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Gravity, Portals & Monoliths

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    You mentioned earlier that Gravity was the Creators Consciousness, then what is Matter, is it not also the Creators Consciousness?

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    EVERYTHING is GRAVITY and Matter is only apparent, Matter is subject to the interpretation of a Consciousness that by having Knowledge of its own existence creates Time and Animates this potential Energy, giving it Value and Meaning. So the only thing that exists is GRAVITY.

    An object with Mass only 'apparently' has 'more' than others, because it receives 'more Gravitational Flux' and the one has more of it because 'something' is concentrating that Flux towards that place where the object is formed. This 'something' is the Consciousness of the Observer, either in isolation or by complexity among other Consciousnesses, creating a soup of Gravity in 'constant motion' and when actually interrupted, is what is called Objective Reality.

    All places in the Material World, be it on Earth, another Planet, Moon, Solar System or Galaxy are immersed in a Soup of Potential Energy with a Gravitational flow of specific Energetic Values, forever changing and each one with its own Harmonics of a Frequency.

    This is called Space-Time, or a Physical Place. Every Place has major Energy concentration Nodes, in the form of Chakras and Energy Centre's. On Earth they are specific points all over the surface of Earth. Giza Plateau for example: these Energetic points correspond to Energetic Fluxes or Fluxes on the Planet.

    They can be large or small; a natural Portal can be generated at any point, often small and low intensity or Energy. However, because of the interception of major Energy Points, sometimes these Portals are large. When a Portal is natural, it is represented as a three Dimensional hole, a Sphere or Toroid that by entering it, takes you to another site.

    As many movements in the Cosmos are cyclical, the mathematical Energy Dynamic of a Location with a Portal tends to repeat with exact periodic Time. This is why it is known when and where a Portal will appear. The indigenous Americans knew this, it is just ENERGY, Potential Energy in Eternal Movement in an Infinite Mathematical dance.

    You can also use this Energy or Place to increase it with technology and have a more powerful Portal. This is why the Pyramids were constructed in Giza for example. Everything is a consequence of Gravity or of a Flux within the Ether. If someone makes them then they are artificial, they can also be crafted with the Mind. The Bermuda Triangle is a strong Energetic Node on Earth; there is a submerged Pyramid there too. The Pyramid concentrates the Energy into a point or Central Node, a Zero Point.

    A Portal is a point where the Frequency of one Place is the same or similar to another Point as they are a Frequency match, and being the same Place as that Point the two are connected at these Points. You can jump to one Place or the other, as it is a hole that is connecting them. Inside the Ether, Distance and Time concepts are a different part of the Frequency Energy dynamic. All Portals are a doorway to a Frequency matched Destination that works as a doorway in both directions as all Toroids do.

    The Bermuda Triangle whether over the sea or land the Portal will mainly be connected to a similar mathematically Harmonic Portal that shares the same mathematic factors, so when entering this Portal, the other side will be similar in its Harmonics with a similar Place, another beach in another Density, or on another Planet, however, it will be beaches, water or islands and not somewhere in deep space, black or hostile space. It can be anywhere as long as the Frequency Harmonics are compatible or are similar.

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    I have always been curious about Monoliths and their connection with Portals?

  • A

    Monoliths can appear when big changes occur and is an Observer Portal connecting directly back to Source. They are a phenomenon that is not fully understood and their Energy Dynamic conforms to different mathematical Frequency Harmonics. Their proportions are from Sacred Geometry and are formed with Sacred Geometry 9 x 4 x 2 proportions and are incredibly dense Anti-Matter, Light cannot escape them, and they are immoveable. As quickly as they pop up, they quickly disappear. They are a phenomenon throughout the Universe and a direct Portal to the Creator. Monoliths cannot be opened from this side, however, are a Portal into the Ether and are a window directly to the Observable Consciousness of the Creator. If the Monoliths are not of the Sacred Geometry of 9 x 4 x 2 then they are not a Monolith, as described above.

    There is a huge one in our Solar System measuring several thousand kilometers in length, however, usually they are approximately three meters high and there have been several observed on Earth in recent times. There have been many recent sightings of claimed Monoliths in various places around the World, however, the proportions are incorrect and can be considered as part of the regressives strategy to convince those who are aware of Monoliths that the forthcoming changes are a part of the Creators Divine Plan.

    If you discovered a Creator's Monolith on the tenth floor of a building and you demolished the building, the Monolith will remain immovable, even an atomic bomb detonating above the Monolith would not move or destroy it. They are a phenomenon that defies the Physical Laws that are understood in this Universe.

    Monoliths do exist and they are related by reference to the Cube and to Portals, the Cube 666 of Saturn and the Square Cube of the Sun. Everything is Geometry. Monoliths are always the same proportions 9 x 4 x 2 with a rectangular base of 4 x 2.

    Monoliths are made from non terrestrial materials and are a materialisation of an exact Frequency Harmonic, as everything in the Universe are exact Frequencies and EVERYTHING is manifested with Sacred Geometry.

  • Q

    Why do Monoliths appear and where do they come from?

  • A

    No one really knows where they come from or exactly what they are, most just speculate about its form or what its form presents in 'remembering'. There are more worlds beyond. They are formed from above from SOURCE. They are part of the Universe ITSELF, as are the Suns and Planets. Nobody really knows why Monoliths appear; they are like a Solid Portal and appear in times of 'great change'.

  • Q

    There are reports of sightings of Monoliths around the world.

  • A

    These are imitation Monoliths that have been seen around Earth and have been put there by Humans who are taking advantage of the lack of understanding of Monoliths for their own Social Experiment.

    Jupiter and Saturn are the materialisation of Duality in this Solar System, one negative and the other positive. They are just Planets but everything else gives them that burden of interpretation. Saturn is the Federation, however, turned regressive since its former 'neutral' position. Jupiter is the 'free' part of the system.

    According to the Charistus, it is said to be the place where the Lyrian Races come from and not from Lyria. The Lyrian Races are from the Infinite expanses of the Universe and not just from one location. We are on a new cycle and as is for most of the Universe they tend to repeat themselves with differences and only really change when there is a change in Awareness. Just observing changes little.

    Consider the Monoliths as a Portal, a 'two way' Portal. If you touched the Monoliths, they would feel cold and they absorb Light. The most understandable explanation of this material is that they are made of anti-matter or dark-matter, nothing breaks them, nothing penetrates them. Their Density is enormous; there is one near Jupiter (as in 2001 Space Odyssey).

    The Monoliths geometry is perfect, it is like the Cube of Saturn or the Rectangular Portals of the Sun, that is 9 x 4 x 2 Sacred Geometry; 9 x 6 = 54, 5 + 4 = 9, so the Portals are of that form. Although many appear as a Spiral or Circle, remember, they are a Merkabah. So, a Portal is like a 'hole' and a Monolith is the opposite of the 'hole'. The 'hole' is a point of Singularity where TIME and SPACE are known as a Timeline and where Extraterrestrial Density ceases to exist, as it is, a door to another place. Wherever there is a Portal, there is an Anti-Portal that must exist. That is why the Monoliths have the Singularity Density. However, it does not absorb anything or reflect anything. When a Portal reverses its 'Energy Polarity', as all do, since they are essentially a Toroid, they will become an Entry/Exit way, the question is to where?

    The Monoliths are detectable by their High Density and create a clear Gravitational Vortex and those 'fake ones' only have the Density of a building or pillar. If they were of a real Monolith, they could not be moved, even with an Atomic bomb. The Vortex is created the same way as a Black Hole.

    Ships and people can pass through them, disappear and are never heard of again. The Monoliths can be touched and are perfectly smooth. They absorb Light, they do not reflect anything, they are super Black. You pass through it if it wants you to and this is out of your control. Sometimes they are only there for a moment and in an instant are gone.

  • Q

    Who has placed the false Monoliths?

  • A

    Secret Societies have placed the false Monoliths, they know about the real Monoliths from the Atlantean knowledge. Monoliths can appear anywhere, especially floating in Space. They do not obey the laws of physics, they do not have laws and they 'JUST ARE'. They can be inside the Earth or floating in the air or on top of a building or mountain. They can become obstacles for aircraft; they are wherever they should be relating to their Math. They only indicate Transformation such as one Density or an existential paradigm that will be absorbed by another.

    Very few Planets have one; however, there can be many per Planet. They appear like Portals, everything has a reason for 'being'. It is not always understood from a position of someone down in Lower Densities and in Consciousness. They are not something different or stranger than the rest of the fabric of Reality that surrounds you. Monoliths are just one more expression of Energy. Everything there IS, everything that exists has its counterpart and both define each other. It is a Portal, for a Low Density, it appears as a rectangle from above; it is just Geometry and Energy Dynamics. Their rectangular shape is an interpretation from the Point of View from below. From a not so expanded Density concentration point of Frequency Harmonics, obeying the perfect pattern of 3,6,9,12 with all of them always retaining the same proportions; 9 height, 4 wide and 2 deep, that adds up to:

    9 + 4 + 2 = 15 = 1 + 5 = 6
    6 + 9 = 15 = 1 + 5 = 6
    6 x 9 = 54 = 5 + 4 = 9
    9 x 4 = 36 = 3 + 6 = 9
    9 x 2 = 18 = 1 + 8 = 9

    and so on, which is the basis of Zero Point Energetic Mathematics from the Ether side. We see it from the Matter side, so it is a materialisation of the Ether side, a presence caused by the presence of a Portal on the other side. A Portal on one side and a Monolith on the other, are one and the same.

    What you see as a Portal on this side of Matter is a Monolith on the other side. It is the solid door; the Portal is the hole. The Monolith is the opposite of the Hole, the same shape, but solid, the Portal being the frame, the Monolith being the door that closes the door, the Portal frame. They are natural not logical, they have always been and they are part of the very fabric of REALITY. No one puts them there, nor any Race, they are a part of the fabric of the Universal Consciousness of the Whole of the Source.

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