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Expansion of your Consciousness

We are very Evolved in our understanding of Ourselves. We are hyper-Aware of what it is that we are offering, in each and every moment. That is really the Goal for All of you there on Earth, because if you are Aware of what you are offering, then you can do something about it. You can make an Internal Shift. The Internal Shift must come before the External Shift can come. Just like the Changes you want to see in the 'outside' World must first be made 'inside' of All of you. Everything is a projection of your Consciousness, and you get to decide what it is you are projecting. That is your Free Will. Yes, your Free Will is about Actions, Words, and so on, but really, it is about being Free to offer whatever Vibration you choose to offer.

First, you must be convinced that offering a Vibration on purpose is a 'good idea' and then you must be Aware of what it is you are Vibrating. Finally, you must Know how to Shift from one Vibration to another. Once you find that you are offering a lower Vibration, Accept it. Accept yourself for being in that State of 'being'. It is not your fault; you incarnated into a World that was meant to trigger you, meant to get you to Feel things, to Experience Vibrations of all Frequencies. And why would that be? Well, you wanted to have access to 'all the ingredients' before Creating the most wonderful meal that you will ever devour.

It also helps you to know the opposite of what it is that you are aiming for. It is helpful to know the opposite because the opposite also is what inspires you. It inspires you to move in the opposite direction, to move away from it. These are all things that become quite simple when you are willing to devote some of your time to searching inside of yourselves for these Vibrations, for how you Feel in any given moment. You have many distractions to keep you from doing that, and that is why Quiet time, Meditation and time spent in Nature, these are all wonderful tools that you have for becoming more Aware. Awareness is the Key to unlocking All the secrets of the Universe, which all reside inside of you.

Therefore, we will continuously encourage you to shut off all of your devices and have some more 'Awareness Time'. We want you to unlock all of the secrets of the Universe. We know that you can, and we know that you are just a few simple steps away. Care about what you are Vibrating, become Aware of what you are Vibrating, and then Shift what you are Vibrating with Acceptance, with a willingness to Embrace that current Vibration and with that newly found desire to move to a better Feeling one, to a New Version of Self. That is all you really need; it is just that simple, to access All that this Universe has to offer.

We are very eager to give you this Message because it is on our favourite topic. Our favourite topic is the Expansion of your Consciousness. Now that we have spoken to you about your Astral Travels, we want to give you some information about accessing those Versions of Yourselves that exist in so called Parallel Universes and how to access them.

First of all, you have your Imagination. You can wonder about what your life would have been like had something played out in a completely different way in your life, and you can start to access the Experiences, and most importantly, the Emotions of that other Version of You that simultaneously exists in a Parallel Universe.

You also have your Dream State in which you can explore what these different Versions of Yourself are exploring, and again, even more importantly, what they are Feeling. When you wake up from a particularly strange dream, where you are living very different circumstances from the life that you are living in this Reality, take note of how you Feel in that body, in that Universe. And please, do not regret that you are living in this Reality rather than that one, because then you will not get the best aspects of the Experience.

The best aspects of reaching into one of these Parallel Universes is that you can Integrate those Versions of Yourself into the Whole You. You can become more of your Higher Self because of your Awareness of these other Versions of you, playing out different scenarios and stories in those Parallel Universes. You can intend to have these dreams now, so that when you wake up, you will know that the strange dream you just had was you tapping into another aspect of your Consciousness.

Once you go down this particular Path, you will find that you keep going and going, exploring and exploring and expanding and expanding your Consciousness to include more of You. You are putting the pieces of the puzzle together, and sometimes, in order to do that, you need to access a very different Reality from the one that you are currently living in, one that allows you to explore Feelings that you could only have in those very different Experiences, in those very different Universes.

In order to become your 5th Density Selves, you must 'embrace' All aspects of You, even those that you have not been in this Lifetime. We want to assure you that the veil is thinning between these Universes and will continue to do so. Therefore, when you explore these different Universes and these different Selves, you are practicing and you are becoming more of Who You Really Are.

We are happy to bring you the following Message because we are excited to Feel how you will receive it. We have noticed that you have been able to access much more of your so called Akashic Records as Individuals and as a Collective. And we want to encourage you to go deep into your Past Histories, because as you do, you Awaken aspects of Yourselves that have been lying dormant for quite some time. We Know that you have a sincere curiosity about 'who you have been' and 'what you have done', because it helps to tell a fuller story of Who You Are as a broader Being than just this one Character that you are playing in this one Lifetime.

Now, the way to access more of your Akashic Records is to be as Open as you can possibly be, to the most absurd and ridiculous stories. Because as you hear about something bizarre that has happened on your Planet, and you think it is so far from what you are living, so strange to you as this Version of Source, you are quite possibly 'tuning in' to a Version of Yourself that was very similar to the person you are hearing or reading about.

What you have already lived is so far from ordinary. It is so far from mundane that it can seem unbelievable. Now, the most common Character that you would reach back in time and be associated with is one that was famous. That is telling you that you have lived something similar to stories of Humans like Napoleon, Cleopatra and Jesus. The stories of their lives speak to you because you are accessing a Version of Yourself that is perhaps not part of Recorded History but that lived something that was so similar to the famous person's life, that it is almost indistinguishable from the story that you do know of.

Therefore, when something seems unbelievable to you, but also rings true, it means there is an element of Truth to it and you should explore more of it with your Consciousness, with your Imagination and with your Dream Time activity. Therefore, what we are saying here, is that to go deeper into your Akashic Records, you must be Open to many strange and wonderful possibilities because none of you are New to this Earth Experience, even though you are Starseeds and you are wanderers. You all came from a Star System far, far away, a long time ago.

And now that you are putting together the pieces of Who You Really Are, it can often seem like magical and mysterious experiences in your past. Yes, you had boring lifetimes as well, but those are not the ones that you really need to connect to at this time because they do not offer you anything. It is the fantastical Lifetimes that you need to start to believe without delusions of grandeur present. Believe in them with a Knowing that there is something about you as a King, a Wizard, Priestess, Sharman or Spiritual Leader that is absolutely True.

Your Spiritual Evolution is of interest to us, especially as it is then reflected back to you in your Systems. People there on Earth often complain about the Systems that they are a part of and helped Co-Create without realising that the Changes to those Systems that they desire, must first be initiated 'within' themselves. You will see radical Changes in your Economic Systems, your Systems of Government, Education and Commerce, everything that could be put into that category, it will ALL be Changing along with YOU. However, the Changes must first come from 'within' before you see them in your Outer World.

The radical Changes will not occur overnight. This is something that we see promised by many New Age and Spiritual Teachers. They are promising you Changes that will occur 'outside of you' that will make everything better and that will happen all at once. We do not see this happening because most people do not Change that quickly. You are Changing, and you are Changing gradually, and if you look at your Systems, you can see how they are Changing gradually with you. Over the course of several years, the Changes will be enormous. But for right now, you need to accept, appreciate and even celebrate the Changes that you do see that are for the better.

There is more Transparency now than there has ever been before. You know more about these Systems, and that is important. Now what you do with that information is also significant. You need to look 'within yourself' for a match. Either the System matches something that is deep down inside of you that you cannot admit to, or it is a match to something that you cannot forgive, that you hold judgment around. Anything that you hold judgment towards and cannot forgive, will stick to you like glue. Also, anything that you cannot Accept that is 'within' yourself, which is everything, will also be sticking to you like glue.

Therefore, use the things you do not like about your Systems right now, as a way of determining what needs some 'retooling' inside of yourself. We are talking about your Thoughts, Feelings, Beliefs, Judgments and Fears and so on. Those are your indicators of what still needs some tweaking inside of you. You can try to work 'outside' of yourself without Changing anything 'inside' of you. You can go about it the hard way. You can start petitions. You can repost other people's articles and videos about what is wrong with Society, or your Country, or your government and/or your Economy. However, until you look 'within' for what you do not like that is 'outside' of you, it will continue to be there, Creating your Reality with its Vibration, a Vibrational match. Your 'outer World' is an extension of your own Consciousness, everything in your 'outer World' is YOU. If you do not like what you see in your 'outer World' then the Changes must come from 'within' first. This is so important to understand.

It is very easy work once you get down to it. You just have to 'tune in' to what you are Thinking or Feeling and Let It Go. It does not take years to do that if you really apply yourself and give it all of your Attention, in the moment. Then you will see slight Changes here and there, promise of bigger Changes to come and before you know it, you will be living in that World you want to be living in, with all the New Systems that you would like to Create right now, with the snap of your fingers. It will take a little bit more time than that because the 'outside reflection' does take time to catch up to the 'inner workings' of the Human, however, one thing you can be certain of, is that everything is Changing All the Time, and it is Changing for the better, because you are in fact Ascending.

We are completely enthused about what is to come for Humanity. You have been living through some very tragic and trying times there on Earth, and there always is a rebirthing that occurs once Humanity goes through something as traumatic as what you have been experiencing there with the pandemic. The World is becoming a better place, no matter what it looks like to you, no matter what you believe is really going on. It is becoming a better place because you are All raising the Level of your Consciousness. You are becoming more of Who You Really Are through the trauma and the tragedy that you have been living through over the past few years.

There has been more time for people to Awaken because they have set aside their activities that they normally engage in, some of which are necessary and are activities that people like to engage in, but others are just things people did out of habit or obligation. And having more time to reflect and notice what is going on within the Self, is exactly what every Person needed. Not everyone answered the call, but enough have, and as a result you are Creating a better Version of Humanity, Society and Life there on Planet Earth.

You can all start to relax and breathe a huge sigh of relief now because it is the Consciousness shifting that will get you out of the pandemic, once and for all. You will be 'rising' to be your more Empowered, Confident and Stable Selves because you have had this time to reflect and 'go within', and you have been ready to Create and receive a New and better World for a very long time. Now you are on the precipice of living in that New World, and you can get excited about it as well.

Stop Focusing on what is 'not' to your liking about life there on Earth now and start Focusing on what you have been catapulted into as a result. The New World you are Creating is a World that is better for everyone and it is only through the raising of the Level of Consciousness that you reach that New World. You would never get there from a Change in Political Ideology, a Change in Leadership, a Change in Policies. It was always going to have to be a grassroots Movement, one that involved so many Human Beings that you would Create this 'tipping point' and you have Created it, and you can feel very good about yourselves and how much you have grown over the past two years.

We see so many more Human Beings accessing the Love, the Peace and the Joy that exists within them. We see so many more Heart-Centered Beings who operate from Kindness and Compassion and a desire for a better Earth for All. That is what you have been Creating and that is the World you are about to inherit.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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