Ascension Messages

Discern where you place your Focused Attention

We are always excited to see what you will do next to further your Spiritual Evolution there on Earth within your Individual and Collective journeys. Understand that when you see things going on in the World, in other countries and other places that seemingly do not affect you personally, know that they are affecting the Human Collective Consciousness, and therefore, they are affecting you.

By recognising that you are there to exude Love, to assist and to heal, and having the 'knowledge' of what is happening around you, it can then assist you in directing your Love and healing Energy, in the right direction. In the same way, by looking at what is going on outside and within your own lives, or what is not happening that you want to happen, is also a way for you to go deeper with your level of Awareness, of what you need and what is needed from you.

And by seeing other people in your life that may be 'acting out' in ways that are troubling to you, this will lead you to know that the person or people who are troubled require more Love sent their way. They are behaving or acting in a troubled manner because of an 'unprocessed emotion', an 'unreleased trauma' and once you view it that way, you know that you are being 'called upon' to offer what is needed 'in that moment', otherwise they would not be living an 'unhappy life' in your presence, or else they would not be in your life.

We understand that it is a tall order for you to be a caretaker for other people in your life and the rest of Humanity, however, we also know that those who are Awake are always looking for opportunities to be of greater Service. And by being of greater Service, does not mean that you must go out and start foundations or do international speaking tours where your objective is to enlighten and to uplift.

All that is required is to look at what is going on in 'your personal life' and in 'your World' and you will find 'all the opportunities' that you could ever want to present themselves with which to radiate Love and to send healing and Peace wherever it is needed. Remember, you would not have chosen to incarnate on Earth at this time, and you would not have Awakened before the majority of the population if you were incapable of achieving it.

The amount of Kindness, Love and Compassion you show to your fellow Humans 'determines how Awake' you are. It is not about what or how much you know intellectually, or about having inside information with what is really going on with the government and the secret groups behind it all. It is about presenting yourself as the Light, in the face of 'all darkness' that is there on Earth, at this time. It is about what you Feel, and what you Do, about what you Feel. Therefore, we recommend you spend more time Focusing on 'how you Feel' and on 'what is needed' in the World around you. That is the best way for you to know yourselves as the Beings of Love and Light that you truly are.

We are continuously looking for the various ways in which you are improving yourselves and becoming your 5th Density Selves and we are very impressed with the way Humanity continues to Spiritually evolve and grow. One of the ways that you do this is by looking at and Focusing on, that which is 'good within yourself' and for that which is 'Love and Light', when you find something outside of yourself not to your liking. You grow and become your True Self, once you know that certain information or a particular problem will lower your Energy and when you still choose not to look in that direction, and instead, you choose to FEEL for the truth of Who You Really Are.

In this way you are demonstrating to All who are 'paying attention', that you 'know' you are unconditional Love. You do not need to wait until someone lovable is standing in front of you, in-order to reach that place, as you can Be the Love you truly are in all circumstances and conditions. You do not need to wait until your path crosses with a cute animal or wait until Love is showered upon you to Feel that Love inside of you. Understand that you are not always Feeling the Love that is constantly being showered upon you.

Even though you are not aware of how much Love there is for you most of the time, the portal to Source exists at the centre of your Heart, and no matter what is going on in the outside World, you can go within through your Heart centre. Anything that you want to have happening in your life that is not happening, is not an impediment to you being the Love that you truly are. Anything you are experiencing in your life that is an issue, a problem, or is troubling to you, none of those things are a good enough reason for you to take your attention off the truth of Who You Really Are as unconditional Love. You must choose Love over fear, worry or sadness when you come across upsetting news or a world event that could draw all your attention and lower your Energy, because when you choose Love, you are also choosing Compassion.

Therefore, when you become Aware of something bad happening to other people, there is no need to turn away, at least not completely. You can choose to Feel your Compassion and send your Love without having to broadcast it to others obsessively. Be aware of problems that are going on in the outside World and continue to live your life without allowing those problems to consume you. It would be difficult living a life joyously or contributing to anything to your Society if your Mind is constantly Focused on 'how bad' something may be, such as you walk past looking at the rubbish on the sidewalks every day, because by Focusing on that particular issue everyday would only lower your Vibration.

If you are to be of Value, you must take care of yourselves, if you are to be of Service to others, you must take care of your Vibration, so that every person that you meet throughout your day is uplifted by you and your presence. Someone in your life right know, may be going through the hardest thing that they have ever had to go through, and you can still be there for that person without matching their Vibration. You can allow someone else to be in their sadness without joining them in their sadness. There is no need to cheer them up or to convince them that there is a better way of thinking or looking at the situation.

Your Compassion can come from a better Feeling place, you Feeling Okay, without joining them in their sadness. You can do more Good for those around you who are suffering, by you not suffering in the process, because you will subtly and unconsciously be sending them an 'invitation to join you' in a better Feeling place.

The World needs Balance. In-order to create that Balance, if one person is sad, there is required, another person who is happy. There is no need for the happy Feeling person to feel guilty that they are not also sad, because they will have their turn to be sad. Everyone will have the opportunity to Feel everything at some point in their lives and once you All do Feel everything there on Earth, then you have the capacity to Choose.

Understand that if something is going on in your life right now, or in the World outside of you, that could draw your attention to it or cause you to worry about it, look to see if that worry has assisted you. There will be times in your life where not thinking about the problem is what was required to bring the solution. Remember that next time you start to go down a road that takes you to a lower Vibrational place and remember that you always have a choice, especially on a World like Earth where there are so many choices.

Because of the Vibration that we are operating at and because of the Energies we are sending to All of you, we are 'awakening within you all' certain experiences that you have had in other parts of the Galaxy. You also receive DNA activations with these messages, and you become closer to your Higher Selves. What we want is for you to 'recognise' that what you expose yourself to, in terms of Energy, Vibration, and Information, does matter.

Therefore, we want you to be very 'discerning' about what Energies you are giving your attention to, and to also ask yourselves whether you Feel Good or 'not so good' after giving those Energies your attention. Those need to be the criteria by which you are determining whether to give something your attention. There is plenty of information out there that is 3rd Density in its orientation and Frequency. Anything that is telling you that this or that needs defeating, is what keeps Humans focusing on violence, aggression, and keeps you embroiled in wars.

Any anger that you Feel, and any resistance that you have to others, no matter what group they are a part of, contributes to the Creation of the Reality of your World. And if you are seeing violence, hatred, wars, and bombs being dropped around you, then you know you have some things 'active within you' that you do not want to have active. We are sharing this with you because we continue to see how others are putting out information about what you need to fear, push against, or at least know that it is out there and needs to be defeated in some way.

We are talking about every aspect of your lives now, anything at all that you might be pushing against, no matter how small it seems to you, is something that you need to Accept. Once again, notice how you Feel when someone is telling you about the 'dark ones' and what they are doing in the shadows, and what is going to happen as a result. It is still disempowering to you as an Individual if someone is saying to you that 'someone else' will ride in and save the day and save Humanity.

Therefore, always 'pay attention' to how you Feel when you take in information that is about separation instead of Integration. You always Integrate with Love, Forgiveness, Acceptance and with Compassion. And by offering healing you assist Humanity and if you are being triggered by some of this information that comes across your Consciousness, then you know you have something to heal within yourself. There is still much that all Humans are at present healing, and it is why you are where you are, right now. You must admit to yourself that you still have Energies inside of you that are holding you back from taking that final step, even though you just want to arrive at the 5th Density and want to get it over and done with, once and for all.

Understand that the Dark and the Light exist within each and every one of Us, and if we are Focusing on defeating the Dark out there, then we are Focusing on defeating the Dark in ourselves, meaning that we are not whole and complete without that aspect of ourselves. We invite you again to 'pay attention' to how everything Feels inside of you and what your reaction to that information is, because 'you are the ones' who need to determine what you place your attention on. And only YOU can decide what you place your attention on.

As Beings who primarily Feel, we have become quite attuned to the different levels of Vibration, which we refer to as Frequencies. And by finding just the right Frequency, we can make the impact that we desire to make on All of you and All the others that we Serve. You also have the same ability within you, and we suggest that you use it. Therefore, use this ability to assist others and to manifest what you need to live the life you want to live there on Earth.

In the past, you may have taken a very Mental approach in finding the right Frequency for you. You may have wanted to know the Hertz of that Frequency or have tried visualisations, mantras or different ways of thinking Positively to put you in just the right Frequency, all of which is good, and it will get you to a certain point into the limitless realm of the Heart, which is your main point through which ALL Feelings are experienced.

Therefore, as you 'tune in' more into your Heart and into what you are Feeling, you will be able to 'fine tune' the Frequency that you are offering and make the impact that you want to make. More importantly, you can go to the Reality that you 'want to experience' that is a match to that Frequency. This is something all Humans have the ability to do, however, from a very young age you are taught that your actions matter more and that how much you learn at school is more important. Very few on the other hand, are taught the importance of their Feelings and their ability 'with Intention and Focus' to conjure up a Vibration.

However, you have this information as adults and you know that you can 'dive deeply' into your Heart-space and find 'everything and everyone' that you are looking for, including those deceased. Usually, you do it when your thoughts, words and action fall short of accomplishing a goal that you have for yourself or for Humanity. You usually try to send Love from your Heart only after not finding the right combination of words and actions when trying to help someone else.

Find the Frequency and you find everything that you desire, that you want to Feel and that you want to Experience. You will find the World and the people you want to live amongst in that World, however, you must be willing to step out of your 3D Mind long enough to Feel into the Centre of your Heart for all that it contains. Once you do, you will Feel more 'grounded and expansive' and at the same time you will Feel more Infinite and Eternal. You will know that you have unlocked everything that you have not previously had access to. This is a wonderful time to do this because everything is moving faster than it has ever before on Earth.

The point of all of this, is to have Experiences. The 'experiences' you have stimulate growth, which then place you on a higher Vibrational plane of existence. You Ascend because you Experience. Therefore, do not believe for a moment that you are meant to skip over many experiences just to get to where you are going, as that would be defeating the purpose of doing all of this in the first place.

Ask yourself what you are trying to avoid or escape from in the 4th Density. You will have the keys to your Spiritual evolution once you have the answers to those questions, because you will then know what you are there to 'release your resistance' to, at this time. You will know what you are there to Heal, Forgive, have Compassion for, and to Love unconditionally. By doing those things places you in a higher Vibrational state, and Ascension is about moving from a lower Vibrational state to a higher Vibrational state. This is how you do it and this is what is required.

Some of you may not be thinking as much about Ascension as you are your own personal lives and the types of experiences you would like to have in your personal lives, and many of you want things to come to you now, wanting to be in that relationship now and to be healthy now. We wish to share that you will complete your journey sooner by Embracing the journey and recognising that there is so much to experience along your journey.

You are meant to face whatever current set of circumstances are forcing you to face. Perhaps you need some kind of limitation to make you to go within more, to get you to focus, feel and to meditate. Doing all those things are their own reward, however, you also do get other rewards. It would be overwhelming if you receive everything that you have created all at once, however, today, right now, there are experiences that you can have that you once dreamt of in your youth.

Remember that everything was once a 'desired experience' for you that you have manifested in your life right now. We recommend you Experience it, Love what is, Feel the joy in what is right in front of you, right now, and you can Ascend your Consciousness to a 5th Density Frequency in this very moment. And even though you may not complete the shift this very moment, you will have taken out the most you can, of the moment.

That is what enjoying the journey is all about, it is about 'savouring the moment'. And there is much more for you to experience in joy and being in the state of Love. And all that is required is for you to 'slow down' enough to look around at the environment that you are currently in, to enable you to have those experiences, so that you can Feel those emotions. It is so empowering to breathe your way into a state of ecstasy right now, and yet many of you do not even consider doing it at any point in your day. We share this with you because we want to see you in a state of bliss, a state of ecstasy. We know you have the ability to get there, and this is just a little encouragement to do so.

We support you no matter what you choose, and yet we always invite you to the Light, to the Love that you truly are, and we nudge you in the direction of joy.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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