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Quantum Field, Frequency Matching, Nano-Particle Accelerators

When a person or a Being having a Consciousness Observer Awareness and has a specific thought or 'thought dynamic', this will be a result of a Harmonic Frequency Dynamic process, as described before. When enough Attention Energy is given to that specific 'thought process' the resulting Frequency of that person will automatically 'match' the Frequency of the Perceived object or situation it is thinking of. This is called the 'Law of Mirrors' and it governs this Universe. In other words, when you match that Frequency, you become that Frequency.

  • Q

    Is this the process of how thoughts create?

  • A

    Equal Frequencies attract each other because they are the same ones, they are the one and the same, so the 'thought' Frequency equals the 'thing' or 'situation' in the Individuals mind and this equals the Perceived external object or/and situation because there are NO external objects or situations as such. As they are all inside the same Potential Energy Field soup of Frequency Harmonics, it is the very same 'thought patterns' of the Individual and Collective Consciousness Awareness CREATING it ALL.

  • Q

    Oh, Now I get it!

  • A

    'Thought' is the object and 'thought' is the situation or situations, there is no difference. There is no external world to YOU as it is YOU who has it all in your mind. You are making it all both Collectively and Individually and you call it the 'Law of Attraction'.

  • Q

    This makes it very clear now I really understand why 'if we hold the highest idea of who we really are and the highest idea of the Earth we wish live in' is so important on an individual and group level.

  • A

    We are pleased. So to continue, a Frequency Map is a numerical interpretation of an interaction between Waves within the Potential Energy Field or the ETHER and can be a location or a situation as well as a combination of the two. Essentially, this is a Map of the ETHER we call it an Etheric Map.

    Understanding these mathematical interactions and relationships between Frequencies and their Harmonics will constitute a Frequency Map it can be as small as the energetic blue print of a small Location or as large as a Frequency Star Map to guide ships through the Cosmos.

    Objects are connected to situations that can also be circumstances (events). They exist within a certain context within a Field. The specific context is unique and is represented with a numerical value this can represent a 'situation or Location' in any context 'past, present or future' as they are all mathematically constructed Frequency Harmonics. In essence there is no past, present or future, they are only Frequency Harmonics within a Field and therefore, reproducible. As described above, all that must be done is to reproduce the exact same Frequency Harmonic of the 'situation' to be reproduced, we will call this the Destination and you will be there. Because that Frequency does not only represent the Destination it is the Destination itself as outline above.

  • Q

    You previously said that we have created our past, present and future as an illusion that has trapped us into this 3D reality, is this explanation the mechanism that explains the Eternal Now and from this Eternal Now we can reproduce any event, location with frequencies and arrive there?

  • A

    Exactly, the area or Location where we will arrive, our Destination, is what we call context and it is the result of all the interactions of all the Frequencies complete with their Harmonics we can now represent the 'whole context' as a complex sequence of Mathematical interactions. The more complex context, the more detail is required. We can represent a fixed 'non animated' scene with numerical Frequency values set in a Mathematical grid pattern that is the energetic and Frequency Blue Print of that scene. This is a mathematically precise snapshot of that or any other given 'event'. This is a static representation of the context as a photograph would be, each minute detail within the scene or photograph is represented with its corresponding Mathematical Frequency value as a series of numbers in a 'grid pattern'. This would represent a 2D flat photographic scene or context.

    Adding more detail in the form of numerical interactions and values we can form a complex 3D or tri-dimensional scene, a complete ultra detailed representation of a complete situation or a snapshot fixed in Time or Space. The next step is to add a sequence of these 3D ultra-detailed scene context snapshots that are animated numerically and Mathematically using the 'set interactions' between them, according to the Harmonics of each Frequency that form the details of an 'event' and of 'objects' and their interactions giving them an animated sequence. This also demonstrates exactly the Mechanism that explains how the Frequency match of a current Observer Consciousness Timeline is energised by the Harmonics of the Frequency that animates that Timeline that matches the Observer Consciousness Frequency, as you are that Frequency. In other words, this is the Mechanism that animates a Timeline.

    This scene or context is a set point in Time and Space that we can use as a Destination. As each and every sequence of events taking place in each scene or context is Mathematically precise obeying precise equations known to us, we can then use this to calculate an 'event' that has 'not yet' come to pass. When a scene or context is localised and with a small number of details in the form of Frequencies and their Harmonics as well as the Mathematical relationships with them, we can Mathematically calculate what will happen 'next' with a lot of precision. But as we add more data, the scene or context will need progressively more and more calculating power to be able to predict an outcome as the variables also increase exponentially. This process is what we call Calculations of Events within a Quantum Field.

  • Q

    So when you arrive here does that mean you can somehow also change events or the outcome of these events?

  • A

    Yes, by using this process we can also produce complete Frequency Mathematical situations that can be engineered to fit in or be spliced into a Real scene or context taken from the outside world. Literally splicing an object, a situation, a person or a Starship into this Field or we can subtract one as well. The only thing we must do is make the Frequency and the dynamics of their Harmonics a 'match' to the new ones.

    We can also splice an object, a person or a ship or virtually anything from one Real context situation into another different Real context situation. In this case, we must alter the Frequencies of the first situation or object to 'match' the receiving one or Destination. As the new object is inserted it will automatically alter ALL the Energy dynamics of the whole scene from the point of view of a bystander observing the scene, the object will simply appear out of nowhere. The reaction of the Consciousness Observer is a part of the Frequency adjustments to the presence of a new object.

    All these calculations require very large amounts in the trillions of trillions of precise Mathematical operations occurring at nano-second speed rates, needless to say, this requires very advanced and powerful computers that no longer operate using a binary language and in order to achieve this, they make calculations using probabilities within a Quantum Field using several million nano-particle accelerators inside each processer core.

  • Q

    So I can be clear about this, what your saying is that you travel from the Pleiades to Earth by matching the Frequencies here and simply relocate you and your Star-ship in this part of the Solar System? So, you are actually not travelling extremely fast, so much as repositioning your Star-ship from one point of the Universe to another by simply matching that Frequency?

  • A

    Exactly. Our description and definitions of Universal Laws may seem complex with your first read as within your terrestrial languaging there are few words that have a meaning to make our explanation of these Universal Laws more simply understood. From this limited language we attempt to find meaning to these Universal Laws. Our intention is to convey to you how 'everything' operates in the Universe under these laws or principles. The Mechanics of Manifestation is how the physical and non physical Densities are created, these same principles demonstrate how Biological 3D & 5D life has been constructed, how Time is woven into this equation allowing the experience of Contrast.

    It is the same Laws/Principles that govern the Mechanism of Thought Creation. All of our messages are conveying this same one Truth - THOUGHTS CREATE. What we have not yet shared with you is how we actually accomplish Stellar Navigation. This is another complex science that is beyond terrestrial science at these times however, we do intend at a later stage to share how we accomplish Stellar Navigation.

    For now please read and reread all of the messages we have been sharing. In actuality, you already understand all of these messages and in this lifetime you are just remembering what you already know.

    It is the terrestrial minds that are in conflict with each other and holding your Conscious Awareness at a lower Frequency and the EGO then interprets what is being shared here. It is not necessary to remember verbatim, word for word what we are sharing, rather it is important to understand the interconnectedness of all the concepts that we are sharing and the one unshakable Truth - THOUGHTS CREATE.

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