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Arcturians & Andromedeans

Arcturians comprises mainly of three species; Dieslentirlex, Devonians and Korendians from the space region called 'Boots' with a total area of countless planets, these Races are very ancient and non-Lyrian. They are more similar to the branches of the Andromedian's with high amphibian D.N.A. component and are very advanced Spiritually and Technologically and are said to be amongst the most advanced Technologically and Spiritually of the Galaxy. They are known as 'grand builders' with extraordinary ingenuity for artefacts and have great Star-Ship building abilities with huge docks for these Ships. They trade for other Technologies and material, for example raw ore and are manufacturers of the many freighter Ships that are coming and going out of that region. The Boots region is known as a Void Region because it is said to be a place where there are nearly no Stars compared to other places.

Humans when viewing through telescopes are looking at the Void, like or as if, it had nothing there, when in reality, it only has a lesser Star Density with fewer Stars. The Arcturian's appearance is of being short, rarely exceeding one hundred and fifty centimetres with an average height of 130 centimetres. They have a disproportionately large head to their body size, having large almond shaped eyes and large mouth, however, they are very beautiful aesthetically speaking, their skin varies in colour from brown to purple with brown or red spots. There are no males or females, they are all one sex, reproduction is non-sexual and they are amused with species like the Taygeteans and Humans for reproducing in such a strange and awkward way.

They Auto-Clone, but not by parthenogenesis like us in the womb, however, they have a pouch comparable to that of the marsupial Kangaroo, and when the individual is already very old or damaged, it then begins to form another Being in the pouch, being a clone identical to the Pro-generator and when it reaches enough size and maturity it leaves the pouch, just like the Kangaroos does.

The Consciousness of the Pro-generator passes through to that of the small individual or the baby, as it is the same person. When the maturation process ends, even though it is still very small, like a baby, the Consciousness leaves the old Adult Body to inhabit the little Body, leaving the old and larger body to die because of the lack of Consciousness Attention.

The little Body is totally capable of surviving and taking care of itself. They are completely independent and continue their life where they left off with the previous body; this species just keep going on with Self Cloning without returning to the Source, or to Reincarnate, it just renews itself automatically. It only reincarnates if it dies by accident or something similar.

The Arcturians will tell you that they have already Ascended, however, choose to remain in 5D and do not need go further. They do not think that having a material Body is an impediment to being fully Ascended and are advanced in all senses and see the 5D Body as complimentary, that the body is not something to transcend but that it is something to include in the Whole. Their Consciousness is beyond 5D, however, that does not make them different from any other species because we are ALL in the other Densities. They see their life as a line from a remote past with total memory of that progression and have direct accumulation of memory and knowledge that they do not forget. Arcturians do not die per-say, as they are constantly renewed and Time is not a factor, they just ARE.

New Ones are generated because some have multiple descendants and those are the same person as the original and in fact, all of the Dieslentirlex, Devonians and Korendians are highly connected telepathically and it can be interpreted that they are the same Collective Individual. It is not that they have a hive mind, it is not like that; each One is different with their own personality. It is even known that they can argue with One another, as they are mostly logical but can be highly temperamental.

As a species, they have decided to exist this way with this type of Renewal, with a finite biological phase that is Self Renewing.

They do wear clothes and enjoy all kinds of long 'one piece' outfits, usually with ultra ornamented gold and silver spirals, usually dark metallic Red, Violet and Blue.

The Arcturian Races are very complex Races with a complicated thinking process. The Crop Circles are made up mostly by the Arcturian Races. The Arcturian and Taygetean relationship is of mutual co-operation and very friendly. Arcturians have many Starseeds on Earth Today and most are entirely by Immersion. Many teachers of the New Age are Arcturians. They are a part of the Federation and are Co-founders of the Andromedean Council as well and are members of the Sphere Council with many of the Arcturians having been here on Earth since 1947.

The Arcturians do not have the concept of romantic Love, however, they understand it because they study other Races, sometimes making fun around romantic attachment and the awkwardness of sexual encounters. They do have the concept of Love, but it is different and not of romantic Love, as Love between two people, however, as Love in its totality.

Andromedeans are a very old species or Race with very few variants, mainly one Race and one Culture, however, do have several varying factions. They are not of Lyrian origin and they have more in common with the Arcturian Races. They are also related to the Blue Pleiadean Races or Celestis according to what they themselves explain, several million years ago during their primitive Era of their Spiritual Evolution they were in a similar position as the Humans are today. They ended up fighting among themselves for lack of Ethics and Morals and that resulted in the destruction of their own Planet, however, they had time to get out of the way of the destruction by boarding the Ships that they had manufactured.

By the very definition of Timelines, it necessarily has to exist, however, the Andromedeans today have no connection or communication with that Timeline. They have total Temporal capacity and they have used this with Humans today. Ever since the destruction of their Planet the Andromedeans have chosen to have no Planet. They are a species and Culture completely dependent on their Space Vessels. The vessals are of three classes and shapes, the Grand Sphere or Biosphere Base Ships with several million inhabitancies within them. They are of great size and an example of a Ship of this class is the Terrestrial Moon. Our Terrestrial Moon was one of their Ships in the past; it is of their own manufacture.

There are smaller Biosphere that are Triangular shapes and are agile, it is easy to move them from one place to another to assert their presence in some location. These Ships are self-contained, they are also named Biospheres that contain several thousand inhabitancies on board and their size can exceed 800 kilometres long. There is one in Earths orbit today behind the Moon. There are also smaller agile vessels of various forms that are predominately of a disc shape.

Their Political structure is Ancient and is of the Holographic System that we have spoken of before. It has various levels of Councils or Stepped System of Governance. This System is known as the Andromedean Holographic Political System. Almost all progressive advanced Races, including Taygeta, most often use this System.

The belief Systems based on the concept of Karma as it is known in the East on Earth, comes from the Andromedean's and in the same manner, the Sanskrit Language is the Humanised form of Andromedean. On Earth this is recognised in some circles in the area as they have legends that Sanskrit comes from the Stars. The Andromedean's have influenced Earth for thousands of years, with the God Shiva being the most recognised on Earth. Their Social System is one of Total Equality, even though one can see a strong tendency towards Patriarchy.

The Andromedean's have two genders, Male and Female and the reproduction is Sexual. When an Andromedean is born, it is always underwater to minimise the trauma and then the offspring are given the entire resources of the Civilisation so that their development is the best possible. They do not spare anything for their young and they spend the major part of their lives dedicated to study and self-improvement.

Physically they are very slim, with a fragile appearance and are between two and three meters tall with an average height of two point four meters or eight feet, with a little less for the women. They are very aesthetic and the women are very beautiful. They do not have any kind of hair or body hair, neither Males or Females alike and their skin is sky or light blue, but there are variants, longevity is approximately some four thousand, five hundred Earth years, however, it is difficult to calculate this because outside of Earth, Time, is different and makes it impossible to make a true and credible calculation. When they die, it is by their own decision, it is never by illness as they have already transcended this concept, although it is not that they do not get sick, as for them this is all solvable with the Mind and with Med-Pod Technology.

They are very mental and logical Beings and not temperamental or emotional, however, they have a lot of curiosity about the reactions of the emotional Races because it is very difficult for the Andromedean's to understand them. This has caused friction between Races more than once, including differences with the Taygeteans as the Taygeteans are a very emotional Race, even more than the Human Race.

The Andromedeans are what you may call a nomad Race. They are Great Spaceship constructors and construct them with the help of their closest friends with whom they have had cordial relationships for thousands of years, the three Arcturian Races. The Andromedean Ships are constructed on or near the Planet Pitoya in the Boots Region. It is under control of the Dieslentiplex Arcturians.

They can recall their past lives without problems and their children, if they so decide, can pick up where they left off in their former life, but with a New Body, this does not present problems for the offspring, nor are they classified as endangered. They do not want to be settled on a Planet because they would feel limited. They like to maintain their mobile interests by their own admission. They also insist that all Planets that exist are not theirs and that if they settled upon them, then they may cause Karma, even if animals only inhabit it; the Planets do not belong to them.

With the high Technology of their Biosphere Ships, they do not need a Planet; they have everything inside the Ships and feel more secure because inside the Ships, they have total control with what happens 'within them' and 'with them'. The Andromedean's are obsessive with perfection and control.

They are members of the Federation of the United Planets of the Andromedean Council and the Sphere Alcyone, their Technology is equal or on par with Taygeta, however, the Andromedean's tend to use Solar Portals. The Sphere Ships that can be seen coming and leaving through the Solar Portal in this System are mainly Andromedean and Arcturian.

The Andromedean's have been roaming around the area for approximately 12,500 Earth years, however, the large Biosphere Ship spoken of above, arrived around 1952. Their involvement with Earth's liberation is mainly of being Advisors of Logistical Support for the other Races thanks to their very large Ship, however, they also carry out Observation and Research work in the areas of Terrestrial Radiation, Volcanology and Seismology, which they then share with the other Races. The Andromedean's have countless ships, countless large Biosphere Ships. They are among the Races with the most Starseeds on Earth today.

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