Ascension Messages

Unity Consciousness and Oneness, the way to 5th Density

We are so happy to be able to contact so many of you in this way. We appreciate each and every one of you who is willing to 'receive Us' and our Perspective on what you are living there on Earth. You may have noticed that there are a lot of Teachers at this time, and as a result, there are many, many Perspectives for you all to choose from as your Truth. This is the nature of the 4th Density, which is the Vibrational Frequency in which you dwell in, at this time.

You get to decide which aspect of the 4th Density you want to Experience. There are Lower aspects and Higher aspects, and it is easy for you to tell which aspect someone is telling you about when they give you a piece of Information or a Spiritual Teaching. If there is even a little bit of an emphasis on a 'victim/perpetrator' type of Experience and/or an 'us-versus-them' Mentality, then that person is 'Focusing' on the Lower aspects of the 4th Density. They are basically recycling the 3rd Density into the 4th and asking you to 'believe', in a sense, that you still are 3rd Density Beings operating in that particular Vibration.

Now, those who are giving you the upper aspects, or Higher aspects, of the 4th Density are talking to you about what you 'can do' to 'empower' yourselves. They will be emphasising Love, Compassion and Forgiveness. They will also be telling you about 'how YOU Create your Reality', and they will be emphasising 'Unity Consciousness and Oneness'. The Lower aspects of the 4th Density are still emphasising separation, segregation and 'Concepts' such as 'Dark-versus-Light'. Those who are showing you the Higher aspects of the 4th Density will be emphasising Integration, Unity, and Oneness.

You are the Lightworkers of the World, but you are 'not warriors' and you are 'not there to defeat the Dark'. But rather, you are there to see the Darkness in 'others and in yourselves' and FORGIVE. You are there to 'recognise' that Darkness always has its origins in trauma, therefore, you 'can' FEEL Compassion for 'yourself and others' for the Darkness, for the Darkness that you have played in and with. And as you do so, it will be easier for you to be your True and Whole Selves. It will be easier for you to become Unconditional Love and then 'complete' the Shift to the 5th Density.

You really have to 'pay Attention' to 'how you Feel' during this process of Ascension, and you really have to Acknowledge that 'how you Feel' is YOUR Responsibility. It is YOUR Creation, and if it is 'negative' it is 'yours to process and release'. There awaits those who are willing to do the work on themselves such an enormous amount of Positive Energy that we cannot possibly do it justice with words or analogies. We just want you to Know that there is a Reward for working on 'yourselves', for taking the high road and for taking your 'Attention off' what others are doing who are still playing in the dark.

You are there to save 'everyone' and that starts with the SELF. The only way to save 'yourselves' is to put your Attention on 'yourselves', and ask the simple question of "How can I be better? How can I do better? How can I become more of that which I truly am, which is Unconditional Love?" Your lives are complicated and complex enough as it is; your approach to Spirituality should be simple. It can be, if you let it be. Take care of yourselves, do the work that needs to be done, and you will take yourselves to the 5th Density sooner rather than later.

We are very excited to bring you this Message, as we know how much you enjoy hearing about what is coming. Therefore, around the beginning of each month, we will tell you what you can 'expect' from that month. There are always a multitude of Energies upon the Planet and the Human Collective, and every single month affords you New Opportunities, new ways of working with those Energies. You are also being given more of what you need as a result of what we and others like us have been noticing amongst the Collective.

You have an increase in the number of Energies coming to you all the time, because the population there on Earth continues to grow. You have more Beings in Physical Bodies living lives and summoning help. Your requests are always answered, and that is why you have an influx of Energies in this upcoming month that is larger than any other. There is a theme amongst ALL of the various Energies and ALL of the various Helpers that you have, and that theme is SYNERGY. It is all about COLLABORATION as you move forward there. You need to CONNECT with each other, and you need to SEE each other as VALUABLE. Therefore, the Energies will be more 'supportive' of Projects that are more 'inclusive of others'. This is not a time to go it alone.

This is a time to 'reach out' to that person you have been meaning to reach out to and ask them if they would like to Collaborate with You. Instead of starting your own podcast, start a podcast with a friend, for example. Instead of starting your own Healing Practice, start one with a friend or a Group of Colleagues. Again, the Energies will be 'supportive' of those endeavours, because that will be woven into them no matter where they are coming from.

We all see the need for you to Connect more with each other, and it is through Collaboration that you get to Experience 'yourselves' in a way that is closer to the Truth of who you are as Source Energy Beings. Source is, of course, One Giant Collaboration. And when you ALL come together, when WE ALL come together within this Universe, Source will be more than what it was, and that will be a glorious Experience. That IS a glorious Experience, and it has happened, many, many times before. WE ALL get to Experience it for the 'first time in this Universe', and as these Versions of Ourselves, that is something to be excited for.

We Are All One, and 'we all' might as well start to operate from that Truth and as that Truth. Separation is now and always has been an Illusion, therefore, when you get together with others with a Common Goal, you melt away one aspect of the Illusion, and that is a very good thing, a very good thing indeed.

We have strengthened the bond between Humanity and that which you consider to be Extra-Terrestrial. It is our Intention to make it easier for 'all of you' to have Experiences with E.T. Beings, whether they be in Physical Bodies or Non-Physical, like ourselves. We are taking our time here in warming you all up to full, Open Contact with E.T.s, because there are so many who are not ready for that Experience. We are only reaching a very small percentage of you who are there on Earth, therefore, we plan to gradually increase the amount of Energy that we transmit through this Message to bring you more gently into the full E.T. Experience.

We have already opened many doorways through these Messages, and we are continuing to do so as we Connect with many of you Individually. We are becoming more active, like the Pleiadeans have been for quite some time, because we see the opening that the Connection you all have to Pleiadeans has created. We will continue to help all of you recognise that you are in fact Extra-Terrestrial Beings, Hybrids, and that you are all Multi-Density.

Many Individuals who 'receive' these Messages from us know that intellectually, however, have yet to Experience it on the Physical Level. Therefore, we invite ALL OF YOU to 'think' about the types of Experiences that you want to have with E.T.s and to put your 'wish list' out to let ALL of the Benevolent E.T. Beings 'Know' that you are available. You are the ones who are mostly cut off from the rest of the Beings in this Galaxy, so you are the ones who get to determine the speed at which you march to that inevitable Future where there is Full and Open Contact.

We are just one group of many who are working on making this 'transition' an easy and joyous one for Humanity. As you absorb the Energetic Messages that come to you, you ready yourself for more. Of course, many of you have had your Arcturian DNA activated by absorbing all that we are offering here in these Messages. The number of you who will get those 'activations' is going to increase with each passing day.

We are Awakening within your Consciousness and within your Cellular Memory the Awareness that you have been able to 'live much longer lives' in your Human Physical Bodies. There have been Humans who lived for hundreds of years in your Ancient Past, and they were not being kept alive by machines and drugs. You need to have those memories Awakened within you in order to take the 'leap forward' that you are taking, and we are referring to the 'leap' from having a Mortal, carbon-based Avatar to an Immortal, Crystalline-based Avatar.

Right now, so much is being Awakened within you from the Messages that you get from us and from all across the Galaxy. Energies that are not being channelled by any Humans are still having a profound effect on you and on many levels of your Being-ness. Becoming Immortal is something that you would expect to come from a Comic Book or Science Fiction, but it is the next 'step forward' in Human Evolution, and it has nothing to do with Science and Technology. It has everything to do with Evolving Consciousness.

When you first Awakened, what should have been quite shocking to you was the idea that you are Source Energy Beings. That is much more 'significant' than being Cleopatra or Napoleon in a Past Life. To accept your Divinity means to accept your Immortality, and we do understand that it takes time for a 'belief' like this one to really take hold within the Consciousness of a Human Being who sees death around themselves and wonders how anyone could become Immortal without some sort of magic. But it is not magic; it is Consciousness. It is a way of Knowing 'yourselves' as having Transcended the Physical, while still maintaining a Physical Form.

When you do not see your Physicality as your 'true self' or 'ultimate self', then it becomes easier to use the Body as the vehicle for your Soul that it was always intended to be. Therefore, what do you have to do in order to make all of this happen? We are sure that it seems very enticing to most of you. The answer is simple; you do not need to do anything, but you do need to CHANGE your Perception of SELF, your Perception of OTHERS, your Perception of REALITY. You need to SHIFT what you Know to be Finite to the INFINITE.

If you want to do something, then do an exercise where you 'seek out' the FEELING of INFINITY within YOU. Seek out your True Eternal Nature as a Vibration, and then watch yourself Transform before your very own eyes, because all of this that we speak of is inevitable, but you 'can accept it' and put yourselves on the 'fast track', or you can deny it and take the slow and winding route to your Immortality. Either way, you are destined to arrive.

We are looking within ourselves for access points to the Consciousness of Humanity. In other words, we are looking for what we have 'in common' with you to better get on the 'same wavelength' as each and every one of you, who is open to us. We seek to find that which binds us 'together' before we seek to give you the latest Message of Energy and Information, because we do not want it to go over your head. We also seek to have the 'greatest impact' with the 'least amount of effort' and Energy expended. This helps us to help more. You could call it a style of Communication, but really it is all about 'efficiency'. As we said, we want to reach as many as possible, and we want the impact we are having, to be as big as it can be.

We know that you want this as well, therefore, in that way we are teaching you how to be better Teachers and Guides to your Fellow Humans. You have been learning from us the whole time, even if most of you have been unaware that this has been a lesson, in addition to a Healing, and so many other things. Each Message that we give you is meant to make us less and less relevant and more and more obsolete. That would be a true accomplishment of our Goals, because it would mean that you do not need us anymore, and that would be the case because enough of you would have become Masters and the most masterful of Teachers, Healers, and Guides to the general population there on Earth.

You are needed more than you realise, and there is always more going on than your minds can comprehend. We are not the only ones having this effect upon you, and we work together with the other Beings and Groups who also seek to Create more 'Mastery' within you. Together, we work Synergistically, for we do not have all the answers, and we do not have all of the Experiences necessary to draw from in order to be of greatest Service. That is why Partnership and Collaboration are so important. They are important here in the Non-Physical Realm, and they are important there, as you seek to reach more Humans and to become more of the Collective that we have named 'The Awakened Collective.'

Working as a Collective, you accomplish MIRACLES. You can move mountains, and you can do whatever you set your minds to, because you have the 'full support' of All Beings of Service throughout the Galaxy and the Universe. We Know that Humanity will succeed, in spite of how it sometimes looks down there on Earth and we Know it because we not only have Faith in YOU, but we also have Faith in OURSELVES and all the Helpers here in the Higher Realms.

We are very intrigued by the possibilities that we have seen popping up for Humanity at this time. We have noticed that you have many more Starships in your skies and much more personal E.T. Contact occurring, because of the great amount of summoning that there has been there among the Human Collective. People on your World want assistance and enough of you have 'opened up' to 'receiving' that help to have granted yourselves access to various forms of E.T. Contact. You are always the 'way-showers', the ones on the 'leading edge', and you are preparing the rest of Humanity for Full Open Contact with each sighting of a craft and with each Personal encounter that you have.

These Experiences help also to Unite Humanity, as you get to see yourselves as One Race when you realise how many Races of Beings there are out there in the Galaxy and in the Universe. You have something in common, which is the Earth Experience, being Human, suffering, and feeling emotions of all kinds, all those Experiences make you unique as a Race of Humans.

You can all relate to one another if you choose to, and the 'challenge' will be to relate to these E.T.s who have had very different lives and experiences. If you really want to put Humanity on the fast track to First Contact, you are going to need to find a way to relate to All of your Fellow Humans. We are not just talking about the ones you disagree with on various issues, but we are also talking about the ones who do very bad things.

If you can see E.T. Contact as a way of Uniting Humanity, instead of as an opportunity for you to leave, then you can do some real good there on Earth and for your Fellow Humans. Escaping your 'negative emotions' has never served you well, and neither would be escaping Earth as it is today. It will always Serve you to dig in your heels, ground yourself, and deal with what is right in front of you and inside of you as well. And you cannot do that if you are just whisked away on a Starship. There would be less growth in that Experience, as lovely as it sounds.

The E.T.s who are constantly looking in on you and wanting to help do not want to rescue you, but they do want you to see yourselves, your World, and your Fellow Humans in a different light and that is what they will bring to you. It will be a New Perspective, one that many have not even considered. It will help you to understand your differences, because you will all realise that you were created by Extra-Terrestrials, and you have been helped by them since day one, there on planet Earth.

We are ready for anything that you want to throw at us here in the 9th Density. We are open to all of your requests, and we seek to give you everything that you need and want, because it is important to us that you remain at the very least comfortable, with an eye towards being Joyous. We Know that we continuously tell you that you Create your own Reality, but you also get to ask for help, and perhaps you have noticed that in the Physical Realm, it often works to your advantage as well. If you have the audacity to ask the person at the airline for an upgrade, you might just get it. If you have romantic feelings for someone, it does help for you to express those feelings and ask the person out on a date.

Therefore, there is something to be said for the art of asking for what you want and need, to continue to be there on Earth and to be of Service to the Collective. All of you who are operating from the Light are there in Service, regardless of what you do for a living. You are tipping the scales in favour of the Positive, and your Intentions for everyone to be Safe, Respected and Loved, does matter. You are needed there on Earth at this time, and there has never been a time in Human History where you have been more needed because of the 'magnitude' of what you are going through as you Shift your Consciousness.

So here is how to ask The Arcturian Council or any other Higher Density Being or Collective for what you want. Say what it is out loud, and then say, "Thank You for granting me this request." The KEY is to THANK before you 'receive it', because your Faith, your Trust, also matter. You do not have to beg and you do not have to plead, you do not have to explain why you want something, or some condition to change, but you do have to BELEIVE, and you have to 'expect' that we answer all of your requests in the affirmative.

Again, we want you to be Happy, Peaceful, Comfortable, and we want you to want to stay and continue to do the work that you are doing for Humanity. We want you to FEEL Worthy of Receiving that which you ask for, because you are Worthy. And again, we have a desire to fulfil your desires. You give us something to do, something to Focus on, something to Co-Create, because then we have to go to work and find the best ways to deliver all that you have asked us for, while working with your Higher Selves and your Guides.

It is so much fun for us, and we are always in a 'giving mood'. We do not have to wait for your birthday or some other holiday to give you the 'gifts' that we so willingly share. We Love You and Appreciate You, and it is time for you all to be living happier lives there on Planet Earth. We just want to be a part of it; we just want to help.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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