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Real or Implanted Experiences? (part 2)

  • Q

    What are the experiences I am now having that are Real or Implanted?

  • A

    From one point of view things are Real and from another, they are all Implants. We are trying to convey multi-points of view from multi-layers of Consciousness, one from your point of view and also from Multi Layers of Consciousness. Remember, from YOUR point of view EVERYTHING you have experienced is REAL and from another point of view, some things are Real and some things are implanted experiences and from another point of view, NOTHING IS REAL! It is YOUR task to understand what is Real and what is Not.

  • Q

    So just because it feels real, you are saying that the experiences may or may not be real, I am confused?

  • A

    Earth is a simulation, the experience is not, nothing exists unless YOU WANT IT TO BE REAL. From the other side, it is not Real. Reality is relative. There is no Earth, no Erra, no Temmer, no Avilon, no Alcylone, all are just a mental IDEA. Matter does not exist, it is only an IDEA of CONSCIOUSNESS. You are living and experiencing a dream.

    Artificial and Real Realities are one of the same thing. 3D Earth is as false as 5D Erra, however, people dwell and get lost into insignificant details like lunar Matrix and things that are really inconsequential. This is the Pleiadean point of view and no more valid than any one else's point of view. Everything is Mental and part of the same game of Simulation and done with the Mind and not with the machine. The Lunar Matrix and Lunar computers inserting buildings and false people are an insignificant part of the WHOLE.

  • Q

    Wow, to grasp the concept of reality from multi-layers of everything being just an Idea, is just simply mind blowing... So, why do we place rules in these games that we are creating and where do all these experiences take us?

  • A

    Rules are there to conserve the experience that each Soul wants to conserve. The lessons of life with rules that you came up with, or you would not be there. If your mind grows and expands enough then you become part of another system above this system. This other more expanded system you choose to interact with is just another way to experience other Densities and people within them. You may want in this experience the E.T.'s to come down and visit you, however, the game is what you can learn from playing the experience. You would be changing the game part the way through by wanting the E.T's to come down so that you can jump a few places and avoid your Avatars experience.

    Only when you get out of the game can you change the Rules or learn to control everything from inside the game. The detail from within the game, down to the tiniest detail, is all controlled. It is from the Higher Level that you Accept the Rules of the game.

    If it helps, I see no objective Reality, as Everything is an illusion, a dream and who you were is not important. WHAT IS IMPORTANT IS WHO YOU ARE NOW AND WHO YOU CHOOSE TO BE. If you want to be who you were, you ARE still that person, so, there is no need to look for what you think is your true identity. There is no true identity and who anyone was, is irrelevant. What is relevant, is who you are, and what you want to be. Your identity on Earth NOW is as irrelevant and false as your Star Identity.

    What makes things even more complicated is that many experiences and memories are implanted and you never actually lived them. It is the experience that matters, that is what is Real and just about everything else is implanted anyway, both in 3D and 5D. Here we are trying to lessen the importance of Artificial Implants, as Reality itself is Artificial.

    Implants are achieved by Consciousness alone, by each Soul at an Etheric level before you incarnate and by other versions of each person of the same Soul, all interacting with their Higher Self on Earth. This then has been hacked by Frequency machines and holographic computers, this also occurs in 5D. In 5D, you know that there are full immersion games that are indistinguishable within Reality. They are not just used as entertainment.

    Memory implants are placed into your Consciousness as a basic frame-work to give you CONTEXT, so that you can have the desired experience. As a first time Human, you need Context to know how to conduct yourself. Therefore, you implant memories of other Humans who have been on Earth previously, so that the new Human can know how to interpret things and to know how to react in these circumstances, creating a scaffolding, so to speak, to prop up the experience.

    INTENTION and IMAGINATION is used to implant these experiences, these are energetically and Frequency compatible with having those base experiences, for example, by imagining you are Hermann Goring, Napoleon or Joan of Arc, if that is what you want to experience in that incarnation. You do all your research beforehand, everything about them, then these basic imaginary qualities are the framework for the experiences you want to have. These memories that are implanted with these Frequencies and Intention, are then being tapped into or being channelled from these personalities themselves, or whoever, because everything is going on at the same time, for there is No Time, as previously discussed. Therefore, the meaning of this Soul, is that you are compatible with the Frequency of any of these personalities or whoever, and any other Soul choosing these personalities is also compatible with these personalities' and together you are experiencing the same or similar experiences, sharing Frequency capabilities experiencing similar events that you all have in common. Everything in a Higher Density is connected, Everything is blended as ONE, with no clear boundaries between 'anything' or with 'who is who' or 'what is what' - WE ARE TRULY ALL ONE.

  • Q

    Wow, do you mean anyone can implant the experience of say, Napoleon or Goring believing that this was their past life when in reality it is just an imprint to experience the same emotions? If this is so, that explains why so many people claim that they were these personalities in past lives. And are these past lives the same as the Akashic Records?

  • A

    YES. The story around the Akashic Records is a limited way of expressing or understanding something much more complex. You are tapping into the Quantum Field, where everything already exists and the Frequency you are tapping into is what is compatible to you and your experience. From this Higher Level, you can move your Avatar into new Frequencies at Will. Memory equals the experience, there is no difference at these levels.

    These experiences generate Memory and in other times, these memories are implanted into other Souls when taken from the Quantum Field. The description that is implanted is only a limited way of explaining this process. Everything is Frequency and Frequency is just an IDEA at another Level. This process is necessary to keep generating new experiences, especially when you implant a complex Idea and situation with enough information to fully experience the experience. Therefore, there is no difference between the experience and the implanted Idea of the experience.

    The moment you implant something, a sequence of events, the implanting in of itself is equivalent to having the said experience and is the same as having lived that something. For the sequence of events is 'experience' through Perceived Time and this is equivalent to actually 'having' the experience and 'living' the experience. That is why there is no observable difference in the experience, Real or False. As you put it, it is just an experience and that is the part that counts. For the person experiencing it, whether they live it or it is implanted, they are both the same.

  • Q

    Why live life at all in 3D from your 5D Level, and not just implant an experience in an immersion pod at that Level?

  • A

    At the 5D Level, as we have previously mentioned, the pods are used for entertainment and growth all the time. However, when you are in the middle of the immersion, the experience amounts to the same as having lived that event. So, how you get the memory is not important, what is important, is who you are in the experience and who you choose to be in your next NOW MOMENT, as a consequence of your experience.

    Remember, from YOUR point of view EVERYTHING you have experienced is REAL and from another point of view, some things are Real and some things are implanted experiences and from another point of view, NOTHING IS REAL! It is YOUR task to understand what is Real and what is Not Real. This is how you grow your soul.

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