Ascension Messages

Self Examination before Choosing

We have been exploring and measuring the impact of the power of Positivity there on Earth, through the Galaxy and Universe, through each act of Kindness, each thought of Unity and each Feeling of Love within each Human. We want to assure you that Positivity matters and that there are so many ways for you to have a positive impact. You impact the entire Universe just by thinking about someone you Love.

However, your negative Thought, Emotion and Action all have one one-thousandth the impact of something Positive and that impact ripples out, with so much less power and less impact, that there really is no need to concern yourself about it, nor give your attention to it. Instead, give your attention to the Positive Energy that you want to emit, and do emit, and notice how much Positive Energy you can conjure up and send out into the Universe. Understand that you have an infinite supply of it and all that is required is to 'think a Positive Thought', or 'Feel a Positive Feeling', because they are there inside of you just waiting to be activated.

You always have a choice of what to focus on, and by being Aware of that, makes you more likely to exercise that ability to make a choice for Positivity. Your New Age and Spiritual circles appear to focus tremendously on negativity and what they deem to be evil, which only delays the inevitable. All that focus on negativity cannot counter all the good by those who seek to promote the Light. Again, the impact of something positive outweighs the impact of something negative.

If you want to make a positive impact for Humanity, the World, and the Universe, then it is better to Focus on what is Positive instead of what is negative. If something negative is staring you in the face, and you must deal with it, then you must deal with it, however, you need not go looking for trouble, looking for the bad ones to find them. You need to be Aware that you only lower your Vibration by looking for them and engaging with them, realising at the end of it that the fight did not feel that good.

Anything that is dark and outside of you, is also inside of you and shows up to be healed, and the healing that takes place is of You, Humanity, the Earth and the Universal Collective Consciousness. Remember, that being Present is the only place you can ever Be. Look around you and ask yourself, "How much darkness do I see?" and "How much Light, right now, is around me that is Light?" By observing this, you will realise that you have the power to harness all that Positivity, to Feel Good about where you are right now, what you are doing and what you are emanating, and you have the power to impact the entire World in a Positive way.

You have the power to, and you are, impacting the entire Universe, all the time. You do this by paying closer attention to what you are 'paying attention to' and of what you are 'offering in every moment'. You are there to Ascend and we are all Ascending together. This is about Unity, about coming together and realising that we are All One, and that we are All in this together, which is the way we Ascend to a higher level of Consciousness. We ALL have the power within Us to impact this beautiful Universe we all call home for now.

We are looking to go with the flow of our own Ascension, just as you are looking for the best possible avenues for your personal development and Ascension, having your own unique experience of the Ascension of Humanity and Mother Earth. Regardless of the various predictions that are being put out there about Ascension, no matter what happens, your Ascension will still be uniquely yours and everyone who experiences that prediction, also experiences something unique to them.

Remember, you are deciding how you experience everything, and it is with your Vibration that you decide what you experience. Therefore, by noticing what you are vibrating in the Present, is the best way for you to Feel into what you are creating in the Future. And if you do not like something about that Vibration, then breathe into it until it dissipates, then activate something within you that does feels better. You are Awake and are not destined to repeat your past, because you are awake to the fact that your Vibration matters and that you can do something about it.

Everyone is having a different experience of life on Earth right now, and it is time for everyone to look 'within themselves' for how they are 'responding' to Reality, because you do have a choice. And this is true in all aspects of your life and for everyone else there on Earth right now. This is a Free Will Universe, and that means you always have a choice. Always choose to look within first before arguing with someone, before taking action from a place of anxiety or fear. Always look within first, and FEEL for what that Vibration is, because it will dictate what happens next.

If you are choosing the path to Ascension that Feels Good for you, and that it will be as good a feeling experience as it can be for everyone else, you can impact greatly in what happens for all of Humanity. The more you have prepared yourself for the 'better experience' and by 'holding space' for your fellow Humans, they too will have their Awakening experiences, where they start to look within, shifting their internal Vibrations. We know that you can ALL have a beautiful, unique experience for every One of You.

What is important to understand now, is that you do not all need to agree on what will happen in the Future, you only need to agree that you 'all can' impact the Future. Most people believe that they will impact the Future by what they do, and to a certain extent that is accurate, however, that person will need to have taken action based on the Higher Vibration attained within themselves through the necessary Conscious work, to bring you into that state of inspired action.

We want to reassure those of you who do not know what to do, that sitting, breathing, focusing, and activating a higher Frequency Vibration is enough. You do the most evolving Spiritually when you look at yourself, at how you can change for the better, to become more Present, to be more Kind, Compassionate and how you can better Love yourself and those around you. All this is done through the examination of the Self.

We have also mentioned that by meditating, yoga, spending time in nature, assists you with your Spiritual Evolution. However, everything that you do will hopefully be leading you back to yourself, your relationship to yourself, your relationship to Source and to this Universe that we all share. The ones that do the work are leading you back to yourself, because you are Awake and because you realise this. There are many times in your lives where you must be the bigger person, where you must claim that you were at fault, even when you were not in your own eyes.

There will be times when you must apologise, even though you Feel you have done nothing wrong. There will be times when you must help another by 'letting go' of the need to 'be right' or the need to 'point out' what that person said or did that is a problem for you, for them, and for the relationship. When YOU change, everything around you changes, and when you lead a life where you are 'examining yourself' on a regular basis, You Will Change, and you will change for the better. And when you do, others around you will also show that they can change, that they are also evolving with you.

However, as long as you stay in the fight, in the finger-pointing, in the resentment of others because of what they said or did, the less you grow, because the Focus is on something or someone outside of you, rather than yourself. When you exist in the Present Moment, and when you can be honest with yourself about how you Feel in the Present Moment, that is when 'everything' can change, and that is the 'only time' everything can change around you. You can shout out loud trying to make someone to be different, trying to get them to look within themselves, or you can take a few deep breaths, process YOUR emotions, and do the work that needs to be done on your SELF. Then when you approach another person to have a conversation, you will not make things worse. You will not escalate the situation because of the hurt that you are feeling, because of the anger you are carrying within you.

Every situation in your life can be seen as an 'opportunity' for deeper Self-Exploration. You can always discover more about 'you' by going within, and you can always discover more about 'you' by looking outside of yourself. Turn your attention to what triggers you, and then ask yourself why you are being triggered. Turn your attention to how others are treating you, and then ask yourself why. It is easy to just go about your life blaming others, institutions like the government, or society, however, those are entities that are meant to reflect back to you what you still need to See, Heal and Forgive 'within yourself'.

Observe the lives of those who are willing to look at themselves and examine their Thoughts, Feelings, and Behaviours, and you will observe that they are much happier than the people who are looking for what else they can protest or be angry about. We know that many of you already know this, and you are the ones who we see growing exponentially, but we just want to explain how powerful that practice is to each and every one of you, and we want to 'acknowledge' those of you who are doing the work, because you are responsible for so much of the Growth and Evolution of the entire Human Collective Consciousness.

We also want you all to become Aware that more and more people will start looking within, because what they have been doing for so long in their lives simply is not working and it never has. You will, someday, be filled with so much Love and Joy within your hearts because you have done this work, not because something or someone outside of you has Awakened or Changed. We encourage you to continue because you are truly manifesting that Reality with each moment that you spend in Self-Examination.

We continue to rely on our ability to Sense and Feel, in-order to know what it is that you all would best benefit from there on Earth. You also have the ability to do this with yourselves and with others in your lives. Through your willingness to Sense and Feel what is needed in a situation, you have the ability to help so many, so much. Again, you must pay attention to your own feelings, to the sensations that occur inside of you, in-order to give yourselves what you need, to be the version of yourself that you want to be, to ultimately Ascend with the greatest amount of ease and joy possible.

By ignoring your feelings, the sensations that you are getting, you are ignoring the messages that are coming to you from your Guides, your Higher Self, your Oversoul, the Universe, Source, and countless others. The shift in Consciousness is that you are shifting from being Mind orientated, to being Heart Centred. Your Heart is all about Feeling, about Sensing, while your Mind is all about working things out, thinking about the past or the future. Your Mind can be used appropriately to 'focus you', and a well-trained Mind will 'focus you' in the best direction for you to be focused in. Therefore, it is good practice for you to 'pay attention' to your Thoughts, while recognising that ultimately your Thoughts are also pointers, that are pointing you in the direction of your Feelings, your Vibration.

You will benefit greatly as you 'pay more attention' to what is going on inside of you, what you are Feeling and Sensing in your body, than what you are thinking about any given situation. You will also be able to go deeper with other people and you will not only be able to assist them, but you will also be able to Connect with them, to Feel Compassion for them, and allow them to be the reflections to you that they most certainly are. There is always something that a person is bringing you that you need to acknowledge is also in yourself. There is not one pointless interaction in all the Universe. Everything is pointing you back to you, to your Inner Reality, where you Feel and where you Sense what is really going on.

Although we no longer have bodies, we can still Sense and Feel. It is easier for us now than it was for us when we had physical bodies, therefore, we understand what you are going through as you shift and let go of your Thoughts, Ideas, Beliefs and your tendency to Focus on past and future. You are getting better at Sensing and Feeling and becoming more sensitive as Individuals and as a Collective. No matter what you are Feeling right now, it is serving you all very well, therefore, Embrace it.

You have never before had so much influence from 'outside sources' available to you on Earth in any other lifetime, therefore, we are placing a great deal of emphasis for you to listen to your Inner Guidance. There is not just one person offering their perspective online, today you can go onto your computer, phone or other devices to find out what someone else is thinking, predicting, that may live thousands of miles away. There are so many offering different perspectives, influencing many people with how they think, believe and ultimately, how they Vibrate.

Many who are doing this are getting their information on the internet and are putting their own perspective on something they have read, heard, or seen. For all of you, it is time to put your Trust in yourselves and in your Feelings, because you are deciding which Future you Experience, in every Now Moment. You may be assuming that everyone is going on the same Timeline together when you hear people talking about Timelines, regardless of how they are vibrating, or the choices they are making and regardless of how enlightened they are. However, the Universe we are living in, is where each individuated Consciousness, each aspect of Source, gets to choose which Timeline they are on, by virtue of their Vibration.

You need to listen to your Feelings that you feel when you are putting Faith in an individual's Perspective about the one Timeline you are All destined to experience. That triggered Feeling is showing you that 'something' still needs to be cleared by you and is being triggered and brought up by some trauma from your past or past lives. Once you clear it by 'feeling it' and 'breathing into it', then you no longer need to place your attention on doom and gloom scenario's that you may come across, no matter how many people tell you that it is the one Truth.

Understand that many of these people are receiving information from another source that spreads because it is compelling and an interesting story. Although it has good against evil fighting each other, you do not need to or want to live it. In most cases, the reason why it resonates with you on some level, is because you already have lived it, and it makes you feel awful inside. You have so many beautiful Timelines to choose from and there are many more positive and good feeling Timelines than negative ones, however right now, the negative ones receive more attention, views and comments that perpetuates them in your World.

We suggest that you choose what Feels best to you in this Now Moment, and Trust that your Now Moment is what determines your future. So many people in your World right now have begun channelling, and being relatively new to channelling, they are still biasing their own beliefs into the messages they put out even though they are connecting to a higher form of Consciousness. By simply placing your attention on information that empowers you, that makes you feel good, it will affirm for you what you know deep down inside to be true, in this way you are doing what Serves you.

As mentioned above, by spending time going within, meditating, living your life, following your bliss, and spending time with those you Love, you are accessing your own direct link to Higher Consciousness. Give yourself a break, give your minds a break from needing to know everything that is going to happen in the next few days, weeks, months, and years. Feel Source inside you and all around you, Trust your hearts, your impulses, your instincts, your intuition and importantly, Trust your Feelings and you will allow everything to work out for the positive in the way it was meant to be. You are always on this Ascension journey and there is no stopping it.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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