Ascension Messages

COMPASSION is the Key there on Earth

We are the Bringers of a multitude of different Energies to Earth and Humanity, we see how these Energies affect all of you, including plant, animal, and mineral life. We notice what those Kingdoms can handle first, as they are the building blocks for Human life, and we want you to see them as such also. We encourage you to do this because when you Connect to Mother Earth, Mother Nature, and the Animal Kingdom, you are Connecting to something that stabilises you. You are Connecting to Energies that are responsible for life on Earth, as you show them Gratitude, you grow Spiritually. You also get to Connect to those Energies that we have infused into these Life Forms.

You get to benefit from the Anchoring that they do when you are unavailable to be the Anchors. As we have said, there are also just Times when we need to 'test' what we are 'delivering' to see how it can be 'assimilated' there in the Earth environment. We want you to recognise your Connection to All Things, because that will be a 'stepping stone' to you recognising your Connection to All Humans and then All Beings throughout this beautiful Universe of Ours.

We know that COMPASSION is the Key there on Earth, if you can realise that there is no real separation between you and anyone or anything, you can take Humanity to the next Level of Consciousness, and with the Help of Beings and Collectives from other Star Systems and Densities, your success is guaranteed. One thing we do 'encourage' you to also employ there on Planet Earth is 'tending to your own gardens'.

As soon as you 'see' someone outside of you as a threat, as soon as you give in to the 'idea' that you are a 'Victim', you immediately go on the 'defensive'. When you are on the 'defensive', you are not Connected to All Beings, to All Life Forms. You move further and further away from Source when you do this, because Source 'never Separates'. Source 'always Integrates', always 'Seeks' to bring home All of Creation.

Therefore, when you feel 'triggered' by what someone else is doing or saying, or by what you 'Think' someone or some Group is doing, you must look at Yourself for the reason behind what you are Feeling and you must FEEL that Feeling. You are not there to put a stop to anything that is happening outside of you. You are there to live in Peace and Harmony inside of your own Bodies and your own Psyches. You are there to Balance your own Energies and your own Emotions, and you cannot do that when you are fighting against enemies, foreign and domestic. It does not work that way. It has not worked for anyone, for any Society in the History of the Universe.

You are there to UNITE and to Unite with LOVE and you can start by Uniting with the Love that is 'all around you', that we have hidden quite literally under every rock, every pebble, every grain of sand, every clump of dirt. We encourage you to do this often, but we will repeat ourselves yet again. Shut off your devices and get outside; connect with Mother Nature and Mother Earth. Connect with your Animal friends and 'go within' to Seek what you want to Experience outside of You, because the outside World will always reflect your Inner Realm, because ultimately, it is All you ever have control of there in your Lives.

We are so very happy to be able to give you our Perspective on the Energies that we can Feel coming in for Humanity and Planet Earth in the month of June. In many ways, June is a month of New Beginnings. It is a month of you being able to 'receive' Energies that will 'assist' you in making the big Changes that you want to make in your own Lives. These are very 'supportive' Energies that are coming, but they are also Energies that are meant to 'stir things up'.

You are All meant to look at your Beliefs and your Behaviours, your Thoughts, your Feelings, your Relationships, your Work. You are All meant to 'evaluate' the Vibration you are offering and to see where Change is needed, to see where you can be the one who 'initiates' the Changes. In some cases, people there on Earth Know that they need to make a Change but Choose not to for some reason. In other cases, people will be blindsided by a sudden 'need' to make a Change, a Change in Perspective, a Change in where they live, in their diet, in their relationships. There is 'always' Change happening on your World, but you are at a Time in Human History where Change is happening faster and faster and there needs to be an ACCEPTANCE to the CHANGES.

That is something else these Energies will Help you to do; they will Help you to lower your guard, to 'let go' of your Resistance to Change. These Energies will help you to 'release blockages' that prevent you from living more 'in the flow' and being 'in the flow' means making Adjustments, making Changes and Knowing when the 'timing is right' for those Changes. You are the Ones always Creating every aspect of your lives and your Realities and when you 'want and/or need' Change to occur, there are those who can help around you in the Non-Physical and they do. We All Help as much as We can, but ultimately you have Free Will and that Free Will gives you a Choice.

You can continue going down the same Path, Thinking the same Thoughts, 'holding' the same Beliefs, Vibrating at the same Frequency, or you can take that 'next step forward' in your Spiritual Evolution by 'letting go' of what you have been 'holding onto', what has been holding you down and holding you back, you can 'Initiate' the very welcome and necessary Changes to your lives and to the way that you interact with your World and others in it.

You will Feel these Energies coming up from Mother Earth and coming down from the Heavens, as the help that you have All been requesting is being 'delivered' in the perfect timing and in the perfect packaging. Of course, the more you Connect with the Earth and Sky, the easier it will be for you to Receive. Use your Bodies; use your ability to Ground, to be Silent, to quiet your Minds and you will 'maximise' the 'efficiency' and the 'power' of these Energies of June 2021.

We are seeking to Know ourselves better through our Connection to All of you and that is one of the reasons why we enjoy Connecting with you so very much. We see the untapped Potential within each of you and we know that we can 'draw it out' and Grow along with you, because we are All so Connected. Helping you to Grow and Expand helps us to Grow and Expand and you having Physical Bodies and living Physical Lives is such a different Experience from the way we exist now, that is also something for us to get excited about.

Right now, we see you moving so rapidly because of the Energies that increased during this pandemic you have been living through. Those Energies are ready to run with you, ready to Co-Create whatever it is that you Think is appropriate to Co-Create. You are very much like children at a birthday party who have had too much 'sugar and cake'. You are running on that excess fuel and it is appropriate for you to 'remember' that you also need to be very 'intentional' about your Life Experience moving forward from where you are.

You do not want to just grab onto 'anything' because you are so eager to get things back to 'normal' and have your full sense of freedom again. Instead, you want to 'stand back' and FEEL for these Energies, FEEL for the 'momentum' that has been built up and 'realise' that you Are in the driver's seat. If you want to move beyond where you have ever been before in any other incarnation, then you must realise that you are the Benefactors. You are the Ones who get all the 'good stuff' from those previous Lifetimes and all of the struggle and suffering in this Lifetime and everything is giving you more Clarity and more Wisdom, no matter how it looks.

Even if it seems like you have 'failed' at something over and over again, you were just 'gaining' Experience. You have always been getting better at Creating your Reality, at 'working' with Energies. Therefore, we invite you to be very Clear about your Thoughts, your Focal Points, your Intentions, and see how long you can 'hold back' before taking an Action, so that you are 'absolutely certain' that it is the right one to take. And if holding back seems frustrating to you, then FEEL for the Energy that is 'gained' through waiting patiently for the 'perfect moment' to pounce.

You are ready now to Create a Whole New World together, but you have to FEEL the power within YOU. You have to Know that you are these powerful Creator Beings, the way that you 'demonstrate' that to yourselves is by FEELING for the Power of your Experiences, of all of your Past Lives put together and of these Energies that you have summoned and therefore Created to work with you.

We see you All as fantastic Creators and Manifester's and we are eager and excited, just as you are, to see what you are going to do next. If you do not Know what your Purpose is, decide what it is by looking around at others and seeing what they are doing. We want you All to Know your Power and to FEEL for the 'power' and the 'permission' that you are getting from us right now to be 'more' of 'who you really are' in each and every moment, moving forward in this lifetime.

We have extended ourselves, in a manner of speaking, to anyone and everyone who is seeking Spiritual Guidance and Assistance with their Growth and Evolution. We are not at all offended by those who have no interest in what it is that we are offering. We do not care if people agree with what it is that we have, to share through these Messages. We are not looking for Followers and Believers. We are simply offering Our Assistance.

This way of being a Guide to another, or to several others, is something that we recommend to those of you who are interested in being of Service and we Know that there are many of you who are seeking new, different and better ways of being of Service. You do not want to be out in the World looking for conversions, looking to get others to agree with you. Instead, you want to honour the 'diversity' that exists and Know that there will be a time when more people 'resonate' with what you Believe than, say, some Ancient Religion that has been practiced for thousands of years. There is a reason for that. It is time to Evolve. It is time to become a New Version of yourselves, as a Collective and as Individuals.

Therefore, the 'letting' go of old Beliefs and the Awakening to Universal Truths is something that is quite natural. You do not need to 'push' this onto anyone, because they will have their Awakening Experiences and then they will come looking for you. When you first meet someone who is on a Spiritual Path, you can also expect to have some different Perspectives. You can expect to have different 'approaches' to your Spirituality. That is also something to embrace. That 'diversity' is good. We are not looking for Uniformity. We are simply offering our Perspective and our Guidance, we are certainly offering our Assistance and wouldn't it be nice if that was Spirituality, as defined by most? Wouldn't it be nice if a Spiritually Awakened person was simply a person who you could rely upon for help?

When you access the Truth that you are Infinite, Eternal Beings of Light and Love, here having Experiences to Know Source Energy more fully and to know Source Energy AS Source Energy, then you recognise that it is not necessary to have anyone else agree with you. It does not have to be a part of your Spirituality to get others on board with it. But the best thing that you can possibly do as a Spiritually Awake person to 'demonstrate' how Awake you are, is to be Kind.

KINDNESS is Spirituality in Action and everything else is just what you 'believe' to be True in the moment. At times you will Believe in certain behaviours, practices and so on, that you Think will help you along on your Spiritual Path, and there is nothing wrong with that, however, recognise that you might 'abandon' All of those Things in favour of 'other things' in six months to a year. There is no need to cling to any Practice or any Belief, however, the World does need more people being Kind to one another.

That is the type of Spirituality that 'attracts' more people. People like it when you are Kind to them and perhaps your Kindness will 'inspire' them to be Kind to others. Without ever having discussed what your Spiritual Beliefs are, you could be that first domino effect to create the effect that you want to create on 'every person' whose Life you touch. That is more 'valuable' than any book that you could write or any seminar that you could teach. If you can move beyond all of that, to see that you are all having a very similar Experience there on Earth, you 'will' get that Inspiration more often to be Kind to one another. Then we will Know that we have had the impact that we desired to have, however, we will never be attached to that desire.

We are contemplating the many 'probable Futures' that Humanity has in front of yourselves right now, we are noticing how many Futures are being discussed and Focused upon by the Awakened Collective. These possible, but not probable, Futures are quite bleak. Many are Tuning in to a Timeline that you are not currently on and that would not be a good Timeline to jump to for anyone, however, they continue to Focus there.

You must let your Feelings Guide you, because All Realities are Real and All Truths are True, you are constantly Vibrating 'in and out' of different Realities, 'on and off' different Timelines with your Vibrational offerings. We would like to see more Awakened Humans determining for themselves whether they should be Focusing upon 'something' by how it Feels, rather than, whether their Mind Thinks it is very True. You can Create Realities and then not Experience them. It is not too late for anyone to get on a better Feeling Path; however, we cannot make someone care about how they Feel. We wish we could.

Those of you who are extremely sensitive and are still Focusing on Timelines that you do not want to Experience, you are the ones having the hardest time right now. You are meant to be following your Inner Guidance, your Feelings, while encouraging others to do the same, rather than warning everyone about this dystopian Future that you are sure is the one True Future. There is of course 'no such' Thing.

You are Ascending, that much is inevitable, at this Time. How you do it, when you do it and how much Joy you Feel along the way, these are all your Choices, to be determined, and they will all be determined by you, not by some force outside of you, not any Individual, not any Group, not anything at all can Create Your Reality for You or 'force' You to Experience it.

Therefore, it is Time for 'everyone' there on Earth to Value your own Feelings enough to let them Guide you to what You need to be Focused upon at this Time. Now, we want you to also recognise that some of these unpleasant Future Realities are actually Realities that you have already Experienced in your Past, that is why they are coming up and that is why those theories or predictions exist.

Once you become Aware of one of these terrible Future Experiences that people are talking about and you Feel your Feelings, then you can 'let it go', Mission accomplished. Once something gets you to Feel something that you are meant to Feel, it has played its 'part' in your Story and you can 'move on' from it.

Pay Attention to what you are getting 'attached to' and be sure to 'clean house', every once in a while. 'Let Go' of what has been sticking to you like glue. 'Let it Go' so you can 'let in' a better Feeling Reality, a better Feeling Now Moment, because both of those lead to the best possible Future for You and for All of Humanity.

We are aiming to establish very solid relationships with those of you in Physical Human Form on Earth because we are looking for many Channels of our Energy and Wisdom. We never intended to only come through a few contacts, although, these messages have served a multitude of purposes for us and for you.

The Energies that come through the Messages have always been designed to 'attune' more Individuals so that they too would be able to 'receive us' and Transmit that which they Receive. You are being 'called' to do more at this Time, and we know that the Arcturian Perspective is needed there on Earth because it is so different from the Perspectives of so many Humans who are living there at this Time.

There needs to be more Awakening occurring there on Earth, even though much Awakening has occurred and continues to occur. There is still a necessity for more of you to Act as Conduits for us and for the Arcturian Energies because much of life on Earth has been dominated by the Ego, by Greed, by Selfishness and too many have rejected 'opportunities' to 'remember' who they really are, as Spiritual Beings. You live on a beautiful Planet with many natural Resources and you have created many, many distractions from the Spiritual Realm, from the Infinite and Eternal that is inside of you. Of course, this was all Part of the Plan.

You needed to go down that Path first, as a Society, then the 'coming back' to 'who you really are' could occur and would be that much sweeter when it did. That is where you are right now. We just Feel that there is a 'need' for more Anchors, more points for Grounding these Energies on Earth.

While you All do this to a certain extent, as you Receive these Messages, we are looking to 'recruit' as many of you as we possibly can, because the World needs You. Your fellow Humans who need to 'wake up' will do so when they are reminded of their Arcturian roots, of those beautiful Arcturian Lifetimes where they spent so much more Time in Meditation and in quiet Inner Reflectiveness.

This is a Time for so much more to be Awakened within so many, you all Know that you want to be a part of that, that you want to Help and to Heal. And this is your Call to Action. You have done this before, or you would not be receiving this message in this way, we are very interested in Connecting with every Single One of You so that more can Receive us and benefit in all the myriad ways that they can from a little more Arcturus in their lives.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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