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Create a brand New World

We are able to see down many different timelines simultaneously, because we exist in the 9th Density, and can see the various Timelines that are in front of each of you who are receiving these messages. We know that New Timelines are created when you get 'imaginative'. When you go beyond the Beliefs of those around you and those who have come before you. We know that you are very creative and capable of reaching for the stars, quite literally. Many of you are wondering about when the E.T. ships are going to land en-masse on your World and you think that whatever you 'wonder', that these events are then set in stone.

You think that these decisions are being made outside of you by some other Being or some other Group of Beings, however, YOU get to decide when that happens. You get to decide when Humanity has access to Free Energy. You get to decide when you take 'everything' that is coming to you, all your gifts, all that you have ever wanted to Manifest. It is all right there, waiting for you to receive it. You are the ones Deciding. You are the ones Focusing. You are the ones Vibrating. You are the ones Thinking, Feeling, Acting, Speaking, and as you remain in alignment with what you do want, and 'let go' of what you do not want, you place yourself on that best Feeling Timeline for you.

If you align with a Version of the Human Collective that 'is' ready for full and open E.T. Contact next year, then 'you will' have that Experience. However, if you look around and think that Humans are 'not ready' for the Contact, then you will continue on that Timeline. It is up to you. Think better of your fellow Humans and of yourselves, rather than Focusing on your flaws and your foibles. Focus on how far you have come, how much Potential there is within each and every one of you and Focus on the Love that you are and the Love that exists in 'every' other Human Being. And Focus on the Truth that All Beings throughout the Galaxy are LOVE. They are Source Energy.

While many of them have acted in ways that are 'less than' what you would expect from a Source Energy Being, it just means that you get to have the Experience of Forgiving them. You get to see the 'best' in every Being. That is your Choice; that is the Choice that will Feel best to you when you make it. There really is no other Choice, because you must make that Choice in-order to BE Who You Really Are and being Who You Really Are is where all roads lead to. You are all going home to Source; you are all there to remember Who You Really Are.

Do not forget that. Do not fall into the trap of seeing yourselves as small, insignificant, and destined to have only certain Experiences. The World is what YOU make of it. Your lives can be better, even by the highest of standards, if you allow them to be so. And you are becoming your Higher Selves, your 5th Density Selves, no matter what anyone else is doing or no matter how it sometimes appears. Choose the best Timeline for yourself right now, by 'being Conscious' about the fact that you are 'Choosing' and that the Timeline that will 'Feel best to you' does exist.

One of the greatest secrets that you are 'not' taught in schools or in religions is that if you want others to treat you a certain way, then you must 'first' treat yourselves the way that you want to be treated. Yes, you want to treat others the way you would Love to be treated, however, you must also treat 'yourself' the way you want 'others' to treat you.

The Universe is a gigantic mirror, it always reveals to you what is going on inside of you, rather than what you want the World to think or see. Whatever you want others to think and say about you, please think those thoughts and say those things to yourselves. State to the Universe and show the Universe, what you want to see reflected back to you from your fellow Humans.

You have so much more to give others when you first Feel Whole and Complete in yourselves. This is the key reason why most relationships that are romantic in nature do not work or do not last until 'death do you part'. It is because at least one of the individuals in the relationship is looking to 'the other', to 'give them' something that they have never been able to 'give themselves'. And at first, it is easy for the other person to do that, although eventually, they will get caught up in other aspects of life and forget to give their partner what the partner needs and wants, and that is usually when the relationship ends.

However, if you make the way you relate to yourself a 'priority', then there is no end to the amount of Love, Praise, and Adoration you can receive from your fellow Humans. This is something we would Love to see being taught in your Public-Schools; however sadly, it is not even spoken about in the curriculum. Most of you must wait until you are adults to realise what has been missing from your lives for decades.

We are here to 'give you permission' to give yourselves everything that you want and need from your fellow Humans, and you can let everyone else off the hook, for now. Just Trust that they will start to 'reflect' to you, that Self-Love, that you will dedicate yourselves to from this point forward in your lives.

We never knew exactly which Path you would take to get to where you are today. You have already begun taking back your Power there on Earth with these enormous Changes to the way that you share information. You no longer depend on newspapers, major networks on television, magazines, and encyclopaedias for most of the information that you receive about the World you are currently living in.

It is more empowering for Individuals to share their stories and their perspectives than to just rely on one or two trusted news sources. You have also taken back your Power in the way that you now have access to start your own business. This is something that was much more challenging thirty years ago on your World. Look how quickly you can Create an income for yourselves and how you can do it all by yourselves.

Now that you are gaining access to more of your Power, it is also time to be accessing more of your Creativity, more of what you always have access to within you. You have a Power that goes far beyond your ability to create a website or an income stream. You have the Power to Create Change within Society, within yourselves, within every life that you touch with your sincerity and with the way that you authentically share your Energy, your Vibration. It is time to go beyond Power that can be Manifested in the Physical Realm and it is time for you ALL to access the real Power that exists within YOU to CREATE a brand NEW WORLD, a brand New Life, and a brand New You.

We encourage you to stop waiting for more systems to give you opportunities to know yourselves as more powerful Beings, it is our desire to see more of you accessing the Vibration, the Feeling of Power 'within you', so that you can truly know Who You Are and what you are capable of, even as an Individual. You are even more Powerful when you come together for a cause, like World Peace or equality for those who have been historically disenfranchised.

As a Society, you are becoming more sensitive which is a good thing. This progress report is for all of you and is one that every single Human needs to receive. Those of you who receive it will 'anchor' it in for the rest. The changes that are upon you right now are about being more inclusive, more integrative, and they are about giving more Individuals a voice. Everyone needs to be represented in Society and everyone needs to not only Feel heard, but also Be heard, because 'everyone' needs to be willing to look at themselves and Feel Emotions that are triggered within them.

You are making tremendous strides every time you 'allow someone' from a Group who traditionally does not have a voice to speak. People are very different there on planet Earth, and that is how it is supposed to be. Sameness causes less Expansion, and Source wants Expansion. Source created 'everyone to be as they are' and when people Feel Free to BE Who They Are and express themselves As They Are, SOURCE is the beneficiary. It is good for all of you no matter who you are and no matter what you believe, to be exposed to everything and everyone. You are not there to build an ivory tower and then hide away in it, even if you are going to meditate in that ivory tower.

The differences between 'you and your beliefs' and 'everyone else and their beliefs' cause you to Grow. ACCEPTENCE is the first step, it is a very important step because everyone will get to that point where they go beyond Acceptance, however, they cannot leap from 'where they are' to where they are ultimately headed. Therefore, Accept everything in your life AS IT IS, Accept everyone on Earth AS THEY ARE, and Accept that you CHOSE all the challenges because you knew they were the perfect ones to get you to align with Source, to get you to return home to Source, and to ultimately get you to Become Source once again, in every imaginable way.

We see you all inching closer every day and in every move, closer to Source, closer to that home base, and you are taking your Bodies with you. You do not have to die to go home anymore; you are there to bring Heaven to Earth, and that is what we see you all doing right now.

We hold much respect for those of you who are willing to Be yourselves in a World that often seeks conformity. We have noticed that those of you who are Starseeds are willing to tell others the Truth about yourselves, although many people would, and do, mock you for believing that Extra-Terrestrials are in fact real. When you 'come out' as a Starseed you are placed in a vulnerable position for many to ridicule you and even exclude you from your Group, or your Families. It has not been easy for many of you there on Earth for a very long time, and for some of you it has not been easy your entire life, because you have felt different.

Once you stumbled on the concept of the Starseed, many of you wept, because something finally made sense of how you have always felt, being there on Earth. From our Perspective, you do not have to be living your first Lifetime on Earth to be a Starseed; you are just Awake to the Truth that you had to travel through other Star Systems and Higher Density planes, to arrive at Earth. And now that you are Awake, you know that Extra-Terrestrials not only exist, but that you are related to all the E.T.s throughout the Galaxy.

Your roots go back a long way and spread a tremendous distance, and that is all very helpful to bring Humankind into the Galactic Community, officially. Many of you have been waiting for that 'official invitation' for quite some time, and you are growing impatient. So many there on Earth are very eager to go home to be a part of their Galactic Family once again, however, you did choose to be on Earth, and we invite you to do your best to remember why you chose to be on Earth at this time of great Changes, Shifting Energies, and ultimately the Ascension of the Consciousness throughout this Universe of ours.

Trust us when we say that you will be able to go home, however for now, please do your best to consider Earth your home, because Earth and your fellow Earthlings need you there. They need you to normalise their Experiences with E.T.s, which will be coming. You will help them Feel ready for those encounters, and you will help them to 'understand' Who They Really Are. And all throughout the Galaxy, you will be able to come together once again and be United, even before the Shift in Consciousness is complete.

We are feeling privileged to have the 'attention' of those of you who give us your attention. We are Aware how many are vying for 'your attention' and are honoured and pleased to have as many of you 'tuning in' to these messages at this time. You can Feel into the Truth of what you are receiving from an Individual or a Group of Individuals, and when you use that Discernment appropriately, you are led to information that causes your Heart to Expand. You Feel better after receiving the messages than you did, before receiving them.

We advise you to use this same approach to 'everything' that you take in, and that includes your food and what you watch for entertainment or listen to as a podcast or music. Pay more 'attention' to how you Feel than to whether something is interesting or intellectually stimulating. You might tune into someone or something because they have the same political beliefs that you have, but at the end of the time you spend with that person or with that group, you still feel worse than you did before you tuned in. And perhaps that is an indication that Focusing on that particular subject itself, is lowering your Vibration, pitting you against someone else and their Group.

We are reminding you again that now is not the time to do that, now is the time to pay very close 'attention' to HOW YOU FEEL, because you really do want to maximise the impact of the Energies that are upon you at this very moment. You are able to Build so much, to Create so much, and to Co-Create with so many. And as you can Feel for the Vibration of 'someone' and notice that they 'do Feel very good', then that is your indication that you are meant to Co-Create and collaborate with that Individual. What you can do together at this time is so beautiful, so wonderful, so magical, and what you can do on your own is also very exciting.

When you collaborate with Us, or others in the Higher Realms, then you are maximising your Potential as a Creator Being and Manifestor. You do not have to wait until you see something that is interesting to you in-order to Create. You can Create with nothing more than a 'desire to Feel something'. You know you want to Feel Joy, Love, Peace, Creativity, Confidence, Freedom, and so on, and Feeling any of those Vibrations will bring you something to do, to put your attention on, to collaborate with others in the 'completion of', and that is life affirming.

It is invigorating to place your attention on something that Feels Good and to move towards it in whatever way that you can. And again, by doing so with other Humans and Non-Physical, or E.T. collaborators, will add more Energy to the project, and you will soar to new heights in your Consciousness, in your Evolution, and that is all that you can ask of yourselves. You do not have to get any awards or accolades, because the Feeling is enough, and when it is enough for you, then you know you are really onto something there on planet Earth.

We want you to recognise that there is so much support around you and that it is coming to you from all angles, and you do not need to ask for anything because it is being given to you freely, by so many, all at once.

You need to 'align' with what you have already asked for. You need to 'open' the floodgates and 'let in' everything that you have created through living your many lives there on Earth. There is no stopping the 'momentum' that you started through those many lifetimes, and whether you realise it or not, it is what you 'resist' that is 'not wanted' that keeps you from what 'is wanted'. In other words, by allowing in everything, including all that is unwanted, you will be allowing in what 'is' wanted.

Just because you allow something unwanted to exist, does not mean you are saying 'yes' to it for the rest of your existence. All you are doing by allowing something to exist, is accepting 'what it is', 'as it is'. Source and Infinity are very big concepts for all of you, and if you can possibly imagine all that is contained within both, then you must realise that just because something exists, does not mean it has to exist in your Reality. And you might say that it should not exist in any Reality, and no one should have to Experience it, but you do not know what that Soul wants for itself. You do not want to remove a piece of Source and toss that piece of Source somewhere outside of Source. And we are here to tell you that there is 'nowhere' that is outside of Source.

You cannot eliminate anything from Existence; all you can do, is Accept it and then Choose something else. And when you do that, you will be 'letting in' all that you have Chosen. It is in the 'absence of resistance' that you are open and receptive. These current Energies that are now upon you, are about granting you access to the Quantum Leap. That means, you are ready to 'let everything in' that you have wanted for a long time.

However, you will not be letting it all in at once, because that will be too much, too soon and overwhelming. But Quantum Leap by Quantum Leap, you will be living in a Reality that is your Creation, filled with all that you have decided is something you want to play with and Experience. This life is all about Experiences, and you are there to Choose which ones you want to have. And yes, you will get better at Choosing through trial and error, however, you have the right to Choose, you have the Free Will to Choose, and you have the 'ability to Manifest' more now than you ever have before.

We encourage you to Relax, Let Go, and Let In all that you have determined is most interesting and exciting for you to Experience, and we will be here supporting you and giving you everything you need to do so. However, we are not the ones who withhold anything from you, that can only be done at the Human level. As humans, you are ready to go to the next level.

You are there to bring about these Changes and you are meant to start 'within' your-Selves. That is why we will always direct you back to yourselves, because we know how Powerful you really are and there has never been a 'better time' there on Earth to start demonstrating just how Powerful you are. Just imagine what you 'can do' and how many 'you can' inspire.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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