Ascension Messages

Ascension is the exploration of Consciousness

We recognise that this is a momentous time for Humanity, and it is one of the many reasons why we are coming forth through so many more individuals. We also recognise that we have a part in the Co-creation of your World and your Consciousness, and we wish to assist you in raising both. We want to assist you in finding those abilities, with what you are capable of, and we are excited for you because we know that you still have so much ground to cover.

No matter where you are and no matter whether you realise it or not, you are under the influence of the light of the Andromedin Council of Light. We seek to open you up a little bit at a time, for you to realise your 'fullest potential' there in your Human Physical bodies. Like all other masters, we will give you teachings, but first and foremost, we want you to realise 'how supported you are' and that 'you will never be alone' there on Earth. And once you realise that you have always been a part of the Galactic Community, you can officially join the Community.

We are excited to see what Humanity brings to our Galactic Community once you realise that you have something to give, something to offer. And you will always find what it is that you have to offer by going within. And you will Feel more equipped to assist others when you 'allow in' all the Healing Energies that are upon you right now and you will do much more than just assist others to heal, you will assist them to Create, Connect and to Recognise 'who they are' as Source Energy Beings.

This you will achieve with our assistance, your own Guides and that of your Teams assistance. And you will assist others because you are ready to and because you always intended to do so, in this lifetime. Every single day you are shifting your Consciousness to a Higher Frequency rate Consciously because you have been on a Conscious Path for quite some time. We Love you. We are always 'with you' and always 'here for you' and will continue to 'hold space' for your healing, long after this message is complete.

Like proud parents we are enjoying watching you all Grow, Expand, Evolve, and Ascend, watching you take your first steps. We know that it was much easier for you to take your first steps than it has been to deal with everything you have to deal with in your lives. We know that 'feeling' your Feelings is a tall order and that is very challenging for you. We know that 'being Love' in the face of hate, is not easy and that very few people on Earth at this time would even attempt it, however, we know that we are speaking to that segment of the population who knows how powerful it is to 'Be Love' in the face of everything that is out there in the World, where the Love is shrouded by darkness.

Understand that this is your job, your purpose, no matter who you are are or what you do for a living. We see your purpose as 'Choosing to Be Love' in the face of all that is 'not knowing itself' as Love. Everything is Source, and therefore, everything is Love, no matter how it looks, no matter how it is acting or speaking in any given moment. The job of the Awakened Light-Worker is to 'See the Love', to 'Feel the Love', to look beyond and over the shroud of darkness. That is what you are there to do and that is how you are assisting.

That is the most effective thing that you can do to change yourself, your life and change your World. The only way at times, is for you to search through your own darkness to access it, and that is uncomfortable for most. That is a tall order, and no one really wants to do that, however, it is what you are there to do and what you signed up to do. Because you are receiving this message, you are the ones to do this job and not everyone even wants to receive this message or the call to do it.

This message does not come wrapped in shiny packaging, what we are sharing is that it takes conscientiousness and diligence to 'be willing' to look at the darkness that shrouds the Love, however, there is nothing more satisfying. Ultimately, everyone will do it no matter where they are now on their journey. You just happen to be the leaders of the movement, and the movement is a movement of Love. Love heals all and Love binds us all together. Love is what we are all moving towards. Love is our home.

All Paths ultimately lead to Love and in knowing that, you can aim for that, and it will then be an easier, smoother and a more enjoyable ride. This is a beautiful time to 'be expressing' in Human form there on Earth, because of all the 'possibilities' that you have in front of you. There is no pre-birth or blueprint confining you, that you must follow at this point in your evolution of Consciousness. You now have the 'opportunity' to move to whichever Timeline 'feels best to you', and all those Timelines will include E.T. contact Experiences and Ascension. What this means is that you can All relax.

We also know that it is a wonderful time for you all to be there because we have noticed how well you are handling the Energies. You are doing beautifully with the Energies that are coming from all points across the Universe, acclimating to them nicely, even if these Energies sometimes drain you, slow you down or disrupt your sleep and you are ready for more Energy and Messages from the Galactic Centre.

You are ready to have your Hearts activated completely so that you can complete your missions there of E.T. contact and Ascension, with ease, joy and with a skip in your step. You are always there in Service, and you want to be 'in Service' and 'of Service' to as many people as you possibly can. Therefore, these Galactic messages of Energy will assist in 'lighting you up' to more people, so that they can have more interest in you and what you are doing to evolve your Consciousness.

You are all meant to lead, to inspire and those of you who know this, are doing it, while others have been hesitating a bit. However, rest assured that the inspiration is coming, and you will act upon it, and you will know your place in this Galactic and Universal dance of ours. The moments of downloads and inspired ideas will continue to multiply, and the Mass Awakenings of those who have been asleep will also begin to present themselves more and more to you. As we said, you will 'light up' to them and they will come to you, and everything that you have been working on 'within yourself', will be 'what you offer' to them, that is something beautiful to witness from our Star System.

We are very close to all of you who have opened yourselves up to us. Many of you want to know what your history is in our Star System and what your history is with us, and we wish to assure you that you have a Present, Future and a Past with us, as you do with our Star System. When you visit our System on a ship for the first time in this lifetime, you will Feel like you are returning home. This will also be the case for many of you when you go to the Pleiadean, Sirian, Andromedin Systems and so on, because your history spans eons of time, much further than the beginning of Humanoid life on Planet Earth.

By connecting with Beings and Collectives like ourselves right now, you are starting to piece together your own Galactic History. We invite you to Feel for the resonance that exists within you, with those like us, from other parts of the Galaxy. Once you do resonate, you recognise that there is 'a part of You' in Us, 'a part of Us' in You, and you notice that our Star System Feels like home to you.

You are so much bigger and more expansive than you have previously imagined with so much more to experience regarding yourselves. You have so much to remember about yourselves. Part of your Awakening is your awakening to the truth of Who You Really Are as Galactic Beings, as Universal Beings, and as Source Energy Beings. We assist you in illuminating one aspect of Who You Are to you, so that you can Feel that and follow that thread.

You can go home right now by reaching into your Heart-space and Feel for the presence of Arcturus, Pleiades, of Sirius and many more. It is all inside of you, and it is getting activated more and more every day. We are not alone in helping you recognise that there are many pieces to the puzzle that is YOU and there will be more groups coming through more Humans all the time. Therefore, we invite you to explore what others are bringing through, as we have no interest in having a captive audience.

We want you to Feel your Wholeness now, rather than sitting around, waiting for ships to land. While that day will come, you are not there yet and you are meant to live in the 'present moment', and you have access in 'this moment' to so much more of your Galactic Self, when you give yourself access to it and it gives us joy to assist in this process of evolution.

We are excited about Humanities evolution at this time because we know that right now, you are on the precipice of so much more E.T. contact. We know that many of you have sightings of spaceships all the time, and we know that some of you have your interactions with orbs, and others are having your experiences in the dream state, or even in the waking state, with physical E.T.s who have bodies of some sort. We are also excited for you because we know that these experiences bring you closer to the completion of your Ascension.

Your Ascension is about so much more than something happening outside of you. It is about an 'exploration' into 'your own Consciousness'. First you discovered that you existed before this lifetime, then that you have had other lifetimes other than this life on Earth, and most have accepted the truth that you have had other experiences and incarnations that have 'nothing to do' with planet Earth.

In other words, you have been the E.T.s that you are going to meet, in what you call the future. You have had experiences in those different forms, in those different bodies, as those different species, and when you 'can accept' this, it then becomes easier for you to 'know yourself' as your 'true self', as your Whole Self. And when you do that, you become your Higher Self. When you put all the pieces of Self back together again, you become your 5th Density Self and you start operating as your Whole Self. It may not be the most complete version of Who You Are, however, it is a start.

You will always be getting closer and closer to 'home', that is the Source Energy Density, from where there will be even more for you to explore. However, this is an enormous 'evolutionary leap' that you are making, and it is why your lives have been so challenging. You have incarnated there for much more than just incarnating to have a simple life then to die, and you are doing it Consciously. That means you get to have a huge impact on the Collective Consciousness and should you choose to, you can enjoy the ride.

The Physical E.T. contact involves part of the ride, that will be followed at some point by Physical Ascension, moving from your carbon-based body into a Light Body. Becoming 5th Density means you will be able to explore so much more of our beloved Galaxy and Universe, something that is coming in the future and that you can get excited about.

When you open yourselves up to that which you know is bringing you into a Higher-Vibrational state, you attempt to close yourselves off from that which you know will lower your Vibrational state. Experience has shown you what those things are that lower your Vibration and sometimes you 'hope' that you will have a different experience than previous times. 'Hope' is not enough to create a different experience for you, however, it is still good to 'hope', to make attempts to have a different experience of something, rather than asking something outside of you to change.

You are the Changemakers, but the Change is occurring 'inside of you' so that you may shift to a different Reality that 'reflects that Change to you. You are not just there to create pollical change or to tear down old economic structures and build new ones, nor are you just there to build new schools so that you have better educational systems.

First you must make Peace with 'where you are' and 'where Humanity is'. You must make Peace with whatever does exist, and that includes your own Thoughts and your own Feelings. And when you can do that, you can Choose from a more informed position, and Choose Consciously. Many people do not Choose Consciously, rather, they follow with what everyone else is choosing. And those of you who are Awake, know that just because everyone else Chooses something, that does not mean that it is right for you.

It is important for you to be able to navigate through these 'experiences and choices' without becoming jaded in thought or judgmental in nature. You must be able to Choose what is right for you, without thinking you are superior with others who are choosing something else, even though you may know that their choice will lower their Vibration. Some individuals may even 'know' that they will go into negative emotion or that it will affect their health or finances and yet they do it anyway.

Therefore, those of you who are Awake must avoid using the label of 'sheep' to describe those people. Even if they are technically asleep, they are still a part of 'your experience' and a 'part of you', and they are there to be helped by you not shunned by you. However, it is smart and efficient when it comes to your own choices, to continue to Choose that which places you into a Higher Vibrational state. It is a good idea to move past guilt and regret from those times you had chosen something that had placed you in a Lower Vibrational state, while it is also good to recognise the importance of the existence of that which is lower Vibrational in nature.

We remind you to make Peace with 'everything as it is' and not run away from anything or attempt to abolish anything that does exist, because 'everything' Serves a purpose, or else it would not exist, and 'everything is Source', everything is Love and everything is You. Once you start to navigate through your life in these ways, you will begin to know yourselves as Masters. You will begin to Feel the Ascension happening within You because of all the Choices made with your Free Will.

Not only are you leading through the example that you set to other Humans, but you are also leading through the Thoughts you are thinking, the ways you are Feeling and Vibrating, and the beautiful 5th Density Beings that you are becoming. Everything that you see out there in the Physical Realm, pre-exists in the internal, Nonphysical Realm. Therefore, you can change your World with Thought, Imagination, Focus and Frequency and not wait for E.T's to land for the technology to be handed to you to clean up the oceans, nor do you need to wait for replicators or re-atomizers.

You already have the power 'within you', and you have always had the power within you to 'create the change' you want to see in the Outer Reality. Now, it Serves you to believe that the solution is coming, and starting with the idea of it coming from outside of you does help to bolster the 'belief that it is possible' to be living on a World that is clean and supportive, equal for everyone in terms of the opportunities available. Once you have those beliefs in place, then you can begin to relax into the Realities of your imagination.

We are here to remind you that you do not have to wait for med beds to be healthy, or for the right people in positions of power to see sweeping changes across your planet. In the same way, you do not have to wait for your Light Body to become activated for you to Feel lighter in your body. You can do it all, and right now, you can do all of it and we and others like us, will continue to direct you to those Realms where all is possible 'within you'.

Remember, that the arrival of E.T.s with their technologies will come, when YOU are ready. And the way you demonstrate your 'readiness' is by showing them that you do not need them. You become their equals, when you become Sovereign Creator Beings who understand the power of your Focus. You can enjoy more of the variety of what it is that they offer, once you are on an equal playing field.

You are there to 'create' these challenges, 'accept' these challenges, 'rise up' to meet these challenges as the beautiful Source Energy Beings that you are. You are not there to have everything done for you and to have everything easily done for you. In doing so, you meet more of yourselves in the form of other Beings, some of which are Extra Terrestrial.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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