Ascension Messages

Raising your Frequency by Communing with Nature

Greetings, we are the Arcturian Council and we enjoy connecting with you.

We are very satisfied with the results of the experiment that planet Earth has been and continues to Be. Earth has been seeded by Beings from all over the Galaxy and beyond and look at how you are managing to Harmonise all of those Energies. It has been challenging, of course. There have been a lot of issues, including attempts at Genocide and the loss of species of animals, however, there you are, still floating in space, still finding a way to make it work, despite all of your differences and all of your highly charged emotions. This is something to feel very proud of.

Certainly, there are many things going on right now there on Earth not to feel so proud of, but the truth is you are Co-existing, maybe not with as much Acceptance, Forgiveness, and Unconditional Love as you will someday, but at least those of you who are Awake know that is the Goal. More and more Humans are Awakening every single day, so you do not have to worry about carrying the load all by yourselves. This is and always was meant to be a 'group effort' for All of the various Energies that are there on Earth.

You are all attempting something that has gigantic implications. The ripple effect will be felt throughout the Galaxy when there is Peace on Earth and there will be Peace on Earth. We are not talking about hundreds of years from now, we are talking about within the next decade. That is how much Peaceful Energy you have been downloading and generating from within you, with the help of your plant and animal kingdoms.

You have the help of many Extra-Terrestrial Beings and you have the help of many Non-Physical Collectives and Beings, like our-selves. We are not so obsessed with the finish line that we cannot enjoy this moment of acknowledgment. You have come so far raising your Vibrational Frequency and are on the verge of shifting to the 5th Density - Congratulate Yourselves. Pat yourselves on the back and know that it is going to get better, that it is going to get easier and that you ALL are a humongous part of that.

We are searching for the perfect opportunities to send the Energies that have been requested and that we want to send, however, we also know that not everyone there on Earth is ready at the exact same time for the Energies that we want to send you. Therefore, we have developed a system that is a partnership with Mother Earth and Mother Nature to deliver Energies that you all have requested. The delivery systems that we have employed for these Energies are flowers, trees, plants, blades of grass, bodies of water, and even rocks.

When you are in nature and appreciating one of these Energy-infused aspects of Nature, you will then receive the Energies that you need and desire. When you are sitting with your back up against a tree or a large rock, or when you have immersed yourself in some 'body of water', that is when the Energies 'can' and 'will' be delivered to you. Now, we are not just trying to coax you all out into Nature because we know it is good for you. We also know that you need to be Ready, you need to be Open, you need to be Relaxed, and you need to be holding a High enough Vibration to receive the Energies we are offering, and we know that Mother Nature has that effect on you.

Even those who do not know it, even those who have their heads down, or are still on one of their devices, cannot help but be uplifted by the Energy of Mother Nature. She wraps herself around you with Love, with Joy, with an excitement to connect to a Human Being and that is why everyone benefits from even touching a tree that has been planted amidst a sidewalk in a major city. Even that is helpful. Even that gets you those Energies that you Desire.

If you cannot get yourself out to a forest, a beach, a meadow, or a pond, just find a patch of grass and stand barefoot on it or sit down directly on that patch of grass. Give yourselves the opportunity to 'receive' what you have been asking for; that we have delivered. Feel all of the 'positive effects' of being out in Mother Nature, because the Energies that we are delivering to you are but a small portion of what she can deliver to you, because we are not the only ones who are employing this new tactic.

We have been discussing this with ALL of our Colleagues here in the 9th Density and in the Higher-Densities as well and we are all on the same page about the 'effectiveness' of this 'delivery system' and its effectiveness for even those who do not appreciate Nature. Even those who cannot stand Nature for whatever reason are still benefitting from even the slightest interaction with the beauty that you have all around you and right underneath your very feet.

We are familiarizing ourselves with the systems that you have there on Earth, systems that were designed to maintain order. You had set up these systems at a time when there was much more chaos on your World than there is today. Today what you have are the last remnants of a more uncivilised Time, a more barbaric Society and yet you still have the same tools in place to protect yourselves from disorder, from chaos and from barbarians. Today you do not need as much order and control as you have there on your World.

You have evolved past needing as much oversight and control of your daily lives, and yet, you are more exposed than ever in terms of who you are, what you believe in, what you buy, who you just spent several hours with, and so on, than ever before in Human History. What does this mean to the average person who is Awake? Does this mean that you must dismantle the systems of control? Does this mean that you must become an anarchist, or should you just realise that the people who have been in control are tightening their grip, however, they will not be able to maintain that tightened grip forever. In fact, they will not be able to maintain it for much longer.

You do not have to worry nearly as much, or at all, about these people who are in positions of power and their desire to exert more control over you because all of that is coming to an end and you are seeing the final attempts to dictate more control over you. You can interpret this message however you like. We know that some of you are going to interpret it in a particular way and that is alright with us, because no matter what you think we are referring to, you have some loosening up to do.

It serves every single one of you who feels oppressed, to throw off the shackles that you have placed on yourselves, by believing that someone has more power over you and your life than you do. You just have to keep "tending to your own garden". You just have to pay so close attention to your own Vibration - that nothing could ever convince you that you should lower it. You have to 'let go' of the victim/perpetrator, oppressed/oppressor and enslaved/enslaver model. If you cling to it and you continue to play into that mindset, you will perpetuate it for longer than it need be on your World.

The systems that are in place, that are meant to control, are dismantling from within and the reason for that dismantling is the Higher-Vibrational Energies that are upon you. It will not be because someone staged a revolution. It will be because enough of you maintained a High enough Vibration to 'ground' in those Higher-Frequency Energies to continue the work of raising the Level of Consciousness there on Earth.

Your Collective's Level of Consciousness will always be reflected back to you in your Governments, in your Corporations, in your Banks, in your Militaries and in every aspect of life. Therefore, the easiest way for you to have the biggest impact on the World right now, is to "tend to your own Vibration" and let the dismantling continue on its own, that is our recommendation and we always have your best interests at heart.

We are very enthusiastic about this next phase of your Evolution of Consciousness, as we feel you are picking up momentum and heading towards gigantic leaps forward in the raising of the overall Vibration of Humankind. You must see yourselves as existing within this Human Collective that you are a part of; you must see and know how every Thought you think, every Perspective you take, every ounce of Compassion you feel, adds to what is in the mix, what is in the 'giant pot of soup' that is this Human Collective and the Consciousness that you are ALL Collectively a part of.

When you see yourselves as influencing the totality of the Human Collective with the times you meditate, with the times that you connect with Mother Nature and so on, that is when you can recognise your Worth, your Value. You are not all going to see and receive that instant gratification of getting thousands of likes, millions of views, or selling hundreds of thousands of books and yet you still have the impact that you are having and that is why we can confidently say that we see more gigantic leaps forward coming for Humankind. It is because of each Individual part of the Collective and what you are doing as Individuals.

You do not have to wait for a global financial reset, for mass arrests, for a solar flash, or for anything else that has been promised to you as 'the answer' to all of Humanity's problems. The reason why you do not have to wait for any of those gigantic things to happen is because of the movement forward that you all make as Individuals in your own lives. When you forgive someone quietly, internally, without anyone else even knowing about it, you have moved the needle. You have added something to the Collective Consciousness that was not there before and not only have you raised the overall Vibration of your Human Collective, but you have also demonstrated to others 'what is possible'.

It is possible to Forgive someone who has wronged you. It is possible to have Compassion for someone you previously thought does not deserve it. It is possible to Love someone Unconditionally, even though their words and/or actions have hurt you. When you 'demonstrate' that it is not only 'possible', but that you have done it, you do not just 'demonstrate' that to the people who are immediately affected by it, you have also demonstrated something to someone you will never meet on the other side of the planet, because you/we are All Connected.

We are All Connected and we know that we are Evolving. We know that we shift and change and become 'more of ourselves' and by doing so, we add 'something' to the Universal Collective Consciousness that we are ALL a part of, as well. That means you are benefitting from all the progress that is being made in the Higher Realms and we are also getting better at helping you; that is another way you are benefitting from your connection to us, however, we really want you to acknowledge yourselves for Collectively moving Humanity forward.

Those of you who are Awake are a Collective within the Human Collective and we have called you The Awakened Collective, because we want you to 'feel' that you are a part of something bigger than yourselves and you are connected to people on the other side of the planet that you will never meet. Together, you are making a difference and the next difference you make will once again be bigger than a global financial reset, mass arrests, or a solar flash and the reason it will be bigger - is because it came from inside of you.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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