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July’s Heart Charkra Energy Upgrades

We are engaging with so many of You there on Earth and observing the chaos of your Planet. The chaos is due to the fact that you have so many different Energies, so many different Forces amongst you. The lowest point of Creation is also the Highest from another Perspective, due to the cyclical nature of Existence. You are All the real GODs in 3D. The problem is that you 'there', are functioning in a Creative Mode that only operates from the Collective Unconscious and not from an Individual Power-Point or View. This is because it is the nature of the Existence there, to be an apparent Victim of the Experience; is the Matrix itself. The Key expression here is, COLLECTIVE UNCONSCIOUS.

So, this must be made aware of to the people on Earth because so many will have not even heard of the Collective Unconscious, and it is the Collective Unconscious that is the 'reason' and the 'point' from where everything is Manifesting in their Lives. It is not the Cabal or even the Federation that is controlling the events on Earth today, rather, it is the People themselves on Earth, Manifesting their nightmares from the Human Collective Unconscious.

In the end, it is People on Earth that Create the Collective Unconscious, that is, the sum of All their Agreements in Perceptions 'shared' at this Level of Consciousness, these Agreements Manifest as 'Reaction and Action' by the Ones who are Manifesting 'everything' for themselves. Humans are their own Creator GODs, even if they do not understand or even see this.

Humans do Create 'everything' that affects them, their Reality, the Collective. Humans 'Create' their own problems and they are also the 'solution' of all the problems, you are All GODs. Every, One Person has an Unconscious from which it Creates its entire Life, the One Person also 'contributes' to the Creation of their Collective Unconscious, that will Manifest from that space the entire Dynamic of their Social Structure on Earth, however, that Collective Unconscious does not stop there, this in turn, adds up to Create an even bigger, larger Collective Consciousness of which other Star Races also help form and of which WE ALL ARE a PART OF.

As we have shared before, Humans also create the Extra-Terrestrials that are in the Federation and the Federation that controls them all, because We Are All Creators of a Greater Collective Unconscious. We are All Interconnected much more than perhaps that which can be seen at first. We are Co-Creators of that larger Collective Unconscious.

You are not just a Physical Being having a Spiritual Experience, you are not just a Spiritual Being having a Physical Experience either; You Are SOURCE, the Absolute, All Knowing Oneness imagining things by entertaining and attaching itself to its own Ideas. You are the Absolute out-side of Time and Space, so everyone you have been in a previous Lifetime still Exists, it is all Simultaneous, even if you are Experiencing things in a Perceptual and Linear way, EVERYTHING is at the same Time. You are not one Person, you are a result of All of the countless of other People and Beings You 'were', before and still 'are', because you All are also still 'there'. You are a Conglomerate of People in this principle, you are a Community, Every-One IS.

We are in the process of discovering 'new' avenues to your Density, avenues that will make it so much easier for a two-way Communication with us to occur. We know that you are All seeking more Connection, more Guidance, from above and when you seek it out for yourselves 'directly', you often listen for a little voice inside your head. However, the 'new' avenues that we are discovering right now, will deliver Energetic Downloads and Information 'directly' into your Hearts. There will be Heart Chakra Upgrades given in the month of July that will 'facilitate' this Connection and make it so much more powerful than if you did hear a little voice inside your heads.

If you want to 'Know Us', to truly Know Us, you must do so through your Hearts, through the Love that you are capable of 'activating' within You. That is what we 'feel like' to you when you encounter us in the Astral Plane. To you, we are Love and since your Heart is the Love Centre in your Physical Body, it is the best tool for us to utilise in order to establish that two-way Communication that 'you want', that 'we want' as well. Firstly, we want you to FEEL LOVED and secondly, we want you to KNOW that YOU ARE LOVE. Thirdly, we would like for there to be a 'Heart-to-Heart Connection' between us, that will assist greatly in the 'elevating' of the Consciousness there on Earth.

As you establish yourselves in the Universe and the Galaxy as Beings who are capable of great Acts of Love, you will more quickly enter the Galactic Community in an official way. The other E.T.s in your Density need to 'see' just how 'powerful' you all are when you are Heart-Centred, when you are operating from Love, and the Upgrades that are coming in July, coupled with the Energies you will then be 'receiving' are going to put you on the map, so to speak.

You will be getting a lot more attention from Physical E.T.s who are eager to Connect with you. These are exciting times for Humanity, and we are excited to play our role in the Evolution of your Consciousness. We are also thrilled to be able to Connect with all of you more 'directly' and 'all the time'. Now, you might be wondering "what you have to do and what your role is, in all of this"? You have already determined for yourselves what you want, you have asked, now, all you have to Do, is RECIEVE. That truly is the easy part, and we know that you are capable of doing this.

We are in our 'Best - Feeling' space when we are 'contemplating' how to best help Humanity, because that is where we are most needed. The Universe has brought us to each and every One of you who Receives these Messages, because the Universe saw that there was a 'need' on your part and that there was a 'desire' to 'fulfil' that need on ours. You can trust Universal Forces, especially when it comes to your Spiritual Growth and Evolution. When you want to grow Spiritually, even if you only want it for yourself, it is still a 'desire' that helps everyone in Existence. Therefore, the Universe 'orchestrates' it, with very little effort and sometimes with no effort on your part.

Now, we tell you this because we want to 'assure' those of you who think that you might not be on the right track, however 'you are'. We also want to 'assure' those of you who would like to 'attain' certain Spiritual Gifts that you 'will' and you 'will have' these Gifts, because you will use them to assist All of Humanity. Humanity can use all the assistance it can get, especially at this time in your History. Therefore, you are All being taken care of Spiritually, even those who have no interest in Spirituality will have their 'experiences' that help them to Awaken. Therefore, you do not have to worry about your Loved ones who are not Awake, you do not have to worry about when you will have 'your breakthrough' type of Spiritual Experience.

It is 'All Happening' because it needs to happen, because it Serves Humankind for these things to occur. By the same token, when you say a Prayer for everyone, when you Meditate for Peace on Earth, or when you see those who are being 'oppressed' and you 'desire' for them to be Free, you have the 'support' of the entire Universe and many Beings and Collectives who operate within this Universe.

There is 'power' in numbers and the number of you who are Awake increases every day, you are about to see a huge increase in the number of Awakened Souls there on Earth and you will Feel the difference in the people that you come across. More importantly, you will Feel a difference in the 'air'. You will notice that all the Energies are shifting and shifting for the better, because the Time is Now. You have come this far, and you are on the 'verge' of 'shifting' your Consciousness as a Collective. No one and nothing can stop that from happening, those of you who are already Awake Chose to be Awake because you wanted this particular Experience of helping others to Awaken and to 'thrive' as they continue on with their Journeys to the 5th Density.

We are very interested in the way a Human Being 'becomes Enlightened' there on Earth. We are interested in the 'process' that must take place in order for this to happen. Many of you have heard of the idea of the 'Death by Ego', the 'Dark night of the Soul', so to speak. Others who have had addictions recognise the power of hitting 'rock bottom' and many Awakenings have occurred from the 'pit of despair', but it does not have to be that way.

You do not have to expect your Life to head in a downward spiral in order for you to 'attain Enlightenment', we are hoping that you Choose to simply have the 'sound practices' that you Know it takes, in order to 'open up' to Higher Frequency Energies and let yourselves be Transformed by them. In other words, if you have a daily Meditation Practice, if you are 'willing' to look 'within' yourself to determine what it is that you need to Change, then your Enlightenment can be a gradual 'upward spiral' that does not include any semblance of a 'pit of despair'.

Now, the path that you take is very much determined before you are born into your Physical Body, we recognise that. Different Souls want to have different Experiences and take different journeys, however, 'all journeys' ultimately lead back to Source. The sooner you 'recognise' that, the sooner you 'amplify' your Desires to be more Source Energy. You All have the 'ability' to sit every day and FEEL for what is Infinite and Eternal within You and when you do, you get closer to our definition of Enlightenment. Our definition of Enlightenment is that 'moment' when you 'realise' that the Light has 'always' been within You, and It Is SOURCE.

It is Unconditional Love that drives your Physical Vehicle, that Creates Realities, that you Feel when you are 'operating' as your 'best' and Highest Self. Therefore, we recommend that you do go 'within' at least once a day and FEEL for that Infinite and Eternal Love that is the Truth of Who You Are and the Truth of what Source Is. When you do that, all the other problems that you have in your life will melt away. Part of the reason they will melt away, is that you will stop 'thinking' about them so much, and another part, is that you will 'align' with your Creator Being-Self.

You will start to Create your Reality with Love, rather than anger, fear, or sadness. That is when things really start to Change all around you, but more importantly, the Change starts 'within' YOU. You can enjoy this life so much more when you realise that you are 'more than' just a player, an actor within it. You are the CREATOR OF IT, and you are Creating it for your own benefit. You are Creating it so that you can Experience more of Who You Really Are and when you are Enlightened, you 'see' others as 'they really are' as well. And that is exciting, because that is when the fun on Earth can really start.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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