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Homosexuality, Souls Gender, Reincarnation 4D Trap

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    From grade 1 to 7 I attended a Catholic school in Australia. It was a small school and I was the only girl out of 4 children in my class. My youngest sister a year below me was my best friend. Every recess we would meet and play and one of the boys from my class Lucciano always wanted to play with us. I liked Lucciano playing with us however, the nuns would always tell him off. At that time I could not understand why it upset them so much. He continued playing with us and the scolding's increased to the point where he was threatened to have his mouth washed out with soap if he continued to play with the girls…… and he did, eventually his mouth was washed out in soap by the nuns, in school assembly in front of everyone humiliating him, it was awful to watch! Many years later I by chance met Lucciano in Adelaide we were both 20 years of age. Upon meeting him and recognising him it was obvious to my more experienced self that Lucciano was homosexual and it dawned on me why the nuns kept scolding him when he chose to play with us. My heart immediately went out to him as I remembered all the persecution he went through dished out by the nuns all those 7 primary school years. This same persecution followed him through the rest of his schooling up to that chance meeting. I read the paper on Karma and Sin and really understand it but how do we or why do we choose the individual experience that we have in these lifetimes to experience such persecution?

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    There is no beginning, there is no end, everything is the great ALL. However, to experience the great ALL there is Contrast. Without TIME Contrast cannot be experienced. All the infinite permutations of Contrast exist in the great ALL. The Soul is simultaneously the great ALL and a 'fragment' of the great All. Between Biological incarnations our Soul returns to SOURCE. There is no beginning and no end in this journey, there is no destination. The Soul's journey is to experience ALL.

    The Soul does not yearn to return to SOURCE because it knows it is SOURCE. There is never an end to experience. The Soul chooses very carefully the experience of choice, however, the Universe through Contrast often provides the unexpected. This is how the Soul is built, this is how the Creator experiences. We only forget who we are with veils of forgetfulness and in this way the experiences are heightened and the emotions become 'real'.

    Sometimes we choose an experience that seems that we are not on a journey of Contrast this allows us to discover 'who we are'. In other words, by choosing who we are not with a veil of forgetfulness we have the opportunity to grow through experience and choose to be 'who we really are'. On Earth over the last many thousands of years the veil of forgetfulness has been very strong testing the Soul through greater deception.

    The Soul has no gender, however, over countless Biological incarnations mostly 5D the Soul chooses a preference of gender in this Dualised reality and most often incarnates with this gender preference. At the completion of an incarnation, the body is discarded and without the animated Conscious Focus Attention of the Soul the physical body returns back into the Ether as Potential Energy and the Soul returns to SOURCE and plans its next adventure. However, as mentioned before there are some interesting traps and we have spoken of these very recently, Karma and Sin.

    Whatever your beliefs are in an incarnation concerning mortality and the afterlife, your Soul on this journey takes these beliefs with you when you leave your physical body and the only thing that is discarded is the body, your Soul is Immortal. The Lunar Matrix that we have spoken of before is an electromagnetic wave generator machine controlled by a computer that runs on a digital format. So, for a Soul that is not clear regarding their immortality, whatever they believe in can be shown to them and is awaiting them in their afterlife in the non physical density 4D, so, if it is Jesus, Jesus will be there, if it is Buddah, Buddah will be there, if it is Krishna, Krishna will be there and if it is Donald Duck, Donald Duck will be there. This vision will be animated in the finest detail that will seem so real you could not doubt its authenticity. If Karma, Guilt or Sin or any incompleted debt you owe is a Frequency Belief that you have Accepted then you will return and incarnate into another life back in 3D with this Frequency and behind the aberration that you see, there may be a reptile in disguise convincing you of the debt that you owe to yourself, and back you will go. The regressive reptiles we speak of have acute telepathic ability and the power of their mind easily penetrates the unsuspecting Human mind and can implant any imagery or experience with incredible reality. They can easily show you this lifetime, all of your lifetimes inside this Matrix, it is a digital programme playing out a TIMELINE with a unique Frequency (your frequency), frame by frame, it will be very, very convincing, and back you go voluntarily. No one can force you back into another lifetime to repay a perceived debt, this is Karma, this is the trap we speak of. To go back, you have to agree to go back, even if it is by trickery.

    Through the many sojourns here on Earth, the Soul is built and what you learn in each incarnation is retained and builds the Soul. The Lunar Matrix and the Creators Original Matrix constantly mirrors back your Frequency, in this case for the Souls with lesser experience in growth and understanding need no gatekeeper between incarnations, as they recycle themselves. However, the more evolved Soul becomes a challenge for these powerful regressive Beings so they meet you between lives. BE VERY WARY of travelling down a tunnel of Light, you are in 4D, a caricature of 3D but without Biology. Behind 4D is where the regressive Beings reside. At the end of this tunnel of Light will be whatever you believe there to be ... departed family, departed loved ones, Gods and deities of your choice.

    When you have no need for 3D or even 5D Biological incarnations, you will not incarnate into these realities. Your Soul always carefully chooses unless in a trap, even the trap is a choice by your Soul. It is through these Contrasts that we grow. Remember, you are the Creator, simultaneously you are the Soul, you are the Contrast. Within this trap detailed above, the regressive's can throw another 'curve ball' at the Soul. You can be forced into the opposite gendered body preference of your Soul. Homosexuality in 5D is not observable, you have free choice with the preference of your gender, however, that is not always the case on Earth in 3D and in these cases the Soul may choose to experience the opposite gender preference of SELF and this may take several incarnations for the veiled incarnated Biology to adjust, this can create confusion around their sexuality and gender preference.

    Sometimes a Soul is compressed into this opposite gendered version of itself through guilt to experience persecution and condemnation or forced into this opposite gendered body against its will. Remember, the reptiles behind the Cabal created ALL of Earthly religions to 'divide and separate'. As you build your Soul, these Higher Frequency experiences travel with you through your DNA. Remember, your Biological body's DNA connection to SOURCE (ADMA) is through the DNA and is felt through the HEART.

    The Human Heart is an incredible generator of High Frequencies. Through all of your experiences YOU are touching your SOUL through your HEART and DNA - this is what you are remembering. During an epiphany, still a veiled connection with your Soul, all the experiences that you have integrated in this lifetime and others are present in your DNA and the epiphany occurs when these Higher Frequencies are felt in the HEART and the connection is made.

    Some of these messages maybe uncomfortably felt and in no way invalidates the 3D veiled versions of the Souls choice in this respect. This is how the Soul is built, experience by experience. This is how the Universe works. The only constant in our Universe is growth through experience.

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