Ascension Messages

Match the Frequency of Who you want to Become

We are very happy to be here with all of you to share about the upcoming Energies. These Energies are coming in from all points across the Galaxy, your Galactic Family wants so much to bring Humanity into the fold, and in-order to do that, you need this series of Upgrades that are coming. These Upgrades to your seven main Chakras will be granting you access to more of your Light Body. These Upgrades will be readying you for full Extra-Terrestrial Contact with Physical E.T.s that you will have in the 'waking state'. They will also be 'catalysts' for all of you to take Initiative, to take Actions that you need to take to start living your lives the way you want to live them.

Humanity must Free itself from 'limiting beliefs', from self-imposed bondage and you must be willing to take a Chance at the life you know you want and deserve. The Energies will help because they will be so Supportive, they will give you the Ideas and the Intuitive hits and the inspiration to move forward in the ways that you have wanted to for quite some time. The Time is Now; the Time is upon you. And as you 'open up' to these Energies, remember that they are quite 'transformative' and that you will feel an urge to make Changes in your life.

You already have all this inside of you; however, these Energies will be 'activating' what is inside of you to make the next steps in your Spiritual development and Evolution easier. You are being called forth to join those of Us who exist in other Star Systems, and you are being asked to 'rise up' to meet your Physical E.T. family.

This is a wonderful time for All of you to be taking good care of yourselves, relaxing, and allowing these Energies in. That means, 'paying attention' to how you Feel and what you are carrying 'within you' that may prevent the Energies from 'flowing' to you and through you effortlessly. Most of you know what those steps are; you know what you need to do. Hopefully this will be the 'catalyst' to get you to take those steps. By taking care of yourselves you are showing the E.T. community that in the Physical Realm you are operating from a Higher Level of Consciousness.

We are surrendering our Will, surrendering ourselves and our desires in favour of the Universal Shift in Consciousness that we are All experiencing together. We have given ourselves to the 'Will of Source', and we have found that the 'Will of Source' Feels even better to Us than if we were to have our own 'agendas' that we were seeking to fulfil and actualise.

We have noticed that 'going with the flow' of the Will of Source aligns perfectly with our desires, sometimes we notice that the Will of Source leads us to something we were 'unaware' that we desired, however, once we arrive at that destination, we certainly do recognise that the Creation in front of ourselves as being ours. What this has led us to realise is that any Idea, any notion at all, of being separate from Source or just an aspect of Source, is pure fiction. It is fantasy; it is only Real in the imagination of the One who is making that assumption that they are not Source all the time.

It may be a blow to your Ego if you say that you 'surrender' to the Will of Source, however, your Ego is designed to give you the Experience of being 'separate' from Source and separate from everyone else as well. Therefore, you should not expect your Ego to be very happy about the desire to flow with the Will of Source. Once you recognise that you are Source, it becomes much easier, because then you know that the Will of Source is 'your Will'. It is 'your Will' at the Highest Level of Consciousness that you could possibly hold.

You are there to assist in the Shift in Consciousness by YOU Experiencing it yourselves, and that is a huge 'Purpose' to have in life. You are in fact fulfilling the deepest desire that Source holds and so we want you to Feel for that 'alignment' so that you can know that the journey to the 5th Density is one of Inclusion. The biggest Part of You is including you in the process, as you include the biggest Part of You in your process.

Making this a Conscious Evolution and a Conscious Journey was always the Goal for you as a member of the Awakened Collective, and with you being Conscious of the Truth that 'you are Source', you make the journey so much easier, better feeling and so much faster than it would be if you had to do it all by yourselves. Let Go and join Us in our 'surrender' and you will not be disappointed.

Remember, you always get to Choose how you 'respond' to whatever is happening out there in the World and remember that you have assistance. This is the time to be Focusing more on the Energies 'present' than on what is going on out there in the World. As you 'tune in' to the assistance that you are receiving, to the Support and the Love that is all around you, that is when you realise that you can do anything.

You can Create anything, and you can Be anything that you want to Be in this lifetime and for your fellow Humans. Now is a time when more people than ever before are Focusing on becoming leaders themselves, because people of Planet Earth recognise the need for new blood to be infused into Old Systems. You recognise that you have 'something' to offer Humanity as the Individual that you are right now.

You know as the Awakened Collective that there is something very powerful that is happening on your Planet right now and all those who are Awake are looking for Unity. They are looking to be Unified and while some are looking in the wrong places, those of you who know you are the right leadership, will step up. You will be able to take Humanity to that next Level of Consciousness. We know it, we see it, we feel it, and we Feel the rise in your overall Frequency as a result of it.

You are doing such wonderful work for this Universe and for this Universal Shift in Consciousness that is ongoing. The Shift is not about 'one moment in time' that will catapult you all into a New Density. The Shift is about the work YOU are willing to do on yourselves to become Beings of a Higher Consciousness, Beings who look outside of themselves for 'how they can be of assistance'. When you see there is 'no separation' between you and any other person there on Earth, it becomes a lot easier to recognise 'where' assistance is needed and 'how' you can give it. Therefore, you always need to lookout for those 'opportunities' where you can Connect to another Human Being.

Feeling more Connected to your fellow Humans assists you to access all the Love and Compassion that you require in continuing to Be the Positive Force that you are in the Ascension process. You will be the 'conduit' by taking in the Energies and you will want to transmit them to your fellow Humans and when you do, you automatically 'open yourselves' up to more of those Energies. You Become a Conduit that is always open, always spreading Light and Love around, always working towards that Goal of raising the Level of Consciousness for All of Humanity.

Because you are Connected to every other Being, whenever you do any work on yourself you are helping the Collective that you are a Part of. You are adding more Positive Energy to the Human Collective Consciousness. The number of Human Beings who are doing this Consciously and deliberately is growing every day. You will see more Mass Awakenings coming towards the end of 2022, because you need more Individuals working for the Light to prepare yourselves for full and open E.T. Contact.

You need to have that Higher Level of Consciousness in-order to stand in front of a Physical E.T. Being who can read your every thought, who will force you to face every Emotion that is inside of you just with their presence alone. This is the next step in the Ascension process, and we see you moving towards it beautifully, Consciously and with more Joy in your Hearts, as you know that the E.T.s who are coming, will present you with more 'opportunities to Connect'.

Look for opportunities to 'include others' who you might traditionally, historically exclude from your Thoughts and your Feelings of Compassion. If you can be Compassionate towards someone who you disagree with on several points and issues, then you will have risen above the 'divisiveness' that is so present on your World today. And if you listen to someone with whom you disagree and try to understand where they are coming from, you will have taken a step towards more Unity, more of that Oneness that you and other Awakened Souls are seeking.

Everything that is there and is triggering you, is there for that purpose. It is not because something is broken, or something is wrong; it is because you need to be 'triggered' in-order to get to that very specific and sometimes buried Emotion deep-down inside. Once you do, you can rise above it, because you want to Be Love and because you know that you are more powerful as a Collective than you are as Individuals.

We know that it is a tall order to Forgive, to Love and to Feel Compassion for those people, however, it is the 'only way' to raise the Consciousness of Humanity. You are not going to raise the Consciousness of Humanity just by being right. You are not going to raise the Consciousness of Humanity by looking down your noses at those you deem to be wrong.

You are going to raise the Consciousness of Humanity because that is what 'you are there to do' and you are also there to 'embody' more of that Unconditional Love, because that is the way to becoming 5th Density; it is the way to becoming your Higher Selves. And that is Part of your Destiny, so you might as well embrace that Destiny now, which also means embracing every aspect of you.

Remember, if you see it out there in any form, it is also within you and it needs to be healed. That is why you see so many people on your World today getting louder. They represent something that is inside of you that you have been ignoring. Please 'pay attention' to everything that is going on inside of you, Be the Healers, the Way-Showers, and the Change-Makers that you were born to Be.

Now, there was a time in your history that as an Awakening Soul you would have participated in an activity for the 'Joy of it' and not make any connection between the Joy you were Feeling while doing what you Loved to do and what would follow in your Reality. You had no idea that YOU were putting out a Vibration that would bring you more 'joyous Experiences' and people. Now, here you are, with your Awakened Consciousness, 'knowing' that every time you offer a Vibration, you are sending out a signal to the Universe and knowing that the Universe will bring back to you something that represents the Vibration you were emanating.

You could take that Knowledge and decide that you are going to do something that brings you Joy, because 'now' you know that there will be even more Joy to come if you participate in that activity. And that is fine; you certainly can live your life in that way. However, when you are doing something purely for the Joy that you experience while doing it, that is when you are living as a Spiritual Master. That is when you are being completely 'present in the moment', with 'no expectation' about what will come next and 'no attachment' to whether anything does come next in your Experience.

You are always 'responsible' for your own Vibration, regardless of who or what is in your life, regardless of how much money you have in the bank or how many toys you have purchased with that money. It will still be up to YOU to be Joyous for no good reason at all.

That is why we encourage you to raise your Vibration and elevate your Consciousness; it is not because we know the Universe will reward you if you do, it is not even because we want you to do it so that you will Be of Service to the Human Collective by adding that Positive Energy to the Collective Consciousness. We want you to raise your Vibration and elevate your Consciousness because We Love You and we want you to Feel Good.

We want you to demonstrate to yourselves that you are in control of 'how you Feel' when you Focus on 'how you feel' and you make 'how you Feel' a priority. You are Joy, Love, Peace and all the other Good Feeling Vibrations all rolled into one and we are inviting you to return home to your True Selves, because it is the only way to truly live.

When you see things going on out there in the World, in other countries, in other places, that do not seem to affect you personally, know that they 'are' affecting the Human Collective Consciousness, and therefore, they 'are' affecting you.

When you recognise that you are there to exude Love, you are there to Help and to Heal, then knowledge of what is going on and where, can help to point your Love and your Healing Energy in the right direction. For example, you know that it is necessary to Meditate more on Peace when a new war breaks out. When you look at your own lives and what is going on within them, or what is not happening that you want to happen, this is also a way for you to go deeper with your Level of Awareness about what you need and what is needed from you.

Other people in your life might be acting in ways that are troubling to you, and then you know that the person or people who are re-acting need more Love sent their way. They are re-acting because of an unprocessed Emotion, because of an unreleased Trauma, and when you see it that way, you know that you are being called upon to offer what is needed in that moment. Otherwise, they either would not be in your life, or else they would be living happily ever after in your presence.

As you look around at what is going on in your World and in your Personal life, you can find 'all the opportunities' that you could ever want to radiate Love, to send Healing and Peace to where it is needed. Again, it seems like a tall order, however, if you were not up for it, you would not have chosen to incarnate on Earth at this time, and you would not have Awakened before most of the population. The amount of Kindness, Love and Compassion you show to your fellow Humans determines how Awake you are. It is not about what you know intellectually.

It is not about having inside information about what is really going on with the government and the cabal groups. It is about showing up as the Light in the face of 'all darkness' that is there on Planet Earth at this time. It is about what you Feel and what you Do about what you Feel. Therefore, we recommend you spend more time Focusing on how you Feel and on what is 'needed' out there in the World. You have the same ability within you, as we do, to attune to the different levels of Vibration, Frequency and we suggest that you use it. Use this ability to help others, to Manifest what you need to live the life you want to live there on Earth.

In the past, you may have taken a 'mental approach' to find the right Frequency. You may want to know what the Hertz of that Frequency is, or you may try visualisations, mantras, other ways of thinking positively to put you in just right Frequency and it will get you to a certain point. However, we know that you are ready to go beyond the limitations of the Mind and step into the 'limitless Realm' of the HEART, which is your main point through which ALL FEELINGS are Experienced.

Therefore, as you 'tune in' more to your Heart and to what you are Feeling, you will be able to 'fine tune' the Frequency that you are offering. More importantly, you can go to the Reality that you want to Experience that is a 'match' to that Frequency. This is something All Humans have the ability to do, however, from a young age you are taught that your 'actions' matter more and that 'how much you learn' in school is of paramount importance. Very few are taught about the 'importance' of their Feelings and their Ability to conjure up a Vibration with Intention and Focus.

Now as adults, you have this information. Know that you can dive deeply into your Heart-Space and find 'everything and everyone' that you are looking for, even those who are deceased. What will it take to get you to do it? Usually, you do it when Thought, Word and Action fall short of accomplishing a Goal that you have for yourself or for Humanity. When you are 'trying so hard' to help someone else but cannot seem to find just the right combination of Words and Actions to do so, it is then you might turn to sending Love from your Heart.

Find the Frequency and you will find everything that you desire, that you want to Feel, that you want to Experience. You will find the World you want to create and live in and the people you want to live amongst in that World, however, you must be willing to get out of your 'Head' long enough, to Feel into that Heart Centre, for all that it contains. As soon as you do, you will Feel more Grounded and Expansive at the same time; you will Feel more Infinite and Eternal. And you will know that you have 'unlocked' everything that you have not had access to previously. Now is a wonderful time to do this as everything is moving faster than it ever has before there on Planet Earth.

These Energies are for 'connecting' you to both Higher Density planes and Higher Vibrational Beings and Collectives, and they are for 'connecting' you more to yourself, connecting you within your own Self to 'who and what you really are' as a Source Energy Being.

We always recommend that you Ground in your Physical Bodies and Feel for your Consciousness all the way down into the soles of your feet, that you hydrate, eat well, and have plenty of rest. We also recommend that you 'state out loud' exactly who or what you would like to connect to with your Consciousness. You are going to connect your Consciousness with Extra Terrestrials before you connect with them Physically. However, you can always connect to those of Us in the Non-Physical Realm and know that we are always offering something for you. To make yourselves available to these energies, make sure you set aside some time to be Quiet and to Focus on being one giant Receptor.

You want to Feel yourself 'opening up' like a flower does to sunlight and rain and to know that you already have these Connections to All these Beings. The Connections are already there, the Energies are to assist you in 'recognising' the Connections that you already have, to 'strengthen' those Connections so that you can Feel them more powerfully. These Energies will assist you to know exactly what it is you are receiving from Higher Density Beings and Collectives when you are Connected more Consciously.

We have Perspectives and we share them with you all the time, however, we know enough not to get too attached to those Perspectives. And we know enough not to hold tightly to any Belief that comes into our Consciousness for a while. You can Let Go of strongly held Beliefs in favour of Joy, Love and Laughter and everyone there on Earth could benefit from using the phrase, 'I do not know' more often. If for you being in a high Vibration is 'dependent' upon everyone agreeing with you about anything, then you are setting yourself up for failure and for a very unhappy Journey.

Part of Growing and Evolving is Letting Go, and when you Let Go, you let Love in. You let Love in; you let Love dictate your Words, Thoughts and Actions; you let Love be your priority, your policy, and your number one Belief. Believing in Love is like believing in yourselves, which is so much more important than your stance on any of the hot topics there on Earth at this time.

We invite you to join us in being light-hearted by not taking any of this too seriously and we encourage you to laugh at yourselves 'all the time' and we guarantee you that you will 'grow exponentially' if you can learn how to do that. If you can Let Go and Let Love in, then you can allow yourself 'become' Who You Really Are effortlessly, because anything that you are clinging to there on Earth is only holding you back.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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