Ascension Messages

Be the Stabilising Force

We are awakening within each and every one of you Pathways to new Realities, new Timelines, new Experiences, new Energies and new Versions of yourselves. We do this by holding the 'knowing' so strongly within Us as we connect with you and sprinkle the Energies into your fields, in this way, we help to make it possible for All of you to 'believe' in the Validity of these 'new aspects' of life on Earth, these 'new potentials' for All of You. We are to you what another Human Being is to you, who knows exactly what they are doing and how to handle an anxiety provoking situation that when you are in their presence, your anxiety is automatically diminished by their 'certainty' and by how Positive they can handle an anxiety provoking situation.

We know that you have the potential to enjoy the experience more as Individuals and as a Collective. We have shared with you that you can have a joyous journey prancing through fields of flowers and not for you to see it as something you must survive through. YOU have the ability to CHOOSE, and you have the ability to Vibrate in harmony with better Timelines, better Experiences and better Versions of yourselves and the way that you arrive there, is with assistance that is always there for you.

When you are born, you have your parents or other adults with you who know what to do, as they know a little bit more about this World that you have forgotten about. The way in which parents and other adults help you is by the 'stability' of their Energy, the fact that they Know how to feed you, clothe you and that gives them the 'capacity' to help you in other ways also. Everyone has assistance all the time and then when you receive help, you become the 'stabilizing force' for those close to you and Humanity. It is then that you can transform someone with your Presence and your Knowing, with that 'certainty' that you now have, that everything will be all right, that Humanity will make it, and that this shift in Consciousness is inevitable.

It is the journey you signed up for, the only game in town so you may as well play it Consciously and have fun while doing it. We want you to see your own potential and so we are sprinkling those Energies into your Fields right now. We want you to see how good life can be there on Earth and will be, if you 'allow' it and 'choose' it to be. You have our infinite appreciation for spreading the Energies around and we are here to 'hold that space' for you eternally, in the same way that we know you are there to do the same for your fellow Humans.

You do not have to accept the prevailing belief that you are supposed to 'do something' or that you are meant to 'do something there', you have more freedom than that and you are welcome to explore any aspect of life on Earth as it is right now. Most of you have satisfied all your pre-birth contracts and agreements to arrive at the place where you are truly ready to Ascend to the 5th Density. When you listen to those little impulses, those inspired ideas that you get from within you, that is when you are following your Soul's desire. Those are not coming from outside of you but are coming from within you, the deepest part of you, the Soul aspect of you, that is the more whole and the complete aspect of Who You Are.

Therefore, to be yourselves fully, you must listen to those impulses and those ideas and follow through with them. There is no need for you to come to a channelled entity or to ask us what you are supposed to do, or what is your mission and why did you come here. Your life experience shows you, by nudging you in the direction that Feels most natural for you to be moving into at any given moment. It is rarely one thing in this particular lifetime, and you find that many people do not go into a trade spending their lifetime in that one trade. In this lifetime it was meant for you to give yourselves as many experiences as possible, moving from different interests, occupations or hobbies to another.

Therefore, you are not supposed to stay on one track forever and you are not meant to work everything out, but rather, to 'go within' on a regular basis and 'check in' and FEEL for what the impulses are for you at any given moment, in any given day and then to the best of your ability to follow it through. Nor do you need to wait for an invitation from the Universe, however, you may receive breadcrumbs and synchronicities that are telling you to move in that direction, that it is alright, that you are right and that it is safe to follow your bliss.

Doubt sometimes surfaces in your experience so that you can then 'choose' to 'believe' in yourselves and in the ability to 'follow through' with something that you have within you. You were meant to explore this Realm and through a series of experiences to understand what better appeals to you, what excites you the most and brings you joy, and it does not have to be something that you knew you what you were going to do from a very young age and it is even alright if you discover it at the end of your life or into your later years.

There is no 'one way' that you are all supposed to 'be' or supposed to discover in 'one timing'. You All have 'within you' what you need to Know, what it is to move towards and to 'follow through' with that Knowing. If you need more confidence in yourselves, look for examples of others who have done it. You can have a wonderful experience doing it by staying positive and asking the Universe to give you those examples, to give you that anecdotal evidence that you can move in the direction you seek to go at any point within you. We are only suggesting to you and not telling you what you must do, however, we know that you will find much satisfaction and much fulfilment when you do.

We appreciate you and are happy connecting with all of you and we know that you 'open up' nicely to our Energies. We appreciate every single one of you who are interested in Us and in the Energies from our Star System. We know that you are interested in that which is Galactic and that you do a wonderful job of 'opening up' to Galactic Energies, and that is a very good thing as there are more Galactic Energies coming into your atmosphere all the time to support you on the journey of Ascension that Humanity is on, there on Earth. Also, we want you to know that when you ground those Energies into your Physical Bodies, you are doing so for your fellow Humans, animals, and Mother Earth.

This is a Group experience of Ascension, everyone benefits from every positive Thought, every positive Emotion and every good Intention that is a part of each and every one of you there on Earth. Therefore, you can consider yourself to be a Lightworker even if you do not have what would be deemed a Spiritual job such as an Energy Healer or channeller. By you anchoring the Galactic Energies and the Higher Frequency Energies, no matter where they are coming from, understand that you are still working with the Light and helping others with Energies that are coming in from all angles at this time.

From the past Equinox leading to the next Solstice, you are getting ready for another big leap forward there on planet Earth, with more mass Awakenings and with Extra Terrestrial contact experiences that are coming. We know that it is important for those of you who are interested in E.T. contact to have your own personal experiences with E.T.s, and we know that you can have them right now, tonight, tomorrow, or whenever you Feel ready to receive that contact.

And we assure you that you will be ready when it happens during your waking hours. Or maybe you will be someone who gets woken up by an E.T. in the middle of the night, and still, you will be ready for that experience when you have it. We know that it has not always been the case, and we know that some of you do have some fear around E.T. contact in the middle of the night, because in the early stages of the hybridisation program the Zetas were a little clumsy with one-on-one contact. However, we assure you that all E.T.s have learned and have become much better at detecting what you are ready for and when.

You can relax and 'allow in' the Galactic Energies from Us and you are definitely on all the E.T.'s radar who want to have contact with Humanity at this time, as they are infused into every single one of these messages and are coming from all parts across this Galaxy of ours. Understand that you do tend to 'open up' when you are 'focused' on receiving a message of Galactic Energy and you can consider yourselves to be the ones who are greatly responsible for the coming Galactic age for Humanity and those of you who are receiving this message are on the leading edge, indeed, these are exciting times.

We admire Humanity for your progress and the challenges you took on lowering your Vibration to the extent that you have, to be able to exist in that Reality. It really is something that you All need to Acknowledge about yourselves, because you did decide to go out there on the leading edge of Creation where the vast majority of the work is being done for the entire Galaxy and the entire Universe.

And even though you may look around and see wars, violence, bigotry and pollution and think that as a Collective you are not doing so well, and you may wonder why anyone would take an interest in Humanity at all, it is because you decided to be born into a World where it was all already happening and for that, you are so revered throughout the Universe. And the added advantage of having so much adversity, is that is causes you to have more creativity.

The adversity constantly gives you problems that you then need to find solutions for and that does lead to finding those solutions eventually. You are the most 'creative Beings' in the entire Universe, and that is because of the necessity that is 'the mother of invention' being a major part of your Experience there. And all of you have had these experiences in your lives, even if your inventions or creativity have not gained you fame or fortune. Understand that you still must be creative with an issue that you are facing at some point in your life.

A big part of your significance is that 'creativity', and it must not be undervalued by any of you, because it helps to create new Realities in this Universe of ours. We also wish to compliment you on the progress that you have been making there on planet Earth, because there has been more Compassion generated amongst the Human Collective whenever a certain segment of the population is facing an 'issue' and that Compassion raises the overall level of your Collective Consciousness Vibration. And whenever you come across something or someone that needs some of that Compassion, understand that you can always access ways for you to search to Feel Good, to be Happy, to experience Joy, Appreciation, Love, and you can also access Compassion, Forgiveness, Acceptance and whatever else you require to access.

And throughout people's life experiences there on Earth, they have discovered for themselves that Judgment does not Feel Good, however, Acceptance, Compassion, Forgiveness and Unconditional Love, do Feel Good. Because of all these faster moving Energies that you are living amongst now, the feeling of Judgment stands out like a sore thumb. And you will know that you are truly going with the flow, when everything else that you can FEEL that is 'positive' about a person, group, corporation, or country, that when you Focus in a positive way, it Feels Good for you.

And going with the flow, will take you further, higher, deeper, wherever it is that you want to go there on Earth and in a faster manner than ever and wherever it is that you Feed Good about yourselves. Therefore, if you want to Feel Good about yourselves because lately, you have not been feeling very Food about yourself or some aspect of your life, or about Humanity, then just Congratulate yourself for even staying there on planet Earth and for enduring all those negative Feelings, Energies, Thoughts and Experiences.

Nothing is 'bad' unless a person chooses to see it that way, and there are always different ways to look at an experience, and you know that you will experience a lower Vibration Emotion when the death of a loved one or a beloved pet occurs. It is normal and natural to Feel the lower Vibration at first, even if eventually you reach that place of Acceptance about the circle of life, and also Feel Good about connection with that being you lost in the Non-Physical. You all have that typical journey there on Earth, it is the hardest Path and the most difficult and challenging place to be in the Universe. Therefore, we commend you for being there, and we recommend that you also commend yourselves and see yourselves as the true masters that you are.

Sometimes we must receive permission from the Higher Selves of each individual who will receive the message before we can proceed, because we can only give you that which will Serve you Vibrationally, Spiritually, Psychologically, and in every way imaginable. This message is about the way you all are shifting energetically as Awakened ones, that we refer to as 'The Awakened Collective.' As mentioned before, you are there to shift before the rest of Humanity and also to be able to lower your Vibration enough to still Serve and that is of paramount importance.

You did not sign up to shift while you leave the reast of Humanity behind as has been speculated by some. And it is not the shift you will be having; however, you must Serve as examples to the rest of Humanity. And holding yourselves back from showing your true Selves is not working anymore and you must be allowed to operate as your 5th Density Selves, with your Light Body having a higher percentage turned on. You must be able to demonstrate the Powers that you have been honing throughout the time that you have been Awake, and that means you must have access to more of your Gifts and Abilities, as well as your 5th Density Abilities.

It is time for every member of the Awakened Collective to demonstrate what is possible to everyone else, to have a certain amount of limitation being lifted from the Consciousness of each member of the Awakened Collective. The masters of the past demonstrated what was possible and you will be the miracle workers and the ones to demonstrate what is possible, as long as, you are not doing it out of Ego, to prove to people that you were correct all along. It will be used sparingly for those who are ready to Awaken and who need that little nudge, who need something to sink their teeth into, and that is what you will give them in those moments.

We have shared before that you will also be operating more as your Higher Selves, with more of those Light Bodies, which will give you a different Energy Field. People will see you in a different way and they will be inspired by you and want to know what your secret it, and you will be sharing with them about Consciousness, about who and what they really are, about the Power of Focus, the Power of Intention and the Power of Vibration.

These are the lessons that people require at this time, and not about what is going on there in the World, behind the scenes and in the dark shadows. You the Awakened Collective, we speak directly to you because we want you to know that your roles are changing as are your Bodies and how your Consciousness is changing, because it is time for you to BE Who You Really Are and do not allow anything or anyone stand in the way of that.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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