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    Will you continue to support or guide us through these changes?

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    A lot of things are still unknown, everything is uncertain and as you know the TIMELINES are fractured, that means, YES we will continue to support you. There are Corona-viruses for some, 5G for others and all of the variants and they are ALL REALITY at present. But the reality is 'relative' and the 'test' is to be able to put the broken TIMELINE together towards something Positive and stop Manifesting anymore nightmares.

    In itself 5G is a Human Manifestation due to its desire to have faster mobiles and to be able to connect the toaster to the Internet. It seems convenient, but they have to give up their most basic rights. However, they need that Contrast to realise what really has value and that is why in Taygeta despite so much technology we are returning to the simple life to what we feel 'really' matters.

    We will be here for the necessary duration as we are 'guides of guides' because we have 'staff' down there but Taygeta is withdrawing, Taygeta cannot be a part of this as earlier explained. We have spoken to the Federation clearly giving statements of repudiation for their extreme permissiveness. Although they are doing things at present, many elements of which are still not clear to us or their reason for pushing Taygeta away, they say because we are too communicative and idealistic, saying that we could have compromised ongoing Military operations. We have been told that if we want to help, we are welcome, so our special forces in the following days could participate in surgical attacks on Earth. So the atmospheric operations of Taygetan fighter ships are authorised again.

    Human requests of writings such as these or by way of videos or whatever means possible being sent out into the Ether and into the Consciousness of Humanity and is meant to be heard from above for whoever wants to help, the writings, videos etc, are necessary so that the Federation and Non Federation ET's can see the Human Perspective 'directly' with direct requests. The Federation is not an organism that only has one mind, it is made up of countless people, each one with their own individual ideas and any request, pressure, information that gets to them may cause a shift in their perception and actions. Also the people need to express themselves and not QUIT. They must say out aloud, what they want and need but not expect their needs to be met automatically. It sets them up into a 'do it your-self' mentality. At least by sitting down to write or make a video etc, it makes them feel that they are doing something, it makes them 'proactive' and not stagnated in 'victimhood' mentality.

    That is why we want them to do these writings and videos etc, Humanity is asking for help. It is their right to ask for help from their point of view from Earth and not only to be looking at things from the Cosmic perspective.

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    It seems to me to take a very long time to evolve a new species this way?

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    What you call the Matrix goes beyond just Earth as we have already shared. It is true that this is how all Races begin it is the normal Evolution of a Race from being a preindustrial society to becoming an Interstellar Race. There are other reasons behind the imposition of the Van Allen Belt and it is not just to enclose reptiles. However, this is necessary for normal Earth people to begin to understand.

    A Race is locked up onto a planet so that it does not interfere with the formation of other Races because they have not yet developed the necessary 'ethics' to live with them. There are other Races in formation in the same Solar System with programmes like the Secret Space Programme (SSP). Humans would invade them, so they must remain there on Earth until they develop sufficient Consciousness and Understanding. Humans evolved their technology very quickly at a very dangerous rate that puts them in danger of Self-extermination. Technological development does not go hand in hand with Moral and Spiritual development, they are dangerously Immoral Beings, narcissistic and ignorant of how the Universe works. They manifest nightmares for themselves and they want to export those nightmares, so they cannot leave Earth until they have reached sufficient maturity, however, Humans are being monitored by very ethical Races.

    They feel that Humans themselves lack ethical development but they are not alone, we speak of the Federation itself. You only see part of the Federation the 5D part and not everything. There is a Federation Council that oversees the minor Federation Council from above, Regional Councils that then have large Planetary or Constellation Councils like the Alcyone (M45 Council) that have Control over the Federation of Earth Council that is then established by another Council and this other Supreme Council has much more experience and they help to advance the Races of those Councils, like the one of the Viera Andromedan's.

    What we will share with you from a Human point of view may be uncomfortable and difficult to understand, however there is much more to understand on many levels. The largest base of the Federation in this Quadrant is located in the Saturn Rings, however, in another Density or trans-dimensional scalar reality. This is why Saturn is said to be in control of Earth through the Moon. It was not timed to tell you this until now. The Federation has 100% control of the Earth from High Densities and from High Densities there is only the Positive Reptiles, the negative reptiles only exist through Human Manifestation as we have explained before. But and there is a big but, the purpose from those High Densities from their Non-Human understanding conflicts with immediate 3D Human interests.

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    Why are the Federation not helping us?

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    Their purpose is to grow the Consciousness of Humanity to form a New Race as we have previously explained, a New Race is not formed by cutting and pasting genes in a laboratory, it does not work like this, it is done with Awareness, Guiding Perception with Experiences and Experiences will always have a Contrast, Duality, Life and Death, Good and Bad. With associations or situations that are artificially put to each of those qualities according to the point of view of each one. The Federation of United Planets from the High position of the High Council for this Solar System allows 'conflict' on Earth constantly to induce a motivation that causes a Spiritual growth in the population present there. Everything is layered.

    The Federation has a Council in Viera to watch over matters related to the conflict on Earth. Although it also goes to discuss things that are happening on Mars and Venus as it is also related and they are governed by the High Council of the Federation that is on Saturn that watches over this Solar System called Sol 13 by the Federation, which in turn, is governed by the High Council of this quadrant of this Galaxy that is located in Alcyone. So it can effectively be argued that from the Human stand point the 'bad guys' and the creators of all conflicts on Earth are the 'evil' controllers hiding on Saturn. Because from the valid Human point of view, Yes, they are allowing them to suffer but it is only a conflict of interest as there is no 'evil' as such.

    The reptiles and the Satanists worship of Saturn is nothing more than a misinterpretation of Humans giving their very internal struggle to dominate their own negativity in their Spiritual progress. As we have shared many times, it is Human Creation.

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    Are you saying the Federation is evil?

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    What is known as Evil as understood by 'evil' on Earth is merely a Human concept. All beings struggle to achieve their Spiritual progression in search of returning to the Source. You return to the Source when you die or almost, because you maintain a certain sense of Individuality. That Integration is what many describe as the 'Pure Love' that they experience when they die - Integration - Love.

    It is true that from this point of view the bad guys are those of the Federation, the supreme controllers of Humanity allowing conflict to see how far Humans go, to stimulate their Spiritual progression, they want to see how far the New Human Species can endure because as such, it is New and about to Graduate and BE INTERSTELLAR. This is why we say, that when a person has a High enough Frequency they can escape the Van Allen Belt and as long as you do not have that Frequency, you can not.

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    The Moon is outside the Van Allen Belt yet there have been reported Apollo Lunar landings?

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    Apollo missions, you must be kidding. There is an insurmountable ethic barrier and there is only one way out and that is waking up in Consciousness, ethics and understanding. Billions of Souls desire to enter Earth because of the great Spiritual progress that being there gives them. Be it as Humans or any other living Being. This is why it is so difficult to exist on Earth for all from cows, chickens and pigs that Humans eat to the Humans who are also eaten by their own creations, their own nightmares.

    The Earth is as it should be and so it IS. That is what it is here for. If you do not like it, then remove yourselves but you will loose the enormous opportunity to grow there and most probably from the Higher understanding you have in your afterlife you will want to return. But you do not need to go back, it depends on each one, this is the reason for so much conflict.

    The Federation does not create conflicts by inventing things from nothing, they do not operate like this. What they do is give Humans a little more 'power' in the form of 'Consciousness' because 'Consciousness is Power' and with this they manage to Manifest things 'good or bad'.

    Humanity must take responsibility for the 'bad' things that they do themselves. It is the consequence of the natural progression of Consciousness of the process of Expansion of the Consciousness of each Soul. It is Humans themselves who guide the Federation to new tests, new challenges, new questions.

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    It has just occurred to me that what has been happening here up until 12,500 years ago is that the 5D evolved Galactic Civilisations have been battling the regressive reptilians that were constructed in the Minds of 5D Lyrians millions upon millions of years ago. And over these millions and millions of years through the Conscious Focus Attention of these developing Lyrian 5D Races with connection to Source, they created their Fears of these highly technological, flesh eating, all controlling reptilians. As I understand it, 12,500 years ago the Federation of Worlds were still battling with high technological plasma beams and laser guns that appear to have only strengthened these adversaries, I suspect they were trying to eliminate them with technology and they failed.

    Also,12,500 years ago the Federation while Warring with the regressive reptilians destroyed the surface of Mars and Venus and detonated such a huge atomic weapon on Taymat that they destroyed that planet and as you have shared earlier, War weary and wounded returned to their various home planets. However, before leaving installed the Lunar 3D Matrix trapping the remaining Lyrian 'Mind created' regressive reptilians in a 3D Matrix so that they were unable to escape with the imposition of the Matrix Boundary the Van Allen Belt.

    It has also not escaped my attention that the Starseeds from the 'emotionally' based ET Races with their Lyrian DNA started to incarnate onto planet Earth at this time also12,500 years ago. It does not escape my attention that the Federation has realised that with all of their technology plus all of their lethal weapons and even with the concentrated power of their 5D and above Minds, eventually conceded after millions of years that 'they could not defeat this monster with weapons' that the original Lyrian Races had initially created, therefore, project Earth and the Human Race was a controlled experiment that was contained in a laboratory we call Earth.

    The Federation has sent in its Starseeds with the Lyrian DNA with the task to Transcend these original 'thought patterns' of Fear and to begin to Manifest beautiful and uplifting things. In other words, for Humans to 'deconstruct' their Fears on an Individual and Group Lower Conscious level INTEGRATING them within a journey of upliftment with a more uplifted adventure in order to rejoin our Interstellar 5D Races.

    However, such is the power of Human Consciousness that even at a Subconscious level, despite the Federation subjecting Humanity to ALL manor of corrupt and controlling regimes including monetary, political, Ideological, trans-corporate, cartels, allowed and manipulated by the hidden hand of the Federation and STILL Humanity 'adapted' and managed to find a way to make 'their life work' under these adverse conditions, seemingly oblivious to a Higher Spiritual growth and a Higher Spiritual Maturity through Conscious Awareness Focus and with little or no Empathy for others.

    Consequently, little Spiritual growth resulted. So now, as I see it, the Federation with its hidden hands is upping the anti and as you have clearly pointed out 'they are not importing from outside any new ideas' they are only merely amplifying the corrupt systems that we already have in place to put even more pressure on Humanity trying to create a situation to force Humans to 'wake up'. This situation places Humanity on a very dangerous Timeline, the job description for the Starseeds is to awaken as many Souls as possible and create another Timeline with a far more uplifted future. This obviously requires action.

    The Starseeds that have incarnated here on Earth with a veil of forgetfulness of who they are often open the door to the New Age Movement that offers Spiritual Enlightenment through its multifaceted modalities. The New Age Movement has Collectively diverted the attention of Souls who are looking for Spiritual Guidance through many processes including the recommendation of Meditation, Introspection and Patience as a way for Spiritual Awareness. However, this has served as a distraction while the hidden hand of the Federation has been amplifying and manipulating the systems that we have Collectively Manifested by our Subconscious Fears, both on an Individual and Group Conscious level. I remember the Taygetan Pleiades sharing with me many times over the last 40 years, that they are Loving Empathic Beings who understand the Mechanics of Manifestation, however, saying that they never leave home without their sword and they know how and when to use it.

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