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As Time Speeds Up so does your Positive Creation Potentials


We are very particular about what we place our Focus upon, because we only want to lend more of our Energy to 'something' that we would like to see 'more of' in our experience. We only mention darker Timelines and World Wars because we know that others are talking about these things and we want you to know that you do not have to experience them. You do not have to experience anything that you do not want to experience from now on, however, in order to make that leap, you must be willing to take your 'attention off' that which is not wanted and present in your experience and has been predicted to be something that will happen in the future.

We do not think we need to explain to you at this point that there is not one future as there are many possible Timelines, however, we do want to explain more about the Mechanics of Reality Creation. We mentioned that when 'something' is focused upon, the Being who is doing the Focusing, is lending their Energy to that which they are Focused upon. You are Co-Creating everything with some of your Energy and some of the Energy of 'something or someone else'. You combine to Co-Create an experience together, in this way, you can Co-Create mass events, you can Co-Create weather, you can Co-Create so much that is 'good and wanted' with your Energy, the Energy that is YOU.

All that is required is for you to 'train' yourselves to put your Attention onto that which you want to become One with. You can always tell when you are putting your Attention on something that you do not want to become 'One with', because you may feel that your Energy is drained as a result, you feel weaker; you feel more tired; you have a headache. All of that is going to get more intense because you 'have to' be more 'precise' as the Energies continue to speed up and as the 'time lag' between Creation and Manifestation gets shorter and shorter. You become what you Focus on; you do not just get more of it, you are getting more of a Creation that has YOU in it, because YOU are Energy and when YOU Focus, YOU Expend Energy. YOU put Energy towards that which YOU are Focusing upon.

Again, be selective about what you are Focusing upon, because YOU ARE CREATING IT and you are using YOU TO CREATE IT. In your Reality right now, you can look around and see the things that you are Creating. Most of what you are Creating in this now moment, has nothing to do with what you are spending a lot of your time thinking about throughout your day. That means you are splitting your Energy, because some of your Energy is being spent on Creating a Reality for you to experience in the 'now moment' and some of it is 'off' Creating Realities that you may or may not ever experience in the physical.

If you want to experience something else, something different than what is in your immediate surroundings, then by all means, Think about it. Put your Attention, your Focus upon it and Feel how good you Feel when you become One with something that IS wanted in your Reality, in your experience.

Play around with this, because it is a good opportunity for you to Feel into what some of your Creations Vibrate as when they Vibrate. You want to get familiar with the Vibration of your Desires, not the Vibration of what you are afraid of, what you think might happen based on what someone else is telling you. That is not 'you' Creating your Reality. That is 'you' getting sucked into someone else's version of Reality and agreeing to it because they are more Creative than you.

This is how cults are formed on your World. The cult leader is not just charismatic; they are also Creative. You All want to be Creating 'on purpose' from now on, because the stakes are getting higher, as you can see on your World right now. Be very Intentional and Patient, because even though things are speeding up, there is still a 'time-lag', and you still have to wait for your Creations to come to fruition. We also want you to know that the Positive Creations come more quickly than the negative ones, because the Positive Creations have Positive Energies that always move faster.

We are able to detect Changes in the overall Vibration of the Human Collective Consciousness, noticing that you are Vibrating at a Higher Frequency than ever before as a Collective. You have had pockets within the Human Collective where the overall Vibration was Higher than what it is right now, however, you have never been at this point as a Collective, where you could take everyone's Vibration into account and have it Be as High as it is right now.

Why is that you may wonder? What is Unifying Humanity at this time? It is that you are ALL experiencing a 'global pandemic' and because you are ALL experiencing it together, you are ALL working on the same things, you are working on Compassion, Discernment and clearing out of the 'root chakra trauma'. This is such an important time in Human History, you are not meant to just 'get through it'; you are meant to 'GROW' from it. All indications are that you have in fact, taken the bait and that you are 'growing' from this Co-Creation.

When your Hearts go out to those who are suffering, you have grown. Now, of course, not everyone is growing at the same rate there on Earth, however, those of you who are growing exponentially faster than the rest of Humankind, are raising the Collective Consciousness. You are bringing so much more to the Collective with the Healing Energies that you put out, with the Compassion that you Feel and with the Desires that have sprung up from within you, for everyone to be well, for everyone to be equal, for everyone to have equal access to the care that can be given when they are sick and in need.

This is huge. You have done this without Creating a major cataclysmic event that you could not possibly recover from, like a nuclear war. Now, as it stands, many people are Focusing on the threat of another World War there on Earth, however, you have avoided that Timeline. You are not moving in that direction because you chose a 'pandemic' instead, as you knew it would evoke so much more Compassion and Healing from ALL of Humanity. And it has; you have succeeded yet again. You are now ready to continue on this journey 'without' having to Create circumstances like a pandemic. You are not going to have to do this anymore because you have grown Spiritually.

Growing Spiritually is the point of 'everything'. It is the point of every hardship, every broken heart, every time you lose everything and find yourselves destitute and it is certainly the reason why you created illness for yourselves to experience. Now is not the time to be feeling a lot of Fear about another World War. Now is not the time to be focusing on those fear-mongers who want you to believe that this is something that is inevitable.

NOW IS the time to continue to reach within 'yourselves' for the LOVE that is inside of you, which is the only aspect of You that you need to be focusing on. As you continue to focus on the Love inside of you, you continue to raise the Level of Consciousness there on your World and you continue to take Humanity past these possible Timelines and into a Golden Age of Freedom and Prosperity, Health and Well-Being, Oneness and Unity Consciousness. This is what you are moving towards and do not let anyone tell you otherwise.

We have a very good picture of what it looks like for a Human Being to try to fit in to Society and we also have a very good picture of what it looks like when someone is making a statement that is counter to Societal norms. We also notice when one of you is willing to just 'Be yourself' and when 'Being yourself' is not an act of 'resistance' to the Societal norms that you have been made aware of; you find yourself in a 'harmonious place'. This 'harmonious place' is where you give yourself permission to 'Be who you want to Be' and not really caring what anyone else thinks. You are neither a conformist nor a rebel. YOU ARE JUST YOU.

Most people do get there at some point in their lives, one way or another. There is a shedding of the skin of 'who you thought you were supposed to Be' or who your parents 'wanted you to Be'. There are even many adults who are single who are running around trying to Be what their 'preferred gender' wants them to Be. Or at least they are doing what they think the 'gender they prefer' wants them to do, looking like they think they need to look, in order to attract someone.

Now, there also comes a time in a person's life when it is time to 'examine' whether you are operating as the part of Yourself that lives in Fear, or whether you are operating as that part of Yourself that seeks out Joy. You also have a survival instinct, in addition to this desire to fit in or stand out as someone who is purposefully not fitting in. The survival instinct means that you need to compete with others, it means you need to have more than enough, just in case. It is the part of You that never really feels relaxed because something bad could happen; you could get a disease, or the Economy could crash, any number of things could happen that would potentially put your 'survival at risk'.

We are speaking to those of you who recognised that survival instinct a long time ago and have shed that skin, so that you could simply pursue your Joy. You are meant to 'live in bliss' and to be 'eager and enthusiastic' when you wake up in the morning, but you still see people around you who are living in Fear and it is very hard for you. It is even harder to convince them that they no longer need to be afraid. Therefore, what can you do? You can live your life fully, shine your Light brightly and invite anyone and everyone who wants to come along with you on the path of Joy and journey together.

You can be an example to others of how to live proudly as you are and to not Fear your mortal nature. You have evolved to the point where you need not worry so much about survival. You have evolved to the point where you are becoming Immortal and when you can 'demonstrate' to others how good it feels to not be afraid of dying and to not be afraid of what others think, you can lead Society into a New Age, into an entirely New Density.

We are celebrating yet another milestone for Humanity, as you continue to impress not only ourselves but many other Higher Density Beings and Collectives that we have been communicating with. We have noticed that you have all moved past a point in your history where you could have taken a very sharp left turn as a Collective and put yourselves onto a much darker Timeline. Now that you have passed that point, we are happy to say that the Timeline you are now on is filled with even more Light, more Love, more Joy, more Freedom and more of what every Individual has been waiting for in their own lives.

This is a Timeline of Abundance and it exists because you have made Choices in the recent weeks and months, Choices that involve you 'rising above' the polarising arguments that have been taking place on your World for quite some time. It is as if the weight of the World has been lifted off so many people's shoulders that you have this 'new lease' on life. You can Live and let Live; you can let others Believe what they want to Believe because enough people understand that you do not ALL have to Agree on what Reality Is, or on what Reality you Are experiencing.

You cannot 'force' others in your life, nor can you 'force' anyone in a thread on a post, to see the World the way that you 'do' and more and more people are realising that every single day. You have felt the futility of name calling and of attempting to Change the mind of someone who does not want to have their mind Changed. In doing so, you have raised your Frequency. You are now holding a Higher Frequency of Consciousness in a Higher Plane of Existence and you have Co-Created better future experiences for everyone, including those with whom you disagree. You let everyone else off the hook when 'you stop trying' to Change them and it is in that 'moment' that 'they' then can Change, because you are 'no longer' tied to them Energetically.

You hold someone back every time you judge them or resist them and every time you argue with another person, you keep 'both of you' in a Lower Vibrational state. In that Lower Vibrational state, how can anyone Change? How can anyone raise their Frequency? Enough of you have now made this Choice; to be in Peace and Harmony, that delivers you to that 'harmonious place'.

You have tapped in to so many different wonderful Potential Futures for Humanity and you will take your fellow Humans with you. Anyone who wants to come on this journey and complete the Mission of this 'Shift in Consciousness' can come. Everyone is invited; when you 'let go' of trying to Change people and trying to Change their minds, you also raise your Frequency to that Higher Level of Consciousness where you are far more influential. You are far more influential in how you 'Be', than you are in what you 'say or do'.

Now is the time to begin pulling it all together, all the fragmented aspects of Self and all the factions there on Earth. It is time to bring about the next Changes through Peace 'internally' and Peace 'all around' you. You keep proving to us and to everyone else that YOU as the Awakened Collective are the Ones to bring those Changes about, almost effortlessly.

We have been more and more encouraged with every passing day that we witness on your Earth, as we see how many Individuals are 'letting go' of dogmatic teachings of having their own experience of Reality. It is true that there are some Universal Truths, it is also true that many Individuals, Groups and Texts have made an attempt to take all of those Universal Truths and fit them into a series of 'dogmatic teachings' that the followers of those 'teachings' then have to scramble, to try to live up to. This is not really what you are there to do.

You are there to have a Personal Experience and to 'grow from it' and for so many of you, a big part of your Personal Experience has been to adhere to 'dogmatic teachings' so that you could later on recognise that the Truth you were clinging to, was not the 'be all and end all' of Existence. It was perhaps one person's Experience that then became distorted over time, corrupted perhaps, intentionally or unintentionally, however, most of Humanity has clung at one time or another to 'something' that existed outside of themselves. However, now in this time of Great Awakening, you are meant to look 'within' for the Truth of the 'moment' that you are Experiencing. That Truth may be different from what someone else is experiencing in the same moment. And that, believe it or not, is Okay. If Source only wanted 'one' Perspective on Reality, then there would only be One Being in the Universe. Instead, there are so many Beings, having so many different types of Experiences and making so many different Conclusions about Reality based on those Experiences.

We want to tell you that even those Personal Conclusions can be swept away, once they are 'no longer' serving you. You are not there to 'adhere to' your own set of 'dogmatic beliefs' or 'truths' either, as it just takes you out of the 'moment', or makes you trust a 'prior' Experience over what is 'right in front' of you and that was not the intention of Source to Create all of this either. You are ALL meant to have your own Personal Experiences and to Create a better Version of Reality based on 'those Experiences'.

Once you truly 'accept yourself' as a Creator Being, it becomes so much easier to live on your World and to make 'sense' of it all. We say to ALL of you, that if you do not like something about Reality, use it. Use that information to Create something New, rather than trying to Create a new religion to keep that thing from ever happening. You are much more powerful than any of these Rules and any of these Texts and you are certainly more powerful than any Belief, whether it is held by you or someone else.

Remember, All of your Thoughts Create, all that is required by You is your Dedication and Commitment to Think Love, Speak Love, Act Love, Touch Love and Be Love in every waking Moment...

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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