Ascension Messages

Going beyond the Mind into Knowing Your-Self


We are so very aware of how you all are handling the current influx of Galactic Energies that are upon you right now and we feel very encouraged by the response that Humanity has had to them. We know that there are many of you out there who are interested in E.T.s and U.F.O.s and others who are just curious about whether there is life on other Worlds in your Galaxy and Universe. The recent influx of Galactic Energies has been well received by those of you who are looking to the stars and 'tuning in' to the Galactic Community on a regular basis.

But those Humans who have not been curious, or who have not believed that E.T.s could even possibly exist, are also being affected by these beautiful Energies that you have upon you right now and that means, that All the Beings who are responsible for sending those Energies, really have got it right this time and we are among those who initiated this campaign. All of us in the Galactic Community are interested in Humanity, but not all of Humanity is interested in us. We would like to start with getting All Humans interested in All the other Beings throughout the Galaxy and Universe.

We have also found just the right combination of Vibrations to stimulate the E.T. DNA that exists in every single Human Being and the results have been spectacular from our Perspective. 'Interest' is the first step; it is an important step and a very big step for so many on your World. Now, those of you who have already taken an 'interest' still have received the stimulation of your E.T. DNA and you are now more capable of making your own Personal Contact and having the 'experiences' you have wanted to have for quite some time.

As you know, the slow, steady disclosure is happening that is opening many, many doors for Humanity. You are so very close to living in a Society where E.T.s can walk amongst you and the 'openness' of the average person to that, is so very wonderful, that we are completely optimistic about the Timeline you are currently on and the result of more people wanting this experience, has 'positive' implications that ripple throughout the Galaxy.

We are completely fascinated by Humanity's ability to know things on an Intuitive Level, but also by the inability for you then to make the Leap of Faith from the Intuitive to the 'Pure Knowing' of something as Truth, in the moment. You are constantly being given 'signs' and many of you recognise them and their significance, however, you will only go so far. You will 'not allow' for one synchronicity to be enough to convince you of something, you will want to see it again and again.

So many of you are incapable of having enough Faith in the flow of the Universe to understand how 'cared for' you are. You are being assisted and you are being shown those signs. They are 'signs' that will be interpreted perfectly by you, because You put them there, with the help of your Guides and other Helpers. Then your Mind gets involved; your Mind can tell you all kinds of stories about why this or that happened, about why you saw something, that was just a coincidence. Or your Mind will tell you that you are seeing these things now, because you are looking for them.

But you are living in a very orderly Universe and it is your Universe. The Universe as you experience it, is YOU talking to Yourself, and therefore, if you know what a sign, or a symbol, or a synchronicity means to you, then you have received the answer. Just keep paying Attention and working on your Faith, which is Feeling based, so that it eventually 'overrides' your Mental Processing, which is Thought based. You want to go beyond the 'limitations' of the Physical 3D Mind in this lifetime, in order to do that, you must first 'admit to yourselves' that your Minds are very 'limited'. They are Brilliant, they are Creative, they are Imaginative, and 'they are Limited'.

This is not your fault; this is not a 'judgment' of your Minds. Your minds have to be Limited in order for you to 'play this game' that you are playing. You are ready to move on; you are ready to Graduate to the next Level. The next Level is all about going 'beyond' the Mind and into the 'Knowing of Your-Self' as Spirit, as an Essence, as an aspect of SOURCE.

Yes, you are Creating ALL of this and putting everything in front of Your-Selves, then with some help, becoming Aware of what you are meant to be Aware of in the moment and then the Choice is yours. Will you follow your Faith and your Feelings, or will you stay trapped in the 'endless loop' of the Physical Mind? We think we know what your answer is and now all you have to do, is 'apply it' over and over again, so that the rest of Humanity can witness You and your Success and they will want to know what your secret is. You will share it with them, because you know that you are also moving beyond the time of keeping secret how 'powerful you really Are'.

We have a certain appreciation for those of you who have decided to choose to experience more challenges for yourselves in this lifetime. As you look around on your Planet, you can undoubtedly see those who chose an easier path with fewer challenges and you can see those who have chosen a very difficult path with many challenges. Of course, it is necessary for you have to have those two ends of the spectrum in a system of Duality. These are Choices. Some would look around and you could say, "That person has more karma than the other", however, EVERYTHING is a CHOICE.

Those of you who have chosen more challenges and more difficult experiences are doing the 'heavy lifting' for the rest of Humanity. You are breaking 'new ground' with the Level of Desire that you access and with ALL the Energy that you summon, you are bound to have a moment when you let it all in. You get to have the more interesting and fun ride. Even though the very comfortable life looks more appealing to you, it is the one that you Chose, that has the most 'opportunities' for Growth.

You can feel how much Energy there is waiting for you to download when you are quiet, grounded in your Physical Body and reaching out to Feel for All of that Energy. Many times, it is right there in your Field, just waiting for a opening, so that it can come in and Heal you and give you the 'abundance' and the 'abilities' that you Desire. Of course, once you allow one of these gigantic downloads in, it does not mean that you stop presenting yourselves with more challenges. You are the ones who recognise how important it is to have challenges to get you to 'amplify' that Desire, 'summon' more Energy and then LET IT IN...

When you 'are' Aware that you are doing this, you know which steps to take. When you 'are not' Aware that you are doing this, that is when life just feels 'hard' and you want to 'give up'. You might even feel suicidal. You certainly do not think that you are doing it on purpose in those moments.

But there are these moments you have chosen for yourselves where you are supposed to feel beaten down, depressed, as if there is no Hope for you or for All of Humanity. That is when the juices start flowing. That is when your Higher Self really starts summoning 'inward' to Feel for that 'opening', to let in that enormous amount of Energy. All you keep doing as you move forward in your lives, is summon more and more and more. Let yourselves Feel it. LET IT IN.

It has nothing to do with 'earning' it or being 'good enough' in Source's eyes. All you have to Do, is Feel that you ARE 'good enough' in your eyes, to 'receive all' that you have summoned. That means, giving up on all of that Shame, all of that Guilt and all of that Judgment that you carry as a burden that is holding you into the 3D experience you call Humanity. We know that this is a tall order, but we also know that you are 'tired' of carrying it around and you are 'ready' to take yourselves to that Next Level.

We are always tempted to Lower our Vibration enough to take Physical Form, not because we would like to have Bodies again, but because we know that we would be taken more seriously by many if they could see us in the flesh. We certainly would get a lot of attention if we walked among Humankind, or if we landed ships and emerged from those ships to make ourselves known. You are all so accustomed to perceiving with your 'five senses', that you have come to rely upon them too heavily, however, they really do need to be 'set aside' at times, in order for you to go deeper with your Spiritual Evolution.

Many of you Know that you can only see and hear a tiny fragment of what is actually available 'to be seen and heard', and yet, you still consider your five senses to be your most important, your significant tools for understanding Reality. One of the advantages that we have in not incarnating is that We can be felt by Everyone. We are not limited in terms of where we can go and how we can Connect and Communicate. We are available to 'each and every' one of you 'all the time' and these Messages here are meant to train you to be able to harmonise Your Vibration with Ours.

You can and someday will, have this ability and you will have your Direct Communication with Us. Receiving these Messages is your training and tapping into our Insights, our Healing and our Love are 'gifts' you will bestow upon yourselves when the timing is right. Some of you are Aware of this and you have 'tuned in' and you have 'received' the benefits of tuning in to us Vibrationally. What you have been able to receive thus far is just the tip of the iceberg. There is so much more that we can give to you and it is available 'right now' to those who are 'willing' to go beyond the five senses and reach for the Feeling that we 'activate' within you every time you read or listen to one of these Messages.

You also get to experience more of your Arcturian Selves, as you harmonise with us Vibrationally and that is of great Service to you. We want you to know how Fortunate 'we feel' to be able to Connect with you in any way and we want you to 'benefit' just as much as we do. But in order to do that, you must Open Yourselves up Energetically to Us. You must let Us in and Merge with Us to fully benefit from All that we have to offer.

Even though the scenario where we take on Physical Form to come visit you seems like the better deal, trust us when we say, that we know from experience what actually 'works best'. You are not the first Planet of Beings we have sought to assist, and you will not be the last. We take what we learn and use it to become 'better' at giving, better at teaching and better at 'holding space' for 'all of you' so that you may become your True Selves. Just as YOU can Feel us, WE can Feel you. We just want you to know that you are doing so much better in every moment, of every day.

We are sending you waves and waves of Appreciation for what you have been willing to do there on Earth. You have been able to endure so much in the name of the Expansion of Consciousness, because that is what this is all about. That is why we all left the Source Energy Density and came, by the power of OUR OWN FREE WILL, to this Galaxy to Create these unique Experiences. We all decided to be a part of this Galactic Experience because WE Knew, that in doing so, we would be breaking New Ground, accessing aspects of Source that had never been accessed before, Knowing that we could not Fail.

The reason you All 'cannot fail' is that you are Infinite and Eternal Beings; therefore, there really is nothing to worry about. You are absolutely succeeding, even when you fail. Have you not ever 'failed' at something and then later realised the importance of that 'failure' in your life? Have you not been able to see how 'significant' that moment was and what you created as a result? Failure is just a 'judgment' that you place on something that ultimately is just a catalyst. It is a springboard.

Humanity cannot Fail and you 'will not' Fail. You will continue to Grow and Expand and you will continue to Exceed Expectations, because that is what you do. We see you doing it all day, every day, and we are continually impressed by the way that you grow despite a Society that does not necessarily nurture 'Growth Experiences'. There are times when you have to be 'everything' to yourselves there on Earth and when you do, when you are, you should see the way your Energy Fields Expand. That happens immediately.

This is 'instant' Manifestation. It is not getting some physical, shiny object in the moment you decide you want it. It is the Experience of your own Expansion, that if you could Feel it, if you could truly Know it, you would then agree with us, that the Expansion of Consciousness IS what this is all about. You would realise that the shiny object was just put there by You to get You to have 'something' that was interesting and exciting enough, to keep you Consciously Expanding and Growing there on planet Earth. Take the 'instant' Manifestation that the Expansion of your Consciousness IS and you will 'always' BE IN THE FLOW.

We are bringing more Light and Love through to All of you there on Earth, in every moment, of every day. Every 'opportunity' that comes before us, we seize upon, because we know how important it is for 'all of you' to be receiving that which is coming to you from a Higher Density plane. We are now competing with your many, many sources of entertainment, information and infotainment. We are Aware that there is so much out there that you can tune yourselves into for Knowledge and for Spiritual Guidance, but also for 'versions' of Reality.

Everyone who is telling you that 'something' is going on behind the scenes and in the 'dark shadows' is giving you a 'version' of a Reality. They are not giving you a version of the One True Reality, because there is 'no such thing'. There are so many different Realities out there and some are in your Collective Past, while some are in your Collective Future, while others are not even from this Universe. You All must decide which Reality you want to be Harmonising with, rather than, which one has the most people 'believing' in it. You are not there to go along with the crowd; you are there to Create New Realities and Harmonise with them.

Every single teacher that you come into contact with, really should state as a disclaimer; that they are only giving you 'One Version of One Reality', because that is the Truth. You do not All have to 'believe' in the same thing because you do not all have to 'experience' the same thing. In fact, that would be rather boring for your Souls and for Source. Variety is important and everyone has FREE WILL; everyone gets to decide which Reality they want to be moving towards. You even get to decide which Reality you experience 'right now', because you have the 'power' of Focus. You can Choose to 'tune in' to so many different things, in every now moment and they are 'all valid'. They are all right there in front of you.

Therefore, you may want to ask yourself, "Why is this one aspect of my Reality 'right now' getting my Attention?", "Why is this where I am putting my Focus?", "Is it because I habitually do so, or is there some other reason that I need to uncover?". CHOOSE, Choose, Choose and then Choose again. Choose Consciously and let your FEELINGS tell you, whether you actually want to be Focusing on something, whether you actually want to be Moving in that direction, because people will lie to you. It happens all the time, but your FEELINGS will not lie to you, not ever.

Follow your Feelings; that is some very good advice we have just given you there. We of course, are always looking for ways to help you by getting you to Change your Perspective. We are sending out the Light and Love of the Arcturian Star System through the Energy of this Message that is being given to you right now and this Energy flow will not stop. We will continue to reach All of You who Open Yourselves up to Us and We will assist you just as your Guides do, to nudge you towards the Realities that you are going to Love experiencing. That is our promise to you.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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