Ascension Messages

Together You are the Circle of Light to Ascension

Greetings, We are the Pleiadean Emissaries of Light and we are very pleased to be connecting with you all.

There is a tendency for the logical brain to place in order of Preferences Information that ranges from that which is 'more important' to that which is 'less important', when All is of equal Value and equal Importance. This especially is applicable when we share a list of Elements that make up the Whole when given in a linear sequence, using a linear language. We cannot give you everything at once, for that would be Quantum and that is how things work up here.

This information is for the Old Souls and Light Workers, the types of Workers who are in a 'solution mode' to solve New Puzzles in co-operation with each other to take Humanity in another direction of Upliftment and Co-operation, paving the way for a New Golden Era for Humanity.

This is what some of you are 'doing' and we want you to think of it, as Circular and not in a Linear Path, where each Element is in Preferential order, as in 1 to 5, and each step has to be completed, before the next one can be performed. Think of a Ring, a beautiful Ring and around this Ring are certain Attributes Numbered 1 to 5. So, it does not matter where you start on the Ring, or in which direction you go, as you get all of the Elements, all of the Attributes in an 'unbroken flow', as all of the Knowledge, is in the Ring. Now in a Linear or straight line, that you call Time, these Elements are given 'one at a time', however, they are 'not' more important than the next one or 'less' important than the one before.

This is where we want you to 'understand' that what we give you in the order and give each Element, does not have any more importance above the other, they are 'all Important' and work 'all Together'.

Open your Mind and Listen to them all and take them all in and realise that the Truth is, All of them Together. You will be a wiser Spiritual Person. Spiritual Systems on your Planet that you try and fit into normally, carry a Singular purpose, no matter what that Spiritual System is, or what you call an organised one, or even a religion that has you looking at 'rules' and it is then up to you to 'fit into' all of the rules, you can 'obey' them the best you can, and the idea is 'sameness' of Purpose. In some, you would all wear the same thing, act the same way, meditate the same way at the same place or pray at the same place. Do this or that at a certain hour, bow in a certain direction and most of you do it, or have done it, in the same way.

If you look at any complex System on your Planet or in the Universe, you are going to find Parts doing different 'things'. In Physics for example, Parts are doing different things, they are dedicated to different Energies, however, the Parts are coming together in order to Create 'other things'. Everywhere in Nature there are Parts, one supports the other, the very System of Life 'oxygen and carbon-dioxide' is made of All the Parts of Life, to keep you alive.

There is an elegant System in front of you about Old Souls. You are here for a reason, a Purpose Old Soul if you have Awakened to the Truth, a Truth that is so big and so Beautiful, it is a Truth that does not make anyone wrong. It is a Truth that 'enhances' All of Humanity and the Truth is this, the Creator is inside of You. Another Truth, the Energy on this Planet is shifting, another Truth Old Souls that have come and gone many times carry Great Wisdom for this Time on the Planet. Another Truth Old Souls are 'waking up' to different tasks, in order to supply a 'Solution' to the New Energy.

We are talking about the various Elements or 'slots' you go into, this in a very Linear way, so to speak, you may recognise yourself, it is complex, however we are going to make it simple and create only 5 Elements today. There is a beautiful System at hand right now and you are working the 'puzzle' and you do not even know it. Some of you question it because you are used to the Singularity of Spiritual Systems, so when you look at someone bringing Information in from beyond Earth and say "I cannot do what they do, therefore I am not 'carrying the weight' as an Old Soul", but you are. However, you do not understand, you just need to Know this is a Time for 'understanding' a Celebration, there are those reading this Message and you need to hear this, 'it is easy'.

You All have different jobs and the things that drive you and puts you into that area or 'slot' in the Circle that we want to Create in the Ring, is your Akash, your amassed Knowledge and Wisdom 'experience' through many Lifetimes in many Densities, in many Forms. The Energy of 'who you were' and 'what you have done' Creates 'who you are Now' and what you are 'doing' and how you 'feel' about it, that is specifically Spiritual. It can also be in 3D and what you are interested in, your talents. We are talking about Old Souls and your Spiritual Purpose and what you are 'doing' while you are here on Earth.

Old Souls 'work Together' in this 'Ring' that we speak of; a Circle of Love and Creation and these Old Souls and Light Workers come into this Planet and the perfect Solution, perfect Numbers, 'creating' perfect Balance and you often never even Know that there is a System.

There is an Akashic Entanglement. What most Humans know about the word Entanglement is very little, actually, its meaning connected to Multi-Density, means a 'shared' Reality. If two things are Entangled in Physics, they both have the same Reality, even if they are removed one from another in different places; it is a Quantum expression, a shared Reality, one who has Entangled with their Akash is sharing the Reality of something that 'pushes' on them from the Past and it is hard for them to decipher from the Reality of that which is Earthly, from the Reality of that which is either in the Past or on the other Side of the Veil, and so they are Driven. Now there is a word in the Universe in this Galaxy, in this Solar System that is used Astrologically 'Yod' and is an Alignment of the three things that is unique and special, that does not happen very often, that creates an Energy of those born with that 'to be pushed' and 'focused' in an unreasonable way. They Live and Breathe with what they 'Think' they need to 'Do' and it comes from the Akash. It does not happen just because you are born. It happens slowly because you go into Realisation, you 'realise it' and this means, that which is 'unrealised' becomes REALISED, it goes from the Non-Existent to the Existence with Conscious Decision. In other words, if you choose not to Accept some of these 'things' then they will never occur to you, but once you start the Path of 'Examination', they will capture you in a good way and 'Push' you so hard that 'everything' you do, is about 'one thing'. The Category like this of Akashic Entanglement, Old Souls are those who are 'Pushed' to 'Do Work'.

Some are Channelers, some are Authors, some are Writers, some are Speakers, and their Lives are not normal. All of what they do in their waking hours is Think about this, while they are here. They will 'push' themselves and appropriately put aside any Health issues that they have while going to a place, their Goal for that day. This Drive will take them to their last breath, their focus about one thing, whatever it is, a Singular Focused 'push' and it is beautiful, because they get a lot done. There is a way of Thinking, that 'looks' at them and says, "Oh look at that, I should do that". And this is what we want to talk about. That is one of the 5 Things in the Ring that 'all support each other'.

There must be those who have an Entangled Akash in order to 'Push' this New Energy forward, as they do, it has to be, this is their Life's work, they will never retire and somehow if they did, it would be a betrayal of the Akash, that says they will to Push until it is over. And there are many others like this. That is all they want to do, they see the beauty and the splendour of the other side of the veil and all they can do is 'show it' and 'show it', 'tell' about it, 'write' about it, 'BE IT', that is all they want to do.

One of the 5 kinds of Purpose you might say. It is not a mission. Do not use the word mission or suddenly you are on a Military mission, it is not this, it is Entanglement, with All it is that is Sacred and Spiritual and Akashic. They have done this before, this Akashic Entanglement, they are comfortable with it now and it is 'all they want to do'. That is Number 1 in Numerology, it is New Beginnings, that is the whole purpose of those who are Pushed by Akashic Entanglement, they are so Focused, everything they do, everywhere they go, it is a beginning, they do not end anything, it is never complete, it is always NEW - This is a Number 1.

Number 2 is similar, partially Entangled Akash. They are the ones that do not have quite the same Push, however, they still Feel as though they do, but they are a little more relaxed with it and Feel that one day they could retire. They Feel that they have a Purpose on the Planet. Now these Number 2's deal with Duality and they deal with the Human Body, they are the Healers. They are the ones who are looking for Solutions that will support Number 1, because Number 1 tends to overdo it, they sometimes need Number 2 to Heal. They are System Workers that help Humanity. They are also Focused, they have got it figured out, they come up with the Systems that Help Humanity.

They are also Focused, they have a partially Entangled Akash, they can 'remember' that they have been Healers before, they can 'remember' the Systems that they are working on they have used before. They are so sure of it that they want to write about it, teach it, it is so obvious the layers and phases and what it does, it ends up being a 'piece' of the Puzzle, of the Whole. However, it helps Number 1. It is a Support Group for Humanity and Number 1. Number 1 would Push themselves, sometimes not even eating unless they had someone to remind them to eat. Number 2 would 'develop' Systems of how and what to eat.

There is a beautiful System of Helping, it is like a Swiss Clock, where one notch fits in the other, the 'thing' that ties these Together and we are telling you even before we give you the rest of the 'thing' that ties all this together, is SYNCHRONICITY. When we have finished this Message we will have given you 5 types and it is a tendency for you to say "which type am I?". We can tell you that you could be two or three of the same, there is a crossover, there are grey areas, ALL is QUANTUM. So, do not try to 'fit' yourself into these, just Know they 'all exist', and they will all fit to some degree. However, understand this, some of you have already experienced the Synchronicity while reading this Message and understand you are a Part of the Mechanism of this beautiful clock, that moves around in your own Time and fits to the others, because You All Support 'one another'.

Number 3 is the Catalytic number, it Moves things, the very existence of Number 3 is catalytic to 'anything' that it comes into contact with. A catalyst is something that stays the same, but Changes what it comes in contact with. These are the Number 3, they are the Meditators of the Planet and their Akash is so comfortable, because they can sit and meditate for days and they will come out feeling refreshed. They will sit in one position 'what are they doing' you may ask? We will tell you what they are doing, they are Holding the Energy of ALL of the others because their Consciousness is Steady, it is Quiet, it is Beautiful, it sets a stage that All of the others FEEL.

In this Clock, this Ring, when Number 1 comes to frustration, Number 3 is a part of them, they FEEL Number 3, the meditative part of Number 3 is not always part of Number 1 and when Number 1 'Pushes and Goes' Number 3 then takes it to another Level in a Quantum way and SHARES it with Number 1 and Number 2 and they 'experience' Peace and they Relax and they Know 'all is well' because Number 3 is here and Doing their job.

Number 3 has had Lifetimes of being monks all over the Planet and 'sit' and 'just BE'. There is so much 'power' there, and as a Light Worker have you ever looked at a Number 3 and said, "how can they do that, it is not for me, they just sit there?" so, now you know why they just sit there and steady the Planet, they steady ALL of the other Numbers because, they 'Absorb' them in such a way. We did not say they are Grounders, that is coming, they are Meditators. They Create a Peaceful countenance, they are catalytic, whatever comes their way is more Peaceful because of it.

Number 1 and Number 2 'need' Number 3 desperately, however, Number 3 'needs' Number 1 and Number 2, because just sitting there does not accomplish what Number 1 will do. Are you starting to understand the Circle, does it make sense to you? That there would be a System where Old Sous do 'different things' for this Planet to make it work, not all in one uniform, not all in one gender, not all in one doctrine or belief System, not bowing a certain way of doing the same thing, not singing the same song totally, completely unique and different and fitting together like a fine Swiss Clock.

Number 4 is the Gaia number Numerologically speaking. Gaia is related to Human Consciousness. What happens is that the Planet you call Earth is connected to you profoundly. If you ask the Ancestors, the Ancients, it is the first thing that they Knew it had to be Gaia. There was no technology, Gaia gave them their food, in certain ways the weather, all of these things were the most important things that they had, came from Gaia. Today you have lost that Connection, thinking that it is not as important, but it is, let us tell you about Number 4, some of them do not even Know that they are Light Workers, they just Know that they are Connected to the Earth, however, they are 'passionately' Connected to the Earth. You cannot pry them off a tree when they are hugging it. They need to be a part of Gaia, All of the Time.

You may ask "can you change from one of these compartments and be in the next compartment in one Lifetime?", Humans, why do you do this? Yes, you can do whatever you want to. Now we would like you to consider that "can a Number 3 become a Number 4, can a Number 5, which you have not heard of yet become a Number 1?", the System is a Circle, and so 'of course, you can'.

There are ways for you to pick up Energies to learn things, to move around, so it is dynamic and that is the other thing that you are not going to carry around soon. As soon as we itemise 'something' and you put yourself in there, you think it is forever, it is not like you get in a box and shut the door, No, you are a Part of the Circle, you 'move' with it. Do you know who Number 4 is also, an animal whisperer, an animal lover, someone who can literally speak to that which is Consciousness of animals or understand them. One who will talk to the plants and actually Feel the plants have something to say. They Love the Planet, that is Number 4.

Now if you are Number 3 and you are contemplating your navel for 3 days, you are not going to really understand the Gardener, who gets up very early and plants things and Loves it, just Loves it. However, if you are in a Circle working Together and you are 'intermingled', even Entangled a little, then you are All helping 'one another' and you ALL have a piece of your Speciality.

You are Part of the Grand System, the animal whisperer is whispering for Number 1 and Number 2 and Number 3, however, 3 may not Hear it or Know it, nor 2 or 1, but it IS happening, it 'needs' to be because Human Consciousness is Connected, it is Quantum and not isolated. Do you think you have only one Soul doing one thing? The Connectedness of Consciousness IS what moves Things, not 1, not 2, not 3, it is ALL CONNECTED, ALL mixed TOGETHER.

There is a Ring of Workers that help one another because they Intermingle their Consciousness, however, they have their specialties and that is YOU.

When you put it all Together, it Creates 'things'. This is what a Quantum System is like, made up of 'many Parts' that Mix with the 'other Parts' and some of you do not Know that you are 'mixing', it just IS. You receive help from those that are Meditating. If you are not a Meditator, they become a part of YOU. The 'Whole' is stronger than the 'Parts' because of it. That was Number 4 and there are so many 4's, it calls to you and some Humans never move off the peg of the Love of Planet Earth and they will not even call themselves an Old Soul, they are just an Earth Worker, they did not Know about their Akash. They just Know for some reason, that all they want to BE is with Nature and the Animals, never realising that it is 'shared' with Number 3 and 'shared' with Number 2 and the one that is working on Systems is also hugging the tree. Gaia IS FELT in ALL of the departments because of Number 4. For Number 1 who is going out and 'pushing' and 'pushing', is there to Change the Planet for the rest of them, it is Beautiful.

Number 5 is the last one for now and is there for CHANGE. You may wonder 'who is the biggest Changer on the Planet' and think that it has to be Number 1, well, it is not! Number 1 does their job in a way that is so Focused and Pin-pointed that it is going to take years to make a difference with some people. It is Number 5 that makes the 'biggest difference', Number 5's are the Anchors. They Anchor Number 1, 2, 3 and 4. Number 5 has more Old Souls than any other department.

What good does it to hug a tree all of your life, who are you going to talk to, who are you going to help? The answer is ALL, the rest of them, because of the relationship with the Planet. Do you see how this works? Number 5 is going to Anchor Number 4 and especially Number 3 who would probably float away if there was not an Anchor and Number 1 that does not even wait to stop and 'smell the roses'.

Number 5 is the Old Soul that goes about without understanding that they are walking like The Masters, walking day by day on this Planet and spreading Compassionate Action; COMPASSION is the Key Word. We have been using it over and over, this is the Action to Change this Planet and by your Actions and those who see you, this Planet moves. Every day that you go to work you have friends and family, how do you treat them, how do you act on the roads and freeways, how do you act in the hallways and supermarkets, is it Compassionate, do you see the Creator in others? That is an Anchor, this does more to help this Planet than from Number 1 through to Number 4, than rest of them put Together. The Anchor is the Compassion that this Planet 'needs' so that the Action of ALL of the Others can Work.

You ALL 'need' what you carry. Who are You? Maybe you are a combination of several and that is O.K. because they are not Singular, we have put them into five compartments and now we are going to 'tear the walls down' and 'Mix' Numbers 1 through to 5 like in a blender, that is Quantum!

On this Planet right now, this is not really understood, however, you now Know that there is a System, that is why there are so many varied interests and you can say which one are you and not understanding that you are 'Doing' Everything. You are supporting ALL of the Others. It is critical for without this, Number 1 through to 4 would not accomplish anything.

Number 1 can pound the Message home to an Un-Compassionate Earth and it would not matter at all. Number 2 could have Systems and Healing to an Uncompassionate World and it would not matter at all because 'nobody' will hear it, Number 3 will sit and 'OM' for years and it will not do much to Change your World from and Un-Compassionate Earth. Number 4 can hug all of the trees from Gaia and Connect with them, however, unless there is a Compassionate Consciousness upon this Planet, nothing will Change.

Number 5's every Action of Kindness and Compassion you have that is outside of the Human Nature, that you may have studied that you 'think' is correct, that you may have learned in Psychology, everything you 'do' that is Compassionate, Changes those around you and you are 'noticed'. People 'notice' because that is not the norm. T.V. programmes show families that argue harbouring their differences, resentments and judgements is part of the Human Existence, conflict and control are necessary aspects of Human Life on the Planet today. This is what is Changing. Tune into Compassionate 'things' happening, lets watch people being 'nice' to each other, tears of Joy and Compassion because people Love each other with this most Benevolent outcome, this will happen one day when you 'tune in' to new T.V. programmes that you are actually Creating in your Now and the new T.V. programming will reflect this.

The old Energy is still there on Earth, that is why the Number 5 sticks out, when you are Compassionate, people do not expect it. When you are standing in line and you see a stranger who has to do something before you because of their schedule and you move away and you say "come on get in here" and they look at you and say "are you real?" That is a small Compassionate 'thing' because you are looking to see the 'needs' of others above yours, comparing them to the 'needs' of Yourself, realising what you can do for the most Benevolent outcome and help their synchronicity; that is Mastery, that is Number 5.

This is how Humanity can Work Together, a System of Old Souls and Workers of the Light, where EVERYONE plays their specific Part, maybe two roles not just one into a Connectedness of Energy, that Works this puzzle in a Beautiful Golden Ring. You do not ALL wear this same outfit or face the same direction, you do not even speak the same language, you do not even know each other, however, this is what is going to Change the Planet, YOU.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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