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Deception Hydro-Carbons, Global Climate Change, Hive Mind

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    Everything I am reading is bringing up lots of old memories and feelings I thought I had dealt with from my past. At the moment my memories of my life here in the UK leave me feeling I can't connect with most people, people on the surface I meet seem very pleasant, however, later and it can be years later, I find that these people are hiding their thoughts and feelings, so even though they may not agree with me they keep nodding as if they are agreeing with me. It is only later that I find out they are not telling me what they really feel or believe. So, my personal feelings are then that I feel I can't trust them. How can I tell if people are being genuine or real and why the deception, or is it all me?

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    From birth with the developing Consciousness of the young child we are taught to be dependant on an Authority that is outside of our self. This starts with our parents, they set about defining our realities for us, we have all experienced the situations where the developing Consciousness of a 2 or 3 year old child asks the question WHY...? in this way it helps them define and understand the Universe that they are living in. Some parents are very proactive here and attempt to help develop this expanding Awareness with a language that is understood with the innocence of its enquiry. This is a considerable undertaking and demands the full attention of these caregivers.

    However, the information shared can only come from the caregiver's 'personal integrated' experiences. Remember, when incarnated into the dense soup of discordant 3D Consciousness the veil of forgetfulness limits the understanding within many concepts and the developing Consciousness in the child will soon ask in innocence a question that the caregiver cannot clearly answer and in many cases, does not even understand. Remember, in 3D you only know what you know.

    With this lack of Awareness, these early caregivers who are not really up to this task respond in several discordant ways, saying to the child "you do not need to know that" or fabricates a response that does not really satisfy the enquiry and in many cases the caregiver is caught up in their own struggle of survival in this low frequency soup of Awareness answering with frustration or dismissing the enquiry as being silly, or "you would not understand", or "you do not need to worry your little head with these matters" and sometimes respond with utter frustration and anger. Eventually the enquiring mind of the child closes down and accepts direction of thought from this outside Authority figure.

    This process continues through preschool and all the various levels of formative education you are told what to do and how to think. Your life has been organised by somebody else. This process sets up a dissonance of frequency of 'thought form' that becomes a Dominant Frequency, a controlled way of thinking, the 'hive mind'. This continues through ALL levels of social life, outside Authority figures defining your reality. This is the DECEPTION. You are programmed to think and respond in a particular way - Mind Control and as explained earlier, all those Beings who are caught in this Frequency of Deception respond in the same way - hive mind.

    What we are sharing with you over and over again is that the way forward is to TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR OWN MIND, YOUR OWN THOUGHTS. Throughout all the formative years of Education, seldom are you inspired to 'think' of an uplifted future for Humanity where peace and harmony prevail. The controllers of your realities 'know' that if your FOCUS was energised in this area YOUR THOUGHTS THROUGH IMAGINATION WOULD CREATE THESE REALITIES and their power over you, would be gone. Instead, you are fed with a constant diet of Deception where the world lurches from one crisis to another and hopefully, through a very corrupt system of Party Politics your Governments have undertaken the best cause of action 'damage control' to minimise the effects on the Masses. This is the reality Humanity finds itself in today.

    The 'hive mind' capitulates to these directives, further giving their power away to these outside of SELF Authorities. Universities and Higher Education, Churchman and Religious Leaders, Politicians and Party Politics, Institutions such as the World Health Organisation (WHO), United Nations, NASA, the Mass Media News, the Film Industry, the Pharmaceutical Industry, Mainstream Medical Fraternity, large International Corporations, Newtonian Science and the list goes on, every aspect of Human Life has been infiltrated by the 'dark shirts' and the objective is to Mind Control Humanity to make Humanity think in a particular way and to ACCEPT a Deterministic, Reductionist and Materialistic world, these are all 3D ideas of LIMITATION.

    We will take you on a journey through other aspects of the DECEPTION Humanity is being fed today that we have not mentioned before in these discussions. Global Warming now redefined as Climate Change, these beliefs are fictitious, there is NO Climate Change, the word Change implies that one set of circumstances are being replaced by a different set of circumstances that could be explained or defined within the Consciousness of the OBSERVER, this is why Climate Change is fictitious, nothing has changed.

    Our beautiful planet Earth is not only in a 'new' Spiralling Vortex of Energy with the rest of the Universe, however, is also now passing into a new undefined quadrant within our Cosmos. She is spiralling in harmonically balanced cycles within the Matrix of Physical Creation, cycles within cycles within cycles. This is the natural progression that is experienced here on Earth at these times. The Climate is not stagnant, nothing in the Universe is stagnant, EVERYTHING IS IN MOTION. The heating and/or cooling of the Earth is part of these cycles, NOTHING HAS CHANGED apart from the PERCEPTION of those that choose to manipulate your Conscious Mind with further Deception and believe in a Deterministic outcome if we do nothing about it.

    The aforementioned outside Authorities have convinced you that WE ARE COLLECTIVELY responsible for this situation and then have created a Compartmentalised Scientific Reductionist explanation of 'why' we are responsible and that if we do not act immediately Humanity faces a very bleak future. The intention is again, to Accept this version from the outside Authorities as FACT and as a consequence our lives will be further compromised attempting to correct our wrong. There is nothing to correct. The natural systems on our Earth are very robust and if we were to place an empirical value on the effect that Human kind is having on the 'natural world' in relationship to the Climate, it would be less than 1%. The remaining 99% is attributed to the natural cycles the Earth is experiencing as it travels through the Vortex Spiral and the procession of the Equinoxes.

    We could share volumes and volumes of empirically available data that the Terrestrial Scientific community has deceptively ignored or the Scientists simply in some cases, do not even understand. However, what all this adds up to is to further reinforce FEAR in the Individual and Mass Conscious Awareness and remove more of Humanities freedoms and extorting more tax and revenue from the already greatly depleted disposable incomes of the Masses. We can discuss at a later stage the influence of the Sun on Earths Climate and the natural procession of the Earth around the Sun during longer cycles that move the Earth closer or more distant from the Sun during these cycles.

    We will momentarily discuss Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere that the alarmists are using Empirical data extrapolated from their empirical data research. As part of the natural progression through the cycle of procession the Earth regularly moves into periods that have been named 'Ice Ages'. As Earth approaches the Ice Age the carbon dioxide levels are greatly elevated. This elevation in carbon dioxide always precedes an Ice Age. That is part of the cycle Earth is in 'now'.

    Let us now discuss the deception around fossil fuels or more accurately we will describe as Hydro Carbons. What the controllers of your reality do not want you to know is that Petroleum Oil is virtually a 'renewable resource' and is formed in a way that would totally contradict their standard narrative. Remember in the 70's the oil crisis and throughout the following 2 decades the term 'peak oil' was thrown into the soup of Deception. At that time, mainstream science told the world that we were approaching the 'mid point' depletion of the oil reserves on the planet and that once we had passed this 'mid point' then the oil reserves would be significantly diminishing as the demand increased in an every expanding global population and this would be of great concern, not only because of its associated Climate Change capacity but also, it had been up until that point the source of most power generation on Earth. So this situation was aptly named 'peak oil'.

    Again, this Deception was to instil FEAR and amplify Humanity's disregard for the environment, again making them feel responsible for the aforementioned changing Climate. Petroleum Oil is NOT Fossil Fuel. Petroleum Oil is created from the water in the oceans and seas around the planet. At great depth there is great pressure and this pressure forces the ocean water into fissures in the subterranean rocks, the outer mantle of the Earth crust. The water is forced through these underground fissures under 'high pressure' and 'high speed' often in excess of hundreds of meters per second and at thousands of pounds per square inch and at great temperatures from both the friction created and the high temperatures within the mantle crust of the Earth, the water is transformed.

    Water is H20 - Hydrogen and Oxygen. At these high temperatures and high pressures the oxygen is split from the hydrogen creating even higher temperatures and even higher pressure, this creates instability at an atomic level. The free hydrogen atoms at extremely high temperature and pressures, attach themselves to the carbon in the rocks of the Earth mantle that it is passing through creating a combination of Hydrogen and Carbon - Hydro Carbons (CH). As the chemical change stabilises it solidifies into a black thick sticky substance that we call Petroleum Oil. This new chemical substance continues flowing through the fissures some of it finding its way through fissures up close to the surface of the Earth that the Petroleum Companies and their Scientists call Oil Fields. What they do NOT want you to know is that when they pump out these oil fields and convert this substance into Petroleum Fuel and all the by products that underpin the chemical and plastic industries globally, is that the oil fields refill, some quite rapidly and others at a lesser pace depending upon the volume and pressure of the delivery fissures.

    The newly formed Hydro Carbon acts as a lubricant deep under the surface mantle of Earth that lubricates the Tectonic Plate movements around the Earth. We will refer to this newly formed Hydro Carbons deep in the Earths mantle as 'the Blood of Earth'. It is similar to the blood system in the Human Body that flows through the arteries and veins. The Earth's blood flows at great speed in Earth's subterranean arteries and veins all around our beautiful planet and you know where these are, they are below what is termed the 'lay lines', they are rivers of energy that the natural world responds to and where these rivers cross, they create High Energy Vortexes.

    Deep within these Vortexes 'transformational energies' are created, the more consciously aware scientists call these Scalar Waves. These High Energy points are Nodes of Consciousness, remember, we have shared before how the original physical world was created through the SOURCE'S Conscious Focus Attention creating these Nodes as points of Awareness that further developed Frequencies that could manifest Biology. This is how the Physical World is CREATED. It is through this process that Earth's Consciousness is connected to Source (ADMA) and has a profound connection to the Library of Amenti that we can discuss at another time. At the very centre of these Nodes Anti Matter is formed and held in suspension as a 'Toroid' holding unique Frequencies of Creation. It should be noted here to the reader that every structure in the Universe from the smallest atomic particle through to planets, suns and galaxies the basic structure is Toroidal, we will discuss this at another time. And for those of you who believe in a flat Earth and there are a few that remain with this idea, it is simply impossible as at the heart of every creation are geometric toroidal structures (semi-spherical with an energy vortex entering and exiting in polar opposite regions). As stated above, everything in the known Universe is created from the Toroidal Conscious Energy from the Creator.

    Contained within the 'blood of Earth' is the Conscious imprint of ALL Biological life that sustains the life of the planet, as does the Blood of Humanity sustains the Biological Life of the Human Body, it all works in the same manner, it all observes the same Universal Science that is predictable and empirically proven by the majority of Interstellar Races. As stated above, Newtonian Science is only relevant on Earth and it is a 3D construct that is designed on erroneous mathematical ideas that seem plausible at a glance, however, under analysis their Reductionist and Deterministic and Mathematically manipulated Science is constructed to verify its own existence. Even great minds like Einstein adopted the erroneous conclusions of this mathematics and was convinced that the Consensus thinking Newtonian Reductionist way of thinking was correct and concluded that it was an impossibility to move beyond the speed of light. This is erroneous and incorrect and we will discuss this at another time.

    Continued in next update...

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