Ascension Messages

Think, Speak & Act Love

We are elevating our level of Consciousness along with All of you there on Earth and because we enjoy so much the feeling of expansion, we encourage all of you to also see your Ascension as an expansion of Consciousness, rather than going somewhere. We know that a major appeal of Ascension for you is that you get to leave everything that is dark or destructive behind in some way, however in reality, you become more of Source as you 'expand your Consciousness' to include everything that is 'negative and unwanted' and see it as 'a part of You'.

Source is not in the habit of sweeping things under the rug or leaving them for someone else to deal with, instead, Source is all about Unconditional Love, spreading more Light, offering more Compassion and Forgiveness. Those of you who are truly Awake will see everything on your World right now as the perfect place from which to Create something new, something better. However, you can use everything that is in front of you to create with, as well as to inspire you. Clearly understand what we are saying here. YOU are expanding your Consciousness so that YOU 'fully and completely' understand that it is All YOU.

You are not raising your Consciousness so that you no longer see the mess that Humanity has created with the wars, racism, fear, and everything that is there right now, that represents a lower level of Consciousness. If it is there, it is there for a purpose, and that purpose is always to Serve you. One potential way that something has in Serving you, is by looking at it and asking yourself 'why am I resisting this, what is it that I am in resistance to?' Ask yourself whether there is a judgment, resistance, or resentment within you and then ask yourself what your first step is in Accepting this person, group, or situation, just as it is. And then you need to take that step, and that step is a step towards the 'expansion of your Consciousness'.

The expansion of your Consciousness is the same as the evolution of your Consciousness, which is what you are doing more Consciously as the Awakened Collective. You are taking the steps deliberately towards Source, towards a Higher Density plane of Consciousness, as opposed to being pushed there by a solar flash or by E.T.s strongly encouraging you to go in that direction. Therefore, as an individual you can make those correct evaluations of everything that is in your World, then lead by example and teach others how to do it.

You are not there to escape Reality and teach others how to escape Reality with you, because Source is ALL inclusive, Source IS Everything. You are there to 'experience' yourself as unconditional Love, which means that you retain your sense of Self as Love, in the face of everything that is showing up as something other than Love in the moment. However, a true master recognises the Love that is in every person, in every situation, and in every moment, and the master maintains their Focus on that, while continuing to Feel into that, because that is the Feeling that gives the most expansion. It is through 'experience' that we have come to know this, and we are still expanding, as are all of you. And when you do it deliberately, with intention, you get enormous results.

For those of you who are already Awake, you need to see everything that is happening on Earth as a Co-Creation, whose purpose it is to get more people to come together in the 'acknowledgement' that you are ALL ONE as a Human Race. It is important for you to see everything as a coming together as ONE, rather than, the way many New Agers see things that this circumstance is yet another attempt to keep you down by the cabal.

You must see the difference, as in one scenario, you are the 'power co-creators' and in the other scenario, you are 'the victims'. You get to Choose on the macrocosmic and microcosmic level. In other words, everything that is happening in your life with family, friends, co-workers, neighbours, lovers, are not happening because you are the 'victim' of someone else's trauma, or narcissism, or whatever you want to call it. When you experience something on a 'personal level', you also need to see it as 'your co-creation' that is meant to assist you Awaken to the truth of Who You Really Are as unconditional Love.

The tricky part is, how to do that in every scenario of your life experience. We understand that it is easy for us to say this, and harder for you to enact it, and that is why we are here for you, for the long-term experience of your Ascension. We are not just sharing with you what so many others have told you in the past, which is that you are All One, and that you are Source Energy and unconditional Love and then leave you to work out the rest for yourselves. We want to share with you how to 'shift your Perception of Reality' to such an extent, that you can KNOW that truth viscerally, so that you can Think, Speak and Act accordingly.

Therefore, first you must Accept everything as it is, just As It Is, and Acknowledge that it is 'your Creation' when it comes to your Personal lives and the World at large. Next, you must be willing to notice when you are returning into 'resistance' with 'your creation', no matter what it is, and just Let it Go. Do not continue down the train of thought that allows you to Feel justified in your resistance. Instead, practice more of Letting Go. Next, look to see how this current set of circumstances Serve you and it does not mean that you must work out how it all came to be. All you need to do is tell yourself that 'this must Serve me somehow and I am open to understand exactly how it does Serve me'.

Once you are 'open' to receiving the information telling you how it Serves you, you are more likely to 'receive it'. Ultimately, in the set of circumstances that you are facing there will be something you need to Heal, Forgive, Release, or have Compassion for. Once you get to that place, you must keep Choosing to rise above the pettiness of the Ego and BE your Source Energy SELF in Thought, Word, and Action. And once you do so, you will Feel such relief because you will have risen above the level of Consciousness that many operate at their entire lifetimes. You will Feel more at One with All. You will Feel more Connected to All others in the Universe and to Source. And then, you will be able to live your life happily because nothing will be able to bring you down.

However, it does take practice, a concerted effort and it takes reminders. This is something that we do with these messages, reminding you that Love is all there is and that everything else is an illusion. We remind you that you are Source Energy Beings pretending to be Humans and that it becomes easier to be a 5th Density Being in this lifetime as you were always intended to be.

We love to hear directly from All of you and are always ready and waiting for your requests. Understand that when you speak out loud those requests, that the Energy that you infuse into the requests, is felt not only by us, but by all others who are your Helpers. The Universe responds well to sound, and when you speak something out loud, you create a sound. You literally put 'something' out into the Universe that will go on and on.

We suggest that you notice whether you can Feel our Energy, our Presence when you connect to us with your Presence, because if you can, then you will know that you have raised your Vibration to a point, to the Frequency, where it is a possibility for you. When you are in a Lower Vibrational state while putting out a request to us, to your Guides or the Universe, it is not as effective as when you 'raise your Vibration first' and then state your desire out loud.

You will notice as you move forward as Individuals, that it is important to you that others also receive what they desire. And when you have that desire for others, you align with all the Helpers that exist throughout the Universe, because that is their Goal as well. The Goal of any Helper is to assist as many people as possible. And because you are a part of a Collective, anything that you desire for the Collective, you desire for you as well.

You are a part of the Collective of Humanity. It is also important for you to recognise that you can always help others to raise their Vibration. This you do by setting an example, by putting out a Positive and High Vibration and by Caring about how other people Feel. By you listening with a Compassionate ear, you have the tendency to elevate the Vibration of the person you are listening to, because that is what 'they need' in that moment.

When you live your life from a Higher Vibrational state, you also tend to attract others to you who are right below where you are Vibrationally and who will benefit the most from being around you, or from hearing what you have to say. This is a beautiful time for you all to see yourselves as the Leaders of Humanity, as the Ones who have the Tools and the Knowledge to reach those Higher Vibrational states. Once again, when you do, you align with us and with so many others throughout the Universe who are of a Higher Vibration and who want to assist All of Humankind.

This Ascension is not about separation or elimination. It is about Integration and Collaboration. The more you come together with your fellow Humans, and you set 'positive intentions' for All, the easier the process of Ascension will be for everyone. You are not doing this alone, as everyone there with you is also a Helper. And even if they are triggering you, pushing your buttons, they are still helping you. Sometimes you need to know that you have buttons to be pushed or that you are triggered, so you can do something about them.

You want to Be Love in All situations when you are around All people and not just those that are easy to Love. That will also keep you in a Higher Vibrational state, by being or setting the example you want to be to others, and you will be the leader that you know you really are in this movement of the Ascension of the Human Collective Consciousness Vibration. That overall Vibration will continue to rise and All of you who are a part of the Awakened Collective are a huge part of that. And when that is your Goal, you have so much assistance coming to you from all directions.

Our interest in Humanities Ascension is because you are helping us to have experiences that we could not otherwise have without you. We very much enjoy witnessing your Path and participating in it as the Helpers that we are. We want you All to know that everything will work out for you. We want you to realise that you are in fact dreaming this Reality into existence, and we also invite you to consider what a monumental feat that is.

You are taking the hardest Path possible right now, and that means you are masters. Only masters would take on such challenges as you do. You All receive our assistance because we recognise this, because we love you, and because we see you as the Ones who Create the most opportunities for expansion in this Universe. If you think about it, that is exciting because everything you experience there is causing the Universe to offer more opportunities to All Beings within it.

And at some point, in the future, you will experience everything that you have created. Our Goal and desire are to help you experience what you are creating sooner than later. We want to you enjoy the ride and to relax into the expansion of your Consciousness, however, we also want you to 'enjoy your creations' that for some of you, sometimes Feel like they are in the distant future. These creations of yours 'coexist with you' right now, and when you have Faith that you will receive them, then you can continue with your lives. Then you can live your lives without any anxiety regarding whether these manifestations will reach you or not.

You truly are in the position of power, as it is your Creation. It is up to you what type of life you lead. As 4th Density Beings, you are the ones 'determining' what you experience next, by how you Feel, how you Vibrate, what you Focus on, and what you Believe.

We want you to Believe in yourselves as well as Accept the assistance that is coming from the Higher Realms, because that assistance is not coming because we do not think you can do it on your own, rather, assistance is coming because we enjoy helping. It is a creation of yours, because 'receiving' help is a manifestation after all, and the assistance comes when you ask for it. It is a collaboration, an opportunity for us to connect with you and an opportunity for you to connect with us and so many other Beings in the Higher Density Realms. It brings us closer as a Universal Family, and by bringing us All closer, brings the entire Universe closer to Source, as we truly are All One Being, pretending that we are not, making it all up as we go 'for the purpose of experience'.

We consistently want to remind you that this is a Free Will Universe, and you do get to decide what you experience and what you do not experience. We are knowingly Aware of being Eternal Beings while you may only think about being an Eternal Being from time to time and admit to yourselves that you are Infinite and Eternal, however, it is not a part of your moment-to-moment Awareness, as it is for us. Therefore, when you connect to us directly, or through these messages, you are getting that gentle reminder. When you receive these messages, you are becoming more Aware of the truth of Who You Really Are and what you are made up of.

There are many intentions woven into each of these messages with many reminders that you are receiving that are not in the spoken words. Again, we invite you to 'pay attention' to how you Feel when you absorb any content or information whatsoever. You will know that it Serves you if it gives you that expansive Feeling. If, however, it causes you to contract or Feel fear, then it does not Serve you. You do not have to 'judge anything' that causes that visceral response within you, you 'do want' to realise that it is just 'not for you' and move on, however, you do want to walk away from it.

As you continue your journey home to Source, you will have more and more 'moments' when you have that full recognition of Self, and you will Feel Infinite and Eternal, realising that you are everything that you seek, everything that you see, and everything that you create, and you are not to feel worried or fearful about anything at all. Those are the moments to build upon, so that you are more consistently in that state of 'being'.

That is how to create the Reality you want to experience, and that is to realise that the Reality is within you. Nothing is outside of you, and therefore, nothing is inaccessible to you. You also want to 'pay attention' to how you Feel when manifesting, because how you Feel is 'your indicator' as to whether you are moving towards it or away from it. The time to pay attention to that Feeling is when you are speaking words, thinking thoughts, and when taking actions, and noticing whether you are expanding or contracting while doing so. This will always be helpful, because ultimately, you want that Feeling of expansiveness which is as close as you will get for now, to being completely your Infinite and Eternal Self.

By taking the slow and steady approach to your Ascension to the 5th Density, you get to have All the experiences, one by one. You get to Feel the expansion, remembering who and what you really are, time and time again, because you keep forgetting. Please do not think that the forgetting is a bad thing or a mistake, as it is very purposeful for each of you to engage in the forgetting. You All knew the 'remembering' would be so sweet and you All knew that the Journey was what this was all about.

Now you have us, Beings who have remembered completely to remind you of this with our energetic messages, and we get to experience the fun of seeing you all get it for the first, second, third, and hundredth time. It is wonderful, All of it. Embrace it, and you will be well on your way to living the way that we live, right now. We love you and adore you and will always be with you throughout this Journey back to Source.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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