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Feel for Compassion within

We know that the Wisdom we have gained and that we impart to all of you assists you to lead better lives, however, we also know that Wisdom is derived from life experiences. We want you to understand that you are meant to have all the life experiences you are having, and you are meant to access the Wisdom from all those experiences. With the Wisdom of these experiences, you can assist others who are going through something similar, and these experiences also give you the ability to Feel Compassion for another who is going through the same experience.

We understand that it is one thing to Feel Compassion for a person in a lower Vibration and quite another to teach that person how to lift themselves out of their lower Vibration without joining them. Those of you who have experienced yourselves in a lower Vibration are accessing lower Vibrational Thoughts and Actions that you tend to solidify into lower Vibrational Beliefs.

Therefore, you are not assisting anyone by participating with someone in their lower Vibrational state. Feeling Compassion for someone and sharing your Wisdom is the best way to Be of Service there on Earth. You are not meant to fix other people's problems; you are meant to show others how you did it and to explain to them how to lift themselves out of their own darkness and you do this with Compassion.

Compassion is your way of growing Spiritually 'through the experience' of helping another. You have not expanded if all you do is write books, create courses, and tell people how to grow, as you have not then demonstrated the ability to hold a higher Vibration while 'simultaneously' helping someone operating in a lower Vibrational state. What is of paramount importance to your journey is your ability to hold your Vibration.

While it might be true that there may be a belief or some programming that you have not yet released that is responsible for your failed relationship or business venture, however, looking from a larger perspective of your Spiritual growth, the experiences of losing something or someone, enables you to have Compassion for another who is going through their struggle.

You will not be able to connect appropriately with others if you are not able to administer that Wisdom from a place in understanding 'where they are'. You need to be able to reach out and take someone by their hand, to help lift them and show them that you care, that you Love them and that you do want to help them in their current circumstances. This is what brings you into a greater state of Unity Consciousness and a step towards knowing yourselves as Source.

The purpose throughout the entire Universe is for the Being or Collective to know themselves as Source, therefore, remember as you teach, assist, and heal, that you are doing it for another aspect of that which is YOU. And as you hold that Awareness, the other or others can also Feel it. They will Feel seen, heard, understood, and known by you, which gives them a greater chance of being helped.

We see you all filled with so much potential, and by us striving to assist you in tapping into your potential, we better understand how to tap into our own and like you, we are a 'work in progress'. Humanity has given us an opportunity to explore your journeys with you, and we also want to improve ourselves and become more of Who We Really Are as Source Energy Beings.

When you respond to Us and our Energies, we can better understand what works and then we can turn those strategies upon ourselves. As you now move forward and become the leaders of Humanity that you most certainly are, we suggest that you see yourselves as having so much to give, because of how much you have learned through 'doing'. You have been your own test subjects through your own choosing, and you have all learnt better ways of working with the Energies.

You have always bounced back and landed on your feet despite your successes and failures on your journeys. When you give your fellow Humans all that you can give, you become better at managing your own Emotions, Thoughts and all the Energies that you are currently playing with. And because of that you will continue to spiral upwards in your Ascension. By being of Service, you always grow and expand, receiving more than what you give and leaves you Feeling good. It leaves you Feeling good about yourself, your contribution and a Feeling of fulfilment that is only achieved by helping others in the same way that We and other Helpers have assisted you.

We are all assisting each other in becoming the One, the Source, once again. The destination of Source is the same for everyone no matter where they may be on their journey. We feel fortunate to be a part of your Ascension, an Ascension that could not happen without Helpers and we see that you all are becoming such masters. This was always meant to be a long journey because we get so much more out of the long journey.

These Energies will assist you to go further and deeper in accessing more of your Spiritual gifts and abilities. For those of you who already have gifts, these Energies enable you to go deeper and further with them and for those of you yet to tap into your gifts, you will receive exactly what you need to receive, however, with accessing your Spiritual gift or ability, your work is not done.

Whatever your gift may be, whether it be healing, channelling, clairvoyance or psychic, you must use your given gift by making yourself available to the rest of Humanity. Regardless of whether your family or friends may or may not approve, you must be willing to put yourselves out there. You must be able to tell other people that this is something that you now do and not only for yourselves but also for them. Please realise that more people are looking for you, more than you might think.

There are more Awakened Souls on the Planet today than there have ever been before because more and more people are waking up and as they do, they will also want to assist. The Awakened Souls want to receive different healing modalities and support and what you do to help others will eventually be what you teach others to do. By stepping into your gifts fully, you will master them, and you will realise that you also want others to have these gifts.

You are ready to receive more because you have done so much work on yourselves, by clearing so much of your chakras, your cells, your mental bodies, and your emotional bodies. You are ready to 'step up' and 'be more' than just a part of an Awakened Collective and you are ready to assist others to Awaken and to Ascend. You only need to 'allow in' these Energises to recognise that you have the support required and that it is coming from the Non-Physical as well as the Physical.

You do not need to earn it or be born with any gift, and you are ready for these Energies to go further and deeper, and to help more people than you believed was possible. You may have noticed that there are many teachers at this time, and as a result, there are many Perspectives for you all to choose your Truth from, as this is the nature of the Vibrational frequency of the 4th Density.

You always get to decide which lower or higher aspects of the 4th Density you want to experience. And it is easy for you to see which aspect someone is coming from when they are sharing a piece of information or a spiritual teaching with you. If a person is expressing even an ounce of judgment or division, or of an us/versus/them mentality, then that person is still focusing on the lower aspects of the 4th Density. Basically, they are reiterating the 3rd Density mentality and taking it into the 4th Density where they believe that they are that Vibration.

However, the individuals who are giving you the higher aspects of the 4th Density are sharing with you what you can do to 'empower' yourselves by emphasising Love, Compassion, and Forgiveness. The emphasis will be Unity Consciousness and Oneness and of how to create your Reality by the higher aspects of the 4th Density. The lower aspects of the 4th Density are still emphasising separation, segregation, and concepts of dark-versus-light, whereby, those showing you the higher aspects of the 4th Density will be emphasising Integration, Unity, and Oneness.

You are the Light-Workers of the World; however, you are not there to defeat the dark. Rather, you are there to see the darkness in yourselves and others and to Forgive. And to recognise that darkness always has its origins in trauma and to Feel Compassion for yourself and others for the darkness that you have played with and in. As you do this it will be easier for you to be your true and whole Selves, to become unconditional Love and then you can complete the shift to the 5th Density.

It is necessary for you to 'pay attention' to 'how you Feel' during this process of Ascension, to 'acknowledge' your responsibility of how you Feel. Afterall, it is your Creation, and if it is a negative Creation, then it is yours to process and release. There is an enormous amount of Positive Energy awaiting those who are willing to do the necessary work on themselves. You are there to assist everyone, beginning with the Self.

The only way to assist yourselves is by 'you' placing attention on yourselves. Ask yourselves, “How can I be and do better to become more of that which I truly am, unconditional Love?” Your approach to Spirituality should be simple and it can be if you allow it to be. Take care of yourselves, do the work that needs to be done and the 5th Density will be achieved sooner than later. We are always very pleased to witness one of you in a moment of Self-examination, even if in that moment you do not like what you see within yourself.

Having Awareness is so important, something that many people only have when someone else points out their traits, habits, or an aspect of their personality. That then often leads to a response of feeling hurt, betrayed, attacked, and going on the defensive that usually turns into an offensive. Because of your willingness to change, those of you willing to examine yourselves while being honest and truthful with what you find, are taking the Consciousness of Humanity to that next level.

What is important is that after having decided to change and still having hurdles and stumbling blocks, that you keep returning to your Intention, Desire and Commitment to become more of Who You Are, to become closer to Source. What is required is for you to be able to admit that all aspects of yourself are real and that some of them do need addressing, to Be Source.

Because you can now change more quickly than ever before, this is the time to be Open and Honest with yourselves. And when we recently told you that Manifestation will be happening quickly, we did not mean that what is coming to you is from the external world, like a job, a home or better health etc, rather, what we are talking about is that you as the Soul, the Essence, is the one who gives birth to the Desire in the first place. You are the Manifestation, and the Manifestation comes from your level of Inner Peace and Harmony obtained by you.

Now is not the time to be in denial, it is a time to be truthful with yourself about the aspects that you would like to see further evolution in, and you can be imperfect, as that also gives you the opportunity to be unconditionally loving with your Self. With so many opportunities in making gigantic leaps forward at present, now is not the time to be rigid with an unwillingness to examine yourself with truthful eyes.

Just having the Desire to improve is something to feel very good about and by wanting to be a better Human Being, by being kinder, more caring, thoughtful, and loving, you are already on your way in becoming all those things. We Feel so much joy when we see one of you attempting to become better through Self-examination and you always have the support of us and many others at this time. Every single day you are getting closer, however, those doing it on purpose are leading the rest of Humankind.

Very few people have been able to make Peace with the darkness within them. Most people fear it, or are ashamed of it, and some are even in denial of its very existence. It is OK to be Who You Are. It is perfectly normal and natural to have dark Thoughts and even dark Desires because you are Human, and the Human experience is why you are there.

Remember, that none of it is representative of who you really are, it is really an illusion that you decided to play with and in and the Earth experience as a Human Being, is a part of that. There are many more reasons than that for why you came to Earth to have an incarnation, however, it will always be about knowing yourself as Source.

It also means making Peace with the darkness in others, as well as the darkness in yourselves. Remember, that on some level you are just like us, loving every single Being 'just as they are' and knowing that you are all playing a game. And it is a game that you all agreed to play with each other. It is your choice to navigate joyfully around the illusion of darkness, maintaining the Love in your Hearts that is necessary for you to Ascend and not to just see darkness as the truth.

Understand that anytime 'you are not' in the state of 'being Love' you are only 'pretending' to be something that you are not. Love must be the foundation of everything that you Think, Do and Say, and right now, you can make that agreement with yourselves. We recommend that you do and when you demonstrate that you can hold that Love Vibration within yourself, others will be curious about how you did it. This is when you step into the role of leader and teacher there on Earth and when the students will also be ready.

Your overall journey allows you to move from feeling small and insignificant to feeling the truth of Who You Are. You are Beings of Light and Love having the ability to know yourselves as Light and Love at any time. And all it takes is for you to shift and that shift, takes place within you.

As you shift your Perspective, you shift everything, shifting your Thoughts, Emotions and your Beliefs. You are not meant to wait around for something outside of you to happen to catapult you into another Density. You are meant to find that Density within yourselves and recognise it as You, You as Love. When you are in Love, when you 'love' what you are doing and 'know' yourself as Love, you automatically Ascend. You become your Higher Self, by releasing all thoughts of separation, letting go of the 'idea' of yourself as a finite, a mortal being, and you become the timeless, infinite, eternal Being that you truly are.

It is about shifting the way you 'know yourself' and not about shifting to another place. It is about letting go of 'everything and everyone' that is trying to convince you that you are that smaller version of yourself that you once believed you were. And as you let go and you expand in all directions, you will find that you need nothing and want nothing, and that you 'are everything'. And in that moment your shift is complete, no matter where anyone else is in relationship to their shift.

Do not concern yourself with what anyone else is doing or thinking, because they only have as much power over you as you give them or allow them to have. You are meant to empower yourselves by shifting, by changing your Perception of yourself. Therefore, do it Consciously, and your journey to the 5th Density will be a Joyous one, the Density of Love that was always there and available to you, that exists at the centre of your Heart.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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