities' TO BE LOVE. Of course, it has to get complicated in order for you to FEEL everything, in order for you to KNOW yourselves more completely.

Therefore, you lead complicated lives and have complicated relationships and you often seek to sort all of it out, forgetting for the moment about the one true Truth – Everything and Everyone is Love, seeking to Know itself more fully and to know itself experientially. We will always Guide you back to your Hearts, because that is where this Truth will always take you. That Truth is Felt, Acknowledged and it is the way that you operate as your Highest Self in this World.

You want to come from the Heart and 'speak' from the Heart. You want to be Heart-centred and Present 'in the moment', looking for this moment's opportunity to BE LOVE. Now, when we put it to you that way, it is not very complicated. It only gets complicated when you start to Think about it, when you start to measure it, to quantify it, to put labels on it. If you could only be more interested in how you Feel, you could make things a lot easier for yourselves. You would follow your Feelings; you would listen to your Heart and you would be 'attuning' yourselves to the Highest Vibration possible, which is always very helpful, no matter what you are hoping to achieve in your life.

You have within you this centre, this place within your chest, where you can be All-That-Is. You can be Source. You can be Love, or you can forget the one true Truth and go back to your 'mental gymnastics'. Whenever you do not know what to do in one of these complicated situations you have there in your lives, just return to your Hearts. Send Love to the problem and do that on the Macrocosmic Level as well. Send Love to India, to Syria, to Palestine and to Israel. BE the LOVE that the World needs right Now and you will fulfil your purpose for existing. You will also have a much better life.

We are continuously amazed and 'blown away' by Humanity as we witness all of you there on planet Earth and we see how hard you all work towards achieving your goals in life. It is as if nothing is worth having unless there is a story that goes along with it and that story must include your struggle and the paying of dues. That has been your programming for quite some time and most of you have absorbed it at one time or another in your lives.

You sometimes have felt the need to point out to others that nothing just came to you on a silver platter, that you had it hard too and we understand why this is. We understand that you have nepotism, that you have children with Trust Funds and you have all sorts of circumstances that would make a hard-working person look down upon someone who has not had to lift a finger in order to get what they want for their entire lives. This is a 'program' that you have to 'shake off' right now, as you become Conscious and 'deliberate' Creators who are capable of Instant Manifestation.

Now you want to amaze us and everyone else with how little you have to do in order to live the life of your dreams, in order to have it all. One way you can start the process, is to stop talking about all the times in your life when you had to 'pay your dues', when you had to struggle, scrape, scratch and claw your way to something better in your life and 'start emphasising' the times when things 'just fell into your lap', when 'everything lined up' for you and when you were just 'in the right place at the right time'.

Those of you who are Awake, understand that there are no accidents and no coincidences, you understand that you have to be in Vibrational Harmony with anything and everything that comes your way. You could work very, very hard, and because you believe in hard work, that could pay off for you someday down the line, or you could work very, very hard and have nothing to show for it because you continued to run a program that told you that you are oppressed, that you are a victim.

Now is the time to shed that whole idea of Victimhood. Now is the time to start Feeling more Empowered, to start Remembering 'who you really are' and putting what you Know into practice and then you can Teach others. Then you can become Masters over the Physical Realm. That makes it much easier for you to dedicate your time to your Spirituality.

Once all of your Physical needs are met, you do tend to seek out something more, something that will satisfy and fulfil you. You do not have to suffer and struggle to attain a Higher Level of Consciousness, in fact, doing the opposite is what we would recommend. Let go. Surrender. Allow everything to 'flow to you' and 'through you' so that you can be an 'example' to others of what is possible right now there on planet Earth.

We have finished our evaluation of the Human Collective Consciousness and its ability to handle Higher Frequency Energies. Here is what we have discovered. Not everyone responds in the same way to Higher Frequency Energy. Those who are 'unprepared' for it completely, have quite a few Ascension Symptoms and can sometimes even experience a sort of mental breakdown, or even a seizure. Those who are Awake but have not been preparing themselves for the Higher Frequency Energies, may experience some bodily sensations, some weird dreams and some physical dehydration. Those of you who 'are' Awake and 'do' expect the Higher Frequencies as they come in, have beautiful experiences where you tap into 'new abilities', where you Know yourselves as your Higher Selves for periods of time and you also have many other Positive outcomes.

You may be wondering at this point how it is possible to know when the Higher Frequency Energies are coming, so that you can be prepared. At this point, it is a good idea to be prepared ALL THE TIME. Do not just wait for a full moon or a solstice. Make sure that you are always hydrated, always rested. Make sure that you are constantly Grounding, Feeling your Emotions, connecting with Nature and Opening yourselves up to RECEIVE. The experience of a heightened Energy Download can be one of the greatest experiences of your life. It can also be one of the worst. It really does depend on the environment those Energies are stepping into. If a person has a lot of unresolved, unfelt Feelings, Higher Frequency Energies can bring them 'all' to the surface. If a person is not taking care of themselves Physically, the Energies can intensify their experiences of the illness or pain.

As we have said, you may as well stay prepared because you are getting closer and closer to Ascension every single day. Ascension will be the 'ultimate download' of Higher Frequency Energies. Preparing yourselves for that major event that is coming in your lifetime is a very sound Spiritual Practice. All of the things we have given you here as a way of taking care of yourselves and preparing Higher Frequency Energies are also just good sound practices for living a happy, healthy, fulfilled life.

In many ways, those who are completely unaware that a 'shifting' of Energy is occurring can be preparing themselves Subconsciously. Certain Individuals Know that something is happening without putting it into words. So, you see, it really does not matter what you Believe. It does, however, matter whether you listen to your Inner Guidance and your Inner Guidance is 'always' telling you the same things that we are. We recommend that you Listen and that you Feel for these Energies every single day. The first thing you can do when you wake up to prepare yourselves, is to take the 'temperature', so to speak, of the Energies that you can Feel and See what the Universe has in store for you. When you are prepared for anything, you have a much easier time of being there during this very tumultuous and changeable time of Ascension.

We are sustaining ourselves by allowing in the Highest Frequency Energies available to us and letting those Energies fuel our Consciousness. We have said this before and we will say it again, "we are not so different from all of you". The main difference between the 9th Density Arcturian Council and the average Earth Being, is that we Choose Consciously which Energies we allow to 'move to us and through us', whereas for you, it can be much more of an Unconscious Choice, one that is not taking your Feelings into consideration. You get to Choose what you Focus upon and there is so much for you to Focus upon in your information age, therefore, you have to Choose wisely.

You must ask yourselves, 'How will this make me Feel?' before deciding whether or not to engage with it if you want to be truly Conscious Creators. Many people decide based on whether they think it is true, or whether it will be entertaining, which will simply lead them down a path that it will then be hard to get off, because of how exciting it can be to be on that path.

We often see people using the terminology 'Light Warrior' in the New Age and Spiritual Communities and what those people usually mean is that they are on Earth to 'battle with darkness'. In other words, they believe that they are the ones who are being sent as the Light Warriors to 'defeat' those who are playing in the dark and they take this assignment very seriously. That is not why anyone is there on Earth. We prefer the term Light Bringer to Light Warrior, because you are in fact, there to spread the Light around. You are there to BE the Light and one of the ways that you get there, is by LETTING GO OF YOUR FEAR OF THE DARKNESS.

You must let go of your 'judgment' of the darkness and those who are playing in the dark as well, if you are ever going to rise above it. Let us say you were to defeat the darkness with whatever skills and abilities you had obtained as a Light Warrior. Well then, you would be in that Dualistic System at the end of the battle and that means that more darkness would just come and replace the ones that you defeated, and you would not 'grow', because you would not 'learn' to Love All-That-Is. All that you see outside of You and all that you hear about from others, IT IS ALL INSIDE OF YOU.

You ultimately want to be able to Love ALL aspects of Creation because you want to be able to Love ALL aspects of You. It is the only way to allow the True You, the Source Energy aspect of You, to come to the surface and be the aspect of You that is running the show. Therefore, we recommend that you Focus on the Light, that you Focus on what is Positive out there in the World and what is Positive in You, because you are also not going to get very far by constantly looking for problems within you that need fixing.

You are not going to Grow by judging your own negative aspects as bad. Once you embrace it all, then you can Choose. Then you can realise that it was 'all inside of you' all along, and all you had to do was Choose Consciously what you wanted to amplify, what you wanted to Feel more of and Be more of, and then and only then, will you be of Service to the Whole of Humanity. That is how we see it from our Perspective, which again, is one where we are only 'allowing in' that which is of the Light, that which is of the Truth of 'Who We Really Are' as Source Energy, as Unconditional Love.

We are an extension of what you are, just as you are an extension of what we are. While that statement can make a Human Being feel all warm and fuzzy inside, it also forces you to conclude that 'each and every' Human Being is also an extension of you, and you are an extension of them. That can be troubling for those who want to separate. Those who want to draw a line in the sand, have a very hard time, accepting that everyone and everything outside of them, is also inside of them, is also a part of them, that is being projected on the outside, for the purpose of getting the Individual to Love that fallen aspect of Self.

What is fallen can always be uplifted. What is lost can always be found and what seems like the impossible is always possible. You just need to Change the way you look at the World, in order to Change everything and you can start that process by Changing the way you look at 'yourselves and everyone else' who is in your life. What you Fear, what you Hate and what you Judge sticks to you like glue and what you Love expands. What you Love gives you more of an opportunity to Know yourself. It gives you the opportunity to soar, to find new aspects of Self, to Manifest, and to live in Joy.

Therefore, you are being called at this time to Focus on what you Love, instead of trying to 'defeat' what you Fear or what you hate. When you truly understand that all 'judgment' is judgment of the Self, then you will not want to do it anymore. You are all there 'Healing together' and you are there to 'Forgive one another'. You will find that 'letting go' of the burden of 'resentment' will free you in so many ways. When you are not thriving and soaring in life, it is always You that is the reason. You cannot blame a dark cabal at this point in your evolution of Consciousness. You simply must take responsibility for what You are Creating in order to move beyond it.

You ALL have the ability to be so much more, but first, you have to Acknowledge, who you 'have been' and who you are 'Choosing to Be' in the moment. It is only then, that you will be able to 'see' what needs Forgiving within yourself. Working from the inside out, is the way to Create the biggest Changes in your lives and it is the way to Change the World. You can go about it the hard way; you can go around gathering signatures for a petition or to try to get something on a ballot to be voted upon, or you can create a website where all you do is point out 'what is wrong with the world' and 'who the true evildoers are'. Or, you can make it a lot easier on yourselves and just 'look within'.

There is so much for you to Feel, so much for you to Remember and so much more for you to Become, we just want you to take the most direct route, because everything will always lead you back to Yourselves, because you are 'everything and everything' is YOU. We also always want to Empower you, which is why we do not Focus our Attention on those who do evil on your World and we do not offer you conspiracy theories that are very entertaining for your minds, however, deplete your Energy and lower your Vibration.

We are just here to offer you the Keys to the Kingdom and then let You decide which route you want to take. We are as interested as you all are, in You taking the fastest route, to You becoming your Higher Selves in this Lifetime.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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