Ascension Messages

Be the Love that you Are

We are continuously amazed by Human Beings because you have a capacity within you to do so much good, to care so much, to love so much, and to give so much of yourselves. Understand that it is only when a handful of you 'decide' to 'want' to work towards something positive that will benefit everyone, that you can change the world.

However, there needs to be a reason for that desire to 'want to' change the World. The questions of why horrible natural disasters are occurring, why the dark ones exist who are willing to harm so many are necessary. For if you did not have all those negative people and circumstances presenting themselves, you could not know how good it would Feel to be there for someone in distress.

You could not know how much Compassion you could Feel for others if the possibility did not exist from these distressful circumstances. We are not supporting or justifying the acts of those who are operating in the dark, however, you all knew you needed to co-create various circumstances, in-order to show yourselves just how beautiful you could be in a moment. You all want to experience yourselves as Source Energy in a physical body, whether you realise it or not, and Source is unconditional Love. Unconditional Love means that you will Be and Act Love under any conditions you are confronted with in your life.

That is why there are so many horrific conditions to confront. Otherwise, the opportunity would not exist to Be more of Who You Really Are and to 'be it' in more than just theory, but to be it, in action. You can now all take action to demonstrate to yourselves that you are Unconditional Love in the flesh. You can speak words to that effect; you can forgive others. You can send energy of Healing and Love if there is 'no action' to take on your part, and that is what we see more and more of you doing all the time there on Earth.

There are many, many individuals who do beautiful things for others every single day and do not ask for any compensation. They do not need to make a song and dance about it on social media or indeed, need to tell a single soul, because they know. They had the chance to Be more of Who They Really Are, that was its own reward. That is why bad things happen and bad things exist on your World. They are not there to tempt you or test you, and certainly they are not there to punish you. They all exist to give you the 'opportunity' to step forward and Be Love in the face of whatever is thrown at you.

We understand how difficult that is, and so, we are only reminding you that YOU are the ones that came up with this idea. Whether you realise it or not, you chose to be there and the reason you chose to be there is because you knew you were up to the task, however, you also wanted to experience it in action, in the flesh. Even though you may slip and fall, and do not achieve it every single time, we think you are doing a wonderful job. Even the Desire and Intention to Be that which you truly are is an enormous step forward for the Human Collective Consciousness, and we are seeing those steps taken every single day.

We can Feel and sense when someone's Consciousness is elevated and when it is not elevated, by what they are receiving. We 'tune in' to you in-order to make sure that these messages are having the desired effect. They are designed to bring you closer to Source, closer to Who You Really Are.

Our observation of Humanity is that we see people on Earth sharing information that is not necessarily designed to elevate the Consciousness of the observer, or the receiver, of that information. It may be well intentioned as it is meant to inform, however, there is very little consideration taken as to whether what is being shared will elevate the Consciousness of the people who receive that post or video, that opinion or that perspective that the person is sharing. This is something that you need to discern by asking yourselves from now on, to consider whether or not to pass along 'something' that you believe to be true.

Ask yourself whether the person who receives that information will have a higher vibration as a result, or whether it might have the opposite effect. What Humanity needs now more than ever before is for people to care about Vibration. You need to care about your Vibration and about the Vibration of those whose lives 'you' are affecting. There are individuals considered to be influencers there on your World because they have a large following on social media. We are sharing with you all that you are ALL influencers, that you ALL have the 'ability' to send some positive energy out, or to send some negative energy out, or to send energy out that is neutral.

You must choose. It is always up to you to choose who you are and who you are being in a moment. And when you make that choice Consciously, it is so much easier to choose to spread that which is of a High Vibration, that will influence people to feel better and will ultimately raise the level of Consciousness on your World. Sharing knowledge and information are the actions to appease a mind looking for answers and solutions, or what you may call theories about what is going on there on your World.

We want you to think about sharing Energy, sharing Love, sharing any post or perspective that might do much more than get likes, comments and shares. Project out into the World that which you want to see more of coming back to you, because as many of you know, that is how this Universe works. Exercise your power to elevate the Consciousness of your fellow Humans, and you will not only be closer to us, because that is our intention, but you will also be closer to your true self.

We continue to seek to create partnerships with other Beings throughout this Galaxy and throughout the Universe. There are some Beings outside the Milky Way that we have not yet met, and we love expanding our Consciousness to connect with whomever we can, because we understand that when we are meeting someone else, we are meeting another aspect of ourselves.

This is a beautiful and powerful practice for all of you to employ in your day-to-day lives. When you can see everyone else as representing an aspect of you, and drop any resistance you have to that person, that is, if you had any resistance to them, you can make such tremendous strides forward in your Spiritual Evolution, and that would bring about the greatest changes on your World that you have ever seen.

We see that the biggest problem you have there on Earth right now is that you hold grudges, that you feel separate from others, and that hate is harboured in your Hearts. By 'letting all that go' will not only bring you together as a Human Collective, but will also help you to rise up, and you want to rise up. You want to exist in a Higher-Frequency state, that we refer to as the 5th Density, however, you cannot reach it if you see yourself as separate and anyone else as separate.

Creating division puts you in a 3rd Density mentality and keeps you locked in a 3rd Density paradigm. You are there in the 3rd Density so that you can Ascend out of it. Do not see it as letting others off the hook for their bad behaviours, instead, see it as the only Path to becoming more of Who You Really Are, which is your Higher Self, your 5th Density Self.

We have said this before, and we will say it again, stop waiting for something outside of you to happen that would catapult you and the others who have chosen the same path, to the 5th Density. You are going to do this as a Collective, and in-order to really experience yourselves as Source Energy, you must have the others present, because they are a part of Source Energy, and therefore, a part of you.

Some of you may wonder how you can possibly forgive your fellow Humans that have taken part in heinous acts. We are not telling you to deny your Feelings about those heinous acts, however, we are asking you to imagine that in some other lifetime, one in which you were very different than you are today, you were the one committing the heinous acts.

Remember, if you can forgive someone else, you can forgive yourself, and then and only then, can you become more whole and complete. The key to Forgiveness is not just realising that by Forgiving another you are Forgiving yourself. The key to Forgiveness is also allowing yourself to FEEL what that person and that action was always meant to cause you to Feel.

Once you integrate your anger, sadness, hate, and your fear, you are then in a place where you can Forgive, and then you are letting go of some of the weight that is holding you down, holding you back and keeping you from your own Ascension. And as you Ascend, you take others with you. You set the example; you Create the Template. And you become the teacher and guide you were meant to be in this lifetime.

We apologise that it is not easier than that, however, it was your choice to create this version of Reality. So please remember next time you are shaking your fist at it, and know that the Feeling of embracing it all and rising above it, is one that is unparalleled throughout the entire Galaxy.

We have so much Love, Respect and Admiration for all of you there on Earth, and we feel that Love for you in every moment of our existence. We have had to train ourselves to be Heart-centred, to be Focused on how we Feel, and to be Loving to ourselves, as well as to others. We began training ourselves when we had bodies and Hearts, however, now that we are Non-Physical Beings, we still have the same Focus.

In-order for you to access the Love that you truly are, you must focus on your centre. Then we want you to find someone or something that reminds you of that Love, then take your attention off them or it, and become more interested in the Feeling of Love inside of you. Even though many of you are aware of the importance of Self-Love, we know that most of you do not understand how that Self-Love can be attained.

If you have not done anything worthy of that Love, then how could you possibly give it to yourself? Therefore, you need to start by understanding whether you have been Loving towards yourself and that starts by 'paying attention' to how you talk to yourself, your thoughts, words and even your behaviour. How hard on yourself are you when you make a mistake doing something? Are you honouring and loving yourself if you are constantly doing things that you do not want to do? Take note of the thoughts you have about yourself and how those thoughts make you Feel.

Notice the hollow feeling you will have somewhere within your body, your chakra when you are unloving to yourself, and this will be because you will be out of 'alignment' with your true Self, which is Love, Source, which of course Loves you. Therefore, once you recognise whether you are being Loving or not to yourself, you will be faced with a decision. Ask yourself if you want to continue Feeling this way, or whether you prefer to change how you Feel. You can always replace a low thought about yourself that leaves you feeling not good, to a positive thought about yourself that will elevate how your feel about yourself.

Focus on Something that you find acceptable about yourself and take the focus off yourself for a while and do the thing that you Love to do, go and be with people you Love to be with or go pet the animal that loves you unconditionally. And once your Heart is open to anything or anyone, it is also open to You. We recommend that you turn your attention off yourself through focus, through doing what you Love to do, or being with people you Love to be with.

You can also 'pay attention' at how you look at others and whether you are being Loving with them. Being harsh and critical with someone else means that you are likely to turn that judgment back onto yourself at some point, therefore, by you 'being Love' is the best way for more Self-Love.

Every morning as you wake up, ask yourself what you want to be that day, and for those days when you choose Love, include yourself, which will make all the difference. If there is no one in your life right now showering you with Love and Attention then remember that Source Loves you. Remember that you are Love and remember that you can find that Love within yourself, even if you have done nothing noteworthy, even if you Feel that you have not become the person you wanted to become in this life. You are Who You Are, and you have come this far to be Awake enough to receive this message, and you can Love yourself right where you are, no matter where that is.

Lately the request that we have been receiving from you all revolve mostly about living in a Peaceful World, a World where people can prosper and live harmoniously and thrive. These requests we see as a reflection of how well you are doing as a Human Collective. There are not many requests for wealth, power, and positions of authority, because those of you who are Awake and are addressing us, know those are the hollow paths, that those paths have no substance. You have all come to know that what you are doing there is far greater than living a perfect life in 3rd Density Reality. You understand that you are there to grow, expand, evolve, and assist others to do the same. And we are here to help you to eventually Ascend.

At present we are assisting you by working with the Earth's Gridlines as they still need to be brought into Physical Earth environment and so much needs to be healed, released, forgiven, and so on. There are those of you Aware of these needs and you are opening yourselves up to us and to the assistance that we can provide.

We can see your Guides helping you open-up your crowns, giving your bodies the needed upgrades so that you can be those wonderful 'conduits' and assist all of Humanity by 'anchoring' in the Energies that are needed to help all on Earth to live in Peace, Prosperity and to freely thrive in whatever pursuits they wish to take part in. This is a pivotal time for Humanity, and we see the Awakened Collective stepping forward to be those Grid-Workers that you were born to be, and that by doing so, you connect with one another, you anchor in more for yourselves, and going beyond where you have ever been before in a physical life there are Earth.

The rewards are immediate and are many. This grid-work does not have to be work, it is meant to be fun, joyful, playful, and you are All leading the way with your Hearts wide open, with your heads held high, and with your thoughts on co-creating the New Earth, one that creates the space for 'everyone' to be able to live lives of freedom, joy, and excitement. This is the new age that you have been promised, and this is the time and the way you are all making it happen.

You have created Peace on many other Worlds with your request for Peace on Earth, this quest for Peace that Humanity has, puts out a strong vibration out into the Galaxy. You have also created societies where everyone has more than enough, were everyone is treated fairly, where creativity abounds, and self-expression is the order of the day. You just have not created it on your World yet, but you are Co-Creating the New Earth through 'your requests' that you do as you look at the Earth you are living on and all the issues you face as individuals and as a Society.

You only need to take that final step of 'allowing yourself' to relax into the Reality you have Created in-order to Experience it. You do not have to work at Creating a Reality. It is an effortless procedure and only takes as much effort as it does to 'think the thought' that you want that World to exist for you and for everyone else. Include everyone else on that World, even those you consider to be the dark ones, include them ALL on your version of a Peaceful, Prosperous planet. The reason why you would want to include everyone, even the dark ones, is in-order for you to Experience the growth that you want to Experience, remember, you must do more than just 'cut out and remove' the parts that you do not like in your Society on Earth.

First you must transform yourselves, then everyone around transforms to 'reflect' to you the work you have done. Therefore, if you are still seeing people in your outer World disrespecting the environment, then it is showing you that you are not finished transforming yourself. It is either representing something inside of you, or that you have not been able to Forgive those who are doing those dastardly deeds. It is an indicator that either way, there is something for you to Let Go of that you are still holding onto. You are required to forgive, clear, release and let go and in this way you will find the lightness of being you that you are seeking in the 5th Density Light Body. Remember that you do not have to 'wait' to be 'transformed' by your sun or wait to be transformed by E.T's.

Everything you require, is within you right now, and that it is a choice. Choose Love. Choose Light. Choose Forgiveness. Choose to Be the example that leads others into this New Age, this New Earth. You are going there anyway, so you might as well go willingly. You might as well go by Conscious Choice and Be the leader that you were always meant to be, the leader that you truly are. You will only Feel satisfied and fulfilled if you are of greatest Service and nothing could be of greater Service than helping those who are stubborn to transform themselves from within, and you do this by showing them the way.

And you are doing it, not only for yourselves, but for the entire Galaxy and the entire Universe that is being transformed by your every Thought. Know just how powerful you are and then FEEL it. Feel the Vibration of your Power and use it to Create something that All of you can equally enjoy, no matter Who You Are now or who you have been. You all get to go to the promised land, to the New Earth, and we are looking again for volunteers to lead the way.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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