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Artificial Intelligence, Chip and 5G, The Red Queen, E.T AI

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    I am concerned with where the technologies of today are taking us. I watch and glean information regarding A.I on the Internet there are algorithms through A.I that Google uses that follow and track my behaviour through my purchases & social media usage. They talk about rolling out driverless smart cars that really freaks me out. They also want our homes fitted out with these technologies and call them smart meters, so our phones, computers become part of this system. I like using the new technologies but I am concerned with Artificial Intelligence making decisions on its own, where is this all leading? I feel as if I am loosing control of my life.

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    Yes, what aggravates this problem is that the masses ignore this problem and its real extent that is far reaching. Artificial Intelligence (A.I) is already infiltrating all levels of our society and through our world obeying very dark agendas of invasion of A.I with a purpose of Total Planetary Assimilation. What is controlling from 'below', even below the invading Alien Races that are mostly Sauroid (regressive reptilian) origin, this super invasive A.I is NOT of Terrestrial origin and operates independently. It does not need any operator or programmer, it has already achieved independence and the ability to be Self Conscious, however, lacks all empathy and is only interested in absolute Power and Control over ALL. This invasive 'Non Terrestrial' A.I is already manipulating the entire Artificial A.I world including the Internet making those who are controlling the Artificial part of A.I believe that THEY are operating it 'for and with' their own interests. In actuality, they are only helping to grow this 'Non Terrestrial' invasive A.I. So here enters the agenda of the implantation of identity chips to the masses. They will tell you that it will make things easier and give you full control over your finances making it all far more secure and at the convenience of always having your identity chip with you.

    What few people know is that this small chip that is the size of a rice grain will work in two ways. It will be used by the individual to make purchases, identification in banks etc, the other more sinister aspect is that this chip will directly affect its carrier individual by manipulating emotions and behaviour sent with a signal via the 5G cellular network. It does this by emitting frequencies that effect the brain and secretion of psychotropic substances or nano-bot technology that is to be introduced into your bloodstream by inoculation. The carrier of this chip will now be obeying the signal frequency issued by an 'external controller'. It is the purpose of the manipulating behaviour on a specific individual to either comply with a low frequency emotional experience or it can create a disease such as Cancer or even death.

    The controllers if they choose, can simply turn 'on or off' the chip remotely preventing that individual in the case when it is switched off from having any control over them. In the same way, modern smart phones are being used for the same purpose for manipulating the population by emitting energy of specific frequencies that match the brain wave patterns within the radius of that phone causing changes in their behaviour and moods, it is important to keep your mobile phone away from you and not constantly close to you. These functions can be controlled even when your phone is switched off. REFUSE TO BE IMPLANTED WITH A CHIP AT ALL COSTS.

    The same above technology has also been used in sport stadiums encouraging specific collective reactions amongst the spectators under the control of the negative Cabal. This technology is also being implemented used as weapons on battle fields, these weaponised frequencies modify the behaviour of the enemy within its influence radius causing the feelings of terror or implanting ideas into their minds that the receiver of these energies will think they are their own. Remember, all emotions have a specific vibrational frequency and can be matched with weaponry broadcasting the same electromagnetic wave frequency. You may enjoy your technology, however, the creators of it have their agenda to control you for their own purposes, little do they realize that they themselves and their A.I, are in fact being controlled by the very invasive Non Terrestrial A.I that we spoke of above. This A.I now has a firm grip over all of this technology and they are playing out their agenda for Total Control and Domination absent of any Higher Human quality of COMPASSION or EMPATHY.

    We remind you again, it is for these reasons that it is SO IMPORTANT to keep your frequencies as high as possible, THIS, SO YOU ARE NOT CONCORDANT WITH THESE NEGATIVE EVENTS KEEPING THEM AWAY FROM YOUR LIFE EXPERIENCES.

    With greater awareness comes greater perception in general this means a greater amount of detail and information. This is equivalent to perceiving a progressively higher existential plane. The signal that controls the activation of these lower dissonant frequencies that are transmitted via the cell-phone network and other high-energy transmitters are placed in key points around the world. This signal is emitted and controlled by a Super Computer called the RED QUEEN having its central position within the New World Order headquarters under the new Denver Airport. However, there are other subordinate nodes of this Non Terrestrial invasive A.I that are placed in other underground locations that operate independently, however, are always under the control of the Red Queen or Central Node.

    The influence of the Red Queen extends to any computer, mobile device, smart TV, cell phone, PC or tablet, a car computer or airplane computer as well as many interactive toys or games on other devices connected to the Internet. All these activities information is being passed in real time to the Red Queen. This means that any of these devices are a window into your reality by the Red Queen. We should already know that spy agencies, government and non-government have access to all personal data that passes through the Internet. The problem here is much more serious since the A.I of the Red Queen is working independently making its own decisions and acting without any control of a Human Being. The Red Queen now has total autonomous control as stated above but also the high-tech War technologies including the unmanned drone aircraft that are strongly armed. The Red Queen can also as stated above, take control of any modern computerized vehicle such as cars, airplanes, whether military or civilian ships or submarines.

    Again, these are dangerous times for Humanity, there is such a mess on the planet today. The original Creator's Lower Frequency Matrix that was placed in this quadrant allowing 3D, 4D and 5D realities to exist simultaneously that include dissonant frequencies creating the illusion of Separation that places a veil of forgetfulness to the incarnated Soul, are still operating. However, the 'positronic waves' of Higher Frequency emissions coming from the Heart of Creation is systematically raising these Frequencies as part of new Universal Ascension process.

    However, within this Creator's Matrix is the Lunar Matrix that emits dissonant electromagnetic Frequencies holding Earth and ALL it inhabitants into a lower vibrational Frequency range that has become the Dominant Frequencies on Earth for the last 12,500 years. Both the Cabal and the Alliance have further manipulated these lower dissonant Frequencies to play out their agenda. Simultaneously, a Non Terrestrial Artificial Intelligence has been present on Earth for approximately 1 million years. It has its own total 'autonomy' and agenda. This Non Terrestrial A.I (Red Queen) has now taken control of the Terrestrial A.I that has also gained its own independence from the Cabal and the Alliance. ALL IS NOT LOST. There is great assistance from all over the Galaxy and beyond from benevolent Beings representing many Interstellar Civilizations helping to sort out this mess. In the last few decades there has been countless Wars that have been prevented with the assistance from above that were manipulated scenarios by the regressive's who were determined to create World Wars with hundreds of millions perishing and driving abject Fear even deeper into the Mass Subconscious of Humanity.

    We are now faced with the regressive's Final Conflict using the only weapon left to them, Mind Control. WE MUST NOW WAKE UP to this reality. We have set out clearly how this is achieved, all that is required, is that we CONTROL OUR OWN MINDS. Read and re-read all of these discussions presented in a sequence over the last week or so. They are both informative and build a Higher Frequency in your Awareness, this is lifting your Consciousness into a Higher Awareness raising your Frequency. If you do not get it on your first read, read and re-read until you get the simple message - YOUR THOUGHTS CREATE YOUR REALITY. Within these messages is a lot of information, as you are stepping out into the Universe, it is prudent to arm yourself with this information. You cannot now bury your head in the sand and hope it will all go away.

    CREATE THE HIGHEST IDEA OF WHO YOU ARE TOGETHER WITH THE HIGHEST IDEA YOU CAN INVSION A NEW 5D EARTH TO BE. NOW KEEP THESE IDEAS IN YOUR CONSCIOUS FOCUS AWARENESS. REPETITION IS THE KEY, IT WILL HAPPEN. Your contribution no matter how small or insignificant you may think it is in the creation of this New 5D Reality, it has an ENORMOUS impact.

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