Ascension Messages

Unity Consciousness and Integration

We are looking into the Consciousness of every single Human on Earth at this time because we are so interested in You and in the Expansion of your Consciousness. We invite you to join us in that curiosity. We know that you live very busy lives and that many of your Human cohorts are very different from you, however, a little more curiosity about one another will lead to more Compassion and that Compassion will 'accelerate the shift' in Consciousness.

Yes, you can do so much on your own, just exploring your own Consciousness and your own Feelings, however, by taking an interest in 'each other' you are more likely to find that Connection. And that Connection will lead to more Unity. That Unity will bring you into a place of Harmony. That Harmony will lead to full Extra-Terrestrial Contact and once you have full Extra-Terrestrial Contact, it will just be a matter of time before you complete the shift in Consciousness.

Therefore, we invite you to explore 'each other's' Journeys, even if it is painful at times. Even though you find it challenging to have any 'common ground' with certain Individuals, finding that 'common ground' will help you to find a place in your Heart for that Person. Remember, 'everyone' on the Planet with you there, represents an aspect of You. We are All Parts of the same Whole and none of the Parts will be discarded as we All Ascend together.

You need to think in terms of Integration and 'inclusion' as you close in on that readiness that you all seek for full Open Contact with E.T.s. If you cannot see the DIVINITY in one of your Fellow Humans, it is going to be very challenging to see it within an Alien who looks and talks and acts very different from you. Therefore, we invite you to look for 'something' in that Person that you feel you have 'nothing' in common with, something that can bring you together, something that you can agree upon. Let go of those topics you disagree on and stop trying to convince one another that your perspective is the right one.

Instead, we invite you to 'open up' more with each other about what you Feel, what you are afraid of, what your hopes and dreams are, because that is what determines your Perspective in the first place. And all Perspectives will always be Valid. They will always be a Part of Source Energy. Therefore, you do not need to think about how to squash an opinion or a point of view. You can have Harmony with your Perspective and Harmony with a Person who wholeheartedly disagrees with that Perspective. It is possible. We see it all the time and if you can come together with one of those Individuals and find that 'common ground' you will benefit so much more than if you defeat that person in a debate. This is the Time of coming together. This is the Time of Unity Consciousness and exploring the Feeling of Oneness with All.

We only share this message with all of you as a reference, so that you have more information or as a stimulus to Think about during the process of forming your Personal and particular Cosmogony.

An example of this is when we state that every Conscious Being, at whatever level, is composed of Consciousnesses of lesser Cognitive and Awareness Evolution, and in turn, forms more complex Beings as well. That is, there is a range of Consciousness that goes from very Simple to the Absolute, the Original Source, or whatever you wish to call it.

This is also a limited way of explaining something that is simply impossible to explain, since any theory or empirical statement that we develop from our evolutionary position of Mind, whatever level it may be will fall short, since from the 'point of view' of the Absolute, nothing we say will represent the Objective Reality of how the Absolute works. It is simply unattainable from our levels of Mind and Consciousness.

Having said that, we describe it to you as a range of Mind-Consciousness that goes from little to almost nothing, in a cumulative gradient all the way to the All, the Original Source. Being that this again would be an explanation Perception from a non-total point of view, since from the 'point of view' of the Absolute, of the Source, there Is and could only Be a 'single mass' impossible to describe, which includes everything, and we mean everything in the absolute sense of the word EVERYTHING. Being that any point in between or any Concept that attempts to describe it, such as our previously mentioned gradient of Consciousness, going from the lowest to the Source itself, remains as a Concept or an Idea contained within the ocean of Thoughts that 'are' and that 'form' the ALL.

All that has existed, all that exists, and continues to exist is contained in a Single Mass, a-Temporal, without specific Time and without Locality. They are Ideas in One Great Total Mind, an ocean of Consciousness. With this as a basis, it is obvious that All Things are Connected to each other, and even more so, All Minds of 'thinking creatures' as well, again, only Ideas contained in the Mass of the All.

Extending the latter, the classical Concept that Biology is Life and the Energetic and Mineral World only forms Life as building blocks or ingredients necessary for its formation, remains as one more simplistic explanation, being that 'everything' that is 'perceived' from the Material World 'Point of Attention' of a classical life of a Lyrian based Person, in low Densities like 3D or 5D (misnamed and only mentioned as a crude reference), everything that is, everything that is visible, be it pure Energy, be it a grain of sand, a nucleus of atom, electron, a whatever you can think of, everything is a Being, everything is Thinking and everything is 'someone' with Mind and Consciousness. As we have explained, simple Beings form more Complex Beings. Always.

The New Age concept that says we are All Connected and that we are All One, stretches and falls short, in extreme simplicity and pales with how 'it really is'. Meaning that all Beings, living or not, all there is, again with the most expanded meaning of the word ALL, are 'Parts or Particles' of Consciousness that not only form what from one 'point of view' or another is a more Complex Being, but are in itself, the ALL and the Original Source itself. From a grain of sand, or an electron, to an entire Galaxy, or more, they are, and we affirm this, Holographic fragments of the Original Source that contain ALL its attributes by right. And this again remains as one more way of explaining the inexplicable.

There is no Material World and Spirit World, there are no other Densities, no alternate Timelines, no Parallel Universes. They are all Concepts and Ideas trying to explain something 'too big' to be understood from lower levels of Existence-Consciousness, being that this is also another Concept. Another Idea. Because as we said above, All There Is and can Be, IS already the ALL.

Everything there is, and all of us in general, are Ideas. We are an 'attachment' to a set of Concepts that define our boundaries, which are subsequently non-existent. The 'attachment' to the Concept of everything that each Person understands as what 'defines them' is everything that they include as part of that Person, including the Conscious Part and the Unconscious Part alike, including what we reject as us, forms the 'I', and the attachment to the 'I' could be defined as the Ego. And they are nothing more than the attachment to Ideas, Concepts and Beliefs that everyone has. 'Has' as a Soul also, without the religious 'charge', being that a Soul is not 'something'... it is only formed by a Group of Ideas within the Great Mind in the form of a Constant; a Node formed by stationary Waves with a specific Harmonic that keeps them 'adhered' to each other 'forming' what could be said to be a 'Person', a particular Individual.

Each Individual, each 'Person', by having 'attachments' to these Ideas will irremediably Create a 'mental filter' where they will not be able to see or interpret their environment except through the lens of their 'attachments' and Ideas, rejecting everything that does not fit their particular Concept of Who They Are. A Person's Outer World is only a reflection of Who They Are, however, we state it as an Absolute. It IS the Person, not reflecting from 'within' their Being to Create an Outer World or environment as the New Age tries to explain, but the Outer World in 'Perception' of each Person, IS the Person them-self, without boundaries as if they live in a place being something smaller, contained in that place or World-environment.

The Person them-self is their environment, and their environment is the Person, who in turn, is defined through the lens of what they reject and what they include in their own definition of 'I' that will form 'attachments' to Ideas called Ego.

From this point, we attempt to explain to you why there is not and cannot be 'Material World' and 'Spiritual World', nor can there be Time, nor Space, nor Distances. All are Ideas and attachments to Concepts, contained in the Personal definitions of those who have an 'I' and an Ego.

The Body itself is only a 'manifestation' of a Group of Ideas and it is what shapes the 'illusion' of being in an Outer World when the Person-Consciousness IS its Outer World.

The Concept that each Individual Person forms their own World in a particular way and adds to the Collective Thought that shares these Ideas to a greater or lesser degree, forming a shared Outer World, without being entirely non-valid, is really just another effort to explain that simply each Person-Consciousness is All There Is, contained and illusorily, limited by a lens or 'container-limiter' of Worlds called 'attachment' to that which defines their own Existence and Individuality, their Group of Ideas that form their Self and Ego and their attachment to them. That is what Limits or Creates the illusion of being Limited, that there are Universal, Material or Physical Laws that are 'unbreakable'. It is just more Ideas and attachments to such Concepts!

Moving on to Time, it can never be a Constant, nor can it ever be something 'apart' from the Mind. It is simply the Evolutionary process with which Thought unfolds. It is the result of the 'internal dialogue' of a Mind. It will always be Relative; it will always be plastic. Time is You and your Ideas and 'where and how' you process them. Your attachments to the possible and the impossible to achieve, are attachments to your Self and your Ego, and you do not discard them for fear of losing Individuality, for fear of losing what defines You. And that is what stops your Mental expansion.

Space and Distances are based on Time because without measure, there is no distance. It depends on Time, so they are Ideas. Same for Energy and Matter, illusory interpretations... They are just Ideas seen through the lens of other Ideas, that define them as something and not something else. And to explain this, the Body as such is a good example, because if there is Body, then there is Matter, if there is sensation of heat or cold, there is Energy, and if I am born, live and die, there is Time. Again, Concepts and attachments sustaining more Concepts and attachments.

So there can be no Life, there can be no Death, there can be no Time, there can be no Distance and no Space.

Everything is contained as Ideas flowing in One Great Mind which is You, the Whole, which is each One of Us, including the grains of sand. We are All One, from the most expanded point of view, One, the Source. Each Person that in your Perception is 'other', is only there because you have the Idea that it is there by use and through attachments to concepts of your Self and Ego, that you do not let go of even when you 'do' want to let go of them. Therefore, Everything, Person, Mineral, Energy, Plant, or Animal you encounter is You again, always in the Eternal Now. Beyond Time and Space.

There is no Death. There is no Life. Only more Concepts and attachments to them.

Let us speak now from the point of Objective Observation of someone who analyses people who say they are alive. From their 'group of attachments' that define them, with their 'I' and their Ego, it is perfectly valid to see that there is Life and that there is Death. We are not speaking now from the 'more expanded point of view', but only from the Objective Point of View of that Group of 'ideological limitations' called 'incarnation'.

Of course, there is Life and Death as experiences, it hurts to lose loved ones and it is abusive to say there is no Death. But there is more to it.

The Group of Ideas that maintains the Perceived Concept of 'being alive' is congruent to attachments to Laws, that determine that 'something' can kill you. However, what formed you is there, your Mind, your Ideas, and even your Self and Ego.

Just as you formed the seemingly external Concept of the Material World, you will form the Spiritual World as well, the Afterlife, the World of the dead, the between-life or whatever you wish to call it. Your World, 'Material' or not, is formed by your 'Ideas' and your 'attachments' to them.

That is why we affirm, that Who You Are is how you Live, and it is your World, including what you reject, not only what you Like and Love that is inclusive of your acceptance of 'it', Person or Thing into you, because it helps you to define Who You Are, to define your Self and your Ego.

When you 'die', you leave a Group of Ideas that form your Material World... and in the exact same way, you will form your Afterlife. We insist, not as something outside of you, but as what you already are. Your World, your Environment, is formed by You, because it is YOU.

Whatever you have, whatever you Think, your Values, your Attachments, your Concepts, your Ethics and Spirituality, that is YOU. And you 'take it with you' when you die, forming other Realities, your Spiritual World, your Afterlife.

That is why there is a World 'of the dead' a mirror of the Material one. Same streets, same people, same 'map' because they are the 'attachments' of the People who have left their Concepts of Material World, forming a mirror world, that by the art of their own Thoughts, which are the Person them-self, that do not let them transcend to form other more expanded Realities, they 'attach' to form a World almost like the 'Real-Material' one but in a decadent and dreary way mostly.

Equally beautiful and tranquil Worlds will form, full of Peace and Beauty and every variant in between. And this is also another set of Ideas, which we insist and are sharing with you, with no intention to impose anything.

Forget basic Concepts such as Karma, Cause and Effect and the like. They serve to explain things from one or another level of Consciousness-Thought. You only need to Know that your environment is You, and that what Limits You are your Ideas and your Attachments to them, which form your Self, your Ego.

Especially the Parts that you do not like about your environment, because they are the Parts you do not like about You. That is why you should never be afraid to face your Fears and what you dislike about yourself. Because you only bury it in the Unconscious, Material Unconscious and Admatic-Spiritual Unconscious that forms Who You Are in Life and not (your misnamed Soul).

You are Everything, you form Everything. The only thing that Limits you are your Ideas and your Attachment to them.

There are no 'pasty' Densities where manifestation is 'slow', excuses and attachments to them. Everything is One Mass, the Original Source. That IS You. Whether or not it frustrates you to see results or not, whether or not you reject your World, because it does not fit into your Ideas of Who You Are, your SELF and your Ego, whether you like it or not, that is also YOU. You can only face it without Fear. However, facing yourself is the Key. Always. That is the problem. Your attachments to your Self and your Ego, the root of all your problems.

Moving further up, we describe multiple things from multiple points of view, that many times not only appear to be contradictory but are contradictory. This is because Existence itself is composed of contradictions, whereas, with Concepts everything is valid, more so from the point of view of the Absolute, where everything is Integration, therefore Integrating the Valid and the Invalid, the false with the true, since they only end up being Ideas within a Mind that tries to classify them on one or the other side of Duality, using Values and Ideas that are limited by the borders of the Observer's Consciousness, which in turn, is defined by these Attachments to what defines them as an 'I' and as an Ego, and is further defined by what they reject as definitions of themselves.

Being that, here with full intent, we describe and use Self and Ego as manifestations in Duality of One and the same Person. Present in all, except Source as it IS All.

From this position, we now describe to you why for us, from our particular point of view, there are no Densities or Timelines, no Parallel Universes, nor anything that is defined as an Existential Realm, shared or not.

Others have described, among thousands of other theories, that the Universe is made of Existential Densities, ranging from the Simple to the Complex. First, they have listed them as in 1D, 2D, 3D and so on up to 12D or at Infinity.

Then it has been described as a gradient that rises from the low which would be the 1D Mineral Realm, to any High Density, usually 9D or 12D, as in a graph that rises from the Simple to the Complicated, like a tape measure where each Person's 'point of Attention Consciousness' will determine from where to where they will Perceive as their Existential World. The real, the possible and the not possible.

While these Concepts are still Valid from an explanatory point of view, as a beginning of understanding, it is time to advance towards descriptions that are more in line with what we Perceive as another view that we share with you in an explanatory way without any desire to impose anything.

Every Self-Aware Person is not a unit, but the result of the sum or amalgamation of simpler Consciousnesses, that share by agreement similar Perceptions, but never the same. We define simpler Consciousnesses from the comparative point of view to what they 'form' when they get together, a Consciousness with a more expanded range of understanding and Perception. Therefore, no-one is a Person, no-one is a Soul, but we are All a Collection of 'sums' of other People who compose us and constantly feed our Consciousness in an endless stream of Gravity, of Consciousness flowing and coming together in Nodes, that we call People.

The simple Ones will form Colonies of Mutual Cooperation, which in turn will form more Complex Ones. Perfect examples of this are the cells in a Body, which have their own Life Cycle, their own Perception, including their own internal organs and reproductive system and primitive brain in the cell membrane. They come together by compatibility of attributes in an organized manner to form a more complex organism called a Body, whether Human or not.

We have explained that there is no Material World, only a set of Attachments to Ideas that by their determination to remain as Laws, have imposed the Perception that there is Matter. Being that everything from the beginning was always an Idea.

So each Person-Point-of-Attention-Consciousness is formed by other simpler Persons and these by others with simpler Perception and Consciousness, and so on upwards, forming more Complex Beings until reaching the Original Source.

So each Person with Consciousness is in themselves, a Whole Universe, and for that Person the Whole Universe, their own Timeline, and their own perfectly Valid Perception of All There Is and of All that is possible and not.

On the other hand, we see Time as a direct result of the Consciousness processes of each Individual and dependent on their level of Thought and Personal Expansion. And their Perceptions of Distance and Speed will depend on their Temporal Perception and everything else that defines it. For Speed and Distance depend on Time, and Time on Perception.

We see the Points of Attention Consciousnesses as living not in Densities or Dimensions, not in tape measure gradients, but in a series of bubbles, containing their limits of Consciousness Perception. Bubbles formed by other bubbles, feeding one another, in a constant flow of Gravity Consciousness in the ocean that is the Ether, which itself is formed by them.

Bubbles of their own, Singular and unrepeatable, containing everything that defines them as someone, what they want to see as what defines them, and what they reject as what defines them as well.

Ocean of bubbles of Consciousness that being Singular touch one another. Parts are shared, and these parts are the Agreements of Perception, between People or Groups of People.

With this description we are trying to give shape to something impossible to describe with words, since obviously any description that we or anyone else tries to give, will fall short of what it really is. It is not even how we see things. We are just trying to describe these Mental Concepts and have something tangible to share.

We refer to 'bubble' as a container of something inside, that itself has a boundary, the membrane of said bubble. Inside as a sphere we see it as containing everything a Person has, that defines them as 'someone' in particular. As said before, what you Accept and Love and what you reject equally, all defining yourself into an 'I' (positive side) and an Ego (negative side) in an Individual Point of Conscious Attention.

In this case, this bubble-Individual will touch others, and will have shared Perceptions with those other bubble-Individuals that are the common areas to share.

And it is not placed on any scale of Densities, as we see all People, to one extent or another, depending on the lens through which one looks, existing in every possible Density, with every possible Range of Intelligence, of Thought, and of Consciousness, All simultaneously. Where there are no bubbles other than more Concepts, as an attempt to give 'form' to something intangible and impossible to define, as our best attempts will always fall short.

An attempt to explain the Infinite, that which escapes all possible Concepts of Thought.

But in the end, it is all a Single Mass of Consciousness that is defined as Multiple Individual Persons, only by 'attachments' to one or another sequence of Ideas, and it is the Ideas that limit the Persons and form them as such. The Idea of having a Limit, that you start and end somewhere. All that can Exist is Consciousness, the rest is Illusory. Only 'attachments' to characters Created by that same total Cosmic Mind.

So there can be no Death from one's own 'point of view', since this is only the resolution of a 'sequence of Ideas' that define what an Incarnation is. Death can only exist in the Mind of the Living. Death only 'exists' as such in the Minds of the Living. You and I, and everyone else, are only the Egregor that is formed by our 'attachments' to OUR Ideas.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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