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The Time is Now, Focused Conscious Attention, Choose Your Future

Humanity is at War with ITSELF. This War is unprecedented in the History of Humanity. The Past as you know it to be, is over. The TIMELINES that were holding Humanities Perceptual Awareness into the perceived stability of the last few decades, is now Over. The TIMELINES are broken, confusion and fear are the Dominant Frequencies.

Stability occurs when the TIMELINES are strong, in other words, the Focus Conscious Awareness of many Souls are Focused with the same or similar beliefs. These agreements have brought you in the past stability that has now been shattered. These are dangerous times for Humanity. Fragmented TIMELINES are appearing with new Perceptual Agreements on the vibration of Fear are coalescing into destructive TIMELINES. This is what the Alliance has planned.

The War we find ourselves within is to WIN the HEARTS & MINDS of Humanity with this last clarion Wake Up Call... Clearly Focused Consciousness is like a laser where the Conscious Attention Focus of your 'inner world' creates all that you perceive in your 'outer world'.


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    I understand what I must Focus on and am actively saturating my mind with my perception of 5D. How else may I be in Service?

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    The greatest gift that you can give to ALL of Humanity, is the LOVE of SELF. This high frequency of Love then becomes the foundation of your 'inner world' and ALL of the beliefs that you project into this 'inner world' become your Conscious Focused Perception in your 'outer world'. All of these messages that we have been sharing over the last few days contain, but do not limit, a clear path forward and we trust, a clear and more detailed understanding of how the Universe that you exist in operates.

    Share these messages with all the Souls you feel may benefit from understanding a new or uplifted perspective of the power of Conscious Focused Attention Awareness. This is the reality of 5D. There are many groups Globally organising meditations, the details of which we are not familiar with, however, as detailed before, Focused Conscious Attention that is energised with group agreements will create new TIMELINES and if the intention of these group meditations is for an elevated Human Existence they assist in the battle that liberates Humanity from the shackles that its captors insist upon anchoring you into their reality.


    Remember the alchemical equation - INTEGRATE FEAR through ACCEPTANCE and move forward with great COURAGE on the frequency of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE that is always available to ALL.

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    Thank you.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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